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LG Voyager VX-10000


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Beautiful multi media phone


Nov 26, 2007 by cavolius

Great great amazing phone packed with tons of multi media features. You can tell right away the quality and attention to the finishing touches that make this phone one of the best. This phone is really stepping it up! The touch screen with vibro feedback is amazing.

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Finally !!!!


Nov 27, 2007 by phantom2k3dtv

This is a really really great phone! I've waited 20 years for something like this to come around!

After messing with it for the last 8 hours or so, I came up with a list of Pros and Cons.


-Felt good in my hand right out of the box.

-Took less than an hour to fully charge out of the box.

-MP3 player is really good. As a matter of fact, it organizes your songs in different artist/album folders automatically! You just need to make sure your id3 tags are correct. Random shuffle play is great too !

-My stereo Bluetooth headphones that I purchased 2 years ago finally work on a phone! You can skip songs, pause, and control volume from the headset. Music pauses when incoming phone call arrives, then resumes after you hang up!

-Bluetooth commands are more advanced. You can actually ask it for the time by saying "time" after the prompt, it will tell you time and date. BUT! (see in the Cons section)

-HTML Browser is pretty sweet, BUT,(see but in Cons section)

-Mobile TV is AWESOME! So far, I don't even need to deploy the antenna for great reception!(but they could use more programming. In due time I guess)

-QWERTY keyboard is very convenient

-Phone reception seems pretty decent so far(it IS a phone, after all)


-Doesn't accept Bluetooth commands while music or video is playing (really a pain in the a$$) In fact, if you attempt to reconnect from your headset, you need to go in and reset the Bluetooth connection in the phone settings to get it to come back on ! This is really gonna suck on some snowy mountain side in a blizzard with my snowboard on !

-HTML Browser doesn't display Java or Flash and does seem a little slow at times (I know, "try the optimized web"), but that doesn't always display properly.

-Website scrolling and navigation is a little wierd on the external display.

-Website navigation difficult on QWERTY keyboard using the arrows.

-Speakerphone doesn't work with lid closed.

-No flash on the Camera.

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Great Once You Get Use To It


Jan 21, 2008 by tooterbugg

The touch screen can be a challenge at first. Once you get the idea of how to move your finger around, it works well with little errors. Reception is great and the two screens are a joy to view. Mobile TV and the music player work well. Real web pages on this phone is a true plus!

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Jan 8, 2008 by GURU-SYR

FIRST OFF I WANT TO SAY THAT THIS IS A GREAT PHONE! People really need to stop comparing it to the iphone. Its not an iphone and doesn't want to be an iphone. Its an ENVY (LG-VX9900)on STEROIDS!Now remember, its a phone NOT A PDA! So here it is:

1.Great battery life (2 days REALISTIC usage)
2.Giant display (same size inside and out)
3.Call quality is Fantastic
4.Has every options pretty much
5.TV is really really cool (amazing quality)
6.Hidden antenna for TV in key
7.QWERTY keys are over-sized and easy to use
8.Dedicated E-mail button (I do use it)

1.Kind of quiet when the phone is closed
2.Fingerprints on the touch *(to be expected on a TOUCH SCREEN though, Ha Ha)
3.Optomized browser could be faster
4.Wi-Fi would be nice (but again, NOT a PDA)

Overall an Excellent phone. But if you are looking for an iPHONE look-a-like, wait for samsungs New one. THAT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND. HAPPY SHOPPING;)

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Jan 6, 2008 by jdubb2blue

This is a neat phone and easy to use, although a little heavy . I originally ordered the Palm Treo 755P and returned it for the Voyager.

Sleek with extras
Qwerty KB
Mobile TV

Touchscreen unlock feature
Speakerphone button on internal pad
Low ringtone volume
Difficult to see the Send/End keys on the front of the phone unless backlight is on.

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Great Phone


Dec 18, 2007 by Muadib395

I have now had ample time to work with this phone. Here are my conclusions.


Both Screens are fantastic, nice and bright.

The touchscreen is a great addition to the vx line.

2 mp camera, while slow is a great camera for a phone. (for those that complain on this camera get real. If you want fast, go get a real digital camera like a cannon or Sony. THIS IS A PHONE FIRST AND FOREMOST.)

keyboard inside seems to be slightly bigger and easier to use.

UI is a lot better since the last Verizon UI. For the people who are complaining about the UI. Why keep the phone if you hate how it works? This always amazed me. If I don't like something, I don't get it.

