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Jan 20, 2009 by msjack-e-o

I have had this phone for over a month now and i have to say that i love it!
i have owned several phones through tmobile from the razor to the sidekick and this is by far the best non smart phone tmobile has to offer.

clear vibrant screen with nice touch
calender function is amazing.. all my apps with reminders easy to use
camera takes good pics and the editing functions are amazing!
small phone and the battery life last me two days with heavy texting
customizable widget bar is a nice touch
ringer and music player loud and cleatr
switches smoothly from portrait to landscape
call quality is clear

now the cons
no way to change screen saver
lag time on camera is a bother esp when attempting to take pics of my 2 year old
finding contacts that you have not called recently is annoying no easy way to scroll through contacts
bit confusing to change settings at first but it is possible
the unlock key on the side sticks sometimes . bit scary at first since thats the only way to use the phone'
smart text function doesn't recognize words i use all the time and often suggests things that make no sense

overall its a good phone. not a smart phone by any means and it wont replace your camera
but if your looking for a good looking phone with good call quality and fun texting this is the phone for you!

Not a bad deal!!!


Jan 13, 2009 by mepatb

I gave this phone a 5 cause so far I'm liken it! I needed a keyboard I could type on with my hands and this one is super. I have a muscle disease and I really had problems with other phones. Fits really well in the hand, not to heavy or cumbersome.

The phone over all is way cool, and really have no cons on the phone at all. At first I thought I had a battery problem but now there is none. Volume of the ringer could be a louder.

Also miss the rubber back as on most phones, have order a skin to cover the back, as it tends to slide.

Again not a bad deal.

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Good Phone


Jan 9, 2009 by joymrt03

I like this phone the only complaints that I have is that the reception is sketchy and it kinda looks like the instinct. I am giving this a 5 because the guy who gave it a 1 was completely off the mark. So I wanted to level the playing field for the people that might be interested in this phone and matbe give it a try.

great phone


Dec 23, 2008 by nikthewerelion

i just got this phone on thursday dec. 18th
this is the first phone that i have had that has as mnay awsome features as this phone does. i did read the reviews the pros and the cons. people have to get a phone for what their needs are, thats what i really comes down to. here are my pros and cons


big screen
5mp camera
pic id
voice dialing
easy texting
great call quality, good speaker phone

slow camera
screen saver
proprietary jack (grrrrrr)

ok so now i want to explain a few things about my pros and cons.
i dont do much texting but i have tried texting on this and its a lot better then the ipod touch that i have which is essentialy an iphone without the phone.

camera, ok so here is the deal with this, its cool and yes its a bit slow. it takes some getting used to knowing the settings and such but here is the thing with regards to the slowness. i have a actual digital camera from two years ago and it also has a delayed reaction and i think this is the case with most digital cameras unless u have maybe an SLR and they sure arent gonna be puttin those in a cell phone camera anytime soon. so just deal with the slowness and find ways to work around it, time the delay out, i counted around 3 to 4 seconds. also there is an action(for moving targets) setting and there is also an anti shake setting. there is also a consecutive shot setting that is a bit faster on the shot, so then just go back and delete the extra pics u dont need.

the big screen, as a visually impaire person i find the big screen to be really awsome altho i can say the same for the lack of font size options (none) but this has something to do with the touch screen aspect of the phone, which is understandable and i am gradually getting to know my way around the phone.

bottom line is that i love this phone, best i have owned yet and probly will own it for a while

great phone, i think it was made for a woman!!!


Dec 7, 2008 by Sgt.Morris

This is a great phone. I like everything
about it. I do miss my Nokia 5310. I was worried about the touch screen because I have big fingers and thought it may not work for me. well, surprise! it works.

The only thing I do not like about this device is the battery life. Then, the screen savers you CAN NOT change so it runs pictures of flowers, etc. other, then that it is a great phone. I would recommend this phone.

pure greatness.....like every phone there are minor flaws


Dec 6, 2008 by rcvz7404

not much too say pretty much agree with vanziggity

Best Phone Ever!!!(So far by Samsung)


Dec 5, 2008 by vanziggity

honestly the only bad thing i can say about the phone is that the phone should have an option to close out web browser without actually closing it out all together....and of course the screen saver does only scroll from internal pics built into the phone already...but it doesn't matter cause you don't use the phone when it's locked and usually when you lock it or set it to auto-lock your screen still blackens out at your choice of time so who cares.......

I wanna BEHOLD!


Dec 3, 2008 by MrRihannaFenty

I made a trip to alltel today because my bestfriend has alltel and is about to get her upgrade. I was with alltel, but now I dont have a phone. So, anyways. We sampled to Glimmer, the Delve, and the Rhythm. The Rhythm is horrible, the Delve is BEAUTIFUl, and the Glimmer is AMAZINGLY small and beautiful. I wish I could stay with Alltel, but I refuse even though they are amazing.

So then, I went to T-Mobile. The assistant was so helpful and friendly. I had to pat her on her back and say "You are GREAT" lol. So, right when I got in there, she just started describing plans and what not. My friend was looking at the phones and was telling me about which one she thinks I should get. I already knew which one i wanted, but she was just throwing in suggestions. T-Mobile has some of the ugliest phones ever, its crazy. Then, I spotted the BEHOLD. The phone I knew I wanted ever since it came out.

I pick it up, and its really small. Amazingly small. I loved it. The screen was so clear and amazing. Right when I picked it up, i dragged one of the icons onto the screen. AMAZING! THen, I tried the camera. Yeah, it only took about 2 seconds to take the picture, but the picture quality is amazing. I mean, I loved it. Then, the worker took the phone and was like "You're going to love this". She then went to the text mode and handed me the phone sideways with the qwerty keyboard. I was scared because on the Voyager, its super hard for me to text like that. So, I started. I typed in "HEY". EASY. Okay, then I typed in "My Name is D. I love this phone". It took a matter of about 4 seconds. Its super easy, very responsive, and just like texting with a physical key pad.

Touch Screen
Screen Quality
Drop Icons

None (because I didn't get that far with testing the phone).

In other words, this phone was amazing with the features I tested out. I am going to get my phone on Friday. YEAH ME.

Don't Hate


Nov 29, 2008 by rayen321

I see a lot of complaints about the camera on the Behold. Realize one thing, the device is showing a PREVIEW of the picture it will store. If you zoom in or download it to your computer it will LoOK GREAT!!!!

love it !!!!


Nov 26, 2008 by balla31

the behold i recieved my phoe about a week ago and so far i love it the screen is beautiful, the bottom keys was very smart of samy to add doesnt make it full touch so you have some control, i love all the app's it has like the picture editing drawing over faces and making them unqiue not just another pic' i have not add not issues with it and i really hope it stays like this.


beautiful screen
app's for pics and music
MP3 player
T9 txt and full keyboard
can apply full songs as ringtones and alarms
internet is easy to use(el paso texas has no 3G yet :(

full keyboard is kinda small for noraml size fingers
browser is kinda slow no 3G yet in texas

other than that phone is dope!!!!

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