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New Favorite Phone


Feb 27, 2009 by cerebralplayer74

I have found my new favorite phone!!! At first, I was torn between the BB Storm and this phone. But, after some considerable research, I went ahead and bought this phone, and let me say I don't regret it one bit!!! Now, I do realize there are some things that can be improved upon, but, for the most part, this does what I need it to do. Here are my pros and cons:

5.0 MP camera - awesome photos!!! No need to lug around my digital camera!!

Stable OS platform - I have yet to get this phone to freeze on me (unlike the BB, which required a battery pull at least once a day)

HUGE variety of software to choose from - I can customize the phone to my liking by simply doing a search for the programs I want, and there are literally thousands of programs.

8 GB internal storage - I love the fact that I have the storage AND can use my existing 8GB microSD card for double the space - no more running out of room!!

Learning curve w/ the Touch screen -which really is a con, considering I have a bad case of fat fingers

Proprietary plug - You would think that Samsung would have thought to install a standard 2.5 or 3.5 mm jack on this phone?

Battery life - Plan on only getting a day out this phone if you use all the functions of it. I get about a day and a half (with heavy Internet and music usage). But that is not a big issue to me.

So, in conclusion, although it is not the perfect phone, this is one I would see myself sticking with for a long while!!! I tend to recommend this phone over the BB, and I come into contact with both on a daily basis. To those who are on the fence, try both and see which works for you

Best Phone out for Verizon


Feb 27, 2009 by datnjstud

This is by far the best phone out for Verizon. And probably top 5 in phones out of all the Carriers.



Jan 31, 2009 by Philly7Sixer

This is my first PDA, I've been faithful to LG my whole life and I upgraded from the Voyager. I took back the Blackberry Storm due to it's lag, choppy GUI, and constant freezing. At first I was mad like..."Why can't I just goto this picture and select send?" but then I came to terms that this is more on the lines of a condensed and less on the lines of a cell phone. After learning how to operate it (which took about 2 days) the phone has been great!

-Wifi is a great feature if ur in a large college or office building which doesn't get signal!
-The Opera Browser is pretty nice...I can't complain.
-Transition from landscape to portrate is fast...never laggy or choppy.
-Bluetooth works great!
-Call quality is crystal clear!
-Camera is nothing less than amazing!

-Windows Media Player could play louder(although it's very loud through headphones)
-Hard to text while driving(I know, it's an issue with all touch screen phones...I just chouldn't think of much else)
-$30 a month data plan

Good Phone


Jan 28, 2009 by yorkshirepuddin

I upgraded to this phone about two weeks ago from an enV. It's my first smart phone, and it was between the Omnia or the Storm. I chose the Omnia because the Storm seemed to have MORE problems at the time and I didn't like the one a played with. Anyway, I like the Omnia, but there were some issues I got worked out.
First, you can use MP3s as ringtones and store them in My Storage by creating a My Ringtones folder in My Storage. Your MP3s will be listed under ringtones but stored in the 8gb memory.
Second, unfortunately this is still kind of a problem, but you can use MP3s as text alerts by placing them in the Windows folder on the phone. This does take up the limited phone memory, so only put one or two in there. If anyone has a better fix for that, please let me know.
Third, texting is more difficult and takes longer, but you get used to it and stop hitting wrong letters.
Other than that, this phone is great. Most issues become problems because people refuse to research and fix them. Lots of storage, camera works great, and good battery life (maybe certain phones came with bad batteries but mine lasts a good 5 days per charge) make this a great phone. The screen can get scratched pretty easily so I bought an InvisibleShield for the screen (strongly suggest it). All in all, a great phone; you just have to give it a week or two.

I love it!!!


Jan 21, 2009 by hexraptor

Just got the omnia as of last week through VZW and so far I LOVE it!

Learning curve doesn't seem that bad, helps to have an idea of how windows itself works. So far i've got a good hang of the phone and all features just by opening all the different programs, and looking at all the settings available to each program and general settings.

-Great camera! decent features built in.
-speaker (both) is clear.
-Opera browser that is pre-installed is very user friendly
-customizable email; get's what I need, with a nice layout.
-lots of info/customizing available on forums spec. for this phone
-Decent 8 gb built in memory, great to have expandability to 24 gb ttl with microSD
-ability to use memory to store anything from computer
-LED flashlight is a neat feature (very bright)
-Optical mouse, sweet!
-WiFi is a huge plus if you're in a building with bad reception and wifi available
-Very customizable with choice of gadgets, start menu and shortcut menu.

-slow while running programs.. optical mouse, keyboard, and tilt function.
-Programs do not close down by hitting "X"
-GPS not unlocked with VZW..boo!
-data package required...such is life, not so much a 'phone issue'

regarding the programs not 'closing' when hitting 'X', there [i]is[/i] a way to fix that through 3rd party apps, although I haven't worked up the courage to start messing with the software as of yet. This can always be fixed by keeping the task manager in the start menu, and ending each task(program) when done with it.

All in all, solid A for this. Much better for web browsing/emailing than the voyager IMO.


