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LG Voyager VX-10000


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Not worth the time or the money.


Jun 12, 2009 by katirrose

Lets just start out by saying Ive had 5 voyagers in the past month. 2 brand new ones and 3 “like new” refurbished ones. All 5 of them had issues, which is why I just upgraded to the enV touch.

Quick breakdown of my failed voyagers:
Phone #1 (New)- Camera glitch. Every other picture I took saved, than when I went to the gallery to view it, a big red question mark appeared where my picture should be.

Phone #2 (refurbished)- Camera glitch AGAIN. But instead of saving and not being able to view my picture, pictures don’t save AT ALL. I would take a picture, hit save, phone would freeze for 30 seconds then give me an error message saying my picture failed to save, then go back to camera mode.

Phone #3 (refurbished)- I guess this is more the carrier (Verizon) then the phone, but I took this phone out of the box the day it came in the mail, and it had a big scratch across the front of the touch screen. The plastic covering the screen was also scratched, and had lint stuck around the edges. Maybe it spent the day in someone’s pocket before it was sent out to me? Not sure. Either way that phone went back the day I received it.

Phone #4 (refurbished)- Again, a camera glitch. Question marks where my pictures should be.

Phone #5 (new)- Came across a new one by chance. This phone actually worked for about a week before I started getting the failed to save error message, just like phone #2

Mind you, I did try and have the problems resolved, and made 3 separate trips to the nearest Verizon store to see if they could fix my phones.
I was told it was a software glitch the first time. I was told it was my memory card, and I must have a corrupted file on it or something the second time (then the sales guy tried to sell me another card for $30-no thanks.) The third time I went takes the cake, when I was told “I was doing it wrong”. ….excuse me?

I would stay away from this phone unless you feel like going through the same crap I did.

Very satisfied


Nov 21, 2008 by signit

I've had my phone for roughly a month and a half now. Previous to this I had kept my phone choices simple. As long as I could talk and text, I was fine. Recently I have acquired a job in the cellphone industry and decided to step up to something a bit higher just to be able to show customers that I do endorse the product that I sell.

Best decision I've made in a while. I've had no issues with call quality at all, the speakers are crisp with only minor distortion when turned all the way up, both screens look great, internet and email is a breeze...the list goes on and on.

-Battery life. You read that right, it is a pro for me. I do not have the extended battery. Just the standard battery. I am a heavy texter (roughly 350 outgoing daily) and am on the internet constantly and I can get this phone to last me a good 10 hours with what can basically be considered non-stop usage. Charge it up when I see it's low, get it filled up, and I'm good to go for another day.
-Display. Everything looks great, from pictures to web browsing to video streaming. Even the UI looks very clean.
-Touch screen. Once calibrated, you pretty much have to try to hit the wrong button to do so. Probably one of the better and more responsive touches I've used in a while too.
-SERVICE! After switching to Verizon I've noticed a significant difference in service. Everywhere I go I can do whatever I want, whether it's call my house or look up the closest chinese restaurant within 10 miles from my current point. I don't get why more people aren't on Verizon.
-Auto lock feature. It stays unlocked long enough for you to do what you need to do rather than having to unlock it after not pressing a button for a whopping 2 seconds, but by the time it's in your pocket it knows to shut up. :)

-Random lagging in the touch.
-Can't get Opera Mini.
-Can't view email attachments.
-No flash.

I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

good messaging phone


Nov 4, 2008 by dholman09

i tried it today and it was awesome!the touchscreen was so good and every touch had good feedback,as well as the keyboard. The phone has some good features and it felt good in the hand.i had trouble scrolling the lists or pages but it still did what it needed to do. It has a nice sleek shine to it,although i couldn't use the camera. I used the phone scoop test on it with textmessaging,and the keys felt good.The only thing i didn't like about the keyboard was the spacebar,it wasn't in the middle where most people refer it to be.overall this phone is worth giving a 5.0 average!

great phone compared to others i've owned


Oct 28, 2008 by ice121

i originally had an enVy and since march of this year had gone through14 phones all of which were software issues-3 of these phones were the voyager-original black.i was ready to terminate my relationship with verizon when i finally got a phone that worked. i had the 1st for almost 6 months and it started shutting itself off or going to a blank screen, i took it into verizon and got a new black one with the new software (same as titanium), it again gave me a blank screen after 1 day, exchanged again. same problem-i was sent the titanium one and have decided to keep my black one for now. the blank screen is pretty much just a glitch that happens to protect the phone if it gets a little confused-it is a pc in a small bar! i haven't had a problem since except for when i hook it up to my laptop, it shuts off and then back on-could be my usb. i decided not to do this anymore. overall, it is a great phone and i would recommend it to anyone.
takes pretty good pictures for a camera phone.
okay for the web
great battery life when you get the extended battery
great and fast to text
no flash
enVy did take a better pic when developed.
have to work through the glitches.
overall, i do recommend the phone, i only gave it 4 stars because of the whole glitches thing.

