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iPhone Users Now Have "Phone Envy"


Dec 11, 2008 by MadFatMan

Cold Realities:

- Your Service Provider Could CARE LESS if you have a descent device. As long as you commit to a 24 month agreement and pay your bill.

- Your monthly invoice will be the SAME with little variance weather or not you buy the phone you want or settle for a lesser one.

= A MOBILE DEVICE IS NOT AN IMPULSE BUY that you thoughtlessly give into a telesales represenative or a 19 year old kid that that assaults you with the "FREE PHONE" gimmick at a mall kiosk while you're engorging yourself in a CINNABON! IT is your own responisibility to research and get the device and service that will meet your needs.

- Outside of your initial outlay at point of sale and your reoccurring monthly service charges You have made a commitment to carry this device on you for the next 24 months Make sure the device can justify the space that it takes up on your body and is worth keeping up with.

The PRO made me sit up and take notice

PRO -I refuse to do a copy and past of the Manufacturers feature list its your job to do the research

- Cheap to operate (Sprint) only requires a $15 data pack in addition to a minute plan. NO SPECIAL PLANS REQUIRED. Even with a "Simply Everything $99.99 its still $30-$50 less a month than other service providers.

- Way More Phone Than Anyone Needs Or Deserves.Give in to your GREED and buy one anyway.I didn't need to upgrade from my Mogul,just wanted to.


- Battery Life. Be Real you don't buy a Suburban for its freaking "fuel economy". You buy it for what it can do. Its a battery hog and thats a trade off you make with this type of device.

- FINGER PRINT MAGNET.. OMG this is almost as irritating as the lack of battery life. But what you don't know is hat the case that it comes with is specially designed to clean the device each time you take it in and out.


Little impresses me in this industry anymore but the Touch Pro got my attention and it was worth the upgrade to make an iPhone user feel inadequate

HTC PRO Lives Up to Name (if you're a PRO)


Dec 9, 2008 by jazznannie

I read about this phone, tried it out at the Sprint store and finally committed to purchasing the most expensive phone in my long history of cell usage. After years of fumbling my way through the world of PC's, I was sure I could fairly easily manage learn to use the HTC.
Wrong!! Too many features and complexities for this semi pro user. It well may live up to all of the hype if I could find it but if you are not a dedicated user, skip the Pro. Blackberries and Palms are breeze compared to this baby!
Great graphics, poor battery life, heavy.

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Such a hot phone, such a lame battery


Nov 27, 2008 by Jons

I love and hate this phone. It is a little like a manic girlfriend. You know the girl everyone of your friends fantasizes about. Only thing is you go home with her. Sure there are great times and some not so great times.

What I love.
-The screen. So clear, so bright.
-The input options, various on-screen keyboards and a great pull out keyboard.
-TouchFlo. The more I use it to cooler it is. For example switching between emails accounts, simply slide your finger across the screen.
-I like the Windows 6.1 operating system compared with Garnet from Palm.

What I don't.
-Battery life. This is likely going to be the deal killer for me. I know it is like complaining about your super cars gas mileage. But all these features need enough power to use. I got about 5 hours of use out of my phone today. I spent the rest of the day out of the office with a brick in my pocket. I can't work with a phone that needs to be plugged in all day, we came up with cordless phones like 20 years ago. Make the thing thicker or something put a decent battery in it. The published "talk" times are total rubbish.
-Pull out keyboard is just a little to large and I've got larger hands. You have to move your hands around to much it slows down your typing to a hunt a peck speed. I'm used to the width of a Treo.
-I've had some complaints about call quality. I've got an Airave at home so I'm not sure about the source. Without it I have crummy service at home, and the Airave cured that on my Palm.

Great looking phone, great features, and if you talk no more than maybe 60 minutes a day you can probably live the with the battery life.

Good Phone With Some Quirks


Nov 4, 2008 by Husker65

Good Smartphone, The Speaker And Ear Piece Volume Is Too Low, Especially when talking to another person, it sounds muffled when they talk.

3-D Touch Interface Has Some Delay And
Lag Issues.

I Keep Getting Connection Error Messages
When Updating The Weather, Even When
Sprint's EVDO Service Is Clearly Turned On.

If You Have Too Many Programs Running At
The Same Time The Phone Will Lock Up,
Which Will Require A "Soft" Reset.

There Is A Delay When Using The Slide Out Keyboard When You First Start Typing.

Battery Life Could Also Become An Issue Since The Phone Uses A Lot Of Juice To Run.

The 3-D Touch Interface Can Become Overly Sensitive To Even Light Touches.

I Had Two Defective HTC Touch Diamond Phones Before I Got This One, I thought
I Would Try This One Out Before I Gave Up And Went To A BlackBerry.



Jan 19, 2009 by Kwilkins9

I have been behind the times when it comes to cell phones. I spend exorbitant amounts of money on Computers, but I always thought phones should be phones. That being said, I picked up the HTC Touch Pro and fell in love with it. The possibilities are limitless. EVERYONE at work (I work in the industry) was telling me to go with Blackberry, but, I have to admit that I just wasn't into the look/feel of the blackberry OS.

