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Sep 18, 2008 by renejreyes1

-Battery life
-Downloadable apps
-full keyboard
-screen size and brightness
-sound quality

-not enough on-board memory
-takes long to load my-faves

Overall it's the best phone i've had to date. RIM strikes again.

Great Inside Crap on the Outside


Sep 9, 2008 by smtelegadis

I think the title says it all. This phone functions exactly the way a blackberry should. Anyone experienced with a blackberry will know what I mean.

Nice Interface (OS4.2)
Bright Screen
Responsive Keyboard.
Packed with Features (WIFI, microSD, & 2MP camera)
Holster Sensor

CHEAP Housing
No loop for a lanyard or wrist strap
Screen is Easy to Scratch
Back Door can come off easily
Ear phone jack is poorly positioned
Rubberized coating peals easily
Trackball gunks up really easy.

Bottomline. This is a solid compact smartphone but you need to invest in a shell case which defeats the purpose of the compact size in my opinion. Go with a 88xx series or look into a different model.



Aug 6, 2008 by Akashrahi

Wow this phone is simply amazing!!! I'm making this review from it right now. That's pretty impressive! Well here are some pros and cons

*the phone looks slim and sexy
* the colors are amazing on screen
* the fact that you can use internet (wi-fi-) at home is excellent!
*the keyboard is great! I bet you barely see any mistakes
*the ringers are LOUD lol
*3.5 MM jack is AWESOME
*the LED light is helpfull at school.
*camera is great with flash!
* the internet browser if perfect.
I can name a whole lot more! You get my point that this phone is great!

There aren't really any cons I can think of at the moment.... Amazing phone!!!

I give this phone a 5/5 because of the build quality

Great edition to the BB family!!


Jun 1, 2008 by mqmorasch

People writing about needing a t-mobile router to use the wi-fi are off base. I use the Wifi for web surfing everywhere I go, it's free, faster, and I use Opera mini as my browser(a lot better/powerful browser and free), never have an issue. For those huffing anf puffing about GPS, Garmin makes a portable Bluetooth mobile puck($119).
I had so many issues with reception and call quality form Motorola and especially Samsung I went back to BB and hands down blow the rest away(samsung is made sooooo cheap now as far reception, ugh).

-Full qwerty(just like it better than sure-type on my Wife's 8120, she loves)
-processing speed is great
-2.0 mega-pixel camera
-handango has lot's of extras for it
-multi media featuress(finally)
-battery typical BB life
-use full MP3 song on your play list as a ring tone

-no video
-no ring and vibe at the same time option
-doesn't make my coffee in the morning.

Ok but not the greatest


Jun 1, 2008 by SeanK10

ive had my phone for about 6 months now. It is my third Black Berry curve. the first one i had just froze up on me out of no where as i was loading an spplication. The secon phone i got just 2 weeks later came with the trackball not working(the slightest piece of anything that gets in the track ball will greatly jeopordize the function of the ball). However i find that the battery life is phenominal, and the internet is great. i like using edge because once your done with an application it automatically deletes it.. cant say the same thing about windows phones. set upo is a breeze when it comes to pushing your email through.. and i finbds that the internet alone is faster and easier to navigate. i like thasty its light but yes it does feel kin of cheep because of just that. if they had all of the same features on a different more sturdy peice of equipment it would rule them all.

Black Berry 8320


May 13, 2008 by spidersnake

I have had this device and service for about a week now. I was with alltel and had/have a ppc 6800. I can say that the curve is by far the best device I have ever owned. I will be with a Black Berry from here on. This is what I have found so far.

1. User interface: Coming from windows mobile it was adjustment at best. Now I can navigate easily through the various menus.

2. Call quality: Great, not as good in my opinion as CDMA but still very good.

3. Wi-Fi UMA: By far the best feature both in voice clarity and data use. I have not had the bluetooth problem as other have had. I am able to use both at the sametime. I did however change my router to a lower channel. I think that may have made the difference. There is no need to by the T-Mobile router, you can by one at walmart and works just fine, just have to call tech support and have them walk you through the settings.

4. Camera: Great but not why I purchased the device. I have a digital camera

5. Media Player is excellent.

I can not list any cons, I believe that this is an excellent device and one that will serve me well till I upgrade to the next blackberry. I wanted a phone with a PDA, the 8320 does both really really well. Messaging is a breeze and sync to my corp and internet mail was a breeze. Battery life is simply awesome. I have gone 4 days with moderate to heavy texting, voice and email and still at 40% on the trusty battery meter. Hats off to RIM someone has finally produced a phone that does what I need and that does it well. Feel free to contact me if anyone should have a question. PIN 2454B0B2

Blackberry curve 8320 is da bomb!!!!!!


