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Impressive phone...


Feb 23, 2009 by Clay330i

Wow, where do I begin. Having come from Windows mobile phones I can honestly say that Apple got it right. The Iphone just flat out works. No if, and or buts about it. It's stable, the screen is as gorgeous as it is big for a mobile device, call quality is excellent, response is quick and the seamless integration of the OS just seems flawless. I don't know how many different ROM upgrades I did for my HTC Touch just to get it acceptably stable. It was fun to tweak the phone, but the app store from Itunes just trumps the shareware apps for Windows mobile. And MMS and video are available with just a couple of downloads and tweaks. Syncing to my PC was painless and easier than I expected. All my contacts, numbers addresses, pictures, songs etc transferred in a snap. I have not had to reset the phone unless an newly installed app required it. I can't speak enough about the ipod function and coverflow...just cool, cool, cool. Video playback looks like HD and pictures just jump out at you on this beautiful screen. Email setup was a breeze and the HTML handling is spot on. Ringtones are loud and clear as well. Do I need to even mention the safari browser? It is the best mobile browser experience available...period. Even with it's lack of flash support it is still far better than Skyfire, Opera 9.xx, and Opera mini. I honestly thought the HTC Touch was enough for me, but compared to the Iphone it seems like a toy from the operating system to construction. Go get an Iphone. I have no regrets.

Cant hold a call


Dec 31, 2008 by dcgrl

So I had to have the iPhone 3G. I held off from getting the original iPhone because I was sure apple would fix all the bugs people complained about and release a new version. So when they released the 3G I ran out and got it as soon as my t-mobile contract was up.

This phone is absolutely amazing in just about every way. And the app store is absolutely amazing. I have only 2 minor complaints and 1 major...

1. The keyboard does not flip to landscape so its very easy to type the wrong thing and it can take forever to construct a txt...this could be forgiven.

2. Cant send picture messages...who really cares? I don't, not enough to forfeit an amazing phone.

3. CAN'T HOLD A CALL!!! I am in ATT's strongest 3G coverage area according to their coverage map and I still get dropped calls all the time everywhere I go. It even says "No service" a lot of the time, so there is no chance of getting a call through. I would never have imagined that I would end up with more dropped calls than I had with T-Mobile. I know ATT has a very strong network from hearing experiences of friends and family, so I must conclude that the problem is the phone...Deal breaker.

The iPhone is a very fun, cool, and sleek device, but if you can't make calls and hold a conversation with it then whats the point? I would recommend that anyone thinking about getting this phone either try out a friend's iPhone first at home, work, etc., or don't get too attached because you might have to take it back. That is what I will be doing unfortunately.

Best phone !!


Dec 11, 2008 by nmarte84

I love my iPhone!!! I purchased this phone in sept and I am still feeling the excitement that you feel when you first buy a phone. I'm am amazed at what this little device can do. Apple def did a good job and I hope they keep up the good work . Whomever bad mouths this phone is bc they've never owned one. I had this phone & bought a g1 too didn't like the g1 sold it on eBay n went back to my iPhone.

After the iPhone came out they have put the cell phone industry to another level. How many phones have already come out trying to compare to an iPhone..a lot...but none can compare to an iPhone.

The best Phone bottom line!


Dec 4, 2008 by jay91stang

I own this phone and I must say it is the most amazing phone ever. I am never bored with this phone and it is very interesting and fun to use. I love the full HTML browser. Touch works perfectly. This phone is also pretty rugged. I will never use another phone after having this. Apple made a great device.

Excellent A++++++

Like it, almost love it.


Oct 25, 2008 by ankh99

I like this phone... a lot! I don't quite love it, but it has the potential.

I've not used a "smart" phone before, other than a Treo a LONG time ago for about a week.

My old reliable LG CU500 finally gave out and my contract was up, so, I thought I'd give the iPhone a go!

I have had some issues with the phone... and have taken it to get checked out at the Apple store... but it basically comes down to the "you need to turn the device off at least once a day" bit... But that is standard with ANY electronic device!

So, here's the breakdown...

* and Apple product.
* It's more sturdy than it looks (it's not a 100 year old Faberge' egg... it's okay to use it... just get a good case!)
* Upgradeable (upgrades are easily downloaded).
* Has all the right bandwidths! Not only is it quad-band (so it can pretty much be used anywhere in the world a cell-phone signal is available), it has GPS and wi-fi. What more could you want?
* The best touch screen around. What other touch screens have the multi-touch capability that works as well as this one?
* GREAT RECEPTION! When I moved into my current apartment, I could get signal in 2 places... and even then it was the old 2g signal. Even non-3g enabled phones (like an original Razr) has issues. Actually, even a Nextel that has been used in out in the gulf of Mexico with no problems couldn't get a signal in here. The iPhone not only picks up a signal in every square inch of the place, it is 3g in most places.
Seriously, this phone pics up signal where no other will (including Verizon and a Nextel phone that can pick up in the Gulf of Mexico!)