Excellent Windows Mobile Device, A+


Jan 18, 2009 by AceDeuce221981

I've had Pocket PC's throughout the past 3-4 yrs and I've always loved them. I went away from WM devices as my primary phone for a little bit, but decided to go back when I heard about the Samsung Omnia. It was a great decision. Here's what I love about it and the things they need to work on:

Windows Mobile 6.1 (of course)
WiFi, which the Blackberry Storm doesn't have
5MP Camera (the Panoramic pictures are GREAT)
8GB Internal Storage Memory (Storm has 1GB)
16GB Max of added memory (I added 4GB extra)
Opera Mobile and Internet Explorer
Touch Player, & DivX Certified
FM Radio (reception could be better tho)
Great Size, Good Touch Screen

Stylus has to hang off the phone, not a badly designed stylus tho.
Ear Speaker could be better (I have an Aliph Jawbone 2 bluetooth, so it doesn't matter that much to me).
...that's about it.

My brother has the Blackberry Storm, which is why I kinda compared the two in my PROs and CONs. It is a good phone too, but there are so many things that I like better about the Samsung Omnia. Basically if you go the route of the Omnia, you will not be disappointed. If you buy a Storm, it's probably because you don't like Windows Mobile or something, lol.

Anyways, the Omnia is a great buy. I'm a huge txt msgr, and I think it's pretty good with the touch screen and all. Takes getting used to if you're coming from something like the EnV or Voyager, but once you get it down it's no problem. I also love and prefer LG phones over Samsung, but Samsung definitely got it right on this one. A+ and two thumbs up from me.

Best WM Phone


Jan 6, 2009 by Joshie

After using a couple of different Windows Mobile phones, this one is by far the best I have gotten my hands on.

This is mostly due to the touch friendly user interface that Samsung provides on top of the OS. It makes the phone so much easier to use with your fingers and not need to constantly be using a stylus. You can also flick scroll through pretty much any part of the phone, again making it much more touch friendly.

The accelerometer works great and there is little to no lag time with the screen orientation which seems to be a big problem with most WM phones.

My last phone was the XV6800 and this phone is 100 times better than that phone in every single way.

light weight
5.0MP camera
Opera mobile Built in
Samsungs Touch Wiz
Responsive touch screen
Flick scroll

Somewhat prone to fingerprints

Excellent phone and I recommend it to anyone.



Jan 16, 2009 by reaper17

First of all i think this phone is perfect for a medium-advanced to advanced cell phone user. Basic users need to maybe think twice or go into it with an open mind.

Its a nice update to the winmo (windows mobile) line-up. The widget bar is attractive although only semi useful.

8GB of memory is very needed. Keeps up with other modern phones of similar caliber. Max of 24GB is outstanding. Great for loading the movies and combining all your devices (MP3 player, cell phone, digital camera)

Touch interface is a bit slow although expected. Easy fix because there are dozens of 3rd party apps to speed it up.

Battery is certainly up to par. To be honest, I really don't talk on the phone that often. I am a major texter and app user and im on the web a lot.

Syncs flawlessly, and as long as you make sure to shut down all the running programs semi frequently, runs smooth.

Virtual Keyboard is surprisingly accurate, and easy to use.

I have finally found a phone i can see myself actually having for the entire 2 years if not longer =)

Omnia - pleased after learning curve


Dec 16, 2008 by dave_7248

While the learning curve is longer than I anticipated, the Omnia is one cool phone. I had some initial hesitation to purchase this phone for fear of struggling with the features and losing precious productivity time at work. Once I had this phone basically figured out (in one devoted week), I've concluded that the Omnia is a remarkable device. I have become very positively attached to it.

I started with the Saga, which has an amazing optical mouse, nice keyboard and attractive feel. But the camera quality and battery life weren't to my liking. After two weeks, I traded it for the Omnia. For me, this was a good move.


- Syncs perfectly with work email, contacts and calendar
- The audio quality and connectivity of the phone is good
- The multiple functions are nice; I highly recommend the visual voice mail feature (added $3 monthly cost)
- The camera is great (!!)
- The design is attractive
- The touch screen is fully functional and fun to use


- The optical mouse is a less robust than needed (the Saga's is much better)
- There are a few instances when the phone lags, but not too often
- The sides of the phone aren't grippy enough for my liking, but no major drops yet
- To take out the removable memory card, you must remove the battery first

Great Phone


Jan 16, 2009 by ahiggins24

I've had this phone for a month now and I love it. This is my first smart phone and I was originally going to get the Storm. After playing extensively with it I decided it wasn't for me. Then I tried the Saga. It couldn't hold a candle to this phone. There are so many ways to change this phone to your personal preferences! I haven't had any problems with any programs and there is a ton of memory. If I am away from my home pc, I can use the remote desktop to deal with work emergencies. I love the touch screen and the haptic feedback with the keyboard is great.
If you aren't satisfied with this phone, you didn't do your research well enough. This isn't just a phone-it is a great phone plus a full pocket pc.

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