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The Truth


Nov 8, 2008 by mikejoneswho

I upgraded to this phone and I am now running Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, even Picture mail through my phone. I can customize when I want my phone to send/receive email independently or one one accord. The phone to me is built to last, strong chassis, sleek design, beautiful interface(TouchFlo3D). Swipe here, swipe there and I am where I need to be. I see how people can fall in love with the Iphone, but I do business too, so Exchange is a breeze, information is so compartmentalized it's unreal. I can go on and on, but experience it yourself, the only real issues I've seen are the "user" errors, ha ha.

HTC Diamond Touch Pro (CDMA)


Nov 5, 2008 by zenubio

This is a really good phone that's like the iPhone for Business users. The display and capabilities are very similiar to the iPhone, but have the Windows Mobile 6.1 backend, which means you can install other programs and tweak it a bit more.

I used to have the PPC-6700 and I've supported the PPC-6800, the HUGE thing I miss on the physical keys. Particularly the OK button. I became an expert at almost never needing the stylus or every touching the screen with all the button shortcuts. With this phone they've taken away those buttons so it's more on-screen touches, but I find to be less accurate and more unrealiable.

I've had some breakthroughs in the tweaking though and have made some things easier (some even better than before).

The new interface is gorgeous, and I know it's better, but I'm still getting used to all the little intricacies of how to hold the phone, how to tap, etc.

The sprint navigation and TV really sold the deal for me though.

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HTC Touch Pro


Dec 6, 2008 by dalarpguy

First off, before anything else, I want to say this. I use my phones for email, text, and word and excel documents, and little else. I use less than 300 minutes a month. With that said, this is the perfect phone for me.

I used to use the HTC Mogal, and before that a Treo. I've used several other phones, but rarely kept them for more than a month or two. The touch pro is an absolute workhorse that will do nearly anything you throw at it, and ask for more. The memory on it is sufficient to have several programs running at once with little lag, and the with the addition of TouchFlo 3D, makes navigating very easy.

And now, for what you've all been waiting for:

Very responsive touch screen (use your whole finger to swipe, and the page will scroll, just use the tip of your finger, or the stylus to swipe, and it'll highlight text)
Windows Mobile 6.1 (a lot of people have mixed feelings on WM, but 6.1 is smooth, and easy to use)
TouchFlo 3D (If you don't like WM6.1, then turn on TF3D, and you pretty much never have to deal with the windows part of the phone)
Keyboard (Feels good and natural, albeit a little small)
Opera Mobile (on nearly all WM phones, it is 100% superior to IE)
Size (for a big phone, and it is BIG, it is not heavy, and fits nicely into your hand)
EVDO Rev A (Pulls up web pages almost as fast as at my house)

Battery Life (this is to be expected with a phone of it's power, but the battery life is SHORT. Expecting this, I bought a spare battery with it, and I'm glad I did. Not really a con, but an added cost)
Zooming (Zooming in and out in Opera, and other apps is a pain, and can be a bit hard. Again, not bad, but a minor annoyance)

Overall, It is one of the best phones that Sprint and Verizon carries. I have Verizon, and get full voice bars and about 2 or 3 EVDO bars all over the midwest. I would recommend this phone to any business users, but it is too much of a phone for most members of the general population

Powerful, Fast, Great Graphics phone that makes Great Calls


Nov 14, 2008 by coldheat06

Excellent feel
5 Rows of keys
3.2 Camera
Fast Processor
RAM size
Picture quality

Battery Life
Charging Time

All in all this is the best PPC phone that I have owned, it has a great feel to it and the power/space is excellent. The battery life could use some improvements but if you add a couple of tweaks to it that is easily solved.
I wish that the screen took up all of the front instead of having the buttons at the bottom, but the picture quality is GREAT and it even looks better then the iPhone.

I am very pleased with my HTC Touch Pro Phone.

Even With Some Problems ...Still The Best Hands Down


Nov 6, 2008 by damonwest78

Ok Let's Be Honest.....No Smart Phone Is Perfect...If You Are An Apple Lover Than This Is The Closest You're Gonna Get Right Now,With A Key Board.Opera Mobile Is Simply Awesome You Can Use The D-Pad As A Scroll Wheele The Zoom in or Out & Even Touch Like An Iphone.I Own A Ipod Touch So I Know What I'm Talking About.Even The Basic Wimo 6.1 Stuff Is Touch Sensitive As Well....Sweet.Now I Will Say The Battery Is Not Something to Be Desired, & The Sync Cord\Charging Combo Deal Does Not Help Either....& It Gets Hot But Come On You Get An Extended Battery For That(Can't Do That On An I...You Get The Deal.Screen Res Is Cristal Clear.Now Even With That Said.You Will Not Get A Better Phone On Sprint Right Now Untill An Android Phone Pops Up.Hope This Helps

Hard to impress


Nov 6, 2008 by ashleyramirez623

First off, I have been through alot of phones! Treo's, blackberry's and other's! And other flip phones to. I really havent been a big fan of window's platform but I am liking this phone more and more. Its easy to use. This phone can do alot. If a person is not use to a power phone then do your home work, study and take the test!

