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good job apple but .....


Dec 1, 2008 by ishshah

when i first purchased this phone i wanna say that i had so much trouble getting from the apple store that my customer satisfaction went from a 10 to a well anyway i was excited when i got this phone i got this phone because they kept on saying on all the reviews that i read that there would be an update on mms and on being able to forward text msg so i gave it the benefit of the doubt.


big resolution on the screen nice colors.
app store is a plus.
touch interface was great.
INTERNET was fast both on the 3g network and on the wi-fi network.
great games on the phone and ims applications.
loved the text messaging and the threading .
apple care is awesome i never had no problems exchanging my device the customer care in store and over the phone was great loved there warranty program.


you cant forward and text.
cant get mms on your phone you can email the pics but that to me was a disadvantage because not everyone has email.
sound is not that great when it comes to your ring-tones.
speaker phone was not that loud.
at times i would have complains on my friends cause they would send me text or call me and my phone would not deliver them on a timely manner.
at & t does not offer insurance but the warranty program that apple has is awesome and i believe is better then insurance. even tho they don't cover standard warranty issues like phone being stolen or like it gets water damaged now that is on your own and how you take care of your device.

overall my rating is a 3 stars apple could of done better....

Terrific, Trully Outstanding


Jul 12, 2008 by Telp

Went out and purchased this yesterday. Love it. Truly a great phone, and in some cases, really a step up from the last one.

It feels terrific in the hand. This is slightly due to plastic back, which doesn't feel cheap at all, and it is also due to the slight curvature of the back, which fits perfectly to the contours of your hand.

The screen looks great, again. I believe it is the same screen, but it has a bigger black border surrounding it, bringing out the colours even more.

The speaker quality is also fantastic. Blows the first gens speakers out of the water. Still a mono speaker, but much louder, and much crisper.

3G is fast. Very fast. Great data speeds that make browsing the beautiful safari web browser a wonderful experience.

GPS seems to work great. Tried it out a couple of times. Turn it on in the car, it pinpoints you and even has a little blue dot that follows the movement of the car, just like Jobs showed in the keynote.

The app store is brilliant and there are a ton of wonderful apps. The iPhone is now a gaming system, its got real applications, not just phone apps. Most of the applications are very cheap, and indeed, a lot of them are free.

Overall, a brilliant piece of technology that more and more people should take a look into.

Just Perfect


Jul 12, 2008 by UB277

I have to say this phone is a great buy for anyone, tons of features and extremely easy to use. Syncing the phone was a breeze with both my MAC at home and my PC at work. One problem I had was the initial activation via Itunes and that might have been due to the entire Unites States of America logging on to Itunes at the same time.

Some pros for this phone in my case is the easy of taking a picture of my daughter and immediately turning around and sending the picture to her grandparents. Since we are states away from the family this really helps in keeping everyone up to date and you can crop /alter the picture in the phone, which is very helpful. The ICHAT text format is just awesome, I can put out text messages so fast now that my buddies wife (w/ her Blackberry Pearl) couldn't keep up and had to call me. This leads into the QWERTY keyboard, even with my sledge harm like thumbs I have no trouble hitting the intended keys and seeing which key I did strike. I do wish they would have put the button for switching from symbols to letters in another spot, because I tend to hit that button instead of 'z' or 'caps' keys when I get to moving fast with the typing. Also the APPS store seems to be cluttered with useless apps, but overall it is a nice feature and the reviews of the “none impressive apps” is pure entertainment.

Other than that I have no problems yet with the phone. Great graphics when it comes to the Internet and picture quality is equal to most digital phones if not better. Overall speed is amazing on the 3G network and the ease in which it took to connect to my WIFI at the home was a relief with desktop like speed. But I have to say the biggest plus is the upgradeable capability of the phone, which puts me at ease that after 1 or 2 years my phone will not be useless.

Ah, sweet lil' love


Dec 12, 2008 by Karine04

I've been a gadget freak my whole life, and cell phones are certainly a favorite of mine. When the first generation iPhone came out, I wanted it badly. Unfortunately, I had just upgraded to the Palm Treo 680 and was unwilling to pay $400. I waited and waited for my contract to expire, living with the slow, somewhat buggy interface and the crummy phone components of the Treo.

