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Pro vs Fuze


May 11, 2009 by Blueanteater

My main complaint is that At&t's version is smaller and it's the same phone. Ergonomically, it is also much improved with the diamond like, angled back. On the other hand though, the keyboard is much sturdier on the pro than on the diamond.

Additionally, the battery life is lacking. One day is all that I would want, but it doesn't even last that. The extended back might be a good option, but the phones already pretty heavy.

And I ordered the body glove for mine. It rocks, felt on the inside and the case is a mix of hard and soft.

Overall Pros
Windows Mobile 6.1, that say it all...
Touch Flo/Sensitivity
Stylus is nice
Camera and screen Resolution

Battery life
Windows Mobile... somedays...



Apr 13, 2009 by gbolt903

screen quality
5 Rows of keys
3.2 Camera
Fast Processor
RAM size
Picture quality
windows mobile

Battery Life

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Love it....


Mar 21, 2009 by sam912

I have way too many phones than I care to admit. This is one of the best. I like the Touch-Flow, but I don't think it makes the phone easier to use.

Call Quality
Windows Mobile
Tons of programs to add

Battery life
Speaker phone could be louder

Wow I am speechless


Feb 22, 2009 by lremy22

I have had the treo tmobile mda,Dash, Treo 700wx,755p and this is hands down the best phone that I have ever owned PERIOD. Everything that my other phones could not do this one can and more. I am someone who uses every feature that a phone has (with all the money I am paying sprint wouldn't you) and boy does this phone have features

-Touch Flo Rocks(iPhone who?)
-GPS enabled and has A-GPS for when your signal is weak
-Great signal(if no signal just put phone on roaming only)
-voice command is great
-Google maps and Live search
-Sprint Picturemail enabled
-Great PDA word, excel, powerpoint etc.
-touch screen and slide out keyboard
-great looking, sleek
-Bluetooth is pefect even stays connected -when bluetooth is off in order to save battery life
-Phone as modem is awsome
-combines windows mobile 5,6,and 6.1
-There is literally is nothing that this phone cannot do
-able to print documents directly from the phoen
-Tons of tips and tricks to make phone function better
-Phone is compact and light
-up to 16gb of expandable storage
-tons of memory already loaded onto phone
-Sound quality is perfect
-sprint TV enabled
-Sprint Music Store enabled
-This is a phone, iPod, laptop,tv,and radio all in one

-Touch Pro 2 came out too fast I want more time to enjoy this one
-Battery life is not the greatest but what do you expect with all that this phone does

I know that not everyone will agree with me however for me this is the best phone that I have ever had. That is until something else comes out that can make me look away but for now thats not happening. HTC TOUCH PRO RULES!

Sprint TP on Verizon... best of both worlds


Feb 11, 2009 by SteveNYC

The Touch Pro really is one of the best devices out there at the moment. But only because it's the most powerful, not because it's the easiest to use.

I went and purchased a Sprint Touch Pro and reprogrammed it to work on Verizon's network. This was important to me because Verizon had crippled their version of the TP with less memory than the Sprint version. I had suffered with too little memory with the XV6800, so I was not about to repeat that problem.

The key to using this device though is in using custom ROM images for the phone. You can unleash a lot of functionality by using the device how YOU want to use it and not how someone else decides how you SHOULD use it.


- You can enable the GPS on the Touch Pro on the Verizon network with a simple modification. It works great and I can use Google Maps or Live Search or TomTom or Garmin software with ease.
- The camera is much improved. The autofocus capability is impressive considering what it commonly available in the marketplace. Attaching the GPS coordinates is a cool feature if you use a custom ROM.
- Responsiveness of the screen is very good. You'll never confuse it with the capacitive touch on an iPhone (which is amazing), but it is excellent.
- Voice command is excellent and works well over bluetooth.
- TouchFlo is nice. It's very convenient to use and it hides a lot of the ugly side of Windows Mobile. Admit it, Windows Mobile is pretty powerful, but it's also pretty ugly.
- Speaking of ugly, the screen is not. VGA resolution is outstanding (640 x 480).

- Battery life. But then again, you were expecting a miracle with all these features?
- Chrome finish on the Sprint TP is easily marred.
- It would not hurt to put a few more dedicated buttons for the camera and other features. I didn't mind the extra buttons on the XV6800. I miss them on the TP.

It may not be as easy to use as an iPhone, but for the power user, this thing is a Swiss Army knife.

