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LG Voyager VX-10000


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everything you need!!


Nov 25, 2007 by bigack

this phone has everything, way o many pros to mention, BUT A FEW THINGS I DONT LIKE
1 ringers are way to low
2 kind of heavy
3 not alot of gamesto choose from
4 speaker distorts when it on high
these are pretty petty, but it bugs me!! you cant go wrong with this phone, like i said befor it has everything you can want in a phone

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LG voyager ROCKS


Jul 29, 2008 by londen94

The LG voyager is a great phones and is a better compromise to the LG env2 and the Samsung Glyde...

QWERTY keyboard
Responsive Touch screen
mobile TV
Shortcut menu
2.0 megapixel camera
Stereo Speakers
HTML browser

no copy and paste
no drag and drop icons
no flash on camera

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Your friends WILL be jelous of you!!!


Nov 24, 2007 by Breakin04

This phone is awesome... I don't really know how else to put it! The only issue I have with it is that the charger falls out WAY to easy. I'm saying you can't even move the phone while its charging because the charger just falls out. Other then that, the touchscreen is great and the phone overall is just amazing!

PROS -touchscreen is great
-QWERTY and internal screen amazing
-camera is to much fun
-good reception
-battery life

CONS -ring tones & music not as loud as I would have hoped
-charger falls out to easily, don't bother trying to use the phone while its charging because it will just fall out and stop charging

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A What Berry?


Nov 17, 2008 by TriRunner

I recently got fed up with AT&T not providing the service level I needed and switched to Verizon. I had been using a Blackberry but not the Blackberry service and with Verizon that isn't an option. I looked at the Voyager and was pretty impressed so I gave it a shot. After a week, I'm totally satisfied.

Large Qwerty keyboard for larger hands is great.
Feedback on the touch screen.
Great clarity and volume during calls.
Easy to figure out. I purposefully didn't use the manual and was able to quickly learn the system.

Battery life ends abruptly. It gives you one warning then the phone shuts off a few seconds after.
Speakerphone isn't that loud, but it's clear so it's a wash.
Software doesn't work with a Mac. Bitpim is a great work around, but no one knew this at the store. Not a deal breaker.

Overall, I'd recommend this phone in a heartbeat. I get tons of compliments and my fiancee has even kicked her Crackberry habit and picked up the Voyager.

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Keep on rolling!


Jul 2, 2008 by phonefreakk9

This phone works great! I love it!
+ the touch screen
+ the keyboard
+ the choices of the thing that you can do to it to customize it.
+ every thing!


This is an over all great phone and I am keeping it!:)

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The Voyager


May 11, 2008 by MizzBBri

Well...first and foremost I am not comparing this phone to the IPhone...it's by a different company and is through a different carrier...so whats the point? (If you really in need of "IPHONE" like features and don't want to switch carriers...do what I did and get an ITouch...:-)) I'm just going to review it as what it is...a new generation phone available on the Verizon Network.

This phone has a nice keyboard, bright external touch screen, and a nice internal screen. The haptic feedback is a nice feature, however, I do find that the touch response can be rather slow at times. This phone is fairly customizable as far as wallpapers and ringtones are concerned. I do wish that it had more themes instead of just the color and black and white for the icon menu.

I was also disappointed to find out that this high end phone doesn't support flash...what's a camera now a days without flash?

The Web Browser is a good because it is HTML but the navigation is awkward...it's hard to tap on certain links...maybe with a few software updates this can be fixed, just so it can be a little more user friendly.

The MP3 portion of the phone is pretty decent. It serves its purpose. You can upload songs pretty easily, just put them on your micro sd card and go!

This phone is all in all a pretty decent phone but keep in mind that it is first generation and is bound to have its glitches...for instance mine continually cuts off...and before that I had a problem with the keyboard lighting up. I'm going to switch over to the Glyde because that's the phone I wanted and since I've been unlucky with my Voyager it may serve me better.

I do like the Voyager though. It is a nice phone, has great features and potential. It could be a lot better with a few software updates...and probably will be great by the next version.

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The Voyager, the journey into the wireless beyond


Apr 26, 2008 by lingostarr

All of the menus are easy to use, the shortcut menus are quick to access by touching the phone's desktop and are completely intuitive so that people who are not acclimated to verizon's software can use the phone right away. This phone will do anything that most of verizon's phones will do and more. It plays Vcast music and ringtones loudly and clearly with the dual speakers on each side of the internal screen. The camera is cleverly set up much like that of a digital camera for quick snapshots.

