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love this phone


Oct 12, 2009 by thab0m3st81tch

i love this phone...the only cons i have about it...the battery and its a lil heavy...but i love it so much its worth over looking those two things

Nice PHone


Sep 27, 2009 by scott65

I have the Verizon version of this phone and so far I am impressed. Based on some of the reviews, I had low expectations.

-Call Quality
-Key Board

-Battery Life

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Unreliable piece of junk


Sep 4, 2009 by dictum9

1) The battery capacity is too low at only 1340 mAh, needs to be at least 4-5 times greater to accomodate the drain. Needs I think 5,000 mAh or better yet 6,000 mAh capacity.
It's basically a mini-laptop and needs far more than 5 Whr that comes with the tiny stock battery, I think at least 20-25 Whr. I don't care if the phone has to be twice as big, I want functionality, not compactness.

On stock battery, I get less than 8 hours until it completely drains, not acceptable. And that's not doing anything other than ActiveSync and a few text mesgs. f you use GPS or anything else like web, it gets drained in no time at all.

I carry spare cells with it.

The largest aftermarket cell is 3,000 mAh and is made by Mugen but it makes the device much thicker, looks like a brick. Still just a patch and a afterthought.

2) The overall quality is hit and miss, I went through about 3 of them and this is not uncommon. Radio failure, LCD failure. The plastic borders will crack.
I keep hearing about keyboard failure but did not experience it yet.... In the local Sprint store, they have this sign, something like "Be ready for anything", ain't that the truth. Every time it's a new interesting failure you've never seen before.

3) The OS is junk, unresponsive, locks up.

4) Stylus falls out, I put tape around it.

5) The stock case is junk, upgrade ASAP or you will lose it or drop it at least.

6) If it falls on the pavement, gets beat up pretty badly. Needs to be shockproof and water proof instead of pretty shiny toy not fit for even normal usage. Drop it and it flies apart.

7) Don't like touch screen at all. Will turn itself on in the pocket and start doing things like calling people, make changes, like turn alarm off. Then you take out and try to figure out what happened.

8) The keyboard is too small.

9) Absolutely worthless on speaker.

10) The heat issue. It overheats sometimes and won't charge.


The screen resolution is impressive.

One of the Best out there


Aug 30, 2009 by ExploderBlade

I have Sprint and I have been looking forward to getting this device. I must say, I am not disappointed. I went from the Palm Centro to this device and it's easily one of my better decisions this year.

-Large, Sensitive Tough screen
-Great Speakerphone
-Best Cellular camera I have ever seen. (*better than the Behold's)
-FUll QWERTY keys make texting so much easier.
-Preloaded with Opera, one of the better web browsers.
-Strong graphixcs interface.
-WiFi...enough said.

And of course, CONS:
-Slows down quite a bit if too many resources (aka, more than 3) drag the OS down.
-Standard smartphone battery....about a recharge a day.
-Complex until you personalize it.
-PIcture mail could be better, but it's alright.

If you are considering a smart phone, lok no further. There you go, short and sweet.

Love it


Aug 17, 2009 by mstahl

Got this phone right after it came out. Replaced my diamond. Overall I am pleased with the phone. I think I'll hold onto it longer than most of the other phones I have had.

slide out keypad
nice screen
speaker phone
camera is awesome(took a picture of a building while driving at about 15 mph, and a car on the opposite side of road got in the way driving about 35 mph. It looked like i took a still picture)
Panoramic photo's are cool
All the normal stuff
Decent mp3 playback
Voice recognition software fun to mess with
Audible alerts/message playback

Battery kinda sucks
I had a row of dead pixels, replaced a week later by sprint repair store, replacement seems like something is always running, because it is always warm and extremely slow
Sprint's picture mail basically sucks. Need to install a third party program that works better than any I have ever seen
Stupid HTC and their weird plugs/headphone jack

I like the phone, might splurge and get the touch 2 or whatever it's called, if it's available? Wish sprint allowed self serve phone replacement still. Ah well.

Awsome just plain AWSOME!!!!!!


Aug 8, 2009 by BIVFD219

This phone is awsome. Will never go back to Blackberry. I have been using all Blackberry since US Cellular has offered them and said I would never switch. I got the Touch for free and figured I would giver her a try and boy it is AWSOME. Nothing else needs to be said but AWSOME !!!!!!!!

Wanted a Pre, tried Touch Pro, not bad!


