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Nov 3, 2008 by Steve M

This phone has been one of the best phones ive ever had. for your average flip phone Its great for texting, and the call quality is very good as well. But i have to say the best thing about this phone is that no matter how old this phone gets its always going to be one of the coolest, sleek, stylish looking phones you can get.



Sep 28, 2008 by tyran96

great phone

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Consent Problems


Jul 27, 2008 by apple323

I would never recommend this phone. Within the first month of owning it I had multiple dropped calls and "failed call" messages. After many sessions of troubleshooting, phone replacement and new Sim card, problem never went away. Usually after the phone replacement I would get at least 30 days of good working but after my third replacement, problems started within the first week. I know it is not the service as I experienced problems with making calls next to another tmobile customer who was able to make calls just fine but i couldn't "failed call". So finally after three replacements, tmobile has made it right and is replacing it, not with the same phone but a new make and model. Thanks tmobile for doing the right thing. Especially since I haven't even been on this contract a year yet.

I love it


Jun 17, 2008 by kitsune_sunset

I personally have not had a problem with the phone's battery life. I'm on a prepaid account throught alltel, and the only true problem i have had with this phone is that the first one glitched and would just flash. This happened 9 days after my DOA period, and they happily gave me a brand new one for free.

I knew what i was getting when i got it, knowing full well that there was no slot for a memory card, and limited bluetooth abilities. Meaning, if someone tries to bluetooth you some ringtones, you can store them on your phone, but you can't use them as ringtones.

I am a little disappointed in the fact that the left soft key is unchangeable, but i can deal.

Other than that, I would recommend this phone to other people.

Great Phone, but battery sucks


Jun 14, 2008 by heather871

I bought my razr v3a brand new 3 days ago, and all it took to kill the battery today was 8 hours of standby and about an hour of talk time. That was after it had been FULLY charged and with NO text messaging. Im pretty bummed that im already dealing with battery issues 3 days in but other than that, i love it. Oh, and also, i HATE this Celltop bullcrap they have already installed on the phone. Theres an entire button on my phone dedicated to something that just wants to charge me more money.

I was completely cheated...


Jun 8, 2008 by killmeimbill

This is probably the worst phone I have ever owner, actually, scratch that, it IS the worst phone I ever owned. The reception and battery life were terrible as was the screen after about 2 months of owning it. Also the camera was awful, the pictures were either too "muddy" and dark or so bright you couldn't tell what the picture was of. The "flip" wore out quickly. In the 6 month (that is 6 months too many) period that I owned it I had to have the phone replaced 7 times because of various hardware and software issues. There are so many software problems with this phone that there is not enough room to list them here but I will cover a few of the major ones. If the phone is turned off and plugged in and then you unplug it the phone will not turn on until you either pull the battery out or plug it back in. When I had the phone in my pocket it would "randomly" call people (also if it was in my pocket on a summer day it would over heat, this led to the death of 2 of my RAZRs). The battery meter also jumped around quite a bit making it very hard to tell how full your battery actually was. If you want to buy a super-thin and stylish phone do not buy this phone (or any other RAZR for that matter) unless you want your phone to not work...ever.

Longest lasting phone in Magnolia,AR


Jun 3, 2008 by badcad16

I work at an Alltel store in Magnolia, Ar and let me tell you that this phone is the best!!!! I haven't had to repair a single one! Those LGs,Blackberrys,and Samsungs are what you would call JUNK! I get at least three of each brand every day, but I haven't had one V3a yet! I decided to get one of my own in November of 2007 and mine still works like its brand-new.So what if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles-I've noticed that the more a phone has, the shorter its life-span is. All in all, the Motorola Razr V3a is one of the greatest phones made.
Great Going Motorola!

PROs-great reception,extremely rare repairs,last very long,awesome speakers,bright and colorful screen,calendar,datebook,alarm,camera,video.

CONs-No extra memory slot.

Loved it while it worked properly (48hrs)


Mar 15, 2008 by Kalyann1

Pros: It's pleasing to the eye. Soft Smooth, Pretty Phone. Large Screen, Large keys. But even in the Pros...that's all it is...Pretty. Not useful at all.

Cons: Battery life is extremely short. Dropped calls. Button response is slow.
Materials used are low quality.
Overpriced for what it delivers. Screen visibility is very poor in the sunlight.
Built in camera shots look like cartoons. Matching the charger to the phone is like fitting pieces to a puzzle. Extremely wide. Motorola should have called it a folder, not a razor.

Well I loved this phone for about 48hrs.
Immediately I began to have dropped calls, The battery life was horrible. The resin that holds the numbers in began to peel leaving the keys exposed to moisture. Moisture is not generally covereed by the protectvive plans we usually purchase.

The phones I'd had in the passed have always been the really "cheap" phones you get for practically nothing when you sign or re-sign your contract and I never had problems like these. I splurged on this phone and willl never do it again. Had this phone for 3 months before it completely fell apart. The phones I've had in the past I had for 2-3 years at a time with no problems. Really, I'm not hard on my phones, this one is just a piece of junk I expected to get what I paid nonetheless I was very disappointed.

Yes this phone is pretty, but it's a pretty piece of junk. Motorola regressed on this one. The phone before this was much better. You should fire the creator of this horror. Really. After owning a Motorola phone of such poor quality, I've advised my financial planner to keep my portfolio away from Motorola stock. I don't want to be homeless.

Motorola RAZR battery problems


Feb 23, 2008 by thomas34461usa

I have been using my Motorola RAZR for a few years now. Had to replace the phone once before because of moisture problems. They say when the white dot becomes red it is damage because of being near water. Again the phone has experience the problem with moisture and is not working at top performance. It seems to me if the makers of the RAZR, Motorola knew that it would be acceptable to moisture problems they shouldn’t have called it a RAZOR!!! Can’t use the phone when its damaged and heck, it doesn’t even cut my beard!



Feb 23, 2008 by trz103

not very good battery life, decent amount of software issues. however it does get excellent signal/service.

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