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Oct 4, 2007 by 1stBBever

All readers be aware of the fact that it is my first BB.

Let me start with explaining the half a point I have taken off.

It is possible that is just my phone, but I did have a problem with the functionality of my Mic. When I would use it on UMA, people would hear me fine, but when I would use it on EDGE people won't hear me at all. I went to TMO store and they solved the problem (not sure how, sorry).
In addition, sometimes I would lose my connection on UMA, plus the switch between UMA to EDGE always drops my calls.

-read above
-no video
-only 1 alarm clock

-clarity of the calls
-picture quality
-great spaced-out layout of the keyboard
-the looks
-the size (fits comfortably in the pocket of my jeans, not just slacks)
-quick response from most of the programs
-loud speaker

Definitely would recommend to my friends (doing it so far on daily basis)

So far 100 X better than MDA


Oct 18, 2007 by JosephShark

Firstly, this is my first BB. I must say it's going to take some time to get used to not having a touch screen.
I find myself trying to tap the screen here and there :)
Just received the phone today, and I love it. About the only thing useful of the mda was the touch screen, other than that... Damn thing was always slow as heck, and freezing up, what else is new(it's microsoftie)
The curve is awesome, I can't believe the speed at which this thing runs. Turning the phone on takes about 2 seconds, I'm astonished everytime. I really can't believe the phone has booted up this fast. It took about what seems like 5 minutes for the mda to get cranking.
One thing I kind of miss is the rich text, and colors of the mda, seems as though the BB is more plain text than anything else.
So far this is my only complaint. Wish I would have gotten a BB a long time ago.

THE Real Curve


Nov 11, 2007 by woodycooper901

As a new loyal fan i think that the curve is great.All of the things that need to be in place are.The camera is excellent,the keyboard is easy to navigate even with large hands and fingers.the media player downloads very quick and simple through windows media player.The internet works fast and picks up all your email messages.You can have as many email accounts as you desire.The trackball is a breeze as compared to other items to punch on.Bluetooth is a snap to use kicks in with any decent headset.Speaker is loud and you can actually sit and listen to music with this device.Battery lasts for at least 2 days withiut a charge.When you get a holster make sure you get the blackberry one cause the magnet cause the 8830 to shut down conserving battery power.Phonebook,address,broswer for the web is easy to figure out with no problem.Overall and fantastic device and worth every penny i spent for it.Don't be fool by cheap imitations this blackberry is the real deal.ALSO go to www.boxwave.com for all the accessories you need for this blackberry.

Great phone


Oct 11, 2007 by PaulWeston

I purchased this phone the day it was available, and I have been very impressed ever since. I use it with the HotSpot@Home feature with NO problems. I switch back-and-forth seamlessly. My e-mails arrive on my blackberry before they do on my computer. I did; however, have to re-install the OS software, because I wanted it in French instead of English, but that was easily taken care of by T-Mobile's website and a quick download. I have had other blackberrys in the past, and went back to Windows mobile phones. I had the MDA and the Dash, both are decent phones, but were unstable, since the Curve doesn't run on Windows, it works. Best of all, it works with iSync. As a Mac user, I have had problems using my PDA's to their fullest potential because of my OS, now, I can sync all my information.

This is a great phone, with great quality, paired with the myFave's and HotSpot@Home, along with the new, lower pricing plans for BB Internet, you can't go wrong. This phone is a keeper!

Everything you need in the palm of your hand


Sep 29, 2007 by Jnizzle

The only thing I didn't like about the Blackberry Curve I've already fixed. The web browser is terrible. So I downloaded the opera mini 4.0 web browser (acts like the web browser on the I-phone). The speed of the opera browser is uncanny combined with the bb processor. Throw in the wifi connection for voice (hot spot @ home) and data and good luck finding a faster phone. It's by far the best phone I have ever owned. The keypad is correctly spaced for typing messages and e-mails. Unlike most qwerty keypads you can actually use this one. My faves compatible along with T-mobile hot spot @ home and you will never have to check your mintues again. The only thing you can knock on this device is the lack of 3G (sometime this century would be great T-mobile)support but the opera web browser will make you forget all about 3G.