The iPhone 3G has been in my possession for two and a half weeks now. I think it's a fantastic innovation. Let me break it down into its components:

Phone: Great reception and call quality. The boyfriend has commented that I sound a lot better on the iPhone. I'd never had problems with AT&T, who I've been with for 6 years, but my Treo did drop calls on a pretty regular basis. In the past two and a half weeks, I've had *one* dropped call. Not so bad, eh? I have a Mac and love syncing my contacts. Visual voicemail is a real treat; not a necessity by any means, but I enjoy using it.

Texting: I text a lot. I'm a medical student and I often have a minute or two to text classmates and friends when I'm waiting for my resident or attending. The texting interface is great--love the chat format (my Treo had this, too). No problems there. I don't care about the lack of MMS, as I've never used it.

Web browsing: usually works well for me. Love the rich, gorgeous screen. Websites look great.

App store: Love it. Such a wealth of wonderful apps for us medical folk, as well as other useful and fun little apps. The one time my phone acted up, some of the store-bought (non-native) apps kept crashing. I synced and the problem was fixed.

iPod: I just love having my music with me at all times! How many times have I forgotten my iPod when I'm going to the gym? Again, I love the organization of the iPod library. Sound quality is fine for me, but I'm not an audiohile.

All in all, it's a great phone/on-the-go web browser/email tool. It's not for everyone, but I love it.

Today's Phone Tomorrow's Technology


Mar 30, 2009 by MadisonAlexandraB

The Apple iPhone 3g is the best phone I have ever had, seen, used, and heard about. I love this and phone and I can truthfully say that because I have this phone!

- Amazing Internet
- App Store
- Great Sound
- Create- your- own ringtones on iTunes
- AMAZING Camera
- E-mail with all different types of accounts
- Easy to use
- Not too heavy
- One Size Fits All ( Fits into any hand size awesome )
- Accurate Weather
- Youtube
- Calculator/ Scientific Calculator
- Calendar/ To- Do
- Stop Watch/ Alarm
- Stocks
- Notes
- iTunes Access
- Contact Book
- Maps/ GPS
- iPod
- TV
- Doesn't get too many scratches
- Very Good Battery life
- Adjustable Brightness
- WiFi / and built in wifi
- Can be jail-broken to get video camera, more apps, backgrounds, etc.
- Big touch screen
- Info goes onto computer when sync
- Plugs into TV

- No Live TV
- Some apps cost money
- Must buy TV shows, music, etc.
- No built in video cam.
- does get finger prints

I love this phone so much and it is worth the cost and most agree its one of the best phones there is. If your looking to buy a new phone because yours broke, you need a business phone, or its just that time again, this is the perfect phone. The internet is excellent and very fast
, 3g, amazing camera, and love the apps. I went to Disney the other day and this phone completed the trip. It took the most amazing pictures ever, it kept me entertained on the way to Disney, I had an iPod to listen to on the way and in the hotel and on the ride lines, and since my phone is jail-broken i could take videos.

Jail- Braking an iPhone 3g: Go google or youtube it. It is FREE and it gives you free apps, more apps, backgrounds for phone even when you have unlocked it from " sleep " mode, video camera, voice recorder.

Many have said the iphone doesnt have:
- Video Camera
- TV
well it does. some you just have to download from apps or get when jail-breaking.

In Conclusion, I couldnt ask for more in a phone!

Very Satisfied iPhone Owner - Great Technology


Dec 31, 2008 by vic.healey


I no longer fool with the pain of poorly designed software and hardware that has been crippled by cell carrier whims.

I have owned the iPhone from first version to the current 3G version. I have been through all the pains of buying and using an iPhone on the cutting edge with bugs that needed solving. I would not trade the experience for any other existing phone! It is just light years ahead of everything else and fun to use everyday.


A killer feature of the iPhone is its patented UI. It is dead simple to operate and repeatedly I have given it to people who have never seen it before and they can figure out many features just by tapping the screen. Apple paid a lot of attention to the design of the UI and it shows.

If you can not operate the iPhone you may need to master crayons first!



