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amazing phone!


Feb 23, 2008 by nick8504

This phone is amazing. I am a t-mobile employee , and i have plenty of phones and use all of them. I have a few other phones that compare to this one but the one that is the closest is the HTC Wing. The blackberry in my opinion is a much better device. It can be used as a one handed OR two handed phone, unlike the Wing that you always have to use two hands to operate. the only down fall to this phone is the lack of a video camera. but it is honestly not that big of a deal in my opinion. the phone has Many many great features on it, and has a great design.

I would and do suggest this phone on a daily basis to any person who is in the market for a PDA phone.

Great Phone


Feb 12, 2008 by princessdays147

I love this phone. I had the T-Mobile wing for about three days and it drove me crazy. I got this phone and it is great.

Pros: Everything except no video

Cons: It had no video

Would this phone had a video it would have gotten five from me!!!



Feb 12, 2008 by alex_mar

this phoen is mucha better taht the 8830 cdma as usaul

Curve 2 is the BEST!!


Jan 8, 2008 by Emmyatt

Ive been working at AT&T for about 8 or 9 months now. We get to trade in your phones to get new or better ones. I only trade my blackberry in for a black berry!! I am always a full-time student, so i do all of my research and word with my BB, then i send it thur an attachment with my email. You can have up to ten email accounts, really 11 including the FREE email address Black gives you. The INTERNET on the black berry is so quick you wouldn't believe it was a phone. If any one has the black berry curve 2 i recommend then to download the mini opera. The GPS on it is GREAT!! I am from Baltimore, i drove to Virgina and the battery last the whole time, and i was supposed to take a certain exit, but it was closed, the gps updated 10 miles before i even go to the exit and told me and alternet route. The only thing i dislike about the curve is the fact that it doesn't have video and it isn't a 3G deceive!

More Than A Phone


Mar 7, 2008 by TrueRenegade

this phone has been great! i've only had it for 2 days, but previously knowing about BB's had really sealed me on buying this phone. a brief phone history: Samsung t809, Samsung t629, BB pearl, TMO Dash, TMO Wing, and now the Curve.
i have the wing and love it, but really just wanted a change so i decided to order the curve. it customizes even better than my wing! i found a bb theme for the Cowboys, that takes over the phone!
i have all of my ringtones from my wing, plus some!
didn't even have to format the card (automatically read the one out of my wing)
full qwerty keyboard
pairs easy with bt headsets, even my stereo headsets!
Loud speaker w/ audio boost!
from what i can see thus far, it has pretty good battery life. for a smartphone it seems to be pretty good. listenin to music via stereo bt, talkin on the phone with my bt, sufing the net, just today, i know i've done at least 100 texts. and about 45 minutes use of wifi. and still 30% left...
i get good reception traveling around the Baltimore area all the way to DC
i love the magnet system BB has created
mobile email works great with outlook
fast UI. coming from a windows 6 device almost anything is faster, once everything has loaded up it moves fast.
overall i love the phone. and would recommend this to anyone!

the only reason i gave it 4.5 is that it's not touchscreen, but BB is coming out with that either late this year or early next year, so i will be getting that too!

Coming from the Pearl


Dec 21, 2007 by bryanus

Ever since I heard about teh Curve for T-Mobile with it's WiFi and UMA calling, I knew I had to have it. My first Blackberry was the 8100 Pearl; I've had it for about a year now and thought it was a great device coming from a Treo 650. At first I didn't think I could live without a full QWERTY keyboard, but the pearl's SureType worked so well that I was just amazed at how fast i could type. But every now and then it would get stuck. For example, I'd type "s-e-e", but SureType would type in "a-r-e", which meant some fudging to get it to input the way I wanted it. I thought a full keyboard would be the answer, and the Curve was basically the pearl's big brother.

My first impressions are that it's a decent phone, but nothing in particular really stands out. I've got the UMA working fine, and have made a few calls on it, but the quality isn't stellar, so I've since switched the UMA off in my house where cellular reception is already excellent. I can see how it would be great if I am in a foreign country, but I have yet to try and test that feature.

Wifi browsing is really not much faster than EDGE in my opinion. It's also a bit confusing to get set up. You now have three browsers: Internet, Wifi, and T-Zones. I have read in forums that the default should be Internet, and it will automatically use Wifi if it is able to. Still, not much difference in speed or loading of pages and rendering if any.

As for the keyboard, I am finding it much slower to type coming from the Pearl. The buttons are very small. With the Pearl, you only had to hit one button regardless of what key you actually wanted to hit, and SureType would figure it out. With the Curve, you MUST hit the correct key or else it's a typo. I'm getting better with it, but it's still difficult to hit the keys accurately.

What I do like is the camera; it takes much better pictures than the Pearl. And the screen is also much more usable and readable with regards to emails and browsing.

I'm apparently out of char

Worth your money!


Dec 17, 2007 by mohammadiqbal

I have literally had dozens of phones within the last year, and the Blackberry 8320 (Curve) is by far the best. It does everything you would want a phone to do. It is very consumer oriented as opposed to the earlier blackberry models which were strictly for business use. The Curve has a full 3.5 mm jack for Stereo music listen and stereo bluetooth, the interface is very plain but has an unusual elegance to it. You can easily play music and video on it, all u do is drag and drop from your computer. Another plus is that this model of Blackberry comes with Wi-Fi which is a first for blackberry. So very quick internet browsing experience. However if you own a mac you cannot wirelessly sync it to your computer and most of the software does not support mac, which is stupid. And the material the curve is made out of, feels a little cheap, they could have at least rubberized the buttons to give them more grip because they are slippery. But over all it is a really great phone worth every penny.

BlackBerry Curve 8320 : AMAZING Phone!!!!


Dec 4, 2007 by samgeee

This is my FIRST BlackBerry and I am in LOVE! In LOVE I tell you! For many years I have resisted to buying a Blackberry, namely because I thought the were too big, and ugly. I was also a bit hesitant because I have a Mac, and wasn't sure if I would be able to sync my palm contacts to the Blackberry. Problem solved with a program for macs which does the trick! The BlackBerry Curve is sleek, and stylish.

Pros: Sleek, stylish, light weight, clear and crisp screen, user friendly, EXCELLENT sound quality, wi-fi, blutooth, built in camera.

Cons: NO GPS, no video

I live in NYC and have T-mobile and get excellent reception. Prior to my having change the connection preferences, the phone would automatically switch between Wi-Fi and GSM.

I love everything about this phone. It is TRULY a smart phone. If you want a phone that is sleek, stylish and functional this is the phone for you.

mu curve!


Sep 26, 2007 by Gameday78

well i have had it for a few days now and i have not found one flaw with it! The wifi is great!



Jun 22, 2008 by bigdesertrat

I think this phone is in short terrible. I have used it for a while and it slows down, freezes, is high priced, and the instructions are unspecific (yes i tried to research it on the web) oh finally the phone part is hidden under all the other useless things. besides that it is a good big phone

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