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Avoid this phone!!!


Nov 26, 2009 by jseba

If you just want to make calls and text, then the Behold is fine. If you want to do something as high-tech as take pictures, keep looking.

Cute design --- slim, sleek, nice to look at

Insanely slow camera
Very poor picture quality
Irritating to use
Not enough support to figure it out

It's just not worth it. If this phone had some great features that you couldn't find anywhere else, then it would be worth the pain of figuring it out. But it doesn't! So it's just not worth it. If you're considering it because it's cheaper (the reason I bought it) know that it's worth waiting or spending more to get something much better.

The Behold


Nov 15, 2009 by kendrat

I have had it for ahile now. I like to try phones before I actually write about them. Overall it is an okay phone. The web I really cannot stand that is why I blocked it. It is just not a great web phone it pops up kind of slow and lord if it does not take forever to load up. Overall the touch screen is okay. I have only dropped my phone once and the touch screen seemed to get worse after I did that. At first it was great really responsive. And I had a case on it when I dropped it so it should not have affected it that much. But now it kind of lags. I have calibrated it an all and it still will lag and freeze up. If you have the phone everyone once in awhile some people I know have this phone we all have the same issue. After awhile we will try to send a message and it will not send OR do anything just freeze up. And to get it to send you have to take the battery out for about 10 seconds so it can reboot and all of that. Thenit is an okay phone not really meant for texting. If you want a phone for texting get something with a full qwerty you can feel if that is it works fine. That is kind of a hassle overall. But overall what you are used to. But overall I give this The battery life is really good I can text on my phone all day and when I get home I still have about 3 bars left. So for phone I give it a 3 for effort.

I regret buying this phone!


Aug 19, 2009 by Alter Ego

My first mistake was switching from Verizon Wireless to T-Mobile... Service is not comparable, T-Mobile sucks!

Here's my review of the phone, not the service.

- Cute phone / Sleek design
- Touch screen is "fun" but don't buy it JUST for the touch screen, that gets boring fast.
- Takes great pictures

- Slow Camera
- Slow Internet (even in 3G areas)
- Time/Date Widget doesn't always update.
- Phone scratches easily.
- Phone freezes, *I have 3 friends with the SAME phone and it happens to all of us.
- Battery life sucks

Overall I hate this phone.

Worst Phone I Have Ever Owned


Mar 3, 2009 by rbdpt10

I have owned several smart phones but this is by far the dumbest so called "smart phone" that I have ever owned. I went from a BB Curve 8830 to this phone because I wanted touch screen and was really excited when I read it had a full HTML browser as well as a 5 mp camera. The browser was extremely slow and useless. Email access was HORRENDOUS and the camera was excessively slow. Some Pro's and Con's are as follows:

nice, slim design
well built and comfortable feel in hand
that's about it!

HORRIBLE batter life if you make calls/texts
terribly slow browser that EATS batter life
camera is extremely slow and not 5mp quality
call volume is very low
ring volume is good but text volume is low with horrible choices of ringers
touch screen is easily scratched
able to customize is cool, but you cannot download widgets and use them on the home screen

Overall I am forced to give this phone a poor rating (1/5) because of all of the cons. The phone was a huge waste of money, and way too expensive at that. I have recently gone back to the TRUE smartphones and use a Nokia E71 and have never been happier. Samsung really missed the boat with this one!

NOT a texting phone.


Nov 27, 2008 by jamiexvx

Call quality is loud & clear. I keep the ear piece volume at about a 4 b/c anything else is just too loud. (The highest it goes is 7.) Speakerphone is loud & clear.

Music is easy to add & play. Quality is pretty good for a cell phone. You can even set your music as a ringtone, which is cool.

The drag and drop widget bar is customizable and fun to use.

Alarm, notes, memos, calendar, etc. is easy to use. T9 is smart & you can add your own words.

The viewing quality of the pictures (that you can add) is very good. Clear, crisp, colorful. Not dull & washed out.

LCD screen is nice & bright. The highest it goes is 5 & I keep it on 1. You can also set it on "automatic".

