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Very nice to own a RAZR


Dec 31, 2009 by Exavier

I have had my Straight Talk Motorola RAZR V3a for about three months now and it has been a wonderful phone so far.
I especially like the ultra thin design and the flat keypad, I am amazed at how sturdy the flip phone is considering it's thinness.
The screen lights up well and the sound quality on calls is very good. The speaker phone is loud but the people say they can hear that they are on speaker which is not so good.
I think the best thing about getting the Straight Talk Razr is savings because I have unlimited minutes, texts/mms and data for $45 per month which is half what I would pay for the same thing on contract. The signal strength is also good because it runs on Verizon's network nationwide.

Great Phone


Dec 30, 2009 by jerrystacker85

I've been using the Motorazr V3a as a prepaid phone with straight talk, a plan offered by Verizon. The phone has been nothing but a reliable piece of electronic equipment. The phone has all the basic features a phone today ought to have without getting complicated. The reception is crystal clear, coverage is extensive with Verizon's network, and battery life is rather long. Texting is simple and buttons are easy to press, especially since I have an unlimited talk/text plan for $45/mo. plus 30 mb of data. Web surfing is easy, just enter your URL and you're there. The phone is durable and hasn't broken even though I've dropped it many times. Great phone.

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Same as the 'T-Mobile' version


Dec 12, 2007 by 80sMetalMania

This phone was accidentally reviewed under the W490 - please disregard.

I love the V3 Razr and have been using it since the very first one that was released through Cingular. The phone is so compact that I wouldn't trade for anything else. I can put this in my back [jean] pocket and go about my daily routines and still does not get in the way whatsoever.

I've recently reinstated a two year term and got another Razr from T-Mobile, but unlike my previous version, this one was a bit disappointing - mainly in the construction. All my excitements went down the tube when I opened the box and discovered that the battery door was made out of soft, cheap, thin and bendable plastic (instead of aluminum metal). Also, the keypads were poorly assembled leading to sticky keys one after another. I sent the one back to receive another one with the same issue but this time, on different keys. One of the the keypad hinges from the inner battery compartment bulged out a bit on one side affecting the battery to pop out a bit more leaving a slight gap and an uncomfortable feel when certain keys are pressed (resulting the battery door to snap back and forth because of the gap). The outer LCD panel assembly was not flush, leaving one side sticking out more than the other side caving in. The keypad towards the bottom wasn't flush either leaving a 'bucktooth' effect.
Besides that, the phone was pretty much crippled by the carrier leaving only the basics. The absent of an 'analog clock' and mm/dd/yyyy calendar display option was most essential until the carrier completely wiped it out.

-Thin and light
-Great reception
-Nice big screen

-Plastic battery door cover
-Keypad is sticky due to bad assembly
-Software crippled by carrier
-Bad video quality (shouldn't even include this)
-The V3 Razr quality has diminished greatly since its released.

I still rate my original 'GPRS' silver V3 Razr a five star compared to this newer one!



Nov 25, 2007 by LSA

The worst phone I have ever owned. I have found that alot of Alltel so called service reps don't know what they are talking about. Called a few times about the phones evdo capability 3 to be exact and 2 said it has evdo and only 1 got it right. I think Alltel should do the right thing, let people trade them in with no penalty.

Not What is Expected out of a Razor


Aug 8, 2007 by Alltel80624

I have had the oppertunity to play around with this phone and I am not impressed at all. Motorola has taken out the expandable memory, cut the camera down to a VGA, removed the EVDO capabilities, and pulled the MP3 player. Basically they took everything that made the V3M stand out and threw it all away. Sygnal strength of this phone is not as good as my V3C or my V3M. Also there is a problem with the alarm clock. It is easily fixed by master reseting and master clearing the phone. The problem with this is loosing all of your phone numbers. The phone feels very cheap being made out of more plastic than the V3M and V3C. The only Pro I have found with this phone is the color. Alot of Alltel customer's have been waiting for a black razor. It just so happens that this razor is basically a KX16 on steroids.



Dec 3, 2007 by sidekickslideman

this phone is so bad. when i first got i felt like i wanted to throw it out the window but luckily it broke the same day. that is how fragile it is. it has horrible sound. so when people play music it sounds all muffled. also the camera could be better. so over all, i recomend that you do not buy this piece of trash.



Apr 1, 2008 by nellybelly411

About a year ago, I got this phone in the coral pink color. I loved the slick and thin appearance, but it resulted in wearing the battery out more and the screen freezing up. I just recently got the ENV and I love it! I am a huge texter and I noticed the difference in speed. The RAZR is slow, but very big and easy to hold....as well as the ENV. The RAZR has an ok speaker but doesn't have great features. Everyone that I know who has it, says they don't really like it. I think it is ok....I hear it is the worst phone from Motorolla, but it takes great pix. I would go with the ENV. I absolutely love it!!!! XOXOX.

Infamous Razr


Mar 30, 2008 by Soulauna

My warranty is over soon

its the same as everybodys elses phone cause
Does the same crap every other phone does
Scratches easily
Slow internet
Crappy aplications
Crappy Games
Crappy Camera\video
Alarm clock hardy ever go's off
Crappy wallpapers
Crappy themes
Crappy skins
Gay ringtones
Bad graphics
no touchscreen
I still have 9 month till waranty is up.

What happened here?


Mar 14, 2008 by motoguy75

I'm a moto fan, but i've never been a fan of flip phones. I had V3m for a while before I got my slvr and it was ok. My girlfriend wanted a razr and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, so I got her V3a..... then returned it next day.

-thin phone
-nice styling
-lower price

-vga camera
-no mp3s
-no memory card slot
-looks like an imitation

Basically, this is for people who want a razr, but can't afford the real one.

V3a...YOU MUST BE JOKING!! Loser phone!!!!!


Dec 26, 2007 by dazyjayne

I lost my v3m in the snowstorm a few days ago, so I went right up to Alltel to get another Razr, as all my accessories are for the v3 razr. I didn't want to start all over replacing chargers, batteries, face plates, software, etc.
The only thing they had was the v3a. I was not impressed to find out about no extra memory card (my lost one has a gig card in it...boohoo).
I bought the darn thing anyway....STUPID MOVE ON MY PART!
I don't know where to start....I hate everything about it! No extra memory space, no MP3, there is absolutely nothing on it to brag about! What limited amount of tones, are lousy, can hardly hear any of the built in ringers....my v3m rung louder than this new one.
Left soft key on mine cannot be changed to what I want there, as they think Celltop is so important that it dominates left soft key.
To be fair I am trying to think of a PRO...hmmm....guess it still looks likes a razr. That's about as good as it gets!
Way to go Motorola....V3A is JUNK!!!
What was wrong with the better Razrs?
Why wouldn't Motorola put out improved products, instead of trying to take us back to the dark ages, took all the good and fun out of the razr....my opinion, of course!
I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone!
I will most likely return my v3a, and dump motorola, like I feel they did to all the razr fans! What a big let down!
While I am at it, I wonder if it bothers anyone else that Motorola chooses how long your backlight/keypad stays lit...I get a whopping 20 seconds tops...please!
I think all phones should be capable of continuous lighting if desired! I need mine on all the time just to see! And it should be MY choice if I want to use up my battery faster, using the lights!
Sorry I sound so negative, but I feel burned by the Moto, and the sting is still fresh! OUCH! My bad for buying!
Hope this can save someone else the time and trouble....Find another phone....ANY phone, just buyer beware of the razr v3a!!

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