The iPhone is not cheap plastic. It has a tempered glass screen that is almost totally bullet proof to scratches. There is no need for screen protectors like every other phone sold needs! I have dropped one while running only to see it slid across the black top with nary a scratch. Some people have broken their screens and the new 3G is relatively inexpensive to repair if that happens. The original 2G cost over $200 to repair as the glass was bonded to the LCD.

The screen of the iPhone is a multi touch capacitive one which is far more expensive technology than the cheap single touch screens found in most other phones.


When close to decent wifi you can get far faster speeds than any cellular network can produce. AT&T gives you free wifi at over 80,000 locations world wide including McDonalds, and Starbucks. You can easily stream TV video using wifi. I also use wifi to transfer PDF, PDB and other files from any computer or iPhone to the iPhone. I carry a couple of GB of documents, books etc complete with pictures for reference anywhere anytime.

iPhone user group -> apple-iphone@yahoogroups.com

i wish i wouldnt of waited so long!


Dec 12, 2008 by attguy7

exactly what that guy under me said minus the used to own n95



Dec 10, 2008 by vmpaul34

I have owned several PDA phones. The treo, The htc touch and the htc audiovox phone to name a few.None have been as impressive as this phone. With all the applications you can buy, I am on this phone now more than my computer, that says a lot. The only thing I miss from my sprint phone is the tv aspect. I send a lot of text messages and the iphone format is the best I have seen. You can see your entire message at one time instead of having it broken into several messages if the message is long.I also think the phone needs a flash to take pictures in darker settings.

Powerful palm-top computer


Dec 9, 2008 by rakles

Before buying the Iphone 3G I was a confirmed Blackberry user. I owned practically one of each Blackberry generation. I was not too enthusiastic about the first Iphone but the new one seemed much better so I took the plunge.

First off it's a great phone. I use it with the headset all the time and the call quality is great. I was surprised because I have not been a huge AT&T network fine but I have had few problems. The way Apple has arranged the phone book is great. Having favorites separate from recent calls and the full contacts list is great. I have no problem answering or dialing calls with one hand. The controls for conference calls and joining two calls are also well thought out and intuitive.

Then there are all the applications. Easy access to Bloomberg, NY Times, The Weather Channel, subway maps and the complete works of Shakespeare. And that doesn't begin to touch the games and other utilities. It really does seem like it was imported from the future.

Yes, there is room for improvement. The 3G is a battery drain so I rarely use it. And the sometimes the wi-fi behaves poorly.

I am totally used to the keyboard now and am almost as fast on it as I was on my BB. I have had no battery problems but I do carry a couple of the 3rd party batteries that are out there.

This is a great phone. Maybe not for everyone but if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, other phone makers are saying this is a great phone.

What took me so long???


Nov 24, 2008 by Rdraper

I have been with AT&T for a couple years. We had a business plan with them for me and my business partners. We used the Blackberry curve and we were quite happy. Recently we switched to Verizon and picked up three Blackberry Storms. That turned out to be a disaster. We took them back today and went back to AT&T to get the Blackberry Bold which is a much better phone.

While I was there I started playing with the new iPhone 3G. My short experience with the Storm and the comparisons between it and the iPhone made me curious. I had never paid attention to the iPhone before because I just did not need it. I felt is was just a glorified iPod with a huge marketing campaign and a sub-par phone built into it. Man was I ever wrong. I do not see how people are comparing the iPhone and the Storm. The Storm is not in the same league. I ended up getting one for my personal use.

I usually wait a few days before posting a review but I am already so in love with this phone after just four hours that I wanted to post. I have not got a lick of work done today. Neither has one of my business partners that also picked one up for his personal account. We have both been playing with them all day.

-This is the best web browser I have ever seen on a phone
-The HTML e-mail handling is the best I have ever seen
-The screen is bright and crisp
-The touch interface is very responsive
-The OS is stable, smooth, and computer like
-So many applications available
-Youtube application is superb
-Plays videos from websites like NBC (my Storm would not)
-Tabbed web browsing
-Ringers can be made from any MP3 or audio file you already have
-Street view on Google maps is amazing
-Walking directions and bus/train schedules on google maps is also amazing

-Battery is ok but I am draining it fast with continuous use
-No built in voice dialing
-No stereo bluetooth
-No video recording

I have always been a "new phone every couple months" guy. I am afraid the iPhone might end this behavior.

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