It does all the things anyone would expect a cell phone to do, and it does it well. Ringtones, wallpaper, nice clear sound from the speakerphone and earpiece is there. The battery life is decent considering that the phone has the touch screen vibration.

Speaking of the touch screen, common moves on the touch screen like "tapping" "dialing" or "selecting" is very responsive and VERY easy. Sliding or scrolling through menus and options however is marginal at best.

The biggest showcase for the Voyager is the use of its HTML browser. It does load fairly quickly, (faster than the iPhone ever did for me). I suppose it would have been better if it used Verizon's famed EVDO network for the web browser's web source. You have to scroll around to see all of the loaded web page, thankfully you don't have to use the touch screen to see the internet if you choose.

Let's talk about the qwerty keypad. The keys are large and the *text*ure (pun intended) of the keys makes texting a pleasure. It really should have had the space bar in the lower middle rather than on the lower sides of the keypad.

I like the phone, but I would have been in heaven if the phone was a "slide to the side" phone like the LG rumor or XV6800 with a full keypad. My overall synopsis is pretty simple. the voyager phone is a great lower cost alternative for people who want business like options without the complicated menus and software of business-PDA devices.

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Starting to doubt..


Apr 18, 2008 by irishangel62

Overall the best phone i've had BUT most recently started having problems with it.

First, my first Voyager was stolen (right after getting the upgrade), and after getting the replacement phone, the battery life was just terrible. (I'm a text person and know very well just texting on a phone will not kill the battery in a matter of 2-3 hours)Or at least with my first Voyager the battery lasted for days reguardless.

So maybe just a dud in the production of them, now after getting my 3rd one, i am having problems with the "Message not saved. Sent box is full" or something to those words. And i have 15 msg's in my sent box. NOT full. And NOW.. i haven't been receiving texts back at all. So either i have had my normal luck in getting "the bad seeds" or more problems are starting to surface with the Voyager. I've been on the phone with Verizon numerous times and they've tried the same things over and over and still, no success in fixing the problem.

The phone in all points and turns is amazing, i haven't had problems with touch-screen or anything else, just the most recent problems with the text'ing.

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The KING of ALL phones


Apr 12, 2008 by moneyman24

I love this phone. its everything ive ever wanted in a phone from the touch screen to the QWERTY keybord to the 2mp camer. its perfect!!!
Before this phone i had the chocolate and it was ok, i had it for a year and then all of a sudden it just broke, and then broke again and then when my third one broke (all of which was through no fault of my own)i decided to switch to the Voyager and im SOOO glad i did. i have no regrets. the voyager can do anything...surf the web, watch tv, email, text in a flash...it really id the KING OF ALL PHONES. peopl compare it to the iPhone and there is no comparisan, the voyager is so much better.
whoever thinks that this phone is hard to use theyre crazy. i mean at first it can be a little tricky but if you sit down for just a little while, youll figure it all out. and for the people who think that there is no setting for the auto-lock....THERE IS!!!
....settings... touch settings..auto-lock...OFF..there you go!!

this phone is the best one ive ever had and im glad i made the change. i just dont see how they can come up with anything better(and i honestly dont think they will because this phone has EVERYTHING!!:))

Over all i give it a 5 out of 5
ITS A GREAT PHONE and hats off to the people who designed it!!!! :)

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Voyager takes the Cake


Mar 4, 2008 by neaster07

- large bright displays inside & out
- HTML internet browsing is great
- loud ringers and sound
- touch screen works well, quick response
- texting is a breeze with QWERTY
- call clarity and signal are excellent
- 8GB external memory is very nice to have
- customize themes and wallpapers
- listening to music is awesome
- text to speech is cool
- VCast and MobileTV rock
- Bluetooth Stereo is good stuff

- sound is muffled when phone is closed
- no speakerphone while phone is closed
- scrolling is confusing with touch pad
- battery life is weak

Overall, this is the best phone I have carried so far. It gives me all of the options I like plus a few. I upgraded from the 9900 enV to the 10000 Voyager and this phone takes the cake. I would be very happy to see Verizon and LG continue upgrading this type of phone to see what they could do next.

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