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LG Voyager VX-10000


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Great Phone with Great Style


May 3, 2008 by tpicco48

Best phone I have ever owned. LG & Verizon have teamed up to produce a winner. Good looks with a brain. If you're in the market for a PDA or Smartphone then the Voyager is "NOT" for you. A good looking cell phone with all the bells and whistles and stylish appeal, then look no further.

-Great looking
-User friendly after inital trial. You don't
have to be teenager or in your 20's to
appreciate and enjoy.
-Capable of voice reading text messages while driving.
-Great features with customizing options.
-Feels good in your hand.
-Very easy Bluetooth connection.

-Distortion in ear piece at full volume.
-Ring tones Too soft.
-Browser is not up too parr.

For the first stab, the Voyager gets high kudos in my book. It will only get better from here.

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Excellent for Text Messaging


Feb 6, 2008 by KyleDP123

Carrier: Verizon
State: MI
SW: VX10KV05

I bought this phone over the Blackberry Pearl because Verizon was only offering the promotional pricing on the former with a data plan, and I like the Voyager's keyboard better. I liked my KRZR a lot but needed a keyboard since I do a metric ton of txt messaging, now. I have now owned the phone for just under 1 month, and it's a keeper.

*Great keyboard (spacious keys)
*Neat touchscreen
*Haptic feedback (vibration on touchscreen, unlike iPhone)
*High speed network access (unlike iPhone)
*Good speakerphone
*Worked well with bluetooth headset (but this is to be expected)
*VCast TV service is state of the art (but I wouldn't pay for it after my free trial expires)
*Excellent camera

*Voice quality on ear piece (and less so on speaker phone) distorts significantly at high volume
*Touch screen has frozen on me a couple times (this is quickly resolved by opening the flip or hitting a physical key below)
*Crippled browser (hard to navigate on both touchscreen and with directional pad, doesn't do java, unnecessarily slow)
*Subpar voice call reception (worse than my KRZR, slightly worse than my RAZR, slightly better than LG 8600)
*Pricey (equipment price, I paid $300, and Verizon's messaging/data plans)
*VCast TV network reception is spotty
*No active sync e-mail client built in (only the option to use the mobile e-mail service on get it now, which takes at least 10 minutes to deliver your messages)
*Verizon will require you to switch to a "nationwide plan" and you will run into data charges
*Haven't gotten the bluetooth obex function (which is supposed to be enabled on this phone, unlike other, basic, Verizon handsets) to work yet, with either of my computers
*The silicone case Verizon sells for this phone doesn't fit well and will slip off the top half of the phone after day 2
*Ringers are a bit quiet with flip closed

I haven't used the MP3 player function and don't plan to. Want a media phone? Get an iPhone.

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Everything the EnV is but with better looks


Dec 4, 2007 by jayholli

I had the EnV before this phone, and have been through NUMEROUS phones over the last year as I have been a phone whore for awhile.

I've had in the last year:
LG Prada
Samsung U600, U700 & D900
Motorola Z6 & Z8

I would say hands down this is the best phone for me I've ever had.

I had the EnV right before this which I loved the EnV and only disliked the appearance of it. This phone solves that. It looks great and performs as great as the EnV.

Loud Speaker phone
Larger buttons on Qwerty keyboard than the EnV
Larger internal screen than the EnV
Can play MP4 Videos/Movies that are loaded on the Micro SD card. (I currently have Ace Ventura, Batman Begins, 300 and other movies on my card)
FINALLY can have the ringer off & alarm will sound while charging phone
very strong Vibration
Full customizable ringtones, text alerts, v/m alerts using bitpim
Yahoo! messenger integration is great
VZ Navigator works like a charm
VZ Song ID :-D

Only Cons are the touchscreen is not as responsive as I would like compared to the iPhone & the LG Prada it seems.

The web browser is just slightly better than your average wap browser. Definitely not as good as the iPhones browser.

In the end I wouldn't say this is an "iphone killer" because to me the iPhone was not the be all end all phone. The things important to me are:

Loud Speaker phone
Strong Vibration feature
Customization of all alerts
Ease of use
Music & movies

the iphone is strong on some but horrible on others where as the Voyager to me is excellent at all.

