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Great Effort But Needs Work


Nov 26, 2008 by tytanfoxx

I got my first blackberry device which is the curve while waiting for this phone...The curve has great features and is an all around great phone... However moving to the storm I decided to wait a while and give the storm a few days to win me over...Hmmmm not yet. Okay a beautiful display and a cool looking phone, u cant get past that. If you're familiar with blackberry products the storm lays out quite similarly as such. Do yourself a favor and get a screen protector and a case -just in case- you drop this phone, I foresee damage happening if that happens and you may be out of some pennies.

Bad New First....CONs
Texting is a challenge, needs some getting used to and god forbid you have some type of nervous disorder.
When answering calls you need to exit back to main screen, since this is a touch phone your face activates the mute or other buttons on the display while on a call.
Maybe its just me but mass confusion shutting of alerts and notification alarms on silent I still got email notifications loudly
Camera button is easily found-needs to be repositioned somewhere else
Mindfreeze-u step on the gas-nothing happens...for a while, man slow responses remind me of being at the redlight in my old buick electra 225. you push a buttom and this phones say I'll get around to it.
Steep Learning Curve and patience needed
Good New...Pros
Excellent Videos and sound
I switched from T-mobile to get this phone and what an upgrade clarity and signal is the best no dropped calls even in the valley
8GB memory card
Battery easily removed
Touch Screen is Cool
I love the Clock display and alarms
Supports up to 16GB

A risky innovation gone wrong.


Nov 24, 2008 by MobileMonkey

So obviously I've only had this thing since Friday but I'm really thinking of bringing it back. I will wait a few more days in case the new software will fix some of the lag but even that might not be worth it. I like the looks and feel of the phone and Blackberry's OS, but the whole SurePress deal ruins it for me. It was really neat at first but it actually makes it worse to use rather than easier in my opinion. I was using a Dare and an iPod Touch until this came out and will probably go back. I actually prefer the way the Dare touch screen works compared to this. The iPod Touch/iPhone touchscreen though is still hands down the best out of all these phones. I wish RIM would've just used the capacitive touchscreen and not the SurePress idea. I believe it would've been a better handset without it.


- Screen quality looks amazing but even with the better resolution it doesn't look better than my iPod Touch.
- Blackberry push email of course!
- Camera
- Verizon Network (AT&T is horrible in my area)
- Multimedia (Videos look great and music is easy to use)


- SurePress (I know this is supposed to be a selling point but it really is annoying, maybe I'll get used to it but I doubt it.)
- HTML email is not nearly as good looking as the iPod Touch/iPhone
- Web Browser (It loads quickly but seems to have issues navigating through graphic intensive websites)

Even with all this I would say definitely check it out in the store for yourself. It is a neat device and some people might like the SurePress thing, I personally don't.

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fifty fifty!


Feb 8, 2009 by demon658

this is my first blackberry.

i must stress i am no iphone fanboy or anything so my review is unbiased.

the first few days i had the phone i loved the touch interface, quick, responsive.

then came the problems. the camera is a freaking NIGHTMARE! seriously. i know that this is supposed to be a digital camera . but come on...when my mom's four year old lg is faster at taking pics you know somethings wrong.

the rez on the pics is beautifull,don't get me wrong. it's just the camera is not responsive on touch that well and the lag sucks period.

the options on this thing are great. it is pretty easy even for a newcomer.

then there is the browser.....huge disaster.

it is slow, reboots. you half to customize it to show HTML {real internet}.

i understand allot of things got way better with a update.

bottom line if the next update or so gets rid of the camera issues,the lag on the camera.

this COULD be an iphone killer. it does have the potential. which is why i am probably really aggravated.

if these issues do not work out for me...i will not only return this phone. but will probably ride my contract out until June and switch to t-mobile. as the last lg phone i got from them screwed me and verion refused to take care of it unless i shelled out another 100 bucks!

overall i would NOT recommend this phone yet. andi have more than a sneaking suspicion that the "rave" reviews on this board may just be some verizon of blackberry people trying to do damage control.



Dec 10, 2008 by BigPig

I've had the Storm since launch, and love it. I've had several BlackBerry devices and I must say, it is as solid as all the others. Other than a little lag, which has already been mostly fixed in my opinion from the last software fix, I would definitely recommend this phone.

Great phone


Dec 9, 2008 by shveckle

Well I have had the phone about a week and it has gone through the .75 update. I am using it with a Macintosh and even so overall I think the phone is great. I use it with Missing Sync which works great and I have the disk mounted option checked so it is really easy to just drag and drop movies, music and photos into the media card folder, or use iTunes with missing sync to download music.

I never had the iPhone but I do have the iPod touch and comparing it to that at first I thought maybe the iPod touch was a lot better. But on second thought now with the update overall I do prefer the Blackberry storm to the iPhone. Most of all the pushing of the email which I have heard kills the battery on the iPhone on all blackberry's this one included is a very strong point. Blackberry's almost every second is checking your emails and facebook and all that stuff pushing it to the phone for new alerts happening constantly. And being able to totally customize every alert on the phone even when you have like 6 email addresses and facebook is a very good thing. Also now the accelerometer is faster then the iPod Touch. The screen quality is better on Storm.

What the iPod touch has that the storm does that which is great is the safari web browser is great the way you can open up several pages at once and keep going between them so easy.