CONS: (All of which can be easily fixed in future software updates)
*No MMS. Yes, there are workarounds, but an update will be so much easier!
*No Video
*Not insurable - yet! (when it does become insurable, deductible will most likely be $125... which sucks)
* Wish there were more "real" buttons. An end button would be nice.

That's it for now!



Sep 14, 2008 by dextersthename

Ive had my phone for just about a month now. I love everything about it. The 2.1 update really helped battery life, and 3g signal. I used to get 3 bars in my house, now i get 5 3g bars even in my basement with no windows where i would be switching between 3g and edge before the update.




no mms, but all my friends send it to my email instead, and with push i get it instantly.

This phone makes my old blackberry pearl, and my moto v3xx feel very cheap.

data plan & iPhone


Sep 10, 2008 by shl1988

The iPhone is a great phone, but you have to have a data plan on the iPhone at all times for the life of the iPhone with At&t. Make sure you are able to commit to a $30 unlimited iPhone data plan per iPhone on your account. Also if you had purchased the old iphone 2G from June 11 - July 10 of 2008 you can go into a att corp store with your old 2G iPhone and automatically made eligible for the upgrade of the new iPhone 3G!

Finally Worth Keeping


Sep 10, 2008 by impaler

Well, after being the kind of guy who switches cell phones every month or so, and never quite finding what is worth keeping, the iPhone 3G is a keeper! I got the black 16GB version and overall I'm very happy with it. I have made the transition to MobileMe and the over-the-air updates for calendar, contacts, and push e-mail have worked very well for me. It was frustrating at first, and yes, it needs work--but I've been able to rely on it for accurate calendar and contact updates. I know some people have had problems, and yes, there's an occasional glitch or two, but it works like a champ for me.

The volume is finally acceptable, here in West Texas. AT&T just rolled out 3G here and yes, I'm getting the occasional dropped call, but I'm looking forward to the 2.1 firmware update in a couple days which should fix it. The feel of the phone is great--I got a case for it right away to protect the finish. I understand why Apple would not include a dock (with MobileMe, in theory, you rarely need to connect it to a dock), but I bought one anyway. The theory here is that it's nice to stand it up to play my music at work and still charge the iPhone.

Battery life is probably the bad part, but I expect that since I have 3G, push and GPS enabled. Safari is amazing, the best browser on a phone, bar none.

- lightweight and easy to hold
- Earpiece volume is plenty loud
- MobileMe integration isn't perfect but works well for casual use
- E-mail works great
- Price is great for what you get
- Best iPod ever

- Battery life is low if using all features
- Speaker volume could be better
- No MMS
- No copy/paste

iphone 3gReat


Nov 29, 2008 by xleka1

The best phone ive ever had!!!!! Great job apple....

Very good device


Nov 22, 2008 by elegant

I've been using a BB curve for long and a Nokia Symbian smartphone
before that. I've recently switched to the iPhone 3G and overall I
should say I am very satisfied. I am writing this review after
upgrading the firmware to version 2.2.

- Vivid display, and very smooth rendering/movement
- Display hardware acceleration
- Best available as of now
- Great for image viewing and video
- a real keyboard doesn't take up face real estate
- Internet browsing is awesome
- great Safari full Html browser
- tabbed browsing
- OS is great
- Not at all sluggish, real-time
- Great applications
- app-store
- Voice calls
- Call quality / reception is pretty good
- Voice sounds natural without distortion
- volume is above average
- Speaker
- Great for music
- pretty loud
- GPS is good
- Works great with Google maps, gets a lock in 5-10 seconds mostly
- alternative for a laptop for internet

- Navigation problems
- Multiple hops for performing basic operations such as calling
- Can't search for a contact, have to scroll through the whole list
- No real buttons that you can assign as shortcuts or for speeddial
- Quite a few basic operations requires two-handed operation
- Data speeds
- ATT 3G coverage is very bad
- No background execution of applications
- Hard for custom applications for Alarms, reminders and so on.
- Hard for GPS applications (re-acquires GPS lock every
time you switch an application)
- Form and appearance
- appears a little fragile and and delicate
- the form factor makes it easy for it to slip down while holding
- Notifications
- there is no LED light or similar that allows one to know about new
messages, missed calls emails, etc without pressing the home
- Device use abroad
- Hardware SIM lock, can't use w/ local SIM abroad

Overall, inspite of its cons, the iphone 3G is a great choice compared
to the alternatives for regular consumers as against hardcore business

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