So my question wouldn't' be "is this the iPhone killer", it would be "what's going to be the Voyager killer?"

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Great Phone but... Poor Front Screen


Jul 8, 2008 by sdbulldog06

Pros: Great features including TV, qwerty keyboard, excellent vibrant screens, good camera, good music player and speakers. Sound quality is great even on speaker phone.

Cons: Granted the phone has a qwerty keyboard but the size of the phone makes it hard to slip out of your pocket, heavy phone, the out side screen is touchy and easy to crack... I am on my second one and I treated the first one very well.

Overall I would say it is a good phone. If you like the features this phone provides it is the best on the market. If you like more of the day scheduler and sync option this is not the phone for you. My screen cracking could have been a fluke but if you are hard on phones stay away.

This phone is a brandished link to take advantage of every Verizon wireless option there is (examples mobile TV, navigation, mp3 player, making sweet phone text with the qwerty keyboard, and playing get it now games and ring tones.)

Hopefully this helps you with your decision.


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Best Phone I've Ever Owned


Feb 28, 2008 by brittanyd00

I currently own the LG Voyager, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

I've always been one to buy the cheapest phones, because I expected my phone to always have some type of defect..but I trusted this one..and I was right!

The touch screen is awesome..I've heard with the step down from the Voyager (via the Venus) that the touch screen wasn't accurate and when you would try to push a button it would take you to another destination you didnt wish to go to...the touch screen on the Voyager is perfect and accurate.

I LOVE the full HTML browser, it shows a full verision of every website I have visited.

I have never used a QWERTY keypad, but now I NEVER want to have a phone with out it, if you text..I would suggust to have this feature on your cell phone.

The battery seems to hold up well for this type of phone. Usually most cell phones hold up for more than one day, but they don't have the features that this phone does. Mine lasts for a day, but that's when I use the music, browser, texting, and I have to use it for work.

This phone is GREAT and I would suggest it before ANY phone to anyone who plans on purchasing it.

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The Voyager


Feb 6, 2008 by Torisboi4u

I've had this phone for over a week now with the new Verizon software upgrade, so I believe this is the most current version of software to this phone, so here is my perspective:

-EXCELLENT Interior and Exterior screens.

-EXTERIOR: Touch is ok, sometimes it's right on top of things, sometimes is lags. Buttons at bottom are very useful, they get you out of any application. You can access almost everything from the out side exterior except some Get It Now applications, and a full keyboard!

-Interior: Excellent screen, almost IDENTICAl ot enV, with features.
-No more e-mail button, instead it has a menu button, which to me is more functional! and keypad is amazing!

-Camera:2 Megapixel is good, just no flash....but it's really good for a camera phone!

All in all this phone is LG's BEST and an awesome step-up for Verizon!

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Kewl phone better msging functionality than iphone


Jan 20, 2008 by ihateeverything

-Extremely fast not a pos like a lot of vzw phones
-15$ a month for unlimited full html internet
-full lit up qwerty keyboard
-lighting and color of phone is excellent and the screens can be seen well in either dark or direct sun light
-memory card slot supports up to 8 gigs
-camera has auto-focus

-Scrolling up and down on the touch display is a bitch
-battery life for talk time is 4 hours of talk time, however when using the internet that time is cut atleast in half, if not more...
-ringtones not very loud
-html browser doesnt play mpeg movies so it makes it tough to watch pr0n, but I can still access the pictures yay

This is a trully great phone and unlike the iphone youre not stuck on a pos network like at&t or unlocked for tmobile. VZW's network cant be beat every location I check I get perfect quality reception..however not with the competitors and I do sell 3 competitors so I have the means to check them right infront of me daily. The internet package at 15 a month is great and I can now use ebay and hotmail, as well as phonescoop, at work. It functions extremely fast, smooth, and efficient. The major thing with this phone though, besides the fun touch screen, is the fact it has a full qwerty keyboard inside. And this keyboard isnt gimped like some other phones where the top is hard to reach or the buttons are too small or too close together. Everything about it is perfect. If you are looking for a sick phone with a fully qwerty keyboard and want the best coverage in america possible...I say go with this one.