May 11, 2008 by iamthephonemaster

First i want to say this is the first time in my 13 years of phone ownership and sales that i am giving a phone a 5. This phone does everything, and i mean everything. the call quality on t-mobile in maine is good anyways but this phone seems to get better reception than my old htc wing. also the battery life is exceptional, i get 2 days even with huge internet use and medium amount of talking.I did have an issue at first because of the lack of video, but i realized i never used it anyways and that you can still watch videos just not take them.the wifi is awsome and the wifi at home feature through t-mobile is great unlimited free cals from my homes wireless router for 9.99 a month that emliminated my home phone and gave me the best reception at home ive ever had. and the transition between wifi calling and internet and t-mobile calling and internet is seamless. ive walked out my door on a call, got in the car and drove to the store all the while talking away and not so much as a hic up.also i love the size and form factor it is smaller than other blackberrys and pda's like the moto q which i had and my old trusty wing. but it is not as tiny as like a blackberry pearl.ive had no issues with the operating system freezing or lagging like on my wing which did it so much i came over time to accept it and treat it as a feature of the phone.it was so bad that for the first 4 days of owning my curve i hadnt had to shut it down or take the battery out once i thought something was wrong.the camera quality is great for a phone you can really tell the difference in 2.0 and 1.3 when you email them to people. and the flash works well even 5 or 6 feet away from the target. so i have to say this is probably in my top 5 phones of all time and my favorite smartphone so far.

Good Phone - Bluetooth WI-Fi issues


Apr 9, 2008 by blackberryblues

I've owned my Blackberry 8320 with TMobile for 2 weeks. I have learned most of the functions fairly easily. The Windows XP interface worked flawlessly and I was able to import my IPAQ information easily.

My only complaint (which TMobile didn't mention when they sold me the phone, a bluetooth headset and a wi-fi router)is the fact that wi-fi and bluetooth don't work together. I don't know if this is a problem of the phone, the router or TMobile, but TMobile admits this problem when you call their tech line. They also admit that they don't have a solution except - "use a wired headset when using wi-fi". I also discovered through a TMobile Tech call that a standard wirless router only has 1/2 the bandwith required for voice - therefore a new wireless router from TMoble is almost necessary to make sure that you get WIFI instead of using TMobile minutes. Overall I am pleased with my Blackberry.

-Easy to use even for an non-geek
-Flawless XP Upload/Download
-2 day battery life even with heavy use
-Good Date book and Phone book

-WiFi and Bluetooth issues (still unresolved)
-I still don't understand the internet interface
-Documentation is waining
-May need special wireless router from TMobile to make wi-fi pick up when you enter a wi-fi area

The Curve will put the spring back in your step


Mar 28, 2008 by Tmobile man 25

I have had the blackberry curve now for almost 2 months and I LOVE this phone it is the best phone that Tmo makes at this time it is light solid and with the help of a memory cared blazing fast I had a hard time using the Internet but Opera mini fixed that so now all is right with the world. just wish it has video capture hope this helps thanks

BlackBerry Curve 8320 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!!!


Mar 10, 2008 by Nastynoble14

Ok I have had this phone for about a week now and it's great. Coming from the Samsung T-809 ( I know it's a dinosaur I don't change phones often I find a couple good one's do some research and pick) this is a major upgrade for me. The e-mail, and Wi-FI are simple to set up (everyone say that but I let my girl set her's up by herself and trust me she's no electronics Wiz) it took seconds to get both done. It's loud and clear I don't have a problem hearing in my car and my car is 10 years old (none of that fancy sound proofing). The screen is bright. One feature no one is talking about is the voice command I have had it before but not like this it recognizes the whole phone book not just a few numbers, and it gives you the status of your phone although I haven't quite figured it all out yet. The battery is good even after playing with the phone for over 2 hrs the battery lasted all night. there are enough settings to satisfy anyones alert preference. Only one complaint no video recording, but I can tell you I had video capabilities on the T 809 and only used it a couple times for non-sense, recording the cat getting chased by the dogs in my apartment complex, the bird vs squirrel fight, nothing major. I also liked the fact that you can map destinations and get driving instructions on the go, it's not a GPS (until you order the accessory) but it's the next best thing. I have played with the dash and it doesn't compare to the curve Windows locked up on the dash when I played with it and that was in the store with the Rep trying to sale me on the dash lol.

The curve won't disappoint if you are looking for a serious phone with plenty of gadgets (gadget do not include a fold out knife and fork, hidden toothpick or corkscrew). Hope this helps.

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