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Just another HTC windows mobile phone


Dec 21, 2008 by Preloved Cell Phones

I have been through many, many phones. This was one of the most frustrating phones that I have owned. You can definitely tell that the 3D touch flo is a new software, it works when it wants to. This phone glitched out on me about half the time. I would have to tap the touch screen 5-6 times before it would select. Some touch icons would bring me to the wrong spot on the phone. I'm putting it up for sell on my store after owning it for less than 1 month.

Trying to like it


Nov 7, 2008 by miaizhere

I couldn't wait for this phone and now I'm having second thoughts. I came from a 6700 and 6800. The first thing I did was try the Picture Mail since I had to use hacks on all the other devices to send pics. What do you know, there is a bug. To sprint's defense this is the second device (the diamond was the first) with built in picture mail. When I send a picture, the mail always goes in the Inbox never the Outbox or Sent. I can even respond to my sent mail because its in the Inbox. HTC said they would look into this.

- Touch FLO concept is great
- Opera Mini so much better than IE
- Zoom wheel when using the browser is nice.
- A lot of apps I downloaded are no longer needed because now its included.
-Huge memory and expandable memory

Cons: and probably why I will take this back

- Lag times is a deal breaker, my 6700 and 6800 go faster than this device. With all the memory and processor speed, unacceptable.
- Picture Mail has a bug
- Touch Flo at times will not go to desired icons. Especially to home. Have to hit Home several times to get to Home.
- Battery life sucks, within 4 hours after a full charge, I'm down to half a battery.

Other than that it's a nice device and I'm trying to like it. I'm somewhat disappointed. I still have a few weeks to go and I will decide whether to keep it or not.

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Nov 4, 2008 by bigdfan70

pros -- its not a slow 3g iphone it is everything you could ever want in a pda phone.why even compare this to a iphone its like comparing a bmw to a ford!also on sprints evdo network it rocks.

Your Gateway Phone to the Power Smartphone World!


Jan 18, 2011 by Overmann

I replaced my Samsung Saga with one of these, as the price for one came down a good deal. Note that I had the Verizon Wireless XV6850 Touch Pro, so it only came with 192 MB of RAM.

The Good:

VGA Display: Larger screen resolution means better quality images and the ability to fit more web page on the screen.

Slide-out Keyboard: If you get a Windows Mobile phone, it MUST have a physical keyboard or you will go insane trying to use the built-in one.

3.2 MP Auto Focus Camera with Flash: The Flash is a huge boon, and lets you use the phone as a flashlight. The flash LED is super bright!

528 MHz Processor: This really gives Windows Mobile a speed boost!

Modding Support: Believe it or not, there is a lot of custom ROM makers out there that can slim and trim the OS (even I eventually made my own ROM just for my phone) and add functionality it didn't have before (such as Youtube and Windows Mobile 6.5 and rapid charging, though rapid charge driver risks burning up the charge port).

The Bad:

Keyboard: Hard to press the letters, this isn't as killer as the Saga, but it still causes thumb pain after a while of typing on it. Also, no underscore key.

Heat: The high speed processor is very hot running. The flash also is a cooker.

Stock OS and RAM: Because the Verizon version has less RAM than the others, you have 40-50 MB of RAM to play with. That doesn't sound too bad, but both stock ROM and most custom ROMs go overboard with features, and this can bring it down to 10-20 MB. A clean ROM with no HTC dress-ups can net you 45-70 MB of free RAM, which makes Opera Mobile last longer on web browsing. Oh, and no Flash Player.

Slider Design: The spring is very stiff, and the construction is not up to spec to it. Months after I sold my Touch Pro, the next owner tells me the screen is having problems now. This is inevitable in a slider design.

The Ugly:

It's a decent phone to start out with, and a fun one to learn to MOD on. However, there are better options for Windows Mobile.

HTC Diamond Pro


Apr 19, 2010 by xxxmrmaresxxx

This phone kicked some serious butt.
Kept my phone at 100% work efficient, so it doubled as a laptop when it needed. Watched movies, videos and even printed pdf files off the phone. (using the cortrect cables offcourse) Skipped the Pro 2 for the hero.
Gone Android, aint looking back.

looks pretty, but thats where it stops


Mar 15, 2010 by bittersideofyou

I was very excited when I finally could upgrade my phone, I carefully choose this one. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I decided to try it anyway which was a big mistake.

I went through 3 phones from Sprint. The first one when charging got so hot it actually left welts in my hand. After about a week I decided it was defective. I got the new one and it was just filled with bugs, the screen would scramble when rotated, it would freeze all the time. not to mention the battery life lasted about 4 hours. It came to the point where I had to send it back. The third one I got had less bugs but the battery still was horrible. I would charge it all day as soon as I would take it off within in ten minutes it was down a bar. It let me down many times. and this is with minimum use mind you.

The touch flow over lay was cute at first but became to annoying to be practical, for instance when you would open the program window, the way the grid is laid out its hard to touch the screen and not accidentally open a program. there is no where to put your finger to flick up or down without pressing a program. This version of Touch Flow just is not customizable enough to be useful. I actually ditched it and ran SPB mobile shell and it worked just as well.

big touch screen
nice keyboard
3.2 mega pixel camera

Horrible battery life (4 hours!)
very very slow
Touch flow
No 3mm built in head set

for me it was the battery life and buggyness
killed it for me.. I actually went to the Palm Treo Pro and even though it has less ram it is pretty quick and very thin.



Dec 23, 2009 by GeeoCgerrio

People This Phone Is Ultra Frickin Anwesome The Screen Is So Crisp And The Touch UI Responds Equally to An Iphone I Love This Phone So Much nd Also This Phone Is For AnyBody Not Just Business Users Its Very Usuable 3.2 Cam Stunning Pictures And Non-Blurry Videos Get A Touch Pro Today!!!!!!

4 brand new HTC touch pro's - All junk


Dec 4, 2009 by Millerslaw

Where do I start (Ill keep it short and Bitter) - Purchased this phone because it has tons of features and worked great for awhile (Besides being slow and bad battery life), Then it started having speaker issues so I got the phone replaced. The replacement worked fine for about 2 weeks then started to randomly power off for no reason, Went back and got another replacement. This replacement right away some of the buttons did not work and the screen did not flip when slid open for keyboard use, Went back the next day and got a brand new one again only this time I had it for around 3 months with just simple issues like having to carry 2 extra batteries everywhere I went cause it needs 3 to get through a whole day of constant use and random freezing, then it started to shut off whenever I sent out a text message. I am now looking forward to returning the phone for good!

High hopes crushed by battery life....


Nov 12, 2009 by fivegear

This phone is very fast, very pretty, and seems to be well built.

I could not live with it for one major reason, battery life. I don't really expect all that much out of my phone as far as battery is concerned, I want to get one whole day of light to moderate use, thats all. With WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth turned off it would still be dead before lunch no matter how little I used it. I am not always able to be at my desk and leave the phone plugged in, I need to be able to be out and about during many days. This phone was just never able to do that.

Stability seemed to be good, and features were wonderful. I really wanted this phone to work out for me and tried my best to like it.

Nice, but not usable


Oct 21, 2009 by Dukebaby

Overall the phone is packed with a lot of features. However in the end there are a lot more cons than pros.

Things I dislike. To do anything it seems there are always a lot of steps to take. Take the camera for example. If I want to quick snap a pick I have to go to scroll to the camera section then tell it I want to take a pic.

The camera quality is good for still pictures other than that it is terrible and the response time on taking a pic is FOREVER.

The battery life on this is horrendous for me. I can maybe make half a day with out even talking on it much.

I would not recommend this phone.

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