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Best non-3G phone this sale rep has seen


Nov 4, 2007 by DarylD

I went from the Samsung m610 to the Rumor. And so far, it was a pretty good choice.

Once you get past the data speed, the Rumor is awesome. The slide has a solid feel with no wiggle at all. The camera is solid although it has no flash. The speaker phone is good too, not too tinny. The keyboard has a learning curve since you have to press the function key to use any numbers or punctuation, even period and comma. Once you get used to it, it's not bad though. Better than pressing 1, then several times to get to the punctuation you need on an alphanumeric keypad.

I really like the way the keypad locks too. When it's locked, the screen is all black, aside from the time in large, clear numbers on the screen. To unlock, just press the back key for about one second.

The rubberized finish is great. It helps gripping the phone, and looks so much better than regular plastic or high gloss fingerprint magnet finishes that are so common.

The screen is alright. Coming from the huge TFT screen on the m610, it took some adjusting. But the difference isn't too big. It's not like HD to standard definition. More like plasma to LCD.

One more thing. I saw a review here that said there was no dedicated speaker button. That's not true. It's right above the talk key.

Solid slide
QWERTY keyboard has a good feel to it
Speaker phone with dedicated key for quick access
Key lock with clear time display
Rubberized finish
Perfect size
Takes up to 4gb micro SD

Although I don't need EVDO, it'd be nice to have
Screen is not TFT
Doesn't come with headphones or memory card

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Great mid-level qwerty phone


Sep 20, 2008 by proudsprintcustomer

The rumor is a great phone for people who want a qwerty for txtng or email but don't wanna spend all that money on a blackberry. Although now that the lotus and rant are here, it finally has some competition. its a great phone for the average txtr.

-QWERTY Keyboard
-micro SD card slot
-Easy to slide open

-Camera only 1.3 megapixels
-Small numeric keys since it needs a big screen

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Very, Very Nice


Nov 1, 2007 by Dos Equis

First time with an LG and I'm really impressed. I've been a big Sanyo fan for years.

I bought the Rumor (black) yesterday from Walmart since my local Sprint stores didn't have it in stock and told me it would be another two weeks.

Charged it up, called Sprint CC for the ESN swap and received a call about 10 minutes later.

Set-up IMAP and POP3 e-mail accounts in about 10 minutes. AOL IM took about 2 minutes.

Bluetooth set-up was flawless and sounds good. (Plantronics 540 & Blue Ant Supertooth Light)

Speaker phone is loud but it doesn't have a dedicated button, you have to software select it after the call has connected.

Ear-piece is a little soft and you have to move the unit around a little to find the sweet-spot.

Too early to tell about the battery.

Feels really good in my hand although there are two buttons on the left side (volume and camera) and two port covers on the right (headset and SD card slot) that you feel when holding the phone. Not bad, but it does break-up the overall smooth feel of the phone.

One thing I didn't like is the ALT key on the keyboard needs to be pressed each time you want to enter an ALT character. This makes it difficult to enter a long string of numbers. Small thing but slows input a little until I get used to it.

One thing I really liked is 99 speed dial slots! Never liked Sanyo's limit of 8.

Lucky for me I used Sprint's Wireless Back-up which worked like a charm to load all my contacts.

One strange thing, the user guide mentions a "compatible USB cable" for file transfer but I have no idea where to get one.

The user guide also mentions an included stereo headset which wasn't included. In fact, the only thing in the box was the phone, battery, charger and various books.

I give it a 4.5 right now only because I've only had it for 24 hours. Once I see about the battery and use it IRL for a while, I'll update my review.

BTW - Very long time Sprint user, business and personal use. 2000 - 4000 minutes a month. Change phones at least every year or two.

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Awful.. and i sell the phone.


Jun 10, 2008 by TrueArsenic

Working for a non-corporate retail store, i've sold hundreds of these phones, and every time i sell one, i feel guilty. Every week i see at least 2 or 3 come back with either the charger plug broken, or a messed up screen. The screen is usually white, black, or scrambled so you can't even see anything. It's awful. The phone was a great idea, but they've had issues with it from the start. LG shouldn't have rushed to get it out so quickly.

- slide out QWERTY keyboard (but has a tendency to fail)
- Plays MP3's (but not well)

- Loaded with freezing issues, screen issues, and the classic crappy LG charger port at the bottom. I've seen quite a few of these and the LG Chocolate's be returned just because of the poor design when it comes to the charger/data port.
- Not a power vision phone.
- Camera isn't spectacular. Claims to be 1.3mp but doesn't perform like it.

I have a hard time selling this phone, and i cringe every time i do so, hoping i don't see the phone again in a week cause something quit working on it.

LG should have taken more time to test their product before turning it loose and doing a recall, and dealing with all these issues now.

