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Omnia vs Storm


Dec 12, 2008 by tbarnes120

I picked up my Storm about two weeks ago and I just heard about the Omnia so I raced down to my Verizon shop to look at it, fully expecting to trade in my BB Storm. I really liked the idea of an integrated FM radio and WiFi, along with a more powerful camera. After playing with it for about 30 minutes I decided to hold on to my BB.

I like using the stereo bluetooth feature but realized that you need a wired headset to use the FM radio. The camera really was no better than my BB and the screen was not as sharp on the Omnia. The touch response on the Storm is much better even though you may prefer the tactile feedback of the Omnia. The menu and navigation was difficult to get used to but the optical mouse was great.

Honestly, it seemed like the Omnia was a glorified phone overloaded with PDA features while the BB is a more balanced and robust device. The Omnia felt very fragile in my hand. If you are looking for a BB-like phone, stick with the BB. If you are coming off a cool phone and want an even cooler phone with BB like features, get the Omnia. To be honest, I am still struggling with the touch screen on the Storm but will put up with the struggle for now. The Omnia is very nice but it is not the "killer phone" you might be waiting for.



Dec 12, 2008 by broken98

First of all, i can say is woooow. This phone is so impressive. This is not a phone but a small pc. lots of programs and very customizable.I had the storm for 2 days when it was first released and it totally kills it. Ms word, Ms excell,Ms power point ,and radio , tv option, great camera and so on.

had it 1 week


touch screen
internet browsers, explorer and opera
small and stylish
optic mouse
feels solid


sometimes typing is ify
battery is so so (end tasks if not using)
screen resolution is ok but could be better
it can be very complicated if you are not used to a smart phone
occasionally alil laggy (but not annoyingly)

all in all a very nice phone from verizon

Good Phone


Apr 12, 2009 by Sara419

This is my first PDA phone. I was torned between the BB Storm and Omnia. I'm glad I got the Omnia.


Call Quality
5.0 Megapixel Camera
Touch Screen Keyboard

The Battery could be better.
Optical Mouse-don't use it at all.
That's about it!

Day 3 - not sure


Jan 23, 2009 by TomRas

The Samsung Omnia is my first smartphone, my previous phone being the LG VX9800. I spent some time reading reviews of the various smartphones offered by Verizon Wireless and this seemed to get the most favorable reviews over several other models (one being the Blackberry Storm).

Since I use the Internet quite a bit, I looked forward to what a smartphone could do. I can do more with this phone than I could do with my Mobile Web 2 phone. There are newer phones which can render HTML pages better than my old phone, but were still limited in that they did not have the capability to handle certain characteristics of web sites (e.g. Flash).

I like the features of this device - many reviewers have pointed out the "extras" - for example, the LED camera flash doubles as a flashlight. It has WiFi, which I haven't tried yet. The Windows Mobile OS was somewhat of an attraction because I would expect it to have a rich application base. The touch screen can be layed out in several ways (I stopped using the Widgets early on) and is very responsive, even without the stylus.

I found that the audio quality is not that good compared to my LG (which had stereo speakers). The battery life is an issue; I know about closing out tasks and allowing the display to go dim etc. but still run out of power before day's end. I haven't found very many applications/games which will run on this phone yet (one vendor doesn't even show the phone on their web site). There are some minor bugs; my bluetooth will connect but the voice command feature is awkward and not fully responsive.

Not sure yet if this is a keeper; if I return it I would stay with my old phone for a bit longer and see what will come out later on this year.

Strong Features, Weak Phone


Dec 25, 2008 by Marc E

I have had the phone for 3 weeks and can assure you that the battery life is terrible, despite having the most powerful battery of any phone out. Even with the most conservative power setting (LCD, vibrations, sounds, automatic updates, signal searching) the phone's battery drops very quick when using the internet, programs, video, camera, etc.

The phone makes a stupid sound when charging is complete. I leave my ringer on at night for emergency calls, but do not need to be awaken by this stupid sound which cannot be shut off!

The touchscreen works fairly well, however typing with the provided keyboards can be frustrating and very time consuming. The word completion must be shut off on the internet or else it fills in words automatically. in addition, some of the menu's require the use of the stylus since it is very hard to click and drag with the provided optical mouse. THE STYLUS DIES NOT FIT IN THE PHONE??? ARE YOU KIDDING THAT LOOKS STUPID AND THE SWINGING HITS YOU WHILE TALKING AND SCRATCHS THE PHONE!

Samsung widget = worthless
Customizing the shortcut menu will allow only certain programs.

The phonebook does not provide alphabetical letters on the side with verizon, you must use the onctact list which can be frustrating to find a name.

When creating a new contact the default is last name, first, unless you change it. When saving an incoming number or text to contacts its first name, last...???

