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love it


Nov 14, 2008 by hdmann

I bought this phone about 3 months ago when i upgraded my Alltel contract, and so far i love it! i have just recently started texting and the qwerty keyboard and the T9 feature are the best for that! i bought the lavender vversion of this phone, and my friends were so jealous. I have dropped it a couple of times and it has been fine, no scratches, scuffs or anything broken. I live out in the middle of nowhere, and still get pretty good reception. i have read previous reviews about the sound being too low, but mine is VERY loud. the ringers and the ear and speakerphone are all very loud. i actually have to put my ringers on 3 so they will not be too loud.

My only cons for this phone are that the camera has a delay, and there is no flash. i previously had a lg ax5000, which was the BEST camera phone to me, so i was used to a great flash and picture taking. but that is why i have camera.

overall, love the phone. my brother ended up getting the slate version when he upgraded his plan, and he's 12, and loves the phone as well.

Somewhere between "good" and "great"...


Jun 8, 2008 by killmeimbill

I bought my Rumor almost right after they came out (I ordered it the first week of January) and the only one available was the black & blue model. The phone got fairly good reception and had an OK battery life (I used it alot throughout the day). The internet was somewhat slow and occasionally if I had been using the browser for a long time it would cause the phone to "crash" (turn off and then turn back on). When the phone rang it was easy to hear and you could easily feel it vibrate (whether the phone was in your pocket or in a case). The media player was really just "OK" and I did not use it that much. The main reason that I bought this phone was for the slide out keyboard and the keyboard was very well designed with big buttons (big compared to other phones with a full "QWERTY keyboard")and a very good backlight. The biggest drawback to the keyboard was that I used it so much that after 2 months the sliding got very loose. Another thing I really did not like was that it appeared to be geared more towards a teenage crowd and the P.I.M (Personal Information Management) tools were not very good in my eyes.

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Make sure you test this phone in the store


Jun 6, 2008 by rumorman

I love this phone, but I did read the negative reviews and was a bit wary. The first phone I received malfunctioned in the store and they gave me another one on the spot which has worked perectly since then. The problem I experienced was the phone shutting off after the slider is open and closed - it is not supposed to do this. Make sure you test all functions and open/close the slider several times. I have a LX 260 Black/blue model from Sprint. Other than that it has been great and the texting capability is amazing, along with great basic phone volume and clarity. Bonus is using it as a music player!

Wonderful and tragic all at the same time...


Mar 26, 2008 by amvalcarcel

Up until about a week ago, I hadn't received anything but praise in regards to the LG Rumor.

A customer came in a couple of days ago and his story seems to fit the other negative reviews on this site. Screen went blank. it kept rebooting automatically. And the screen was pulling some funky stuff.

The BIGGER problem: LG's warranty policy requires that you send the phone in. And only after they inspect the phone for physical abuse, will they send you a refurbished device. That can take 4 to 6 weeks!

I'm told that software upgrades won't help also. BACK UP YOUR INFO AND PICS.

Overall, it looks like this device is phenomenal as long as it doesn't kick the bucket on you. www.wirelesstoyz.com

Wanted to like it but Couldn't


Jan 27, 2008 by diva3000

I was way too happy to get this phone when I first saw it in the Sprint Store. I was able to get an upgrade through Equipment Insurance and I fought to get the Rumor. I read the reviews on phone scoop and heard people talking about if freezing and rebooting and saying looking for service and erasing all your contacts. I figured it wouldn't happen to me. Well a week into having the phone I think I pressed too many buttons back to back and ever since that it started freezing, turning off, and then saying looking for service. The good thing is that it never erased my contacts.

keyboard (even though you have to get used to how the keys are on the keyboard)

the screensaver allows you to put several different pics so you can have a slideshow for a screensaver

the speakerphone button

The whole freezing problem

the camera sucks

the speaker is loud but if you have the phone laying on the speaker it is muffled and so you can't hear the rings or music as loud

doesn't use power vision so internet is mad slow

Overall, I really wanted to like this phone but I couldn't I ended up calling back equipment replacement and getting the motorazr v9m which is wonderful.



Dec 1, 2007 by Thejuicebox132

I bought this phone a few days ago, it has been great so far for the price, the only issues i have so far is my girlfriend has a hard time hearing me, it does tend to have a little lag when i text and when the phone is plugged into the charger and i make or receive a call i can hear my self talk, but when its not in it doesn't do this, odd.

LG LX260 (Rumor)


Jan 8, 2008 by Ryan54

Rumor (3rd color) Green/Silver!!!!!

Vision messaging centric device with side slide form factor and a qwerty slide keypad. Third color: Green
Coming 2/17/2008!!!!

Rumor - Erasing Data Issue
The Rumor by LG has been convicted of erasing valuable data. Devices have been displaying Service Required due to certain key combinations being pressed while the phone is powering on. When these keys are pressed within the first 8 seconds, a Clear Memory function used during development is triggered. All data is lost and is not recoverable. The device must be exchanged. Reprovisioning will not help.
So everyone please don't press anything within the 8 seconds.

Sprint has sprinted ahead


Nov 18, 2007 by CSIdude42

I have gotton the LG Rumor about.. 2 weeks ago and have used everything on it. Im impressed. It really is a nice phone. As a mass-texter, I use 2000-3000 and even more text a month.. so this full keybord, the super fast text-send-time (only like 2-3 seconds to send) and a nice form factor (the two toned color is really nice) it makes a great phone. This is the only phone Sprint has aimed at the youth. They got the RAZR a bit to late and what middle schooler wants a Blackberry in there pocket.. at school. They is a step ahead for Sprint and this phone is one of the best.

Fully keybord
Camera is over all very nice
Rubberized finish
Compact form
Micro SD card slot
Battery life is actually alright. A lot better than the RAZR

Internet (just a little slow)
No Sprint music store

This is a good step towards texting phone for Sprint. Verizon cant have them all :)!

This phone rocks! You need to ask santa for it.


Nov 14, 2007 by ch141102

The Rumor is a great phone. Sprint was very smart by releasing this right before the holidays. Before the LG's Rumor, if you wanted a sprint phone with a full keyboard you would have to go with something like to Moto Q or a Palm Treo which are expensive and bulky. But the new LG is reasonably priced and much smaller. The LX260 (Rumor) has a pull out key board with letters actually big enough to type quickly and easily. Over all I would say this is one of the best phones sprint offers at this time.

Full keyboard
MP3 player
Lot's of preloaded screen savers
Face book feature already loaded on phone
Good service
Good battery life

No power vision
No Sprint Music Store

This Phone Rocks


Oct 27, 2007 by tykobird

Well I got this phone yesterday and it rocks. I love the fact it is simple and nice looking to boot. I also love the fact it does not have the bells and whistles t others have, it does what a phone is suppose to do. I love it. I was a avid flip phone person and I was a little leery about getting the rumor and now I am glad, like I said it rocks. The only thing I do not like and it is very basic, is that I can not put a strap on it and that I can not find a decent case for it, other than that it is a great phone. IT ROCKS.

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