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Best Phone for Today


Dec 1, 2008 by PhonesRMe

This is a great device, plain and simple.
- The form factor/design is sleek and easy to handle.
- The touch is great - very smooth.
- The widgets and UI over the WM 6.1 is probably the best I've seen on a WM device and is very easy to navigate and use, even for users that are WM haters.
- Widgets and sidebar can be minimized so there is not a lot of clutters a previous comment made).
- Browsing is spectacular and easy to navigate - THERE ARE TABS FOR BROWSING when using the opera browser(for a previous comment made)
- almost everything can be adjusted in the settings(touch, accelerometer, vibration, light, etc...)
- Camera resolution is tops w/some really great features - check out the panorama shot and the smile shot - pretty cool
- Memory capacity is great - 8 gb internal w/up to 16 gb micro sd and soon to be 32 gb ready, just like the Storm.
- Sound quality is great
- Love all the extra little features - etiquette mode (when activated, if the phone rings and you turn to the phone upside down the ringer will be silenced, also works while playing mp3's) - flashlight can be activated, battery life is decent, especially with all of the features that it is capable or running.
- processor speed - accessing and running applications on this device is smooth, unlike the Storm.
- in all, this is probably the best WM phone/media device on the market - kudos to Verizon for picking up this device.

Great Phone, But Flash


Apr 24, 2011 by truthinsuffering

I have had this phone for about a year and a half now and I would have to say it is a great phone, although there are many cons for this device.

Battery Life (Lasts for about 2 Days with Normal usage, About a day if I'm using the Opera Browser or Youtube.)
Threaded Messaging
Flashlight (Very Handy)
Mp3's can be used as ringtones.
Task Manager( Just slide your finger half way up the screen to bring up task manager, No need for apps such as, Advanced Task Killer with Andriod phones)
Call Quality (Call quality is great, Had a few dropped calls with Verizon, but that is to be expected)

*GPS is locked to only use the Verizon Navigator (Can be unlocked with the officail CF03 Update)
*Windows 6.1 OS (This is it's biggest downfall, Windows operating system has practically no games and software is few and far between, Also closing out of applications is also impossible without the use of a stylus or optical mouse)
*Camera (Personal I think the camera is impossible to use, but it does have alot of different camera options)
*Screen Lock (The screen lock doesn't come off or anything, Just seems like to much work to unlock)
*Accelerometer (When changing screens it does a stupid animation to show it is changing screens, Can't get rid of it, causes the phone to lag and stop any audio when changing)
*Automatically unlocks when call comes in (Sometimes pick up phone calls in my pocket and never know I got them)

Not Sure:
*Visual Voicemail (Costs $4.99 a month and lags really bad, But it is nice to be able to fast forward, reverse voicemails as well as see the number of the vm

*Update the software to Windows Mobile 6.5 Using Blazing Wolf's Windows Mobile 6.5 Rom. Fixes the Game issue and Allows you to download more games, Also unlocks the GPS.
* Download s2u2 (Slide to Unlock 2) to fix the unlocking of the phone, gives it an iphone style unlock
*Download PointUI Home 2, Fixes the annoying User Interface (for home screen anyway)

Omnia Hell


Feb 10, 2011 by omnia hell

5meg pix camera.
The nice flat shape will allow it to skip well across the lake when I get a proper smartphone. There is no way I would sell this garbage to anyone.

everything else on this useless piece of mind numbing electronic junk.
1.Erratic storage memory issue.
2. Erratic Touch screen, no sensitivity adjustment.
3. optical mouse slow, erratic..
4. NO 3.5 mm headphone jack.
5. No 2.5mm headphone jack.
6. Phone book numbers minuscule with no breaks/hyphens.
7. No in-depth simple user tutorial's anywhere on the web.
8. You delete music but it returns after an update.
9. I have never met another human who owns this electronic nightmare.
10.Samsung and ho-ri-zon could careless about our nightmare.
11. You can surf the web only if you are retired and have the time.
12. I paid how much for it!!!!
13. Extra browser fee for using the dumbest smartphone ever made.
14. VZ navigator does not work but I got charged for it.
15. Typing with fingers would make God curse.

