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Tmobile 8320


Jul 20, 2009 by rbv11168

I will admit that I have owned a great many phones on all of the main carriers. I upgraded my Pearl to the Curve about 1 month ago, and am I happy! This phone is practically perfect. Very easy to use, and great on scheduling. Internet is great, but I wish it has 3G speed. The camera works well,and the OS is easy to use. The shortcomings have to do with Tmobile's sorry excuse for the homepage. The only other issue is the lack of memory. Other than that I recommend this phone.

One Excellent Blackberry (ATT- Sapphire Blue)


Mar 6, 2009 by jeffjeff

I really don't know where to start with this phone. This is by far the best phone that I have ever owned and I've been through a lot of phones over the years. This review is for the Curve 8320 in Sapphire Blue for ATT.

I've been through quite a few phones via ATT since my wife and I joined with them Sept. 08. I've tried the Samsung Blackjack II, The Motorola Q9h Global and the Samsung Epix i907. I just couldn't find a phone that I was really happy with. Out of the ones mentioned, the Q by far was the best unit until my wife and I decided to give these Blackberries a try. After two days of having this phone, not only am I hooked, but I would not give this phone up for anything. I have to give RIM a lot of credit because it takes a really good phone to satisfy me.

1. User Interface- very slick and sharp
2. OS performance- very quick and peppy, little to no delay between applications
3. Handset/Earpiece- The loudest, sharpest and clearest audio I've ever heard in a phone.
4. Speakerphone- Great volume and clarity
5. Voice command- Precise and very accurate
6. User Customization- The best in it's class. I've never seen a phone with as many options as this one.
7. BlackBerry Messenger- Since my wife and I both have the phone, this really comes in handy
8. Battery life- Using Bluetooth, data and running multiple apps, the battery holds it's on and provides a lot of uptime between charges.
9. Wifi- Haven't used it because I have a data package, so I can't comment on this right now
10. Email Setup- Very easy and user friendly to link your personal and corporate email accounts
10. I could go on and on, but I'd be here forever. Just go and give this phone a try and you'll see what I mean.

None to mention, this phone shines in every way. This phone is next to perfect!

Curve 8320


Dec 15, 2008 by stpat1178

I've been a loyal T-Mobile customer for many years, really because I once worked for the company in my younger years. Through the years, I've been quite the device collector: RAZR V3 (then again, who hasn't?), Sidekick II, Sidekick 3, Shadow, Dash, to name a few I can remember.

I was aching to recently upgrade from the Dash because it was old news and I was quite bored. I usually tend to stay behind the times and never buy the new devices, but I wanted to try the G1 from T-Mobile. After playing with it for a little bit, I thought it was an interesting device, but I just didn't have the patience to figure it out.

Instead, I decided to take the leap and get the Curve 8320. Although the Storm on Verizon was quite intriguing, I really like T-Mobile and touch screens tend to get on my nerves.

Now I've only had the Curve for about 2 weeks, and hopefully I won't find too many flaws before the 14 days are up, but here is what I've liked and disliked so far:

Speakerphone is great
Decent reception
Full qwerty keyboard is amazing
Easy to use
Not too big
Easy to use with one hand
Not cheap feeling
Good apps
3.5 mm headphone jack
Decent music player
Pretty good camera
New OS supports video camera

Browser can be slow
Memory card slot is underneath battery door

What took me so long!


Dec 8, 2008 by systemwide

Fantastic Phone/Device.

This is by far the best purchase I have made to date regarding a Phone from T-mobile. I have spent so much cash on all the other so called smart phones offered by T-mobile and quite honestly was considering moving to another carrier due to the poor phone selection. I've had all the windows smart-phones and T-mobile HTC's I can stand.

This is by far the best brand and smart-phone offered by T-mobile. I was dumb as a brick for not considering one of the BBs in the past, but now I'm hooked. I started on the Treo 650 and was very happy, until the little brick got so out dated that I chose the MDA. Lets not go there.... :) Anyway, If your looking for a device that does everything and makes calls too, try one on for a few days. I think you'll agree, its one of the best in the industry. T-mobile has a 14 day return on all their phones. Used it a couple of times, but not this time!

Pros: To long to list... use the pros from most of the other reviews. Thanks guys!

Cons: None to list.

NOTE: I'm sure most everyone knows by now, but the new OS does support video capture and streaming video.

Curve 8320


Dec 6, 2008 by theguynextdoor

I have owned this phone for a about 3 months now. Upon purchasing this phone, I qualified for a full upgrade. The phone was going for $449.99. After getting the full discount and also a $100.00 rebate and renewing my contract with T-Mo, the phone cost me $97.00 So that was one of the good things.

