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Omnia i910 - Great idea, Poor execution


Jan 7, 2009 by MegaWhy

I was excited to be able to get this phone. It is a great looking phone. However when I turned it on and tried to set it up I started to run into problems with the touch sensitivity. I had to push so hard to do the initial alignment I thought I might break the phone. There was NO way to use the stylus.

I loved the screen and the slick way it looked, but the touch sensitivity needs a lot of work. The stylus was a joke. Why couldn't a stylus be made to fit into the phone and not have to be tied on!

Look and Style
form factor of the phone

Touch screen was bad

Summary: I sent the phone back, disappointed

phones ok, but sold it


Dec 22, 2008 by bigack

ok this is one nice phone, way to many great things about it to list, i sold it because of 2 reasons!! 1)CAMERA IS TERRIBLE, AND I MEAN TERRIBLE!! 2) BATTERY LIFE SUCKS, REAL BAD!! so that was the deal breaker for me!! but everything else is great!!!

Just returned it. Probably will get it again.


Jan 6, 2009 by dave124

Had this phone for 30 days with VZN. Huge learning curve but it was fun learning. This phone needed several modifications. The stock UI is horrible. The modifications were easy with a bit of computer knowledge.

I found I used the stylus more than my fingers. Used SPB shell for the last week.

PRO: Web browser. Speaker Phone was great. Tethering ability. Easy to set up yahoo, and gmail email.

CONS: Stock UI. Battery Life. Reception was worse than my Moto KRZR. Stock Alarm Clock would only sound for 30 seconds then turn off by itself. People said the phone rang 4 - 5 times before I got a single ring (probably reception issue). FM radio antenna was awkward and useless when charging or plugged into computer. Unable to find TV Out cable for this phone. Very few accessories for this phone.

Show stopper: Locked Down GPS. Once Verizon unlocks the GPS, I might purchase this phone again. That is if I don't get an iPhone first.

I understand this device is a powerful unit and battery life isn't expected to be great. This is why this phone should include a car charger. I work 10 hour shifts and it was dead before the end of my day.


Good To Try Before You Buy


Mar 1, 2009 by dolphindreamx

I recently purchased the Samsung Omnia from Verizon with 30 days to try it, the phone is incredibly cheap now, $99.99 after $70 mail in rebate, it only took me only 4 days to decide I did not like the phone at all and after playing with AT&T's $199.99 (8gb)Iphone at the store, I cancelled with VW, returned the Omnia got my refund, purchased the Iphone from AT&T and very happy with it.

Here's a side by side comparison why:

Verizon Omnia Cons:

1. Keyboard keys are mashed together, so typing can be difficult even with the stylus (it is bulky, heavy too) and for big fingers
(*tip, throw away stylus, cut off your fingers and use the tip of a pen to type)

2. The internet is not a fully functional web page like what you would get on your desktop, instead it is a cheap, very slow, modified, very small screen, watered down version of the internet, browsing is slow, very cumbersome

3. Hitting the "x" to close programs with simple finger taps, or stylus does not work, does not respond, instead you have to use a tip of a pen and push down very hard several times to close out programs

4. When moving phone from vertical to horizontal position, vice versa, the screen is sppose to tilt along with the phone but there is a long delay or doesn't tilt at all even on high sensitivity setting

Omnia Pros:
1. sleek, compact design
2. camera
3. cheap

1. Fully functional and fast internet, exactly the same as you get on your desktop
2. Very user friendly
3. Keys are very responsive and bigger size
4. Picture resolution and color of the screen is high and lifelike
5. The widgets are easy to use more enjoyable than from Verizon

1. Can't send pix msg

IPHONE has been out longer so they have worked out their bugs, 1/2 star to VW for effort and 1 star for sleek compact design of Omnia. VW Omnia and Blackberry touch screen has a lot to learn from IPHONE, but its slowly getting there I think

Verizon Omnia falls flat


Dec 12, 2008 by omnia20

-Takes a minute to boot up.
-Not intuitive. There are widgets, start menu, task manager, or the main menu (has buttons for some programs but not others) + main menu short cuts. I have yet to figure out an easy way to access photos (digital frame or photo slides), music (touch player, media album, windows media player) contacts (contact list, phone book), schedule something (make it a task, set an alarm or put in the calendar).
-It would be great to remove programs/ widgets (like shozu).
-Battery life is horrid. W/ Verizon network on (not wifi) for email + a few calls drains the battery. The device decides it doesn't have enough power,and won't power up when battery is low. You can put the phone to sleep, but the browser etc. still run. What is the difference between a green/ red power indicator.
-In favorites (opera/ IE) can't view a Samsung link because Adobe flash player can't be updated. Compatibility issues w/ some pod casts/ RSS feeds (can't copy and paste in either browser).
-Active sync doesn't always take.
-Alignment directions don't say to press on the mark until it moves.
-Phone rotation is buggy. Screen has frozen for several minutes. The broadband connection & widgets/ programs open on their own because of screen sensitivity. Adjusted screen/ rotation w/ little difference.
-Closing a program screen does not close a program.
-In a phone call the screen locks automatically. You must press the mouse/ action key to unlock the touch keys, which don't stay unlocked. I can't always enter my PW before it locks again.
-Widgets don't always dock when you flick them. In the program menu, the navigation arrow migrates every time you click it, causing you to keep moving the mouse to continue scrolling.
-Low memory warning w/200 contacts, 90 pics, 2 pod casts,1 RSS feed for 8MB.
-Flashlight, FM radio, opera, mouse pointer, bar form.
-Opera zoom feature (press the right side of screen after double clicking to zoom in).