plenty powerful for me


Feb 11, 2010 by mark elmore

pros;camera,music player(s),Office( my favorite feature),document reader,easily customizable(favorite stock app),call quality,reception,wifi,several email accts synced(6),screen size&clarity,size vs power and capabilities,speakerphone volume&quality.
cons;earpiece volume,bluetooth super slow connection.
Ive put SPB Mobileshell and Keyboard and Iconsoft Phonex dialer and theyve made a huge difference. phone is snappy,quick response and app start,easy finger use(even w/gloves on).
I use the Office daily and an app called Esword (Bible app) more than daily. I have as many as 5 things going at once(usually Esword,text,Opera,email ,pictures but sometimes more) with little or no lag. it kills the battery quickly but this phone has replaced my desktop and ive got a 2nd battery($20) and you can listen to music while its charging w/supplied adapter.
if you want an easily tweaked to your specs phone thats powerful,has a lot of neat features and capabilities,use Office,Outlook,email syncing to more than just the big 3, with a decent battery life,excellent phone,in a non smartphone size but has a large display give this one a long look.
I got mine in Aug and am still glad I got it,even with the newer shinier phones out there

Don't Waste Your Money.


Dec 24, 2009 by alkan

This is the most cumbersome cell phone I have had to use. Touch-screen interface is horrible. For example, scrolling the Contacts is terrible. Phone display while connected is cumbersome -- when swapping between the key-pad mode & button display mode where you can select speaker button, & few other options is awful. Opera browser is way better than I-E, but it still is ancient.

When Bluetooth headset is connected, you can’t really tell if it is connected until you make a call. Multiple screens have to be utilized to make the Bluetooth active again. Volume is not loud enough. Overall, I would not recommend this phone, it has Windows Mobile that SUCKS big time. Phone Lock never works well.

My contract expires in another month (i.e. Jan 2010), Verizon will be Good-Bye unless they have something good. I like Droid, but that doesn’t tether, & if that option is not activated by then, I might go for a BlackBerry, or it may very well be some other Carrier.

Pretty nice phone


Oct 30, 2009 by rytiffany

I'm picky as hell and I use the crap out of the features of a phone. Maybe not programs, but gadgets.
-Camera - Panorama and 5 MP
-I actually really like the proprietary jack that comes with it. I like the idea of it. Only downfall with that is you have to take it with you
-Opera Mini
-SPB Mobile Shell really makes this easy to get around the phone and is pretty cool, too. Obviously it doesn't come with it but it's at the very least worth a look.
Mouse - I have no issues with it.

-Keyboard is slow to respond. If I use 2 fingers/thumbs to text/type it misses a lot of letters. It doesn't even keep up that well when using the stylus.
-Slow screen flip. This is a good and a bad thing. Sometimes if you move the phone you don't want it to flip and you can move it back quickly without it flipping. Other times you end up chasing buttons around while the screen goes inactive in order to flip. I kind of wish there was a quick way to turn the screen flip off. Maybe I need to look into it more.
-Music takes a while to load. It says up to 32GB I think of storage card space. Maybe it's 16 GB. Either way I have 8 and it takes a while.
-Smart Converter. This may be a little too picky but on the Q9M that I had before this the converter was far easier, more options and just made more sense. Working in a chemistry field I found this to be useful on the Q. On here it's almost a hassle.

All in all I like the phone a lot. i really wish the keyboard was faster to respond but I can deal with it. Maybe I'm just the fastest typist EVER!! Or not. I would recommend it though.

Fully customizable


Sep 5, 2009 by mpguy84

I saw the bad reviews for this phone and just wanted to put my two cents in. I've had this phone for a couple of days and its been great. There is so much you can do with this phone. You can even play playstation games on it. Though the stock keyboard can be a pain at times, there are like 4 different versions you can d/l and make this phone awesome. I never use the stylus, you can get different user interfaces that are way better suited for this phone IMO.

In my opinion, this phone should be for the more tech savvy person who doesn't mind tweaking and making their phone the way they want it. If your looking for a phone you can just take out of the box and deal with whatever and have no apps go with the Envy touch.