Actually satisfied with a phone!


Jun 4, 2008 by Alysa

I'm not quite sure how long I've had this phone now, bur it's been a couple months. I'm a sucker for the newest, most raved about phones, and I have to admit, I am usually disappointed! Not this time! I love this phone!

- Qwerty keyboard works great
- Touch screen is the best I've had
- Both screens' resolutions are near perfect
- Buttons on bottom of external screen are very handy
- Battery life is surprisingly long (I can get up to 2 and a half days out of it, texting constantly
- More memory than I'll ever be able to use, with space for a card

- It could be a little smaller
- It is a little on the spendy side!

(You're welcome to e-mail me with any questions)



Jun 3, 2008 by Colbymh

I just purchased this phone about 3 days ago, so I might be making a new review after I ger more time on it.

For now, I must say, this is one of the best phones I have had. I just tossed my palm treo (dumb phone) to the side. its painful when your smart phone isnt as smart as some of the free phones being offered.

the touch screen works excellent
Speakers are excellent. music sounds amazing, ringer volume is very good.
keyboard is perfect size.
ability to alter your font for personal preference.
the phone is very flashy looking.
vcast works excellent. tv shows stream flawlessly. navigation works perfect.
Mobile email/mobile IM work great also.

my only cons at this point, is that i think the phone should have a small stylus added to it. Also wish the phone lock feature wasnt menus deep in order to secure the phone.

THE BEST Phone I HAve Owned so far


Jun 2, 2008 by myles1808

so i have had a collection of phones including the lg prada shadow sidekick 3 and lx and blackberry pearl and curve...however none have compared to the lg voyager!

beautiful phone
better than average battery life 2days with heavy use
great reception
great signal
awesome feedback on the touchscreen
amazing camera and some cool options
the phone reads out your text messages
alter shortcut menus

the sound is a little quiet depending on your ringer choice...
but it is bearable!

Other than that their are no cons get this phone it is amazing and it is an iphone killer.....

Finally: at an affordable price


Jun 2, 2008 by Chocolate

I just got my phone yesterday. I was reading the paper and saw that it was marked down to $249.00 -$50.00 rebate - $100.00 trade in allowance. The phone is awesome. I waited almost 6 months for this phone. The photos taken with the camera is awesome and crystal clear. I love it and I am able to assign each person their own speed dial number which I was not able to do with the razor phone and the razor was horrible. Best money I ever spent. It pays to wait and I am glad that I did.

What are you waiting for, go out and buy this phone!!!


May 31, 2008 by Foxymomli

This is my dream phone come true!!!! I had the enV for the last year, but it echoed terribly on speaker phone. I decided to trade up, and because of the lower price I went for the enV2. I received the enV2 around May 14, 2008, just in time for my trip up to Binghamton, to pick my duaghter up from college.
I found too many things, I did not like about the env2. I had to change all of my accessories, it uses a different charger then the enV, an added expense. The speakers sounded lousy, when I recorded sounds, and sent them to me, in a text to become a ring tone. The phone also blacked out, and echoed on speaker phone. While up in Binghamton, I went to the Verizon store on Vestal Parkway, and played with all the phones. I fell in love with the Voyager, but the price was so too steep for me.
When I got home to Massapequa, I went over to Circuit City, and played with the Voyager, and listened to the ringtones. The speakers sounded great. I went home thinking when the price goes down....I want that phone. I called up customer service to tell them, I am returning the env2, and told the lady when the price drops, I am getting the Voyager. Customer Service discovered I was entitled to the upgrade, and I could purchase the phone. I was walking on air!!!!I didn't need new chargers, it uses the same as the enV. But what i did purchase was a LG10KMT, a mount for the car made only for the Voyager.It suctions to the window, to use for Verizon Navigator. No other phone that flips side ways has this.
The battery seems to go down to two bars by the end of the night, but I am still setting up the phone, and adding pictures and ring tones.I have had this phone since May 21, 2008. The speaker phone doesn't echo, the speakers sound great,I haven't found one thing wrong with this phone. I can't imagine them making a better phone then the Voyager....so what are you waiting for call customer service and order the Voyager.

Best phone. the glyde sucks


May 15, 2008 by foffy23

I work for at&t and have a had a lot of expereince with phones. Blackberrys, iphone, lg's, ect. I tried the glyde and man did that phone ever suck it was laggy and froze and was not responsive so I traded it for the voyager..holy smokes this phones rocks, its responsive, stylish and has amazing applications and features, if you plan on spending over 300 dollars for a phone the voyager is by far your best option!

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