Probably good for some, but not for me


Dec 6, 2008 by cedartree84

Yesterday I purchased the i910 Omnia from Verizon Wireless. This device was different from anything else I had seen (the basis of its appeal). However, I quickly realized that Windows Mobile was holding it back. I couldn't for the life of me, figure out how to do simple things. I am of the opinion that a phone should not require one to read a manual to customize the home screen. Finally, realizing that this phone was too much for me, I returned it in favor of a much more consumer friendly device, the Dare.

I am sure that if you are a business person and are used to Windows Mobile, then you will find this phone quite a capable business tool.

Here are some general pros and cons from a consumer point of view:

Really nice 5 MP Camera
Fun Samsung Front End Application
Optical Mouse

Windows Mobile
Simple things are complicated
Accelerometer is too sensitive
Proprietary Samsung connector
No out of the box Mac support

Samsung Omnia i910


Dec 16, 2008 by kmaenterprise

Windsows Mobile.....the most complicated ui to use! Let's start out by saying, why in the world would you not allow the stylus to fit in the phone? Instead we will give it a little loop and it can dangle from your phone. How is that for fashion. I have been a blackberry user and a lg user. The signal strength on my lg chocolate 3 alone is better than this phone. I have to pull out the stylus half the time just to push the function I want.
The WiFi works well, the camera is nice and it fits nice in your hand. But after that being said, I would rather go back to the Lg Dare or the Blackberry Storm. Even the Blackberry Curve would be better. To much money for such a complicated device. I know how to use window's devices, so before you bash me, I am not a guy using a windows device for the first time. Blackberry devices, heck even the LG devices have a easier and friendlier UI. Not to mention it is more fun to use. So if you absolutely have to have a Windows Mobile phone, then Maybe take a look at the HTC Fuze, but not this device.

Worst Phone Ever Made


Apr 24, 2009 by jigmaster123

Pros: Has a cool screen


I cannot even begin to tell you how annoying this phone is. First of all, windows phones in general have always suffered from being slow, but most of you know that by now. The slowness combined with the fact of having an ultra annoying stylus is enough for me.

I will admit, Windows phones are "capable" of cool things, but they rarely operate in a fashion that is actually usable.

-The stylus is annoying
-The slowness is unbearable
-Typing using the on screen keyboard is annoying because the buttons are ultra small.
-Scrolling is annoying because it randomly zooms in for no reason.
-Speaker is terrible

I work in the cell phone industry, selling phones every day to tons of people. I always try to talk people out of getting a windows phone. Until the slowness is fixed, GET A BLACKBERRY. Why? It works.

Omnia - facing difficulties


Mar 1, 2009 by rkrishnan

I got this phone week ago.
-It looks stylish but the features are bit complicated to use.
-Unit ets heated-up if the screen is on for more than 3 mins.
-unable to import contacts,media files and more from the memory card.
-camera is a kind of scrap.when we zoom for a long object the image on the screen shows square pixels and saves the same.
- Mobile gets stuck with the applications and requires a re-boot which is a drawback.

Needs some work


Feb 19, 2009 by gregalmighty

Well I'll start off by saying I was dead set on a blackberry storm having owned blackberry's in the past, until walking into the verizon store and playing with the omnia. With all of the awesome features who could pick the storm over this phone I thought to myself. After a long hard decision I decided to take the omnia home. I love the phone but there are so many things that make it harder to use than it should be I have to say I'm a little disappointed with it.

I'll start with the good....

-Phenomenal camera, there isn't another phone out there with a 5MP camera built in.

-Great web browser, the default opera browser is the best mobile browser I have used so far, it even has tabbed browsing. Internet Explorer for mobile is also available but with the opera browser you'll never use it.

-Nice text messaging setup. I love the text messaging screen. Its layed out nicely and almost reminds me of an instant messenger.

-Tons of memory. 8GB built in, 16GB more available on an expansion card. Can't beat that either.

-Built in Wi-Fi. Neat feature, allows for much faster surfing if you're near a hotspot.

-Decent speaker, crystal clear when you have reception.

Now for the not so good...

-Battery life suffers big time. Don't ever forget to plug this phone in, you won't make it 24 hours on a single charge if you use the phone like a normal person would with this kind of phone.

-Reception is poor. It seems very hard to get an EVDO signal with this phone in most places, surfing the internet becomes tedious and sending text messages takes 4-5 tries at times before they actually send. Expect to receive many voicemails because you won't have service a good percentage of the time when someone calls.

-Touchscreen is hard to use for most tasks. If you text a lot scratch this phone off or your list, while it has a full qwerty keyboard and 7 different input modes and an instant messaging style window for text, the touchscreen keyboard makes this task nearly impossible

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