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Phone freeze up on 2 Behold in 1 year


Jan 23, 2010 by msblaque

I have had two samsung behold in 1 year and they both have frozen up on me. I will not buy this phone again.

Not much to Behold.


Nov 21, 2009 by snugglebug1187

The phone was sleek shiny and good looking. light weight the qwerty key board was nice and easy to use. Nice bright screen very easy to see and read. Camera phone not so good tried all the setting all images come out blurry even with the anti-shake setting on. And yes I even sent the photo to my email and into my photo viewer on my desktop it was still as blurry as on the phone. The flash good god i need new eyes very bright dont look directly at it its as bright as the sun. Now if you want a phone with full Html Internet this phone isnt for you. Its says HTML support however after calling t-mobile come to find out it doesnt surprise. Overall its not a bad phone great sound and all but I wanted full HTML Internet so for that Im looking at A Blackberry Titanium 9800.

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Behold is great, but still room for improvements!


Sep 30, 2009 by joechains

Well, I first and formost Love the Camera! t has zoom, flash, negative all those kool features! Mp3 player rocks too, I am not much of a touch screen fan, but this phone made it for me. I had the T Mobile wing for a while (touch screen) and it so so big this one is fairly thin and I could take pics and text with one hand (I am a big guy, so thats important) its pretty loud as well. the only thing i dont like is the browser! Some of the settings for the sounds is really annoying. Also, battery needs to be removed to access the memory card. I can not fully customize all sounds... but other than that I love this phone! Great battery life, volume, size and I only paid $70 bucks for it, so even better!

Best Phone I'd EVER Owned!


Jun 23, 2009 by MissV

I LOVE this phone! It has so many features, extremely easy to use, perfect photos (even easily to send to any email address), great organization features on and off-line, I love the voice command and gps feature.

Not the Best!!!


Jun 15, 2009 by Qbanbull

My wife has this phone. It's an Ok phone but not the best! It has it's pros and cons. This phone is not for everyone.
Not Text Friendly at all. Battery is good. But could be better.

Good Call Quality
Loud Ringer
Menu Browsing are easy
Easy to add features
Battery is good
Speaker is loud
Music Player is great

Although battery is good, you get one day out of it only.
Texting sucks!
Web is slow!
Emails are crappy, only view words but no images.
Bluetooth doesnt work all the time.
5MP Camera??? Really?? Uh NO! My 2MP Camera phone takes better picks then my wife's behold 5mp camera. And its soo slow to capture an image. A slight movement will ruin the picture.
Phone freezes ocassionally, once a day or every other day!

Overall, its a tough call. My wife loved this phone, the first 3 weeks she had it, and now she is frustrated.
It's not for everyone. Definitely would not clasify it as a Smartphone!
Its a simple touchscreen Samsung phone. Nothing more!

Read the manual


Jun 4, 2009 by jesterbass21

I have to give this phone a 3 because of a few things..... but first things first. volume is very easy to figure out and if you know anything about smart phones you know how to use any ringtone you want as a text message or an actual ring tone. Also when it comes to the pictures being blurry either lay off the drugs and slow down or get into the settings and select the blur manager. wow it works pretty goon now doesn't it. all in all it is a good phone. nice full web browser that is a little faster than dial up. lol for those of you who say its too slow......Go home and use your cable connection. its not a hand held computer its a smart phone.

ok here are my complaints on the phone. you cant change the O.S.
If your not a computer whiz and your not retarded this phone is a good one for you. I want more of the applications to be touch screen applications for it. AT&T's version (the Eternity) has plenty of them why cant T-mobiles. So honestly my complaint isn't about the phone it is the provider. first they charge you $10 a month more for the limited Internet access you can have. where as for $15 a month with AT&T you get the much more possibilities. This phone will be awesome when T-mobile finally releases the firmware updates for it. or unlocks the ability to run the android on it........ Don't know if the processor will hold up but if it does it will be an awesome phone. T-mobile and Samsung please get together and produce a device that knocks everything out of the park. DONT HOLD BACK. corner the nerd market. we need this.

love it


May 12, 2009 by lovetheused

absolutely love this phone. the only con is the web is rather slow at times... such is life when you live in asheville, nc... not on 3g yet... go figure. i knew that getting into this though. overall no complaints.

not the smart phone I expect


Apr 17, 2009 by nolpegos

It refuses to play video files that my Curve and G1 played with no problems.
I converted the files again to match samsungs exact requirements and they still wont play.

music player sucks !
the phone needs a headphone jack because the factory headphones suck.

the phone seems to loose signal after 2-3 days of use and starts dropping calls a lot.
this is apparently already a known issue. I'm on my 3rd phone and am ready to trade back to my Blackberry curve.

the 2 things I like about the phone are its touch screen interface and the GPS but that's it.
if you actually use the features on your phone then this phone isn't for you.

Good, but Not the Best


Apr 4, 2009 by sprawk

touch, style, size, feels solid, color options, ops system, ease of use, picture based menu, call volume, full-qwerty, customizable, screen quality

camera quality/speed, ring volume very low, laggy at times, bluetooth function, keyboard transition issues, unpredictable battery life

The style and size is perfect for easy use. Little slick, but a gel skin fixed that. The cam is okay, but very slow to take. Rings (especially message) are so low you can barely hear them if it's in a pocket or purse. Love the keyboard, even tough it doesn't always flip to full when needed. I also have to turn it off everytime I need t use bluetooth. Good phone in all, but pretty buggy for round one.



Mar 6, 2009 by otter77

My wife and I had been loyal Motorola fans for YEARS but this time when it was time to buy something with a full keyboard for texting and a terrible business experience with the MotoQ - I found myself looking at other brands for our personal needs. After testing, researching, and going through our needs we settled on the Behold with some reservation. The result has been nothing be outstanding! I am VERY impressed with this little phone and in fact - all my Apple fanboy iPhone friends are jealous of it's 5mp camera and evident sexiness.

* Great battery life for a smart phone. I'm getting 3 days out of it with minor texting, regular calls, etc. It lasts longer than my wife's old Moto Rokr did when it was new and longer than my Moto Pebl did just taking calls.

* Great screen - super sharp, clear, and vibrant in color.

* Accurate touch-typing/screen. Far easier to use than I thought. Love the haptic feedback!

* Doesn't require a data plan like the G1 or iPhone!! I originally wanted a G1 but backed-off when I found it it REQUIRES a data plan. The Behold does not!

* Just tons of fun. Too many great fun features to list. You won't be sorry! Get a 8 or 16gb Micro SDHC card and make all your iphone friends jealous! All kinds of movies and music you can make yourself for this!

* Camera is very slow. 4-5s for a shot after pressing the button.

* Camera flash drains the battery significantly - but I would expect this as it is WICKED BRIGHT. It WILL hurt your eyes. It's actually a very effective flash on a camera phone.

* Occasional OS navigation bugs, but rare compared to other phones I've owned (MotoQ, some blackberries, etc...). Phone has yet to freeze entirely on me once at all.

* T9 isn't as good as some but is still good and can very easily be disabled and adjusted.

* I wish I could change the icons on the bottom of the screen.

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