Sprint Touch Pro...its GREAT


Feb 8, 2009 by the 07boi

I got the touch pro coming from a moto q9c...i love the touch pro

Sprint Network-Fast Internet and good signal all the time(Makes call quality great and internet fast)
the touch screen is very responsive
the phone is fast
i always have a signal
calls are clear
great programs on the phone
the keyboard is great, easy to get use to and type quick on it
the phone does not lag at all

Battery life...its not horrible but its not the best

HTC Touch Pro Review (Verizonwireless)


Feb 8, 2009 by aahaa

HTC is famous for putting its own superior user-interface on its WinMo phone but for whatever reason VZW sent it with the plain WinMo UI, so I had to dig down to find & launch the TouchFLO 3D interface under "Today" sub-folder. I recommend everyone to do this before anything.

Aside from strange keyboard layout & a wonky navigation key, this phone's glossy black finish is a finger-print magnet.

Call quality was very good. I usually got 3 bars wherever I was.

Battery life was decent as long as you disable WiFi, GPS & bluetooth. I got about 4.5 hours out of the batteries with light browsing & syncing every 5 min. I had some problems with on-screen keys locking up during calls but that was a few and in between.

Messaging on this phone was good but not exceptional. Part was the strange keyboard layout and the other was WinMo fault. Messaging on WinMo is a multistep ordeal but TouchFlo at least makes it somewhat easier.

Multimedia features were also decent but not great. VGA screen is sharp but you can fit any full VGA quality content to show properly on it. The music player feature is like a page borrowed from iPod but with lack of a 3.5mm jack, this makes it useless as a MP3 replacement.

Camera on this phone was surprisingly good. The 3.2 MP camera took exceptionally clear photos with accurate colors with some noise in indoor setting but then again that is to be expected from camera phones.

GPS Navigation using VZ Navigator was really good but paying $15 monthly doesn't seem to worth it.

Web Browsing - Again decent but not great; Opera may be superior to IE but the Safari and Storm's browser are far better than Opera. Opera has only a one zoom setting and sometimes that is not enough. Storm's browser has multiple zoom capability & is easier to navigate. Also they both load faster as well.

The Touch Pro is a decent phone but for the money ($350), there are better phones. My choice would be either Storm or Omnia; they're both far better & much cheaper.

Almost Great...


Jan 4, 2009 by anightinthebox

Well, I'm back to Verizon. Left for a bit and went to AT&T for the iPhone. iPhone is an awesome device but the service was horrible for me. I started with the Blackberry Storm and returned it in search for a better phone. Now I have the HTC Touch Pro. I love the phone. As great as it is, it does have some faults.. So here are the PROS & CONS..


*3D Touchflo interface is nicely done and easy to use.
*Opera internet browser works great for viewing webpages. (not as good as iphone)
*Windows Mobile 6.1 runs smoothly
*Reception good and clear.
*WiFi capable
*Screen Resolution is great.
*Ability to print to wireless network printer
*Slingplayer application works great(not included with phone)
*Slide out keyboard
*voice recognition works pretty well


*GPS included but locked by Verizon for Third Party Applications (ex. GoogleMaps, Windows Live Search)
*Camera doesn't take great photos. Photos are dull and color sucks in photos. Not good for printing.
*Video Camera quality is not good. Moving objects are blurry. (Camera on Blackberry Storm was great. Took awesome videos and pictures)
*Battery life is depressing
*YouTube not compatible

So all in all, I really like the phone. I think I'll keep it. I wish Verizon would stop limiting phones with great possibilities into so-so phones.

Touch Pro


Dec 29, 2008 by sprintuser28

To me this is one of the best phones out there on the market. With windows mobile there is always going to be company's out there writing software for it. So features that you would want from this phone that it doesn't offer out of the box like vibrate when you touch a key. All you have to do is look for it. I had the touch diamond but took it back because wanted expandable memory.

-screen (after doing a little reach search no other company that I came across offerers a screen with this many pixels

Ok device


Nov 5, 2008 by klmsu19

Looks great on paper but HTC.s execution was poor.

Device has great hardware specs

Battery is poor to decent.

Build quality/quality control is poor- many people with many issues (earpiece, raised dpad, looks keyboard slider). Been through 3 in a week myself

For a full keyboard the buttons are no larger than an on-screen key. Much smaller than the older mogul/tilt series. Much harder for people with larger fingers and buttons arent spaced which adds to multiple presses

There are other negatives with earpiece volume and lags which can be solved with tweaks so it depends how much you want to tinker.

If you want to tweak and play with it a lot to get it right its a great powerful device. if you want something that works out of the box this isnt for you.

As a "tinkerer" im still disappointed with its size (still as thick as a mogul) and quality control/build quality from HTC has been horrendous overall on this device

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