The ease of the phone.
The look.
The limitless possibilities of having a windows os. This is a MUST for any self respecting Computer Nerd!
Battery life needs a little work, but I have 3 extra batteries that i keep charged with me so it's not an issue.
HTC Shipped the phone with the power management features all turned off. I downloaded and installed the Advanced Config Utility and changed the way power management is used and the overall response to TF3d.

Verizon HTC Touch Pro Review


Dec 28, 2008 by bookworm316

Here are my thoughts and video on the HTC Touch Pro


(Videos plus write-up here)

Youtube links for HQ Options

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



Nov 8, 2008 by marcwilliams

I need to give this some more time but after a week i give it a solid 4. I've been waiting for this phone to come out for months now so the anticipation may have surpassed the actually results. i have owned this series from the 6700 to the Mogul and now to the Touch Pro, all along the way waiting for the bugs to be worked out and the footprint to be more streamlined. With the exception of a very touchy Sprint interface this phone does what i want it to and as promished. The Home page on the UI does not respond well to touch, it is sluggish and jerky whereas the rest of the scrolling throughout the interface is just uncontrollably fast. This is the most sleek version of the HTC's but i just hope they get the kinks worked out on the touch sensitivity

While waiting for this phone I tried out the Blackberry Curve which had a better keyboard and the UI is much smoother than WM6. But I could not get the Sync to work and had to use Google Calendaring which is quite handy but it's still an Outlook sync workaround. Another drawback was the notes in the contacts were not transferred over.

Consider me impressed


Dec 30, 2008 by ButtaKnife

After watching the PDA-phone market for years and being disappointed, I couldn't resist picking up the Touch Pro. Finally, we can enjoy a worthy combination of a phone and a PDA. I'll include some Pros and Cons (which will most likely be more of the same), and follow up with my own thoughts.

- This phone has it all... GPS, EV-DO rev. A, Wi-Fi, etc.
- A crisp, clear, and responsive touch screen paired with the slide-out, well-designed keyboard makes input in any application enjoyable.
- Customize TF, WinMo, et all to your liking. It's very easy to take the stock phone and turn it into your own customized powerhouse. Brave souls can load customized ROMs and even try loading Linux/Android.
- Windows Mobile, while also a Con, has a tremendous amount of support from 3rd party application developers.
- Reception is very good and the sound is crystal clear

- Battery life with the stock battery and default settings can be extremely short. Customize brightness and other settings to increase battery life. Also look at extended battery options if so desired - I will be picking up at least a 2000mAh battery as soon as possible.
- Windows Mobile. It's somewhat slow and not as stable as I would like, but it does the trick most of the time.
- I really wish the keyboard had a | on it so I didn't have to dig in the Symbols when using PocketPUTTY.

I've had this phone for a couple of weeks now, and I am very happy with this purchase. There are some minor problems, such as the standard problems with WinMo or the stock battery life. With some creativity, though, you can extend this phone to do all kinds of things. I am enjoying PocketPUTTY, PocketIRC, Google Maps, and more on my shiny new phone. If you want a feature-packed phone or a PDA with abundant connectivity, you won't be disappointed with the Touch Pro.

too many issues


May 6, 2009 by heathheimer

I got this phone because i wanted something with windows moblie. It has the remote desktop which i use all the time for work.

The first issue, phone #1, it stopped vibrating so when it was on vibrate i missed all calls and texts.

Phone #2 didnt even last a week and the screen went out, totally black!

Phone #3 didnt even last 2 weeks, another issue with the screen. this time it all went jibberish and crossed up and should not make out what was being displayed.

Phone #4 this one really pissed me off as i lost EVERYTHING! This POS just randomly shut off and would not power back on. replaced battery, plugged in, did factory reset nothing.

Phone #5 now this one i am currently using the slide out keyboard quit working. lights up but will not type. I called the Alltel and will be swapping it out for the Palm Treo Pro to give that a try as it is the only one comparable in price.

A Touch Of Pro


Nov 5, 2008 by BronxY2k1

I had the touch diamond first just to try it out for 30 days or until this touch pro came out. Now I work for sprint so I am on top of phones as soon as they come out. This phone snuck up and came out early on me. I got this phone friday oct 31, 2008. I had the mogul before I tried the touch diamond and then this touch pro. I love the phone so far, now here are my pros and cons:

5 row qwerty keyboard
3. 2mp camera w/flash and auto focus
memorycard slot (heard it supports up to 16gbs)
video out
good reception (better than the touch diamond I had)
text messaging keyboard shortcut
picture messaging (finally on windows mobile sprint device as seen on touch diamond)
instant messaning (as seen on touch diamond)
titan (java application for windows mobile devices)

stylus is hard to take out with keyboard slide out (previously stated in reviews, thanks)
screen flips even when you don't flip phone (telenav, opera mobile and etc)
no more soft keys at top of screen
laggy at times (even when no other programs are running)
gets hot (not as hot as my touch diamond)
battery life sucks (wont last whole day for nothing)

havent used wifi yet on the touch pro and for the life of me I cannot find infared port to beam (it is an option in phone) but its a solid phone that might just need an update to fix minor bugginess.

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