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Motorola RAZR V3a / V3s


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Incredibly bad phone


Feb 23, 2008 by houndog37

To make a long story short.......I went through 5 Motorola V3a phones in 6 months and I'm one of those who takes exteremly good care of my phone. Everything from battery problems to defective phones. Numerous battery problems, power cycles, vibration failure, keypad backlight failure, and so on, however, Alltel did make it right and replaced my phone each time with no problems. I cant blame them. Love my Alltel support. After the 3rd mail-in phone they replaced with a Krzr Km1 and now I am a happy camper again. Alltel rocks!



Feb 14, 2008 by motorolagman

The best phone ever it has a camera,camcorder,picture messaging its packed with awesome features.

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Feb 12, 2008 by dipebrei

I have read alot of people on here telling people they should have done their homework b4 buying this. Well, I knew this was a simple phone with out extras. Fine with me, it was a lot cheaper than my other razr too. I have had to take this in twice in less than four months. They sent me a knew one after the first one kept shutting itself off. Now, my new one's screen keeps messing up. Alltel ran an 'update' on it to 'fix' the problems. Obviously lower quality than the other RAZRS but more importantly the basics DO NOT WORK. There are known issues about this phones battery and reception (hence the reason for the update) also doesn't work well when plugged into the computer. Alltel needs to recall this phone and give us all a phone that works...They won't let me exchange even though I have had probs since the first few weeks I owned it. I am prob. going to switch phone carriers over this and NEVER buy another Motorolla again. They came out with this to make it more affordable for people who liked the look of the RAZR. Good idea, however, the phone still needs to make calls etc....
Ok, the only thing I can think to say good about this phone is that it looks cute. Otherwise, a total rip off.

Didnt like it that much


Feb 8, 2008 by nworb_213

After having the Razr V3 for a few months I got tired of the dropped calls, poor sound quality, and the picture wasnt that great. I got this phone after people were saying how great it was, I dont know if the phone was defective, but I wouldnt give this phone to my worst enemy!

What Do You Want?


Feb 5, 2008 by truelove

If you have done your homework before purchasing, you know that the razr come in many different flavors: v3m v3i v3c and many others. Each version of the Razr offers more features.

This is a basic razr version and the least expensive. I give it 4.5 stars. I like everything about it. I took off half a star because I am unsure about the battery life. For making calls, real ringtones, wallpapers, and bluetooth. This phone is great!

flashy phone with ALL the bells and whistles


Feb 1, 2008 by dejonfrombuffalo

First off i am using the v3a on the Cricket network and i have to say this is the best phone i haved ever owned......what i like about this phone is that it has all the basic features like....calling, voice mail, texting......yeah thats great but it has so much more that you come to expect from a razr.

Pros: excellent call quality
very nice camera phone especially for a vga
mobile web
download videos wallpapers and ringtones
picture and video messaging
crisp, large, and clear screen

Cons: battery issues

this phone was a total rip


Dec 31, 2007 by mookie29

well i bought a red v3a razr about a month ago and i absoluetly hate it at i had a v3m red razr from sprint and it was fantastic but the v3a has not been so great it has sever cons and just a few pros the pros are it supports tranferrable and recievable ringtones and the cons are theres no expandable memory slot, doesnt have a mp3 player,drops alot of calls doesnt ring loud enough for you to hear it if its in a case or in your pocket so it has to be on vibrate for you to no if it rings the key pad ont he phone makes marks on the screen and its just not wat i ive had better phones such as the samsung hue and the razr just sucks to me

Hey I loved the phone at first too!


Oct 5, 2007 by bhagen

I work at a cellular phone store and i was a razor lover along with everyone else BUT THEY ARE JUNK! there is a cable in the circit board in the phone that comes detatched! i went throughg four of them in one year!!! working in my industry i have a broken razor come in almost every other day with the same problem Come on motorola you can do better

best "Phone" i ever had


Mar 2, 2009 by jaydani

Anyone who wants a phone for a phone, the v3a razr is an excellent durable cell phone. I see a lot of complaints here about this phone and people talking about ring tones, lack of memory cards and such - that doesn't bother me because I use my razr as what it was ment to be used for, a cell phone nothing more. It works, it looks like original razr and even though it's actually a pretty old phone, I found nothing to beat it and purchased 2 more for the kids. Mine is almost 2 yrs old now and so far, no problems. I feel like captain kirk on the communicator;)

Very good simple phone for what it was meant to be used for... a compact mobile phone.

Sleek Phone With Pro and Cons


May 25, 2008 by boiWonder12

Well I have received this phone in the beginning of May of 2008. This is my upgrade to the Nokia 2865i from metroPCS. This phone in all is good but with its cons

Video Camera with 4x zoom and with effects
The video quality is magnificent
MP3 mode
Bright Resoultion Screen
Sleek Keypad
Flip(of course)
Thin design
When the phone is on Speaker while during a call You can flip the phone down and still continue the conversation.
Large amount of memory compared to my old Nokia 2865i
USB Port on the side used as a charger and for sync.
Also with Full range Bluetooth
Bluetooth Profiles: Headset, OBEX OBJECT PUSH PROFILE
The internet is faster

No Radio
No MP4
No Megapixel, the VGA Camera Is not even worth using
Pictures with large memory won't fit on this phone
Not loud enough, the speaker only goes up to seven
The Battery goes out quick
The bluetooth headset is not in use when songs play as it did on my Nokia 2865i, only because it is not capable of the Bluetooth headset profile A2DP which is Stereo Bluetooth
The screen and the keypad gets greasy quick
The phone its self gets scratches quickly
This phone's internal antenna is not durable due to the fact of my drop calls from metroPCS, but on my Nokia 2865i it didn't drop That many calls as this one does.
No airplane mode.
The gallery format is redundant, it does not have folders you may place your folders in, also the songs and videos
This phone does not have java script neither java mobile for it to receive applications or games
You can't record as set as a ringtone

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