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Phones Great! Hope 2nd Gen is better


Jun 29, 2009 by Kyoto4891

As far as touch screen smart phones go this truly rocks. If you've never had a smart phone before get ready for sharp learning curve, if you have you'll do just fine.

Camera is the best available!
Touchscreen very accurate
Lots of options for file storage with custimization options
browser (opera can switch between mobile and desktop versions)
file edditing
movie maker
Radio (but having to attach the antee is annoying)
True multi tasking!
Pod cast tool

The stupid stylus!!!
WMO still freezes on occasion
NO software updates seriously?!
Need custimizing options for widgets
Optical mouse has to be turned off or on in settings
not enough apps

For those whinning about the browser you can change the settings its very easy
Also you can change where the files you download are stored to.

Samsung did great I hope the next version fixes the nit picky things

Very happy with the phone, avid WM and PDA user.


Dec 8, 2008 by Brancieri

I returnded the HTC Pro in exchange for the Omnia. I've had the Omnia for about two weeks and I'm very happy with it. It will take a little time to get used to the on-screen keyboard, but it's well worth it considering the size of the phone. I mean it's nice and thin because there is no slide out keyboard. My last phone was the I760. The Omnia is not perfect, but it's the best Windows Mobile device I've had.

Pros: Touch Screen
Windows Mobile
FM Radio
Very small
8 Gig of internal memory
Camera 5mp

Cons: Screen resolution, Only if you compare it to the Touch Pro. Otherwise the screen is OK.

Verizon disabled the GPS, I think and have heard.

The sceen is not as responsive as it could be, but it's the best so far to be filled with so much and Windows mobile.

Different than i760, better than the Storm


Dec 4, 2008 by BigRed83

I work as a tech manager in a VZW store in the NE area. I have had cellphones since 1992, and smartphones since 2004. I have had a Palm Treo 600, 650, 700p on Sprint, a Treo 650 on Verizon, a Moto Q, Q9m, a Blackberry 8830, an XV6800 (briefly), and most recently, an i760 from Samsung.

That being said, it's obvious that I like a physical keyboard, and this is my first touchscreen phone, let alone touchscreen/PDA phone. I use this type of phone as it is intended; I use the calendar, send email, edit Office documents (granted, simple ones), and surf the web. The camera is nice to have in a pinch, but I do have a regular camera as well.

I like the feature set of the Omnia. Touchwiz is a very handy way to get to the most common options without going to the start button. The stylus not being attached to the phone is a bit of a negative for me. Since I carry my phone in a case, I'm afraid I'll lose the stylus; for now, I just use a closed pen when I need more accuracy than my finger permits.

This display is beautiful, very bright. The accelerometer works very well and the animation is eye pleasing without being laggy.

I like the optical mouse; I find it very handy when surfing.

If you need a PDA that is sleek, smart, and works as hard as you do, I recommend this phone to you. Data plan? Fact of life; everyone has a data plan requirement nowadays, even that fruit-based phone everyone talks about.

PROS: touchwiz, screen, wifi
CONS: stylus, battery life

best phone ever


Dec 3, 2008 by pickneters

it didnt get a 5 because there is a little lag...but its not samsungs fault its a windows mobile phone...that being said it is fantastic...i set a hotkey for the task manager and as long as you close the browser when your not using it no more lag...but i think it should close automatically thats why i gave it a 4.5 not a 5...texting with the keyboard is clunky at first, but then once you get used to it your jammin! by far the best keyboard i have ever used on a touch screen and i send about 2-3k text messages a month so thats important to me...the only issue i have with it is that the wifi stopped working and my battery only lasts about 2 hours...but i am exchanging it so no big deal...

Not completely sold


Dec 2, 2008 by RedSnapper

I am coming from the i760 - a delight of a phone but it just was missing the vertical keyboard that I so desire. I am also a huge fan of most Samsung WM Pro phones, however, they are just not quite perfect yet. Before moving to the Omnia, I tried the Saga (i770) and I think that will be the phone for me. Before I go though, here are a couple of key points that I found to be "deal breakers" (AKA "Cons") for the Omnia:

-When composing an email, there are no drop-down names that appear as you type. When you have many of one name, this is an essential benefit. I DON'T GET IT. It is on almost every WM phone with which I have ever worked and it drives me crazy that this would be left out on such a snazzy phone!
-Stupid dangling stylus. Again, why with such a great form factor would you plant such an annoying eyesore and floppy thing? What do these designers and testers think? Maybe we won't notice?? Maybe it flopping around will not annoy me to no end. Seriously mind boggling.
-There are only 4 buttons on the phone which I find to be in poor locations and utterly useless. For instance to press the Send key, you almost have to drop the phone because it is at the very bottom of the device (same goes for the end call button).

