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its a good phone


Nov 26, 2009 by pookycookie

i would have to say i love this phone it didnt give me any problems it was faithful and bad thing about this phone not enough memory i am a wallpaper picture keeper person and i have to say if they are to make a razor phone with a camara keep in mind need more storage space its important, remember the pack rats, need more room to store our treasures

Simple Phone


Oct 20, 2009 by mikeygaga

I got my Razr V3a in July of this year. I like the design of the phone. I dislike the plastic battery cover though. The phone screen scratches easily. There is not many great features about this phone. Which I mostly only text but I find myself on talking on the phone more often these days. The cell phone has horrible talk time. I can have my phone fully charged and then get on the phone to talk to somebody and have it die within an hour. Texting on the other hand, the battery can last me around three days. The internet is slow. It does not come with any good ringtones or background. Texting can get slow sometimes. I've had my phone freeze up on me a few times, but nothing I can't deal with. Overall the phone is OK, if you only use your phone for talking and text and have a nack for a stylish phone this would be a good pick for you. Other then talking and texting the phone is nothing special.

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got and so far love the v3m


Sep 11, 2009 by narn3049

I had the 3588i for sprint for nearly 5 years since it came out, and then I decided it was time for an upgrade. Being my firend had this phone i got it from him and switched from my nokia 3588i to this.... great phone so far.

EHHH...It varys.


May 27, 2009 by Jackson10

The reason i say this is because I've has four...Haha.

When I had cingular I have a razr when they first came out. I really did like it, it was sharp looking. However it looked good motorola fell short in the perfomance of the phone. I've never been a big motorola fan to begin with, always loved LG much more but I figured I'd try something different. The cingular version it was hard to hear the other person. Also it felt very fragile, I was paranoid to drop it because it felt like it was going to break just by holding it in my hand.

The verizon version i had two,, when I switched carriers I wanted to keep the Razr because I liked the look of Verizons V3m. It was a bit of an upgrade from the other razr, and a downgrade at the same time. The camera was alot better with the V3m because it was a 1.3 megapixel not just a VGA. However they made it much cheaper, they didn't use the aluminum they used for the other models this was made of plastic.

Both models were very slow, they always lagged behind. Making it harder to text because it wouldn't read what I was typing in. I guess it's a good phone if you want to stay with the style, but if you're looking for a phone that will make phone calls and have a few nice features I'd go with LG.

The good and sturdy


Mar 14, 2009 by veriZon man 1

This phone is awsome. So far its worked out great for me. Its got a great camra with great color effects. The phones battery lasts long. Its got the numbers really big. It has a long inbox which can recieve 20 through 50 texts. what I mean by that is that its a great phone for texting. You can send 15 second flixs (videos). The tools are great. It has a calender and reminds you when programed events are about to happen. It also has a alarm clock and world clock. The tools also include a note pad and calculator. So all i am trying to say that this phone is awsome. P.S. Its super durable. I probably dropped it a millon times.

the razr


Mar 13, 2009 by crimsonsai

i got this phone from cricket about 2 months ago, when i first got it i was terrified that something was going to go wrong. then my battery started to die on me really fast 20min conversation would almost kill. although it does stay on its last battery bar for a long time. then i just said ill give it some time...sure enough after a few charges it keep a better charge. ive even forgotten 2 charge it quite a few times and it last the whole day and a day after that! the phone does everything u want it to. text call quality is pretty good. i would like my speaker phone to be louder..i luv em REALLY LOUD. cricket razr does not come with a video cam!! but i like it. itll suit me for now

Better Than You Would Think!


Mar 5, 2009 by placasp1210

When I first put my SIM card in this phone I got worried about it because of the rumors but they are all WRONG. This phone is one of the best phones I've ever had!

Extremely fast camera
Good battery life
Holds a lot of memory
Very thin
Huge keyboard (not qwerty)
Very nice speaker phone
Very clear during calls
Goes on silent

Not MP3 player
Not a qwerty phone

This phone is defiantly worth every penny! And to show how amazing this phone is, just look at a lot of people on the street. They still have that phone. I defiantly recommend it to anyone!

V3a .... Stinks


Feb 9, 2009 by safetyspeaking

I have been using a V3m for two years and my wife has been using her original LG. I have been trying to get to update and finally, after seeing the latest Alltel promo where she could get it for about $3.00 after another 2 yrs commit she agreed. Boy ... was that a mistake. She liked my V3m and the features and I have been happy with it. Similar to a famous politician quote: V3a you are not a V3m! What a piece of junk with few features. It only took one day to find out you cannot bluetooth to anything but a bluetooth ear piece. IT WON'T ... recognize another phone, sync to a computer so you can get the contacts AND if you send a message with a ringtone, it stores it ... but who knows where? You can't call it up when you want to assign it to a contact, even though you see it in the "sounds" in the media gallery. Somehow I was able to get some pictures transferred to it but I don't know exactly how. I have a cable but it won't link to my iMac so I cannot do anything with it there. The computer cannot recognize it! It has much less memory than the V3m and will not accept a chip. The sales clerk didn't even realize it wouldn't bluetooth until I took it back the next day and tried it with her phone. OOPS! She has been doing this for years and was surprised and disappointed to find out the truth. Of course, she would sell me a upgrade of the V3m for $200.00 buck but that wan't going to happen. At this point my wife is leaning to getting back her LG and forgetting the whole mess. WELCOME TO VERIZON .. is all I can say! Our problem is we are stuck with Alltel since none of the others have towers in the "boonies" of S/W MO where we live. DON'T FALL FOR THE FREE PHONE TRICK. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

bad phone


Dec 22, 2008 by caleb007

this phone is terrible there are so many problems i cant even name then all

not really any

bad camera
bad reception
slow messaging
freezes daily
bad battery life
sd card under battery
slow navigation
slow internaet
and so many more i'm tired of listing already



Dec 1, 2008 by rwd402

My Razor V3-C had an untimely death, and went to the Alltel outlet to purchase phone, only to find out Alltel does not market the V3-C any longer.

The only choice in similiar phone as the V3-C was the V3-A. There is no comparsion in quality of the two phones.

The good thing is the same charger, and same software that I have on my computer works on both models, but after that its downhill.

I miss numerous calls, drop calls that never did with the V3-C. I despise the Celltop on the phone and not being able to remove it.

I would not recommend this phone to my worst enemey. The V3-A is pure junk. I am returning this phone to the store after having for a week.

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