1.You can modify the crap out of it
2.Tons of applications you can find for free
3.Great battery life compared to my old G1
4.8gb internal memory
5.loud ringers when you set it right
6.has a pretty good 3d generator built in
7.PSX and a blue tooth controller and u have a psp
8.loud and clear conversations compared to my G1

1.stock UI sucks
2.1ghz processor would of have def been nice
3.No individual head port so you cant charge and listen to music at the same time
4. Lags but you can close programs after and save memory

Good Job Samsung for the Omnia


Aug 26, 2009 by pipatatl


Easy initial setup
Very responsive touch screen
Batterly life unbeatable for a pocket pc/pda
Love the voice notifications
Easy to customize
Runs like a charm even with multiple apps open
Easy to manage open tasks
Flashlight feature seemed useless for a phone until I used it lol
Camera is quite impressive (not just for a phone, but in general)
Very productive use of Microsoft Office (Mobile of course)
The accessories that come with the phone pretty much covered everything I would have normally had to purchase extra with a phone
Connectivity... awesome, and so many choices

nothing I couldn't figure out.

This device gets 5 stars from me because it does quite a few things. First, it works beyond my expectations when comparing it to other phones I was looking at when shopping (mainly the Iphone, and I worked for AT&T at the time). Hands down, this phone just walked right over the competition.

Just to point out: notice how AT$T does not show consumer ratings on their site for the Iphone, yet they show for all other phones.

Anyhow, the other thing this device does is teaches us that if you don't know as much as you think you know about pda's and pocket pc's, you won't like this phone.

All of the "complaints" I see from customer reviews are customer errors. For example, if your screen isn't accurate, reset it in the menu. I had to do so too. Phone running slowly? Slide off of the menu bar and you'll see the (quick) task manager open. Just close what programs you don't want running or select "end all tasks". Flash not working? Go to the "today" screen and turn on the flashlight. Then, just let it time itself out and the flash will reset itself. If you don't understand any of this paragraph, then you're one that doesn't actually know how to use a pda or pocket pc.

I'm excited about the Omnia II and the Jet. I work for Sprint but will gladly share any tips on the Omnia if anyone has questions.



Aug 11, 2009 by chuckler3

Great camera.. very simple to use and to make better.
Great video as well...
Keyboard is designed quite well.

Slow responses on occasion (camera, programs, screen flips)
Lack of headphone jack.
Touchscreen interface could use some work.
Applications are lacking.
Windows crashing...
I miss my tactile keyboard...
Quiet speakers..

I have issues with this phone because it does on thing i wanted it for really well (pix/vid), but the rest of the things i found myself to be interested in once i purchased the phone were lacking..

good for email and media, bad for web browsing (tiny scroll bars and the touch scroll is sketchy), and customization.



Aug 4, 2009 by CrewDJ

This phone had the potential to be the nicest phone out there, but it fell so far short i'm disgusted. First i'll say that i had a treo 700wx that i LOVED. It worked perfect and was indestructable. I bought the Omnia because i thought it would be just like the treo with some newer better features. It did have some really nice features like:
*A GREAT camera. Crystal clear
*conversation style text made it so nice to keep up with what's being said
*FAST internet. Very impressed when it works
*Very customizable per the owner's preferences
*The windows base. I really like all the options of the windows mobile system

I'm sure there are a few more but those are the things that popped right into my head. Now for the not-so-good things...

*The processor. Why couldn't they put a faster processor in it the first time. It's WAY too slow for the phone. It stalls all the time even typing a simple message.
*The memory. It eats memory. I don't know why or how but it stores a bunch of stuff and eats up the memory on the phone, even with everything set to store on a storage card.
*The volume. The earpiece is way too quiet and the ringers are too soft and blah.
*The stylus. I hate that thing. Why would they do that. Put it in the phone where it goes not on a string to get caught on everything and in the way all the time. But ya can't get rid of it either cuz;
*The screen isn't accurate enough to not need it. Touch one letter button and get a completely different one...
*The lack of space on the home screen. You can only have 4 favorites to choose from on the main screen.
*The glitches. I can't even begin to name all of them. When ya get a call ya push the answer button and it hangs up. You'll try to type "the" for example (pick a word) and it'll give you some off the wall word like "antidisestablishmentareanism" or something. I HATE that.

Overall, samsung did what they do best. They made a real nice camera. However the phone they attached to it was TERRIBLE!!!!

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