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Almost excellent Phone


Dec 5, 2007 by h2nd2none

I switched from the Treo 700w which I hated. This phone is almost everything I had imagined.
- Ease of Use
- Camera Way Better than Treo and color is excellent
- Mp3 player is good
- Reception is better even with no external antenna
- Faster web browsing
- Battery life is better than last phone even with extended life battery
- Design of phone is extremely nice
- Charging the battery takes no time.

- No Address Book, hopefully the next one will have this in the contacts
- Needs flash on camera but this is no biggie
- Ringer is too low, if you have radio on you won't hear it ring
- No speaker phone on the outside of the phone but there is one available when open but it is not loud enough.

If I had to purchase another phone I would purchase this phone again.

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Best phone I have ever used... EVER!


Nov 28, 2007 by drewcampbell

I really, really love this phone. Feels great in your hand, and you can really tell that the build quality is very good (hinges, buttons, etc). Speakers on it sound great, Mobile Web is amazing. The touch screen does take song getting used to, but now that I have, I love it; scrolling was the hardest to get used to... but now works like a charm. Everyone always wants to play with it... haha.

I am not a hard-core text-er, but I think I will be now that I have it - sent/received over 200 within the first 12 hours (which most of that time was spent with charging/playing with it)... haha.

- Amount of features packed into device
- Allows the entire phonebook to be transferred at once via Bluetooth (to my Lexus Nav System... worked like a charm... reference the Bluetooth Chart on VZW site (see bottom of review))
- Battery life is great! Over two days with me (at work, very low signal, searches off and on for over 8 hours a day)
- Keyboard - again, takes some getting used to, but after you do, great!
- Camera is great! Some say that it isn't, but even with transferring the pictures to my PC... they still look awesome!
- Video recordings are great too...
- Sound - on the inside especially, is great and very full... songs and video playback is fantastic
- Mobile Browser - MySpace and Facebook look like MySpace and Facebook... on your PC! Just no Flash, but JavaScript DOES work (contrary to what everyone says...)
- VCAST Video - love it.. just wish they had MobileTV in my area - hopefully they will by February 2008 (expected release date).

Cons (only one major one):
- The "touch to unlock" feature on the front screen - I wish you could turn it off! The slide button on the side for the lock/unlock should be the only way this is handled - just make a setting for it please!
- Mobile browser - a little finicky on selecting items, but still very useful

Websites To Reference

-Bluetooth Chart

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almost perfect


Nov 26, 2007 by yeahright

I will start by saying i love this phone, I am so glad i passed on the samsung i760 and went with this. I used to have the Env and loved it and this is a welcome upgrade. I Will go ahead and get the negatives out of the way.

1.Speakers when closed( they use the same speakers as the inside of the phone so sound is muffled when watching tv closed or playing music closed)
2.Camera lag, When using the camera with the device closed the front screen will lag almost 2 seconds from when you click to take the picture and when it takes(The dealy is not bad if you open the phone to take pix)
3. I know touch is the new thing but I would have liked a scroll wheel or up and down button, kinda of crazy scrolling while driving(geting used to voice dial though

Now the pros..
1.This thing is sleek and feels good in your hands. The touch screen is fast and the menus are clear and easy to navigate through. screens are clear and easy to read
2. Camera, even though it lags the quality is outstanding, i printed a few pictures and was amazed at the quality
3. Mobile tv is awesome, if you have it in your area you have to try it, much better then I expected.
4.battery life is good, not as good as my env but since i am coming from a 8700 this is a huge improvement for me.
5.touch screen..they did a good job on this thing
6. Browser is great. I set it to text only because it will load faster then if you want picures only a couple clicks to change the view on the browser. FOR THOSE WHO SAY THE BROWSER IS AS SLOW AS THE IPHONE! You are full of it or have never used an iphone.
7. Expandable memory, removable battery, vcast, mp3, Most unlocked bluetooth available for a non pda on Verizon!, even comes with a data cable, 2mp camera, full keyboard.What more do you need? i could go all day about how great this thing is but I am out of space, Best Verizon phone out by far, Go check it out, just a few flaws kept me from giving a 5

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