Using a blackberry before, I was familiar with the keypad. I was surprised with the wifi feature on this 8320. I was able to set it up and it found a signal even if I were to turn off the radio signal to the phone (EDGE).

One thing that I want to note, is that I just got back from a vacation overseas and I had to stop in Incheon, Korea International Airport. I did not want to use my T-Mo sim card and get charged roaming, so I turned off the radio signal, and turned on my wifi, and "wala" I was able to surf the INTERNET via the airport's wifi. That alone was priceless right there to at least let my family know that I was almost at my destination via email.

Being with T-Mo, I was able to request a unlock code so I can use it overseas. Meaning, I was going to use their local phone provider's sim card. The unlock code was emailed to me in less than 24 hrs.
The other things that I want to also say is that, I was upgraded the OS from the original 4.2 to 4.5. I was able to notice a change to my home screen with the addition of a video camera. The 4.2 OS doesn't have one.

I added a 2 gig memory card for my music and pictures that I took from my trip. The speaker was loud for ring tones or even listening to music. The battery that came with the phone was alright, but decided to upgrade the battery to a higher capacity one where I don't have to worry about in-between changes. The battery that I have now is a 2600mAh 3.7V Li-ion Battery.

The reception on my 8320 is excellent, the wifi is priceless, being unlocked thanks to T-Mo is also added to the phone. I don't have any issues with this phone at all..I am pleased for purchasing this phone.

Great Phone, but too much for me!


Dec 5, 2008 by joechains

Great loud music and web phone! I am a big guy and the keyboard was not too small. I could text with one hand and the pics were great! Its just too much for me!

Great Great Great


Nov 19, 2008 by BBgirl1786

I just upgraded from the 8120 on T-Mobile and I'm extremely happy I did.

The size of the Curve is perfect. With the Pearl, my hands were constantly cramping up after a long period of typing. The SureType on the Curve constantly aggravated me.

I can't sit here and type all of the pros and cons of the Curve because if you read other reviews, you will know exactly what you'll be getting with this device.

I would highly recommend the Curve to anyone (and I have). It's almost perfect. There are a few shortcomings, but I truly believe there is no perfection in this world.

Get the Curve if you desire it. You won't be sorry.



Nov 17, 2008 by inhert

This is the first blackberry device I ever owned but not the first smartphone. I switched my account from sprint about a year ago and started with the sidekick because I needed a qwerty keyboard. Then I recently switched over to this phone

Qwerty keyboard
Battery life(last way longer then any sidekick)
Wifi(even though I don't use it much. Still great that I have the option)
Finally I can tether
Wide variety of third party apps( reminds me of my old treo)

No recording capabilitty( not of a big deal though)
Micro sd slot is located under the battery
Cheap feel

The outside of the phone may feel cheap. But it does have a Solid OS and is reliable. Just from what I expect from a blackberry.this phone reminds me of my old treo 650. I guess that's why I like it so much. But its worth even cent that I payed.

The Real "Sidekick"


Nov 15, 2008 by K.Midas

After about 8 months of owning this smartphone, I have finally concluded: Yeah, I'm just another Crackberry Addict.

1. I own the gold one and, imo, it just looks more expensive than the other colors out.
2. Excellent screen size and resolution. (I like how the brightness of the screen adjusts to the lighting in your environment.
3. Easy texting and typing thanks to the qwerty keyboard.
4. Great camera for a 2mp. The flash, self portrait and using the full screen as a view finder is a plus.
5. I like the browser on the phone but Opera Mini is a beast browser on the Curve.
6. E-mail is second to none.
7. Crystal clear calling and a very decent speakerphone. Although, sometimes, I get an occasional echo but I guess that's typical of phones with an internal antenna.
8. Light, but the soft-touch rubber trim for a firm grip is a nice touch.
9. Well worth the price of it now.
10. It's a Blackberry.
-Now for the Cons (Very few but worth mentioning)
1. No video.
2. To me, for some reason, the trackball feels a bit fragile.
3. No flash-player for the web browser.
4. No hot-swappable micro sd slot instead it's located behind battery. Not a deal breaker for me.
5.Occasional rebooting. (Removing battery and putting back in). This is likely typical of most smartphones.

Thanx for reading I hope it helped. I recommend this phone to anyone who is in serious need of a Crackberry Fix.

Good Phone


Nov 11, 2008 by cglenn0519

This phone is really good I love all the features on it and for anyone who gets it there is an OS upgrade for it at www.tmobile.com/bbupgrade which allows it to do video and get streaming video aswell as it adds the docs to go. The phone works great with this upgrade and because of it is lacking nothing.

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