The lock leature will lock the phone on any screen (it does not default to the home screen). When a call is incoming the "dismiss" button is activated along with the answer do it can easily be disconnected in your pocket or answered.

This phone has more menus and features than you can imgaine. Some things require 3 steps which can be done in on.

One last thing, PROGRAMS NEVER CLOSE, EVEN WHEN YOU HIT THE "X" IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER. This drains the battery incredibly. You must access the task manager and close each one manually.

I love this phone


Dec 21, 2008 by Starlite157

I looked at nearly every smartphone on the market, used each of them "hands on" in the store, and this phone far and away beats all of the other phones, including the Blackberry Storm, hands down. And to top it off, it became even better once I got through the learning curve with using a touch screen phone. This phone, regardless of the numerous blogs, reviews, and commentaries you hear and read about, does in fact have "voice recognition" dialing. It does not have the same type of voice prompts that one may be accustomed to, therefore it leaves the impression that it does not have this capability. That is not true. Mine works just fine for voice dialing. There are no audible prompts, just a tone when it is time to voice dial. At that point the phone does repeat the name back and waits for your response. The synchronization capabilities with my Outlook contacts, calendar, etc. is easy, accurate, and reliable. All in all this is a fantastic phone and I like more as I understand its full capabilities.
Pros: Touch screen, synching, battery life, screen formats friendly when reading, vibration response to touch screen
Cons: Volume of phone could be louder, learning curve for new users, "hard dialing" of programmed numbers seems to be erratic

Omnia HD?


Jun 9, 2009 by gman1786

i have been looking all over for new phones because my plan for verizon is up in june. So i saw the pixon and loved it because you get a great quality camera and phone in one. But the Omnia hd seems more like me. Anybody know when either of these are coming out? oh and this omnia is ok but def not reaching the standards of its succesor.

Impressive Samsung Release


Dec 10, 2008 by skueez

I was anxious to handle this phone from the first time I laid eyes on it and read the details of how massive it's capabilities are compared to Verizon's past PDAs. Once I finally got to play with it, I was no less anxious to own it. It has so many unique features that I can't decide what I like most.
I won't bore people with a reiteration of what those are but I will say that, after handling the Blackberry Storm, then using the Omnia, the decision was easy even for a hardcore Blackberry user. Blackberry hasn't produced anything unique for VZW in a long time and I was ready for something new. The Storm failed me but the Omnia picked me up, dusted me off and gave me something to be excited about. It's a whole new set of rules to break! The only thing I would say is a negative is video, movie viewing. The resolution doesn't come close to BBs Storm but then again, I don't use PDAs for watching movies.

Truebeliverof samsung


Dec 10, 2008 by TmobiletoVZ

If you never had a samsung, maybe the omnia is your time to try. This is my 6th samsung phone in my life, and i trust everything about it. The omnia is just another example of a great reliable phn. I had the storm, and believe me when I say, it rained hard on me. after 14days of ownership my phone started to malfunction to where i had to keep resetting it by taking out and replacing battery. Im loving the Omnia, and confident that it wont left me down. This is all in one pc in a phone, its sleek, light, and fits my everyday personal needs. No business involved, but the fact of having a mini pc in my pocket, w/o being called blackberry. Get this phone, with the name alone, you wont be disappointed.

It could be beter


Dec 7, 2008 by joey301

Hare to use. Lots of nice pocket PC features, but as a phone or WiFi, it has issues. IT's not that I don't like it, it is just very frustrating. Little things, for instance, voice activation, my MotoQ would cue me with something like, who would you like to call? This Omnia is silent.

Lots of features
nice size
3rd party apps available
Bluetooth stereo sounds great
Podcast feature is outstanding
Lots of storage memory
Does YouTube
Optical Mouse (would be unusable without it)

Touch screen not always receptive, sometimes I can swipe and nothing

Internet is difficult, there is no side bar for scrolling, finger swiping as likely to activate something as pan the screen

People do not hear me well on the phone, and I can not hear them well, it is loud enough but garbled

improvements from Samsung unlikely.

Difficult to activate Bluetooth. BT access is easy, but it does not come on immediately and if I cam on the subway, I don't want people to hear my phone before I finally get the BT to work

The Wi-Fi has stopped working completely. It just spins the blue circle and nothing happens.

Battery life is horrible.

Storage memory is peculiar. If you use the folderrs that are supplied you will run out of system memory very quickly. There are files for My Music and My Pictures, etc, but you had better not use them.

software and manual say nothing about file structure. You have to figure our where the media player is looking for files, and it is not under My Music, instead it looks under an obscure DCIM folder

Virtual keyboard is awful

Hard to make a call from the phonebook. You can not do this with your fingers and as you choose a number, you are more likely to call it than select it.

The proprietary wiring is horrible.

I don't know if I will keep this phone. It reminds me very much of my old Dell Axim, with an added telephone. As a text device and as a phone, my old MotoQ was better.

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