System seems to run a little faster than env system.

Call quality is great, volume is good (however at max volume, speakers and headset speaker distort)

Speaker phone works as good as env. Only limitation is that you still must open phone to use as speaker phone.

volume is louder than env on music (though not by a whole lot)

HTML browser works well for what it is. Tested it on weathertap (lots of java) as well as general browsing. for the naysayers. THIS IS A PHONE NOT A SMARTPHONE OR A PDA.

mobile TV intro looks fantastic (not available in my area till 1st of year)

ability to use an 8 gig micro sd chip.


fingerprints (duh... its a touchscreen)

battery life. its ok for a day. just wish it could last longer.

sometimes the touchscreen seems to not react, although pressing the end button right below rectifies this problem instantly.


Took me a while to figure this out.

The entire front screen is touch sensitive. You want the phone to lock after you start a call so that you don't accidentally press buttons while on a phone call. Your face is touching the screen after all. with some extra unlocks, the numbers come back up for calling voicemail. easy fix.

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The Voyager is great


Dec 4, 2007 by rondo333

The Voyager is a Excellent phone. One of the best phone ever made. When people return phones after 2 days what happens to the phones after the Curious George's return them? I really wonder because some of those people never had plans to keep the phone. It unfair to people who are buying new phones. But don't get new.

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Very nice phone


Nov 23, 2007 by MidnightDT

This phone is NOT a PDA and its important to realize that. some people are rating it poorly becuase it isnt a pda when in reality they should of known that before buying it, its never claimed to be a pda.

the voyager is an excellent multimedia phone, a Sidekick killer.

Touch screen with Vibro feedback
Full QWERTY Keyboard is best yet on any device I have seen
2.81" wide screen on front and inside
HTML web browsing at EVDO speed
very nice camera
Vcast Mobile TV!!!
VZ Nav looks and sounds great
Stereo bluetooth
Removable battery

touch screen takes getting use to
battery life isnt the best but is expandable

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Definitely an Amazing Phone


Dec 7, 2007 by ilovexspin

Verdict: Amazing phone, and almost perfect.

This phone, overall, is an amazing phone. When you first get it you may be a little confused at first, since the Verizon UI is new and definitely better looking, but then with about a day with it you become quick with everything and the scrolling, keyboard, and everything becomes easy.

I will begin with a list of Pros & Cons, and from that I will elaborate on these points.

- Very, very nice looking
- Lightweight
- Great picture quality
- Easy to use QWERTY keyboard (keys are perfect size)
+ I tested it and typed 270 characters in one minute (including spaces) note: i typed in sentences, not just random words.
- Easy and not complicated UI
- Easy to text using t9 or ABC on the front.
+ I tested it and i typed 187 characters worth of words in one minute using the front touch keyboard.
(about 100 characters less quick then on the inside keyboard, but still pretty fast in my opinion)
- Vibrate + Ring option
- Very fast at sending / receiving text messages and picture messages.
- Easy scrolling
- Very scratch-proof body and screen
sidenote: so far, the only thing that scratched a little on mine was the "silver" rim of the front touch screen"
- Nice looking tools (tip calculator, calculator, calendar, etc.)
- Good calling sound quality
- Better service in some places then on my previous RAZR.
- Fairly good battery life, if you don't use the music, camera, or web for long periods of time.
- Easy to hold in hand when making calls, texting, etc.

- Slow camera-picture taking abilities
- Not very loud in playing music and ringtones even on highest volume
- Battery life could be better, but its fine
- Lots of MB used during the Web, without data plan, it adds up.

As you can see, overall, there is so many more pros than cons, and i think this phone is the best phone Verizon Wireless has to offer right now, including being better than the smart phones. This suffices every persons needs in a phone.

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My favorite phone yet


Mar 26, 2008 by vzwtechguy

Finally got the Voyager. This phone really is amazing. Great UI/touchscreen. You can lock the outside buttons. Mobile tv is ridiculous, was riding the bus home from work tonight and was watching live coverage of NIT tourney on ESPN. The screen changing to horizontal for mobile tv, web, pixmsg etc is very nice.

Loaded my music via the microSD slot. I love that I can store all my music on this phone (via SD card) and can download music right onto it via Vcast Music. Iphone cannot do that. (along with many other issues- no camera, no changeable battery, slow data, etc)

If you are pondering getting this phone, GET IT. 30 day return period anyway so nothing to lose. This phone will be like no other phone you have used before.

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