THE BB Curve is the I-phone killer

Could Be A Winner


Sep 26, 2007 by jgreg

I would give the 8320 a 5.0 if all the features worked properly. There is a conflict between the BT and Wi-Fi signals making it impossible to use a BT headset when Wi-Fi is active. According to T-Mobile this will be fixed in a software update. The rep did not know when that would be.

Curve on T mobile


Sep 27, 2007 by steve1st

just got the phone saturday 9/22

the sound on voice calls is amazing...very clear and definitely loud enough...better than any phone i have owned...same goes for the loudspeaker

screen is soooo crisp and clear and easy to see anywhere

camera is excellent for a cell phone...video would have been nice, but oh well

i love the ability to cut and paste so easily on the phone and select multiple message items for deletion

size is great and comfy in my hand and the keys are pretty easy to handle


the web browser is slow....spends alot of time working to get the page loaded...in wifi and with edge...much slower than my palm TX and even my moto v360...that seems strange

the wifi at home so far hasn't been very reliable...calls cut out/disconnect too often and wont stay on the network i have it set to...and in the area i live at in dallas, my cell reception SUKS, so i thought that @home would be the solution! might need to switch carriers because of that

more than a few text messages just dont get sent (it lets you know that) and you have to resend them..it doesnt keep trying to send

battery life seem ok but not great...it definitely makes it thru the day and dont know yet if it will make it 2 days w/o charge

this is my 1st blackberry , but even so it seems like predictive text would be a great text entering time saver ...doesnt seem to have that feature

doesnt seem to allow you to add text in the body of a an email with a picture in it...when you enter text, the picture disappears! thats pretty annoying

only allows one alarm time to be set and the calendar interface seems VERY tedious

Wow...thats alot of negatives! but i do like the phone alot..and its the 1st pda that i will keep...owned the treo, and HTC and tried the dash and didnt like either of them

Great for the most part but you still need to know a few things.


Nov 15, 2010 by NegroLips

Alright, here we go. I love this phone, but there's a few things you should know. I'll talk about the few issues first. Be careful with this phone. I dropped it while walking out of Wal-Mart and the track ball came off which I had to replace. I don't know if it's just because the phone is old or what, but sometimes it just stops reading my SIM card and I can't receive or send messages/ make or take calls etc.. It might have been some fault of the previous owner (I didn't purchase the phone new.) With that being said, other that that, it's an amazing phone. If you get it, try to purchase a certified pre-owned one. I love the QWERTY key board. It has amazing travel and feedback, Just as good as my Sidekick LX (2007) which is also amazing. The camera is okay, but I would recommend keeping your regular camera if you plan to take pictures. This has to be the loudest phone I have EVER heard. I use it as an alarm as well. I can hear it ringing all the way across my house when it's on the quietest setting, and my house is a reasonable size. The browser is good for a phone, but no where near on par with surfing the web on an iPhone. If you need web, that's your market. I don't use my phone for email, but I hear the push works very well on all Blackberry devices. Well, that's pretty much all. Hope you find the phone you're looking for! This one is highly recommended.

My favorite phone ever.


Jan 18, 2010 by ilovesergio

I bought this phone in November and still can't put it down! I've owned many phones, but this one puts the rest to shame. It's my first smartphone, and I don't think I'll ever use a "normal" phone again.



2.0 megapixel camera. It takes great pictures, and has a flash.

Qwerty keyboard. It's so easy to use!

The new OS 4.5 version has video recording.

Decent battery life. It lasts like two days and that's with heavy heavy use.


None =)



Oct 1, 2009 by Amotken

Have T-mobile, sucked at the house we had and also couldn't get the wifi to work very well. Bought new house reception was good. Used leather case from T-mobile to holster phone, dumb idea. Tracball is all but useless now. Has a mind of its own and won't cooperate much. Probably needing a new phone now, wife's works very good still. No real problems other than wifi in previous house.

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