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How it works! Voyager best phone I have ever had or seen!


Nov 22, 2007 by UNIQUEBLADE.COM

Touch sensitivity is only a problem, if you are a button pushing dinosaur. Here is how it works. Think of your finger as the left click button on your mouse. If you left click a folder it opens. If you left click that same folder, but hold in the left click button, the folder can be moved. It is that simple! The problem people are having is due to them letting off pressure after the initial press. Now that this has been cleared that up. The Voyager is completely awesome! I am in the central Florida area while using the phone and here is the breakdown of how it works after 10 hours of consistent use.

#1 Touch screen, Works perfectly after the above training.
#2 Mobile TV I had no idea what I was missing! No more boring time spent waiting in long lines or office waiting rooms.
#3 Dual screens! Two for the price of one and they are vibrant in color.
#4 VZNavigator has it all, just like my GPS system in the car.
#5 Every speaker is loud and clear.(Keep in mind they are tiny, so bass tones can't and won't be clear. Easy solution is to listen to Rock-N-Roll
#6 Internal qwerty keyboard (keys are easy to press without getting two for one)
#7 External qwerty touch keyboard (WOW) works flawlessly!
#8 HTML web browsing (amazing coming from a phone)
#9 8 gig memory card capable (need I say more?)
#10 Stereo Blue tooth capable (blue tooth work great)

#1 Unlock feature on the face of the phone can get bumped, while in the side holster and the phone will unlock. This feature is stupid! There is an unlock switch on the side, so I don't understand why the touch unlock feature was created at all. I tried to turn it off and I am 99% sure that it can't be.

#2 There will probably be a firmware update very soon. The software does lag from time to time, however it is few and far between. (could be me navigating the phone to fast)

In closing, buy this phone, it is worth the money and the cons will probably be resolved in a software update very soon.

A Great Multimedia Phone!


Nov 21, 2007 by bkw79

- Device looks good, and it's a nice size considering it has a full-keyboard(consider the style of the Sidekicks). Some people are complaining about the size, and even comparing it to the razor, pearl, and other small phones, which I think is pretty ridiculous, considering this phone is supposed to be larger for the large touch screen, and can't be as slim as the Iphone because it has a full qwerty keyboard. However, some people will not like it regardless. The size is relative to the large touchscreen and fold out keyboard, so some will like it, some will hate it. The camera is pretty good and has excellent features. The keyboard has well-spaced buttons, and it very easy to type with for me. The menus/UI is much improved on this phone, and looks good. Call quality has been great so far, as well as the TV service. VZ Navigator works and looks great and so does the Vcast Tv(mediaflo)

- It's great that the browser displays html pages pretty well, but it needs to have an easier method of navigating, and it would be better to have flash on it(but flash isn't a huge problem). The browser is much faster using the Optimized version. The touchscreen is intuitive and works great, until you need to scroll up or down on a particular screen, ex. contacts. It is actually kind of difficult to scroll up and down without mistakenly clicking the wrong item. However, I do like the ease of using the touch screen to navigate, and like the haptic feedback as well. The screens are nice and beautiful.

Overall, I like this device, but everyone needs to understand, that this is not an Iphone killer, it's an iphone competitor and really doesn't have the wow-factor that the Iphone has, but it has more features that I want, such as, 3G connectivity(tethering), GPS Navigation(not just maps), Mediaflo TV, mms, more bluetooth profiles, full qwerty keyboard, expandable memory, and removable battery. I am very pleased with mine so far.

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The Voyager is definately the Iphone Killer!


Dec 22, 2007 by msw04002

The Voyager has help up to all of the hype that it has gotten from Verizon. Believe it or not Verizon didnt screw this one up...I know everyone is probably saying "Verizon screws up every phone" well there are very few limitations on this phone and lets just be happy Steve Jobs isnt sending updates to our phones to stop the download of 3rd party software.

To this date these are the phones I have owned on Verizon:
Motorola T720
Motorola E815
Motorola Q
Motorola Razr Maxx
LG VX 8000
LG VX 8300
LG VX9800
LG VX9900
LG VX8550
Palm 700w

With that said I have had tons of phones and know what is good and what needs improvement. The only thing that dissapointed me about the voyager is the fact that you do not get a full keyboard to pop up when sending messages on the touch screen. Its a little sad but who really cares you have a huge QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips!