My suggestion is if this is a phone you can't live without, then get it, but plan on having a hard time getting one that works correctly. LG doesn't offer much in the way of repairs and Sprint only covers it to an extent. I've had many customers be told by LG that they can fix it, but would be without a phone for 1-2 weeks and they'd have to pay for shipping.

This is a known issue by LG.. i don't know if most of the issues are hardware or software related, but plan on getting insurance and swapping your phone for another one at least twice through the life of the phone.

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Jun 4, 2008 by Mann1925

I bought this phone, and I wish I wouldn't have.

I actually work for US Cellular, and maybe because I work for the company, I had higher expectations.

I went from the KRZR to this piece. I just want it out of my life!

The only pro, absolutely the only pro... It has the keyboard.

My issues with this phone...

Needed a software update. Went and got the software update so my EE would work. OK, great, the EE works, but now the phone freezes up every once in while. The way I see it, more than once is too many times.

The speaker, sounds like it's blown. Sounds absolutely terrible. I could live without mp3 ringers, but why should I?

I also don't like the fact that when you set up ringer ID's, all the texts still come thru the same. Hello?!?! It's a texting phone, obviously there's more texting going on than calling. (maybe I was spoiled with my motorola)

The camera, terribly delay. And lighting condition have to be damn near perfect to get a good picture. Try taking a picture of a 3 month old with a camera that has a 3 second delay. Not gonna happen.

And just recently, as of today, my phone now does a new trick... Every time I press the up arrow key, the phone restarts itself.

I've had this phone since May 12th, and it's now June 3rd. I'm waiting for my warehouse guys to send me the ROKR... They just can't do it fast enough. I think this would be the only phone I've ever owned that I would great pleasure out of destroying, and not regret 10 minutes later when I've realized I'm destroyed my life line.

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as great as it sounds?


May 17, 2008 by mikael88

after seeing the great price of getting the phones (40 dollars) i decided to get 2 and see how the phone works. well over all the phone is great. but here is the pros and cons of what i think in general.

1. easy texing.
2. inbound calls easy to get and outbound to make
3. texing and picture messaging easy to recieve
4. small and discrete (when folded in)

1. speaker phone is not loud at all (missed a few phone calls)
2. memory very small
3. buttons are going out and fading (mind you i have only had this phone for a month
4. slider gets hard to open at times
5. picture taking has a second delay which makes it impossible to make! no flash

so like i said, over all its a pretty decent phone. just not what you are expecting.

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Hate It


Feb 8, 2009 by 12nwcollins

I have had this phone for 6 months now, and I absolutely hate it. I text pretty fast, but if you try to text fast with the keyboard out, mine freezes up and turns off.

*T9 text
*Bright Screen

*Turns off by its self
*Freezes up
*Small keys (Qwerty Keyboard)
*Time delayed picture capture
*Very Fragile

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May 4, 2008 by mlbtribe

i just paid $235 for the junk...dont you make the same mistake

pros: when i find one I'll post it.

feels cheap

locks up,and alltel cant find anything wrong

cant take music from the card and us as a ringtone.

cant customize any of the menus

speaker is less then crap

music player skips and just stops for no reason.

camera sux, 1.3mp might be a little high i would believe .3mp, no matter in or outdoors i've yet to have a picture come out good. out of about 100

the button lock turns off when you slide out the keyboard the i end up making unwanted calls. all this happens when i have the phone in my pocket.

signal is never more then 2 bars.

i guess this would be a good phone for a teenager that does nothing but text, but if you're over 16 yrs old buy something else

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Cool phone, but a piece of junk


Mar 18, 2008 by lgscoop

My kids love how this phone works, but the display on one stopped working after less than 2 months of very light use. The color is rubbing off of the other one at 3 months.

After a big hassle and some really poor customer service, LG gouged me for $75 to fix what should have been a warranty repair (the blank display). They made up something else completely wrong with the phone and said we damaged it. This phone looked like it had just come out of the box- there was no damage.

Since LG would not make good on their warranty, I thought I'd pass on what I thought of this phone-

Cool features, great for texting

Poor construction- will break within a couple of months
Poor customer service
LG doesn't support warranty

If they had made some small effort to make things right, I'd give them some points. Now I'll NEVER buy another LG phone. Enjoy your $75 LG!

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Nice Phone


Feb 6, 2008 by kdewayne1991

I've had this phone for a little while now and I am quite pleased. My main purpose for purchacing this phone was to enchance my text messaging capabilities in which it does a PERFECT job. I also love this phone for its MP3 player thought I wish it had a little more volume for my taste. Overall this phone is perfect for us teens who love to text, listen to music, etc.

Attractive appearance
Nice QUERTY Keyboard
MP3 Player
Camera and Video Recorder

No Flash feature for camera
Bluetooth doesn't enable the transfer of Mulimedia files

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