Also remember to close out of programs when done with them, like a computer it can slow down when too many programs are open.

-Great call quality and alert sounds are loud.
-Awesome push email and plenty of other programs out there like facebook that is also pushed to your phone.
-The screen resolution is great and so it is great looking at photos and watching video. Video also stays where you left off. It is great watching video using the external speaker.
You tube is also great to watch.

-Have the option to type without clicking
-to have the option for podcasts to play where you left off.
I have no more room so that is it for now

Misses the mark in all catagories.


Nov 22, 2008 by PlayboyPenguin

I am going to be very hard on this phone. Mainly because I have the advantage of having both a VZW plan and an AT&T plan so I know how good this phone could have been.

I guess if you looked at this phone with no preconceived notions of what it should be, you would find it to be an amazing device. If VZW was your only option and you wanted as close to an iPhone as possible it would be your best bet. But having experienced both the Blackberry Bold and the Apple iPhone as my personal phones, all I see if the weak spots of the Storm.

If you want a Blackberry, this phone is way off the mark. Compared to the Bold it is slow, choppy, and the larger screen is really of little use except for web browsing. Also the plethora of glitches will drive you crazy. I was pulling my hair out after 4 hours. Do yourself a favor and get the amazing Bold.

If you want a multimedia mega-device this phone is way off the mark too. The interface is not very intuitive, the rendering of web pages is not what it should be, the software is slow and jerky, and it is nowhere near as smooth and user friendly as it's main rival...the iPhone.

The plain and simple of it is that this phone tried to do a little of everything and gave up proficiency at anything. It tries to please two different sets of consumers and ends up letting down both groups.

The phone does have it's shiny points...

-The screen is beautiful
-The click screen is a true innovation and has potential
-Fast 3G browsing with a very good browser
-Great bluetooth and voice dialing support
-Great e-mail features
-Visual voice mail

But then the realities set in....

-Laggy, choppy software
-Click screen hinders typing speeds and takes getting used to
-Web browsing pails compared to iPhone
-UI pales compared to iPhone
-Click screen is unproven durability wise

If you can't have an iPhone and want one get the Storm...but get the iPhone if you can. I would not recommend it otherwise. If you want the best Blackberry, get the Bold.

Cool BUT...................


Nov 24, 2008 by pterok

I want to start out by saying the phone is great as far as blackberries go. It has a huge screen that seems to be great for web browsing. My only complaint is battery life is HORRID!!! I charged the phone at 10 this morning and while i was at the chiefs game i used my phone for game tracking on espn.com. The battery went dead by 3pm!! Thats only 5 hours. NOT GOOD, especially if this is supposed to be a multi-media powerhouse. Seido cannot come out with an extended battery quick enough. Phone also freezes a lot and have to reset more than once. HOPEFULLY, with the next software release, it will fix this shitty interface.

Very good Phone with some Bugs


Dec 11, 2008 by bloppy

This Phone has very powerful aplications.
after the first Update will be perfect

so far, very impressed


Dec 4, 2008 by sseymour

Ok, so i've been reading reviews left by other storm owners and i don't get what they're complaining about. granted i've only had mine for 24 hours...but it's still awesome in my opinion. yes, it did glitch on me once last night, but that was my fault. the new patch being released by Verizon tomorrow should help fix lots of problems. this is the first blackberry i've owned in my cell phone career, and i got used to it just fine. just like i'd had it for years. sooo....what is wrong with these other people who can't figure it out? all people need to do is give it time. it's a new device. OF COURSE THERE ARE GOING TO BE ISSUES. that's what software patches are for duh. so what i think is just give it a chance. it's got a lot of services riding on it's shoulders, give it a break. so with that said, now the pros and cons...

-awesome touch screen. by far the coolest way to do a touch screen.
-1GB internal memory, 128MB of flash, and 8GB memory card PRE-INSTALLED!!!!
-globally capable
-easy navigation

-a little pokey if you try doing too much at once.
-has a hard time switching from portrait and ladscape view sometimes

all in all...very good phone. very happy with my purchase.

2.5 stars out of 5


Aug 8, 2011 by djrfan15

when first got this phone i was happy that i was going to get an amazing phone. but shortly after i was very disatified with it.

the screen - in order to do sumthing you have to press down on the screen and i dont like that. when you are a fast texter like me the screen will not let you type fast because you have to give the phone time to bring the screen back up and it wont read all your buttons you just typed.

lag- this phone lags alot meaning when i am texting it often says input error message restarting.

video- the video is average during the day but at night you can only record up close even with the really bright flash. you have to be like 3 feet away to record. the footage is usually bit blurry at night

apps- the app store for blackberry is highly mediocre and here recently all the apps being created are for the blackberry tablet. most of the apps that your friends have on the android or iphone that they get for free you have to buy for blackberry. there is no angry birds for blackberry either.

the phone gets overheated constantly requiring you to pull the battery out and that gets me mad alot.

battery- the phone lags alot due to heavy usuage making you have to take the battery out at least 12 times a day

startup- after you shut your fone off it takes about 6 mintutes to start it right back up ugggh

speaker- if your listen to music through the speaker its very static and becomes unclear what they are saying unless you plug your headphones in the audio jack

internal memory for apps - you cant use your own memory card for apps there is only a small amount of space for your apps like only 32mb worth and trust me that get you at the max prolly 13 apps
has a audio jack

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