Jun 18, 2009 by issai

My scoop: Heavy business-oriented mobile warrior who likes SPRINT's Everything plan and disagree that SPRINT's stigma of "bad CSR's" is 100% applicable anymore-- besides, I barely call CSR. Desparate Palm fan hoping the Pre would replace my 755p which, aside from frequent reboots, has served well with the following: external KB, OS's design for 1-handed use, FREE tethering, robust PIM functions. Looking at least to improve web browsing and remote email client user experience- 755p's 90's UI and API fails here. Read initial Pre reviews and decided to let early adopters 1st have it-- I'll give it a year to clean up HW and SW bugs (Synergy & charge port issues, etc.). "Storm 2"- cool but dislike BB's addt'l svc costs on top of Sprint plan. iPhone3GS- great but 1) not multitasking (unsure MT is feasible on such a small form factor)+AT&T svc+plans blow. Noticed coworker hacked his Sprint HTC Mogul with huge # of apps and some iPhone-like usability. Used to have PocketPC & older WinMo versions which made my skin crawl badly e.g. Treo 700w.


PROS:Rich UI,TouchFlo 3D resembles iPhone & makes WinMo less irritating,WinMo6.1 big ups over prev. versions even w/ TouchFlo off,huge hacker and appdev support,multitask OS,Opera Mobile+Outlook=finally can use web w/ dignity,loads of input options & external KB rocks for my large fingers (the keys are huge!),GPS,Wifi,neat little tricks but few which add business-usage value

CONS:User experience still somewhat awkward- design not as much geared for mobility as Palm OS,but much improved over previous WinMo;OS's feedback to user input "lags" compared to other smartphone OS,(last 2 are typical of WinMo),no external headset jack(what if my BT headset goes missing?),call volume & quality regardless of output somewhat less than 755p,needs hard Win+OK keys,lack of key shortcut assignments,battery life.

Coming from 755p, Touch Pro takes getting used to. 2nd day today-- so far I'm generally liking it!

Third Phone fails to charm me


Jun 16, 2009 by wornpaul

I am on phone number three with Verizon and will try to exchange this one for the Saga.

Pro -
Great screen
Nice keyboard
Zoom in + out D-pad feature works great with Opera.

Keyboard stops working and I need to reset it.
Phone freezes and I need to reset it. (50 times in one day for phone #2)
I have to reset this phone so often that I can now reset it with one hand while driving in the dark.
No keyboard on the face of the phone. Why?

I want my i760 back.


I'll have my PPC 6800 back, thank you!


May 31, 2009 by chocolateman85006

I've had more PDA phones than Paris Hilton has had lovers. With that being said, I'll dive straight into this:

3.2 megapixel camera and video.
300MB of onboard memory. (Had it not been for pics/vids and music, I wouldn't have needed a memory card).
Lots of RAM. More than I've seen in any phone ever!
Unlike other Windows Mobile phones, it can be viewed on my laptop or desktop WIHOUT using Active Sync.

Fingerprint magnet!
STILL slow! Even with all the extra memory, it's still slow as hell!!
No wi-fi switch
No "OK" button
Keypad, albeit 5 rows are nice, is way too small.
The circle button (or whatever it's called) is not user friendly.
Battery sucks! Should I have my phone on the charger 3 times a day?!
No separate headset jack. HTC needs to go back to the old way.

My point: The 6800 is much better for me. Maybe you'll have a different experience with the Touch Pro (it was with Alltel, in case you wanted to know). My eyes are currently on the Treo Pro.

HTC Touch Pro for Verizon - Disappointing


May 24, 2009 by MegaWhy

I tried the HTC Touch Pro and it was not a good experience for me. My XV6800 actually is more touch responsive than this phone. I think touch screens have a long way to go to be like an iPhone.

The web experience was good. I thought 3G speeds were pretty good. But overall, sometimes the phone worked well, and then it would hang. The screen rotation was sometimes slow. The keyboard slides out the opposite direction you would expect and was unevenly back-lighted. Key travel was barely average and varied. I found the keyboard to be at best equal to my XV6800. BTW It is not as good as the HTC Fuze's keyboard.

Sure I could have hacked the phone, probably improved the speed, but please..I shouldn't have to do that.

Call clarity was subpar, and that is unacceptable.

Fianlly the smudging was unbelieveable. I read the reviews, but thought they were exaggerating. No they are understating the issue. The phone looked grimey after a few minutes of use....and I work in an office!

I can not recommend this phone. I sent mine back and cancelled Verizon Service.

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