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T-Mobile Behold


Nov 26, 2008 by adaM-

Overall this is great. I went from a Blackberry to the Behold and yes, the change was huge. I no longer can access my POP3 e-mail accounts directly. I have to go to the web browser. I hated it at first and was going to pass it off to my boss but i decided to give it a week or two and im going on the end of my first week and it really has grown on me.

5 MP Camera (slow, but great)
Touch Screen
Music feature

Finding Contacts In The Phone Book.
Telanav is a trial.
Doesnt allow POP3 E-mail accounts.

I love this phone now, i reccommend anyone getting it to give it week or two weeks before throwing it to the curbe.

Behold the Truth


Nov 25, 2008 by hucworld

Aside of the negative reviews ppl need to realize that this phone is not the G1 nor is it the iPhone. Once users stop holding handsets to that standard then the more reliable these reviews will be.

I debated going with this phone for sometime based on the reviews submitted on this board but decided to go with my own first mind. The phone is absolutely gorgeous. Bare in mind the browser will not be the same again as the iPhone nor the G1. The phone was a little buggy out of the box but then again what phone isnt...dont answer this. Th texting on the phone is cool since the phone switches to landscape once you turn the device. The browser isnt as bad as it is bad mouthed.

Overall the phone is worth the money and joy to use once you have it.

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great phone


Nov 25, 2008 by draklore51

contrary to some other people who have review this phone *cough* ECANTU *cough* this is actually a good phone. while it is true that this is not business phone but i dont ever remember any one saying that it was... this is camera phone made for people off all ages.

"everything sucks on this device.. 3g blows.. the touch screen lags and blows.. camera has high quality and takes 5 minutes to snap a pic and blows..video yup it blows aswell.. this is a kids phone, i need something mature.. i cant get microsoft outlook and the blows.. no push email.. yes, that blows.. this phone is everything u dont want.. its cheap for that reason. cuz it BLOWS! [...] teen mobile im done with u."

i think they need to learn how to write a decent review before they get a more "mature phone"

anyway Pros:
-great camera
-very nice look
-batter life is great

-no wifi

Behold for 2 weeks now


Nov 21, 2008 by georaq

Behold is good if you are a person who just needed it as a phone in a majority of a time. There is some learning to get used to the touch screen. If you need a little bit of texting and some web browsing for your push emails, news, lottery results and theater schedules, this is not that bad. Voice recognition is pretty good. the only thing I don't like is, if you are calling a somebody in your phonebook and you have more than 1 phone no. to that person, when the phone ask you to pick what phone no, the symbols are missing. So to solve that problem, always use the same format to all your contacts. First phone no as the mobile, then home, then business.



Nov 21, 2008 by portiamoniku3

Well I was excited to hear that T-Mobile was getting another touch screen phone besides the G-1. So I rushed to my local T-Mobile store to check out the new device. I was very please with the new look Samsung was giving me with The Behold. So I order my new Samsung Behold.. I received the phone about 2 days later .. I was excited. I activated my new phone and was unhappy with the web browser resolution .. The web browser looked a hot mess. Honestly the wed browser on my sidekick LX looked better. So I shipped the phone right back to T-Mobile. I was not going to pay for a phone that was not up to my standards.. So the phone gets a C- from me.. Because everything else on the phone was great...

Day 2


Nov 21, 2008 by Renata923

I've had this phone for 2 days now and here is what I think:

-Attractive design
-The screen is not super sensitive - it almost has to be tapped not touched, i consider this a good thing because a super sensitive screen would drive me crazy since there is no stylus.
-Simple menu
-Cute features like audio postcard
-comes with a 1gb memory card and reader
-5mp camera
-large memory expansion (up to 16gb)

-Battery dies quickly. My previous phone was a slider and the battery lasted 3 days with normal use, this one... 1 day.
-Menu has a slight pause, even though it appears to be fast, there is a slight delay, the same goes for scrolling through pictures
-T mobile has 2 data plans, 19.99 and 24.99, this phone requires the more expensive one.
-GPS is NOT free you register online for it
-email feature on the phone is not free either, it charges to view and send messages like it would text messages.
-useless features like the audio postcard
-the 5mp camera doesn't take great pics, it will not replace a digital camera. Yes, your pictures take up more space, but they will not be sharp.
-with t-mobile - the deductible for this phone is like $170 making insurance almost useless.

Overall, this phone does not compare with any Windows mobile 6 phone. Windows mobile can be expanded (programs, games, features) this phone has none of that. Its just like any other samsung phone but has less buttons.

Samsung Behold Review


Nov 20, 2008 by ljmorgan

I've only had the phone a few hours; so, this review is based upon the fact that I've already found some bugs (confirmed by TMobile) and that Samsung customer service is TERRIBLE.

The phone is fun and easy to use. My 8 year old daughter figured quite a few things out within a few minutes of getting her hands on the phone. She set up appointments on the calendar system (don't know yet if the alarms work), made phone calls, added information to the phone book, read email, etc.

The phone itself sounds good and I've had no complaints from those that I've called with it.

Bugs in the display of the addresses in the phone book make this feature annoying at best and unusable at worst.

Customer service at Samsung was sooooo bad, that I'm about ready to return the phone after trying to deal with them. I believe that they're located in India and unless the question you've asked has an answer in the script that they've got in front of them ---- you'll get a nonsense answer or a "send the phone to us and we'll see if we can fix it" (for a software bug that could be fixed with a firmware update).

My old phone would change the orientation of its display when the phone was held horizontally vs vertically. I'm surprised to find that this phone doesn't do that when so many others do.

The camera is REALLY slow --- not worth using unless your subject can stay still for quite a LONG period of time.

The phone seems a bit sluggish when moving between apps --- although not enough to really annoy (as does the address thing).

Wait until the bugs are worked out. Samsung apparently has a number of them to fix with a firmware update.

tmobile finally did it.


Nov 16, 2008 by mel_hahrdkawr

tmobile and samsung got together and released what I think is one of the best phones to come out for tmobile customers.

when I was choosing my new phone I was going between the Behold and the G1. To me the G1 feels cheap. It reminded me of a sidekick.

Here are my thoughts on the Behold:

Can easily fit in your pocket
auto locking screen
full songs as ringtones/message tones
5mp camera with LED flash
T9 (which the G1 does not have)
option between qwerty and normal texting
overall easy to use/figure out

No way to change locked screen background (that i've found yet)
not very many accessory options
pictures do take a long time to take
GPS never finds my location

This phone would have gotten a 5 from me if I was able to change to locked screen picture. Instead it just cycles through the wallpapers that come already on the phone. Some of them are really ugly and I'd rather put my own wallpaper there.

Overall I love this phone and I'm glad that I chose it.



Nov 15, 2008 by Mobile1lwood

i wrote a review on the g1 not to long ago its similar in alot of ways, it just doesn't have wifi but something tmobile customers will LOVE is you can use the 5.99 t zones plan and have real web browsing! better than paying $20+ a month for :) you lose your gps option but thats about it.

5mp cam with flash
batter life is way better than a g1
very eye pleasing
can use tzones for web browsing

no wifi
not a business phone.

for more info

Loving it!


Nov 13, 2008 by sammy4455

I love this phone. Now, It took me some getting used to...

~touch is super easy
~widgets are changeable
~speakers are pretty loud
~Auto lock is nice

~took forever to change song for my messages
~Have to take the memory card out and upload it into your computer...

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