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Motorola RAZR V3a / V3s


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Dec 21, 2007 by rocker3800

Phone looks real nice but is a cheap knockoff the the original razr. I did not know this at the time of buying the phone. Used it 3 days and returned it for a Samsung Hue. I LOVE THE HUE!!!!

Dont waste your money on this razr!!

Not Impressed at all!!!!!!


Dec 18, 2007 by Alltel92775

I purchased the Razr V3a on 12/15 and returned it on 12/16. I was unaware that this phone is an upgrade from the Moto v262. I presently have a Moto E815, and will keep my old phone until it passes into cellular heaven. I thought the V3a felt cheap. My husband told me that I sounded like I was speaking through a tin can. I was not told that this is NOT an EVDO phone. (caps for emphasis and abbreviations only) The functionality of the phones were different. There are different options in the settings and personalize menus. The "select" and "back" options are backwards from my E815. (these might be specific to my carrier) There is no micro SD slot. I presently have a 2 gig card in my E815. The camera was o.k., but that's about the best I can say. The 8 and 9 keys got stuck the same day I purchased the phone. I have learned my lesson. If I have any problems at all, I bring the phone back immediately. I am so very disappointed with Motorola. Why would a phone of such low quality be released to the public? I am definitely disappointed in my carrier for agreeing to carry this piece of junk. It's a pseudo Razr for those that want the look of the Razr without the price. If it had been billed as an upgrade to the Moto V262 and V265, I would have felt better about the phone, had less expectations, and would have waited to get something I really wanted. I did return the phone, but am still waiting on my refund and had to go through all the hassles of going into the store a second time during the holidays.

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Can't get it right


Dec 13, 2007 by mtr999

I know by heart all of reviews here on the V3a, I totally agree with you all, Moto is canibalizing its own flesh by making such product so low and inferior in quality to other big names. Instead of improving it, get a 2 megpix or some flash and some QUALITY piece of material into the V3 lineup, they just eat themselves up, now 10 of 10 people that I talked to will never buy razr again. They make razr 2 so unaffordable, try to make them like beamer of cell phone but hello, if people can't afford or own, where is dough for moto? No wonder, moto is falling big gap to no 3. and there is no end in sight, LG & BB are maddeningly crazy gaining grounds even in usa, so what? We just have to put up with shoddy razr for little bit longer? big different.

For people who's major concern about a cell phone is the phone itself


Jul 20, 2008 by nostalgiascape

This is a sharp and effective phone for people who aren't caught up in the gadget craze. It looks good, works better, and has a few bells and whistles to make the average consumer happy. Bottom line, reliable.

Motorola RAZR V3a


May 25, 2008 by jody475

Good phone! Everyone says its bad, but its not! THe only problem is when the buttons get a little wet, the stop working... but overall, verry good phone!!!

Pretty good phone


Aug 5, 2010 by logens_mommy0928

I enjoyed the phone and the features. But don't ever get it the least bit wet. I had just a little bit of water on my hand, touched the keypad, and my keys never worked again. :( 1 week into having the phone

v3a issues


Jun 26, 2010 by popabytch

this phone did ok for the first 2 months i had it. along came the third month. suddenly i wasnt able to access the internet, my pictures arent downloading properly, and im not recieving my texts and ringtones anymore. my signal bar used to constantly be full also, now its down to just 2 bars everywhere i go. the battery has severe issues too. i can charge my phone for 10 hours, and still the battery only lasts in total 4-5 hours. here it is now, ive had this phone for almost a year in novemeber and i cant get anyone on the customer service hotlines who knows what theyre doing or what to do even. i understand that the phone has been discontinued, but that shouldnt mean their knowlege of it or its history has to go also. i do not reccomend this phone to anyone. this is the worst 100.00 i've ever spent !!!

(Simple) But Good


Jun 3, 2010 by Jman3312

The phone is really good I like the fact that it has video also the large screen is a nice feature you might have to buy some ringtones though camera is ok not the best all in all its a simple phone with simple features but it can take a beating I have had it for 2 and a half years and it has been thrown and so much more so if you want a simple easy to use hard to break phone the Razr V3 is for you.

Surpised and Impressed


Mar 28, 2010 by ljeanbeans

I've had this phone for 2 1/2 years. I got it because it came free with my alltel contract, and I haven't ever really cared about features, that's what pcs are for. Phones are for talking.
I felt that I had to do a review, even though I'm shopping for a new phone, because I just put this phone through the wash. Put the battery back in it, the covers bent. It powered up without a pause even though the screen got water in it. Amazing soldier phone.
My phone came with MP3 player in the operating system I have never used, I bought a usb and program to use it as a modem and download my address book - way too slow. CDMA only, it has decent internet access - which I don't use.
My husband has the same phone and he uses the mp3 and ringtones and games more. I think he likes this phone more than I do.

Pros: Thin, Fits anywhere, Clamshell, Extremely Sturdy, Stylish, Easy navigation, great volume

Cons: Poor camera, boring themes and ringtones, short talk with charge

outstanding Phone


Dec 31, 2009 by Alex000

I got my son this phone from straight talk and he loves it. He's always talking on it to someone.

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