Obviously, there are the big pros:

-Touch screen and keyboard are fantastic
-Screen size is ideal. It is the one thing drawing me away from the Saga (see my review).
-Form factor (without stylus) feels great
-Call quality and signal good
-All email account sync flawlessly
-Threaded text messaging, very cool

I must say that ultimately I am disappointed to not be able to give this phone a 5 since I WANT WM devices to rule. Blackberries are over rated and it bums me out that the phone designers have not already put them out of business with what they could have...

Second hand review


Nov 30, 2008 by FSCdude

One of my partners traded in his Blackberry Storm for the Omnia yesterday. I am unclear if he got it sent overnight from online or if he picked it up at CircuitCity. I forgot to ask.

I got to play with it for a good two hours and I was very impressed. I have had multiple WM devices in the past and this has by far the smoothest and most modern interface I have ever experienced on a WM device. The widget stuff can make the screen seem a bit cluttered but it is a nice option.

The screen was crisp and clear but not as good as the Storm or the iPhone. The screen could stand to be a little more sensitive though. I had to hit things multipe times every now and then. I am not sure if this is adjustable.

I love the optical mouse. All phones should have one of these. If iPhone had one of these I would love it.

The Opera browser was very nice but could stand to have tabbed browsing. The lack of tabbed browsing is something I am starting to not find acceptable on a phone these days.

The GPS seemed a bit off. It kept putting me in the building next door.

All in all, even though it is a prettied up version, it is still a WM device. If you like WM you will love this phone.

Sharp looking phone...beautiful
Very good browser
Very good camera and video recorder
Stable OS
Nice screen
Speedy response times

No tabbed browsing
Screen resolution is a bit low compared to others
Video playback is a bit choppy (seems to be on all WM devices)
Screen could be a tiny bit more responsive
WM 6.1 (unless you like WM systems)
GPS a bit off

Overall a very good phone. If you are a faithful VZW customer and like WM you will love this phone.

For me, it will not replace my iPhone but might replace my Blackberry.

My First Smartphone


Nov 30, 2008 by Zoltar

This is my first smartphone and my 3rd Samsung (A950 + Gleam) I've never considered geting a smartphone or a touchscreen, but something about this Omnia just called out to me.

Everyting you've read about
5.0 MP Camera
great camcorder
8GB Internal memory (plus 16 GB card - not 32GB)
Most menus are intuituve
Lots of customization possibilities (widgets)

Learning curve (for the PDA newbies)
Some menus require the stylus (hard to touch with finger)
So many cables + adapters (no USB, 2.5 or 3.5 jack, proprietary jack only)

So far, I am really liking this phone. I'm getting used to a touchscreen and am slowly learning the capabilities of a Smartphone. The receptions is better than my Gleam.

No complaints


Nov 30, 2008 by MidnightDT

Whats not to like?

large and beautiful touch screen that is responsive.
Windows Mobile 6.1 pro supports Opera, Skyfire, and Firefox Mobile browsers. all are HTML and awesome
5 MP camera with panaramic and smile detection
8 GB of internal memory and expandable to 32 gig cards!
EVDO Rev A with Wifi for the haters
Full Bluetooth
great reception and battery life
The Network

not a one

More Windows Poor Attempts


Dec 14, 2008 by Heafer40

In all fairness I am an avid Blackberry user and have given many Windows Mobile Devices their fair shot as well. The true problem with this device unfortunately continues to be the OS holding it back and how it causes an otherwise quality built and well designed phone to fail. 2 Weeks with this Phone and its back to the Berry!

Simply Amazing Camera -- Amazing
Form Factor
Optical Mouse --Impossible to Use Without It

Awful Battery Life--Very Very Poor
Screen Rotation is Touchy on All Settings
Keyboard Impossible to Use
Can Edit Ringtone Sounds but Not TXT Sounds (At Least without Accessing the Crazy Filesystem)
No Built In Stylus

Touch Player Stinks

I thought it would get better


Jun 9, 2009 by gadgethead

has a ton of features, good display


speaker phone is unusable, phone book is a torture device, call log is worse than useless

I thought it would get better as I got use to the phone turns out the battery life is getting progressively worse, started out charging once a week now every other night. If you are a dedicated windows user and have a lot of time to operate you phone this is for you. If you ever intend to be in a hurry to find a contact or get to any item on your phone that does not have a dedicated button you are in the wrong place. It takes 3 button presses to hang up a call, call log shows who called but if they have multiple numbers and you intend on calling them back plan on calling each number until you get lucky and find which they called from. When in the phone book you can sometimes scroll and sometimes it opens the contact and if you accidentally press on a number immediately starts calling it and locks the buttons so you have to click the mouse and then hang up the call and hope it hasn't started ringing on the other end yet, oh and if you were scrolling down to the R's and accidentally opened a contact in the P's when you close it your back at the A's. If I had all the time on the world I would probably like it but right now I am wishing I bought a Blackberry instead.

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