I have had the phone for a week. I upgraded from the diamond to the touch pro. I had the diamond for a month or so. The touch pro is the diamond on steroids.

I really want to go into detail but the list is too long. Take my word, i have had alot of phones. I really havent found a PDA phone that meets my standards until this one!!! Please take in mind this phone is not perfect it has flaws like other phones. But this phone's flaws are less severe than other PDA phones I've had. Good luck and hope this review helped.

Solid phone


Nov 4, 2008 by Rihavens

I am going from a CDMA Touch to a Touch pro.

I like this phone, the phone is laid out really well and feels quality, but has its bugs that needs to be worked out with an update.

Easy to use interface
Typical Windows Mobile upgradeable
Great Camera
5 row keyboard
PICTURE MAIL on a WinMo Sprint phone
TV out with optional cable
Text message ignore
A long list of features you would not expect to be included (magnetized stylus that turns on the screen on removal, Voice command built in, auto-adjusting screen brightness, etc.)

Shorter then expected Battery life (extended battery soon?)
Surprisingly slow interface for such high performance hardware.
A little larger then one would expect.

Overall this is a great phone, but could use some serious help in the software. I think this will be worked out soon. I think with a few software changes and probably an extended battery this will be a great phone.



Nov 4, 2008 by ni66at

I had the Touch Diamond then exchanged to the Touch Pro as soon as it was released. Both are the best phones i have ever owned. Took a while to get use to the Windows vs. the Palm os i was using before but all around this is a great phone for the lateset technology around. The touch flo has great graphics and

Nice chrome finish.
Keyboard alot easier to type then the diamond.
Touch Flow makes everything interesting.
Threaded text view.
Camera quality good/bright flash.
Came with a 1gb card, extra stylus and a leather pouch.

Fingerprints on chrome finish
Is alot slower moving through screens and texting then the touch diamond.
Hard to take out stylus while slide is out.
The charger is way too short.

Owned it for 3days. Sprint in Los Angeles, CA


Nov 4, 2008 by Jimbojim

TouchFlo is nice although I am more productive and happy with the old WinMo interface.

Battery life is terrible for me. My battery runs out of juice at 11 am. My xv6700 lasts the whole day. On the weekend the battery was better when I did not have active sync running.

I will try and shut down tasks once I'm done (my boss uses a palm 800w and shuts down tasks after he's done with them and it seems to last him). I'm running activesync constantly.

I'll try it for another day and will then consider returning for another device (maybe even a Bold or iPhone).

Reading on the TouchPro (TP) is great. Opera is fantastic for some websites. I use IE and Opera depending on which site I'm using.
Last night I used TP and iPod touch to read web sites. My TP was a better experience and easier to Google search and read web sites using Opera.

The TP is a nice size even if it's a little fat. I can keep it in my shirt pocket or pants pocket without an issue.
Screen lag is a little problem. I miss all the hardware buttons I had on the XV6700 but that's something you get used to and can customize on the new device (one can't live in the past).

Build quality of the phone is not that great. Static emanates from speaker even when the phone is not being used and talk/home/back/hang-up buttons seem flimsy as it all rocks on a pivot. I would prefer individual buttons.

HTC Touch Pro...Simply Amazing!


Dec 14, 2008 by bballdev911

Right now I have HTC Mogul, but my dad has the HTC Touch Pro. Let me by saying this, I wish I could have gotten the HTC Touch Pro.


Touch Flow 3D

Touch Screen(very responsive)

Colors(very vibrant)

Camera(amazing 3.2 megapixels)

Keyboard(5 rows)

Battery life

Text messaging(coversation-style)


MP3 trimmer

Opera Mobile


Sometimes the phone can be a bit laggy

Overall: Amazing phone and its worth all that you pay for it. If you don't like Windows Mobile 6.1, you can use the Touch Flow 3D. If you don't like Touch Flow 3D, then turn it off. This phone is just amazing!!!

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