-Outstanding Screen Resolution (2 screens)
-QWERTY Keyboard
-2.0 mega pixel camera
-Comes with Verizon Music Software
-Feels small and lightweight
-Good Signal
-Highly Customizable
-Nice Haptic Response on the touch screen
-Can send MMS (sorry iphone)
-Fast web and cheaper data service then with the iphone
-Comes with data cable
-Loud ringers and call volume (those who are complaining need a hearing aid)

-Either give me a microSD card or put more memory in the phone...not too much to ask
-Sweet Phone, why not give me a stereo headset?
-VZ Navigator should be free if you buy Vcast
-Wish a keyboard popped up for messaging on the touch
-Battery life is eh...at best
-Touch could be a little more sensitive
-There has to be a better music software suite other than Verizons...

With that said I gave this a 5 because the cons were more me complaining because if I want accessories I have to pay for them and since I got the Voyager for $220 after rebate its no big deal since its not the $500 pricetag of the iphone...Overall this is a great phone and messaging device and definitely the best one that I had

Voyager-rific? You decide ...


Nov 28, 2007 by davidn

I've had the phone as most of you since it came out 11/21. That being said, here is my review ... This phone is a great phone, and I would agree with most of the comments pros and cons already reported. But for my personal take, it is a little on the larger size, but the Qwerty keyboard is great for texting and email. The touch screen is big and nice, and except for being a fingerprint magnet, it works pretty well, with little to few errors, and you can get used to the "pressure" sensitive scrolling action vs. the "touch" sensitive action on an Iphone. Except for the auto lock feature that seems to come on at the wrong times ... ie, having to access voice mail to put in your password, or needing to type extensions, etc. the touch screen works well. As for usage, I'm getting about 24hrs of standby, with 1hr 45min of talk time, with about 20+ texts, and about 9000kb data usage (which is about 15-20 minutes online). So all and all not too bad. You use it throughout the day, charge it at nite, and your good to go ... the above leaves you with about 1 bar before you need to re-charge! My only real problem with the phone is with the Internet browser. It's a little slow, but ok for a phone. But if you have AOL, it has a difficult time reproducing the site, both in the standard or optimized mode, and on the "connect" tab on the browser homepage, where you would direct link to your email, it won't work at all. Supposedly Verizon and LG are aware of it? And they blame each other, and say they have no idea about a fix. But if your on any other service, Yahoo, MSN, etc. it seems to work fine. (I think it has to do with "ActiveX") All in all though, this is a very good phone, not perfect, but what is? But for the $15 Vpak and unlimited Internet vs. $25 for the BB or $45 for Windows ... it's the best non-smartphone/multimedia phone Verizon has to offer! If the AOL feature worked right, I'd give it a 4.5, and if it had the touch screen of the Iphone, I'd rate it even higher!

worth the wait


Nov 22, 2007 by ja

it is def a nice phone- took a lil getting used to out of the box, but once you are used to it, the phone is great. was able to go out and add new contacts on the touch screen with no problem, texting on the outside is very easy as well.

-touch screen
-easy to use once adjusted to it
-html browser
- just about everything

Cons:(not many)
-no speakerphone when it is closed
-no flash
-unlock button on touch screen- i have not had any problems with the phone unlocking YET, but i wish there was a little better protection
- you will play with the touchscreen when you should probably be getting work done (it is pretty cool)

Extremely Overrated - Poor Quality


May 16, 2008 by amglori

I am extremely surprised to see so many glowingly positive reviews on this phone. I upgraded from the LG "V" phone to this one with very high expectations. I was sorely disappointed.

It obviously boils down to expectations: Yes, the Voyager is a very flashy phone that will get lots of attention. But when it comes to quality for the price and its functionality, the phone is seriously lacking.

I bought the phone when it was first released so I've had it for several months. My first major complaint is that the touch screen is "bubbling" and peeling away. Great quality there! I've also had the screen lock up on me. I've had the phone shut-off and restart during the middle of a phone call (on full battery).

I honestly can't wait to get rid of this phone.

