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The greatest? Perhaps it is :)


Dec 2, 2008 by SkyHigh

After owning many many many phones, and playing with friends iPhones, I finally purchased one. Its a Vodaphone 3G from New Zealand so is being used with T-Mobile, and is great! I went this route due to ATT not unlocking the phone for me to use a Sim card from another carrier when overseas. (I travel ALOT!! Their loss. T-Mobile is great!

Great web browsing! Its literally a tiny laptop.
Great Email options
Great Apps
Love the two finger zoom etc.
I love the Text messaging (Who sends photos from a phone these days... who even bothers with a camera phone, honestly!)

Battery life, but its no worse than any other comparable phone
Cut and paste
all the same complaints!

I'm in the market for a phone for my wife... should I make the sizable investment in another Vodaphone G3, or the new G1? Hmmm

I know what my gut is saying!!! Just wish the wallet would agree!

iPhone all the way! its just a fraction short of PERfeCT!!!!



Dec 4, 2008 by vendog80

I was a Verizon Wireless prisoner for nearly five years, don't really have any complaints other than the reception was no where to be found outside of NYC. When the BlackBerry Storm came out i was up early that day to purchase one to make a long story short i was not satisfied returned it in about a week, Made up my mind to buy the I-Phone, and i don't regret it for a second not only switching phones but carriers as well i had no idea ATT was this good, I'm a truck driver pretty much travel all along the east coast and the reception is great, can't say the same thing for Verizon. I-Phone is a great phone, I love the videos,games,music,applications all that stuff. The sound is great loud and clear, no dropped calls, i hear the ringer/feel the vibrate. So in a nutshell this is how i put the I-Phone in my opinion...
-Great sound and vibrate function.
-Call clarity is crystal clear.
-Great touch sensitivity works great once you learn the phone.
-Great screen resolution videos and games all other apps look amazing.
-WiFi is my favorite option the phone loads even faster on wifi, edge is pretty decent also.
-The camera, lets just say i don't need a digital one.
there is plenty more i can say just can't think of right now.
now the reason why i gave it four points instead of five...
-Text messaging needs some getting used to, really frustrating at first.
-NO VIDEO OR MMS (you can get it as an e-mail but not everyone would be willing to do it).
-Feels too delicate, its great that its slim and light but it just feels too slippery, and scratches easly, luckly i brought a clear hard case along with with a protective film for the screen and its great really puts my mind at ease, highly recommend that some type of protective accessory be purchased when you get this phone, other than that i have no more complaints hope you find this information useful.

Nice Phone


Jul 13, 2008 by mike-mpls

Being a prior owner of the original iphone - this is a nice improvement.

One of the things I noticed right away is how much nicer this phone feels in your hand.

The old phone had that aluminum backing - which was actually a little slippery and caused me to drop the phone a few times.

The new phone has a sculpted backing and is all plastic and that plastic actually seems to stick to my hand better - without feeling sticky at all.

I love being able to install apps directly on my phone - without them all being web-based. Anxious for the coming months to see more apps added all the time.

Contrary to what many others say - the keyless keyboard is the best. I love that the iphone has very very few external buttons - all my old phones over time just had buttons break off or fail to work properly - not with the iphone - its sleek and is just awesome!

Flawed, but over-all the best option for a playtime phone


Nov 24, 2008 by FSCdude

After a lengthy back and forth with another phonescoop member I broke down and bought a 16GB White iPhone last night. I have always considered the iPhone a "gimmick" phone and was not impressed with the first generation phones. The speakers were inaudible, the ringtone selection was awful, there was zero customization options, and no voice dialing, no cut and paste, and no stereo bluetooth.

Now that I have had it for 24hrs I must admit to having not put it down. It is like a laptop computer that fits into your pocket. Not only is it a computer, but it also handles your cell phone needs. The speakers are worlds better, ringers are super easy to create with iTunes, and the added 3G and GPS make it a whole new best. Although the continued lack of cut and past, lack of instant PUSH e-mail, and lack of document altering still make it poorly suited for business.

I will eat crow and admit to being one of those people that continually slammed this phone without really experiencing one. The new improved phone is a true thing of beauty. As I said above, it still has it's flaws and I would not recommend it as a business oriented phone but it is an amazing private use device. I will be keeping mine and have it on me always.

I will rate it as a personal use phone and not a business phone. As a personal use phone it sets the standard.

CONS: No cut&paste...No document altering...No stereo bluetooth support...No one-touch voice dialing...No instant PUSH e-mail...A few software bugs.

PROS: Vibrant, large screen...Fantastic media playback. Visual voicemail...Smooth, reliable OS...User friendly UI...Safari mobile browser (wow)...Responsive touch screen...Tons of free apps...Over the air podcasts...WiFi...and much more.

Finally Happy...


Nov 11, 2008 by icedventichai

First off, let me say that I do not work for any tech or phone company.

After having Cingular and switching to Verizon because of all the old Cingular problems (echos, dropped calls, no service, etc), I can honestly say that I am happy to come back to at&t. I don't know whether or not my happiness comes more from the phone or more from the advanced features of at&t, but in any case I am happy.

