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to all of you who look at this fone and everything about it and think "ooo this fone is sooo kewl!" PLEASE read B4 you buy!


Apr 21, 2010 by in2theunknown

i cant deny the fact that i hate this fone. as ive read a few reviews, i agree with the qwerty keyboard making texting easier. this is true. i honestly cant think of any other pros for it. heres the cons i have found after owning the black one:

1. the fone randomly turns off for no reason
2. the fone turns off 75% of the time DURING a text
3. it also turns off when you're just simply doing something
4. the speakers ain't that good
5. sometimes it'll turn off when i slide the keyboard out
6. the keyboard works ok for the first few wks, but being me an avid texter, the keys dont always respond and i have to press them over and over. its sooo slow too. and even through fighting with it to make a word, it may decide turn off
7. when you make a typo, you use the back button on the keyboard to delete your letter. be careful tho, just pressing the button can cause the entire text to erase
8. also, but as this is true with 85% of all fones, the buttons on the side that control volume can get annoying, as how when its in your pocket or purse, etc, the buttons can get hit, sometimes causing it to go to silent mode (which has happened, causing missed calls and texts)
9. when your setting an alarm, it wont ring unless the fone is on ringer. if you put the fone on vibrate (like say to go to bed but you need an alarm), the alarm will not ring. it will vibrate. ive searched all over the fone and manual for a solution. theres not one
10. the battery life aint that great either.

overall, this just aint a good fone to have. in my opinon, if your an avid texter, this isnt the fone for you (tho it does have the keyboard, think about all the problems it has). i figure one reason the keyboard insists on screwing up is overusage. strange that, being how this fone is "the texters best friend"

people, dont waste your time on this fone. yea it may be great the first month you get it, but just wait. in time, you'll come to realize the truth.

Works for me(:


Apr 1, 2010 by jessiekido

Ive had this fone for like a year almost and its an allrite fone.. The textinqq is allrite its fast for me but sometimes i dont receive 2 paqe messages at the same time... The camera is allrite it loks bad on the fone but wen yu upload them to the computer theyy look pretty clean.. Yea the fone turns off at times by its self the mp3 player works pretty good its faster then the Rumor 2 its not all that loud but it works pretty fine for me.. I had it and i flashed it with metro and its gewdd(:

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Phone turns off


Apr 1, 2010 by addi

Looks like I'm not the only one having problems with my phone turning off by itself. To fix this problem, I was told first to pop out the battery while the phone was still on. If that didn't work, then to reset the phone (through the settings menu - this would delete all stored information). If this didn't solve the problem, then I would have to return the phone. I bought it through PC Mobile, and they not only extend the warranty for an extra year, they will repair it free of charge and give me a free loaner. But hopefully I won't have to take advantage of this great customer service.

I can't accurately rate this phone until I see if this problem can be resolved. In any case, I'll be getting another phone through PC Mobile!

A Decent Phone


Mar 9, 2010 by Noobkillerxx

I got this phone on saturday, I bought it because of the QWERTY keyboard. Saturday evening, while I was on the internet, the phone crashed... I went back on the internet and it crashed.. again! The signal is decent, a lot of times, it would be at 5 bars, then it would go to 2 bars, then back to 5... Overall, it is a decent phone, there is the occasional lag on the phone, but anyways, 4/5.



Feb 8, 2010 by tehdknight

Ok, i have had to replace this phone about 5 times. four times because the screen turned completely white, and the last time because the oh so famous QWERTY keyboard broke off.

-Accessible QWERTY keyboard
-The "Auto-Lock" function
-Sleek design ideal for texting during any situation without getting noticed.

-Horrible camera resolution
-Messages get automatically deleted after you have reached 100 text both sent and received
-QWERTY keyboard snaps off after too much use.

So, in my opinion, you really shouldn't get this phone unless you like white screens and snapped off QWERTY keyboards.

Worst phone ever


Feb 1, 2010 by memandyw

The Scoop (Rumor) SUCKS. This is coming from someone who had to put up with the stupid POS for 2 whole years. I FINALLY traded it in for an enV3 and there is NO comparison. The Scoop (Rumor) is THE worst phone on the cellular phone market hands down. Problems current Scoop (Rumor) users can look forward to: No personalized ringtones, unless you’re willing to pay 4 dollars through the company + $10 download fee for a low-quality tone, charger port literally falling out of the phone after a while, screen freezing up and acting up, LED lights on the QWERTY keyboard burning out, phone randomly shutting down, entire text messages erasing when you attempt to delete one or two characters, battery pack loosening, and that’s ALL within the first year. My advice would be to RUN back to your provider and exchange or return the phone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Also, the price for the scoop is $49.99 after a $40.00 mail in rebate. My enV3 was $39.99 after a $50.00 mail in rebate. Yes I realize the original price was the same but in the long run, NOT getting the Scoop (Rumor) is by far the best bet.

okay but wouldnt recmmend


Jan 25, 2010 by vballsetters7

okay, so i have had this phone for almost 2 years and im counting down the days to get a new one! I really liked this phone when i first got it and for about a year. I got the green one and it was going good. I am a big texter and the keyboard worked well but i got tired of it after a while. I wanted to use the regular T9 Word but when i text on the outside it cant keep up with me unless i take off word prediction and all of those settings. So then about a year after i got it ittotally malfunctioned. the screen went white and the sliding didnt work and then i had to replace it. and no not only the green phones do that. the color of the phone doesnt affect what is happening on the inside. But i got it replaced and they said it was just a bad batch. but my new one has been working fine since.

PROS: cool qwerty keyboard
good for texting
cool settings
fun colors
average battery life

CONS: horrible camera
no flash on camera
texting cant keep up
turns off sometimes
is very slow
fat and bulky

all in all if you like a full keyboard this phone would be okay for you but if you like the classic key pad then dont get it.

an ok phone


Dec 18, 2009 by iphone lover

i used to have this phone but than i got the iphone. the phone kept turing off. the buttons where out really fast also. and the camera is very bad. so i got to say not a very good phone.

The worst phone i have ever had.


Dec 7, 2009 by MSDGE

horrible. just horrible. i got this phone in may. then the pull-out keyboard practically fell off within 3 months. Then i got the same phone as a replacement, and the spring or something came out so the keyboard wouldn't stay up without one of my fingers holding it up.

lg 260


Dec 4, 2009 by TC1

Do not buy this phone. I got one in July of 09 and 3 months later I had to take it in because it keep going off all the time after a call or after texting or just out of the blue. They replaced it for a new one now 2 months later the new one I have is doing the same thing. I am going this week to fight for a new differnt type of phone. Hopefully they will work with me so I do not have to spend a ton of money.

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