- The "feedback" from the touch screen is great (the one advantage this phone has over the iPhone, in my opinion).
- Sleek and flashy (impress your friends!)
- Works well with my bluetooth headset

- Frequent issues with random shutdown/restart and freezing up
- Camera is painfully slow
- Screen scratches *extremely* easily (buy a case!!) and bubbles/separates

Overall I think this phone is extremely overrated, which I hate to say because I've been a big fan of LG cell phones for many years. The quality (or lack there of!) that you get for the price just isn't worth it.

Best phone I've ever had..


Nov 22, 2007 by jtc411

Coming from a Motorola q9m this phone is leaps and bounds ahead of the the q9. I picked this phone up yesterday after going to 3 stores and finally finding it available. Initially I didn't like some things about the phone, however the more I played with it the more I learned how to use it(mainly the touchscreen).

HTML browser is AWESOME and no need for a data plan.
Tv is awesome, worth every last penny
Touchscreen is awesome
For the first time, stereo bluetooth sounds great with my music.
Qwerty keyboard
Vz navigator.
Many more...

Cant listen to music while doing other things even text messaging:(
No speakers on the outside of the phone.

Overall this phone is the best I've ever used and I've used several pda's/pocket pc's and basic phones.

I recommend this phone to anyone who is interested in the qualities this phone has to offer.



Dec 10, 2008 by teekarex

This phone is the ideal texting phone for teenagers everywhere. A great Phone with many fun features and an amazing camera. I don't know if this is a good business phone. It can work as a business phone but i mostly recommend it for a texting phone. It's a little bulky so if you care about the size, I won't recommend it. It's a great phone and i plan on having for quite some time. Great Phone and I love it.

Overall a great phone


Feb 19, 2008 by KSB

First off I am not going to compare this phone to the iPhone. It is not and never will be the iPhone, so let’s review what it is and not what it is not.

I need a phone for a phone first. All the other bells and whistles are fine after the fact. Do not need web browsing, email or IM. If that was the case I might have went to a PDA or Blackberry. So I will not touch on any of those items either.

Was a little disappointed with the battery life when I first purchased the phone. My 8300 would last for many days before I would have to charge it. Was getting one day out of my Voyager. But, silly me I was texting (because it was much easier for me now) almost 3 times as much as before. So overall the battery is good (not great) on this phone.

Some people have stated they were having problems with the response of the touch screen but I have not. I had my Voyager flashed with version 7 firmware and it works great. Love the touch screen and now I can change the shortcut icons.

For those that have never had a QWERTY keyboard before you are in for a treat. Love it. Makes it much easier for me to send text messages. Don’t think I could ever go back to a non-QWERTY keyboard again.

The bluetooth (with my Jawbone), reception and call quality have been excellent. No complaints what so ever. The size of the phone is ok. It’s a little bigger than what I am used to because I keep it in my pocket. Would recommend purchasing the Body Glove case for protection. Adds a little more bulk, but worth it to me for the extra protection.

Overall the phone is a great phone. Looks, quality, reception, features, screens and cool factor all add up to a nice phone. If you want an iPhone, PDA or Blackberry don’t look here. But if you want a great phone with some bells and whistles this might be the one for you.



Feb 16, 2008 by ldlyte

I got this phone the first week it came and i love this phone. See the thing that u need to remember about the Voyager its not a PDA. Its a regular phone, not a smartphone. I think thats were people are actually getting it confused as. The phone is great. The internet broswer is great if u wanna pay $25 a month, but that includes the TV which is awesome. The phone takes pictures just like a digital camera. I love the touch screen. This is way better than the last phone i had the razor II. I love the keyboard. I also love the silicone covers they came out 4 the phone. Mine is pink and every were i go people are always asking what kind of phone i have. I guess it makes it stand out and protects your phone at the same time. I also bought the 8g memory card. I have so much storage on that cards it crazy. I can print any pic i take on my phone to a digital photo printer its crazy. No more standing in line waitin 4 yo pics to be developed. I recently purchased the carrying case 4 this phone and i love it. Its the black dooney and burke. It can hold my ID, credit cards. money and my phone, plus it has a wrist holder. I mean what else can i ask 4. I love this phone. So anybody thinking about getting this phone go 4 it. To all yo hater keep doin yall job.

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