To the phone...
I was a little weary of buying the phone. 1-because Apple always seems to come out with something better right after I buy the current version. 2-doesn't have some features that I used quite a bit with my en-v. I am glad I built a bridge and got over my resistance.

Although you can not take video, or send pictures in texts, that is what email is for. My biggest thing was that I spent so many years adjusting to the buttons on my en-v that I could text while multi-tasking and not even have to look at the screen. With this phone you have to look at the screen because there are no buttons. It is a catch 22 because I LOVE the fact that there are no buttons, and hate the fact that there are no buttons. I just need to get used to it. (I wish you could text horizontal, too).

Secondly, the battery life is terrible. Period. Even with everything off (3G, wireless, brightness, etc) the thing doesn't get through one full day without recharging.

Even with all of this said, I still give the Apple iPhone 3G 5 fabulous stars (or in PhoneScoop's case 5 blue boxes); for the advancement that Apple has placed in the phone industry, and tech sector. This phone does almost everything you need, and somethings I would have never thought could be done on a phone.

I would highly recommend buying this phone, and if you are unsure or wondering, just go buy it and play with it. at&t gives you 30 days to return the phone and cancel your contract without penalty if you decide it isn't for you. I have a feeling you will end up keeping it, and loving it!

best all in one device.


Jul 13, 2008 by joshuwaa111

sure there are a couple shortcomings, but it is still THE BEST device out there for everything.

-fast (thanks to 3g)
-some are free
-never ending possibilities
3)battery life:
-decent with 3g (better than expected)
-AMAZING with edge !!
4)call quality:
-phenomenal on 3g AND edge.
-even with hardly any signal, sounds good.

1)battery life:
-could be better with 3g enabled
-3g sucks more life than wifi !
2)program crashes:
-programs randomly close at times
-its not too bad though
3)no background processes (YET!):
-AIM will not notify you of new IMs.
-neither will myspace OR facebook.
-BUT in september it will (:

notice how i didnt put lack of MMS ? well people need to grow up and realize MMS isnt the biggest thing ever !
but even with minor shortcoming, i still feel this IS the first iphone killer :P

Overall: Awesome!


Aug 26, 2008 by Mezzy

Let me start off by saying I'm writing this review from my phone. :)

I'm coming from a kyocera phone. And I must say this phone is a huge change for me since I've never had a "smart phone" before. I've had the iPhone for over a week and have very little to complain about!

Safari and the apps crash sometimes. But it's very rare that it happens, at least with me.
The battery life isn't great with wifi and 3g on, but don't leave it on when you're not using it and you'll be fine.

Well, I can't think of anything more to complain about so..

The apps are amazing and there are a ton of useful free ones!
3g is amazingly fast even with only one or two bars of service.
Compared to my boyfriend's original iPhone, my 3g iphone has a much better design and feels more comfortable in my hand.
Sound quality = amazing!
Very easy to use.
To spite how it feels, the phone is durable. It slipped from my lap onto concrete in a theater and I didn't even get a scratch!
Lack of MMS? Pfft. Just use e-mail. It's just as good if not better! Then again I've always found MMS highly annoying on my old phones. E-mail is much more conveniant.

So that's my review. If you're thinking about getting the iPhone 3g, I really suggest it!!!

Great Phone Overall


Sep 6, 2008 by cskavli

This phone is by far the best phone out there right now. Nothing compares to the ease of use the iPhone has. No phone is perfect, and there will always be problems, but this phone's pros outweigh the cons. The screen is crystal clear, the phone is the easiest of any smart phone to use, and it has a wide screen iPod! As for battery life, if you wanna complain about how short it is, then you probably don't know that you can change the screen brightness. If you put it down to the lowest, battery life will almost double, and you can still easily see the screen. The only problem I have with the phone is that it will lag when texting sometimes. To fix that, just exit out of text and go back in. Every blackberry or smart phone I have ever had, has had way more problems than this phone. On top of everything else, this phone is good because it is an apple product. They have first class hardware and software, and I have yet to come across anyone that can give me a legit reason why they would choose any other operating system or hardware, whether choosing a phone or a computer, or any type of electronics device that apple makes, except because of price. And everyone knows, you get what you pay for. OVERALL, BUY THIS PHONE. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.

Awsome computer, and phone works too


Aug 10, 2008 by walbores

The only reason I didn't give this a perfect 5 is because of the battery life, but other than that its every thing I wanted in a personal device for keeping up my contacts, calendar, to-do-list, notes, searching in white pages, or looking up business in a yellow pages, weather & financial reports, emails, a map in case you need direction to look for a place, a camera for that impromptu shot, listen to your favorite music, games to play while you're waiting for an appointment, surf the Internet, and yes the phone quality is great. Since I got my 3G iPhone when they first came out in July, the apps have double. Some of the free apps have been very useful for me.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....


Mar 18, 2009 by akirazstylin

I absolutely love this phone! This is the best thing that ever happened. While in the city, i'm able to check emails, check flights, rebook hotels all one this one little device. Some may not like this device but its an amazing tool. Its a toy and its very well worth being a tool for work as well. I definately recommend this phone to anyone. One minor flaw thought, unable to do streaming video, everything else, just wonderful! Keep up the good work Apple! =)

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