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Not What I expected


May 5, 2009 by bassistchick13

I got the Rumor from a local cell phone place (Alaska Digitel, the Verizon of Alaska) 3 months ago. I don't like this phone. As an addicted texter, the QWERTY keyboard was very important. But, it LAGS. It makes me so angry. Also, the screen will turn black and I will press buttons to make it turn back on, but it won't respond unless I shut it and close it. Also, it will hold a bunch of texts for a long time and not send them to me until like 2 AM., which wakes me up.
I do not recommend this phone to texters.

Great Phone After Getting the Glitch Out.


May 4, 2009 by Smiles16

I love this phone. I've had it for about 2 months now and I haven't had any problems with it, except the random turn offs and lag in the keyboard when texting, but the lag is due to the phone when it is on vibrate all option. Other than that, it's a great phone compared to when it was first out. Very big problems back when they did come out. But I love this phone. I know US Cell has gotten them fixed. A lot of pros and not many cons. Get this phone if you like the qwerty keyboard.

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Very disappointed with my scoop


Apr 27, 2009 by Ryanco5492

A few days ago, my phone was working normally and when i took it out of my pocket, I looked at the screen and it was white with some black spots.
I took it to alltel and they gladly replaced it for the banter. The guy at alltel didnt seem surprised at all that the scoop did this so that tells me Im not the 1st one w/ this problem.

colorful (mine was red)
video camera
mp3 player
QWERTY keyboard
a tiny bit slimmer than the banter/rumor2

randomly turns off
when on silent or vibrate, the keyboard sticks and locks up
cheap sound quality during phone calls

Im not saying it is a bad phone, dont get me wrong, I loved my scoop until the second it broke....these are just some pros and cons i could come up with.



Apr 22, 2009 by CHoff95

great phone for someone who likes to move at a snail's pace. seriously? no ev-do? pshhhhh. as a texting junky, i love the slide-out qwerty keyboard. its buttons are nice and spaced out, which is great for people like me who have chubby thumbs. however, the internet is exxxxtreeeeeeemely slow. also, its kind of annoying how when using third-party applications, you cant slide the phone in and out or else the app will close. its all good though, i just purchased a centro.

Good phone


Apr 18, 2009 by ashleey

Honestly, everyone is saying that their LG rumor turns off on its own, or that certain buttons do it, i have never had this problem.
I like the phone, but, I'm stricken to buy a new phone, due to water damage.

Keyboard (fast texting)
Good MP3 player, and speaker phone.
99 speed dials, 500 contacts.
good battery life.

T9 texting lags sometimes.
keys can be loud,

great phone


Mar 1, 2009 by joeyreinh

It is great. No cons at all!

Great for texting



Feb 17, 2009 by americangothic

I went from a moto v3a to this phone and gave it a good month. It is now in warranty repair for the past week and will be for several more weeks. Within the first week I started running into problems with slight system lag, qwerty keyboard buttons either double pressing themselves or just not responding at all therefore requiring multiple attempts at one word. Also ran into an issue where sending a text message would fail and would only end after four attempts. Got hit with the pressing end button once would delete an entire message, but that'll be fixed with the firmware that came out. A couple friends of mine have the same phone but not these issues so I'm not going to say every scoop is like this.


when working correctly the keyboard is awesome.

1.3 megapixel camera is a major step up from the v3a that I was using

SD card slot is a fun new toy for me

Chat feature in text messaging is pretty useful in keeping up with multiple text convos

Auto Lock for keypad with adjustable time


System lag

Compare to v3a texting on phone keypad is awkward and bulky

ring tones not as loud

1 second delay in taking pics

bad positioning of mouth piece microphone means you have to talk louder to be heard correctly

battery life could be longer for me, but that could be attributed that I text like a fiend and do play a game or two on there.

All of the issues I have run into are known issues that I've seen in these reviews before. However when working correctly it is a great phone. Buyer beware.

lg ux260


Feb 6, 2009 by btwleesays

alright, so ive been using an lg ux260 since my razr 2 broke, which would be april of '08
since then, i have had, 8, count them, 8 lg ux260's. This phone is horrible, it breaks so easily, and has the worst hardware ever,my new one, already after a week, freezes ans randomly shuts off when i slide it open to text. I am only a teenager, and on average i send about 8500-10000 texts a month. The signal isn't the best. So my parents are finally fed up and i'm going to buy a motorola hint QA30 until we switch and get verizon wireless sometime in the coming year. The only thing good about this phone is the qwerty key pad, it makes life easier, and trust me, once you get a qwerty, you never go back :]



Feb 6, 2009 by freerunterrell

i would have gaven a 5,but i was it had flash but still iin all i love my rumor.the qwerty board(of course)but i love the music player.the way the equalizer looks awersome

pros:music player
web browser(u.s. cellular)
in call sound

cons:no flash(boo)
im used 2 flip n i accidently sat on screen(3weeek repair)
loud texting

but in all u enjoy THE LG RUMOR



Feb 1, 2009 by RuMoRs

OK i just received my lg ux 260 from uscc on Jan. 30, and the moment i saw it, i really liked it. the call quality is AMAZING, signal is good too, i live in Milwaukee so i expect to have good coverage.

QWERTY Keyboard
slide form factor
not a fingerprint magnet
speaker is GREAT!!!

Camera could be better
the screen is hard to see at a normal angle (looks like its two-toned or something)
buttons click a little to loud

So as far as the software i have v04 which seems to be the latest, my phone keeps restarting, but i have that problem with my last LG phone (Glimmer POS!!!) so I'm used to it. So all in all the phone is very reliable and and as a whole a very good phone....so far!!! :-)

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