Battery life is pretty good for a touch screen/smart phone. I only have to charge it once every 2-3 days.

Sturdy construction. No loose keys (the 3 it does have, LOL) or flimsy body. I do recommend getting a silicone case/glove for it, though.

It is very slow-going to text on! I use my thumb/fingernails (I'm a female) and I can't even hit the right keys all the time. Like I said, I either hit the wrong key & I have to back up, or the phone can't keep up with me TRYING to text fast. Takes forever to type out a text & I'm usually a fast texter! It makes texting no fun. (This is why I'm returning the phone.) It also sucks you can't text blind b/c you can't feel the keys - you have to actually look at the screen & slowly type out each letter. Annoying.

The 5.0 MP camera is horrible. The 1.3 MP camera on my old phone took better pictures than this. If you move at all, the picture is blurry. Takes forever to focus & take the picture. I rarely use the camera b/c of this.

Good phone if you're using it for the internet & calling people & business. Bad phone if you're texting/taking pictures.

Good Phone


Nov 10, 2008 by Tmo Slave

This is a good phone and great for someone looking for a super slim touch screen phone.

Nice screen
Small Size
5mp camera with flash
Video(looks really good)
Come in 2 colors
Haptics feed back

Camera slow and pictures don't look that good(My 3mp G1 takes better pictures)
No thread text messages
OS kind of confusing at first

Overall a good phone and a nice alternative to the G1 if you don't need or want a bigger phone. Not really a smart phone but a media phone.

Do not buy this phone.


Jul 27, 2012 by simplydeborah

-Cute Design
-Fits in back pocket perfectly
-Touchscreen works well
-Camera has flash
-Texting is okay
-Has a memory card slot

-Camera does not seem like a 5.0 MP
-Also REALLY slow in taking pictures
-Battery life SUCKS. And by sucks I mean absolutely terrible. I made about 10-20 text messages and made one call and it completely drained my battery and turned off on me.
-Battery is also kind of weird. After texting a lot, it'll say I have one bar left, and then when I put it on hold and check it 10 minutes later, it'll say I have 4 bars out of 5 left
-It also shuts down on me a lot. I'll be texting or in the middle of a call and it'll just turn off, even if I have 2-3 bars left.
-Sometimes it'll turn off while on hold

SO BASICALLY. Do not buy this phone. Not worth the price. Not worth anything.

terrible phone


Mar 26, 2011 by rbkqueen88

I had three of this same phone, all of them were BAD. First and second one would cut in and out while on the phone. ALL of them frezze, especailly while sending a text. The signal sucks. I belive this phone is defected because my friend had similar prob. with the 2 she had

Behold..the Behold


Dec 27, 2010 by truluv1990

Great Camera!
Crystal clear phone
Customizable ringtones
Receptive touch screen
Convenient Widgets
Very clear screen
Good memory

Very slow internet
Freezes at times
Buggy bluetooth
Buttons kind of close together
Takes to long for pictures to take
Doesn't have linked text messages
Can't purchase new widgets

Well this phone finally died on me the other day, but I have had the phone for about 2 years. With this being the longest I have ever had any phone, I am very impressed with its performance. Clear phonecalls and pictures, good texting capabilities,as well as a bunch of other convenient features. The phone has its cons as well...tends to freeze from time to time if you haven't rebooted the phone in a while, the internet is terribly slow (so I would not recommend this phone for heavy internet users), and you can't get new widgets to add to the ones already on the phone. This phone has it's pros and cons, but the pros definitely outweight the cons. It was a joy to have! R.I.P.

Great @ first, but now Its Horrible!


Nov 5, 2010 by Shaunyman

This phone was great for the first 6 months until, the phone started acting up and restarting. In the past year I have had about 8 samung beholds because of the problem.

Great Battery
Great Sound
Nice Size

It restarts by itself
*A extremely slow camera
*Browser sucks
*Media player change the language into Chinese
*Locks up the whole phone, which requires you to call customer care to unlock it
*Texting freezes up
*The side unlock button freezes up
*Takes a long time to call someone

*****DO Not Buy this phone, it will be a waste of money and you time.

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