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Not very impressed


Jul 7, 2009 by Brattone

Not very impressed with this phone
When I got it I was very surprised on how bulky it is the Internet is slower than dial up and the camera sucks you have to ha e perfect lighting for it to look. Allrigjt
The. Keyboard I loved but was short lived when the keyboard is unresbonsive unless you press down with all your might and even that will only wrk on the g h and t also the side buttons won't work eithier and the speaker will not work unless you set it manually.
The tops buttons begin to be more more slowly reacting
The main menu is very well made and so is the setup
The buttons on top are above surface but there are none feelings to seperate them
I m
Getting It repaired and I am giving it one more shot but overall this phone was a big disappoinent to me
P S I'm 13 LOL

piece of junk


Jun 26, 2009 by prettysally

I've had this phone for 13 months. I've had problems for about 6 months and the screen finally went fuzzy yesterday. The keyboard is nice for texting. The phone randomly shutting off is not nice. The vibrate rarely worked. It's bad when the phones carry a 2 yr contract and it won't last that long.

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Not much to complain about


Jun 26, 2009 by thestormcalledlife

I got the Rumor from US Cellular about 3 months ago and there really isn't too much to complain about.

If you read other reviews and see that "it freezes," "erases contacts," "Buttons are loosing sensitivity," "too hard to slide open" etc I've seriously never had any of these problems and I'm RIDICULOUSLY HARD ON MY PHONE. If you put a cover on it ($5-$10) you can practically throw it in the street or down a couple flights of stairs and the thing is fine.

-TONS of special covers are available everywhere for it.
-Bright screen
-Loud speaker, can always hear the caller
-Able to set MP3s for ringtones
-Keyboard!!! Nice sized buttons
-Battery lasts really long (3 days before needing a charge- and I send about 200 texts a day and make about 10 calls a day too)
-Easy texting, Easy call making
-Auto lock keys
-Able to set 5 different alarms at once
-Pretty decent camera, if you want a better one - buy a camera, not a phone.

-Keys are A LITTLE loud (be careful in a classroom)
-When the inbox and outbox are full, or when the SD memory card is not in place, QWERTY texting may "lag" because there isn't enough memory. (Simply erase messages and restart phone)
-If you slide the phone open, it unlocks the keys.

Overall This is a REALLY good phone, especially for ages 16-22 but maybe after that you might need something else.

So far, the Rumor has been the best phone I've had!



Jun 22, 2009 by texting.addict

To start off, I've had the LG Scoop for over a year and I'm tired of it. I don't normally get tired of a phone that quickly. But I believe it's the worst phone I've ever had!

I like how it slides; it's very smooth.

Battery life is good.

I personally really liked how you could change color schemes from blue to black.

How you can put your own words in the phone and it would save.. Kind of like a MyWord dictionary.

The MP3 worked good on mine.

Auto lock; I liked that.

It would turn on and off for no reason.

If I would have the phone without it slid open and open a text message.. And wait until it got there and slide the phone it would freeze up for about a minute.

The ringers are not loud.

Vibrate isn't great at all; you can barely feel it.

When you press the buttons.. They tend to be extremely loud; so I recommend you don't text during school.

No flash on camera/video; so if you don't have good lightning you're outta luck.

Getting on the web is extremely slow.

Only 99 speed dials.

Could not use any recordings for ringers.

Honestly - Pass this phone up - it's awful.
Come on LG.



Jun 6, 2009 by agreen1018

I've had this model of phone for a year now, and I have hated it since last fall. I got the first one they released, and the firmware had problems, and later on, the thing had to get sent in because a cable went loose on the screen and it wouldn't display anything. I had that done TWICE. The second time, US Cellular just gave me a new phone. But the keyboard drags, and it's not very loud. Battery life is VERY bad. Now onto my newer version: The first thing I noticed about it is that when typing on the keyboard, you have to be VERY careful what you do, as pressing the back buttons too many times erases the WHOLE FREAKIN' MESSAGE. Aaaaand it still drags. I've only had this newer version for 6 months and it's already going out on me. The buttons on the side AND keyboard are going out. Rarely work half the time. Just recently, the phone has been hard as hell to charge. And now, just today, it WON'T CHARGE AT ALL. I have yet to check with US Cellular to see what they can do with it. But all I can say is: Getting this phone will be the worst mistake of your life that has to do with cell phones. \
Pros: It's a phone.
Cons: Everything else.

Could be better


Jun 4, 2009 by jillylove222

I've had this phone for about 10 months and it's been pretty good. However, there are a lot of pros and cons.

-amazing QWERTY keyboard
-2 sets of keypads
-lovely screen
-easy menu [similar to most sprint phones]
-very clear music [when on memory card]
-deletes texts once inbox hits 100 [which can be good or bad]

-keys wear over time on QWERTY keyboard
-bad camera
-could be louder
-turns off on itself in the middle of texts
-slow internet
-no music store

In my personal experience with this phone, I will give anyone reading this phone a fair warning, most people who bought this phone complain that it shuts off randomly.
My problem? My speaker went out after about 8 months and I hadn't dropped it or anything.

Overall, it's a good phone, but if Sprint fixed some of the problems, it would be better.

Best Rumor


May 21, 2009 by eternaltwilight

Pros (Long version);
I have had this phone for six months and I love it. Though there is quite a few cons, but I think that the pros out-weigh them.
The QWERTY keyboard is so easy to use, I text all the time.
The battery can last a while (three days), but not if your listening to music for long periods of time.
It is very durable, especially for those people, such as myself, who often drop their phone. I have dropped my phone on rocks and on concrete and there is only one tiny scratch.
This phone has awesome sound quality. The ringers are very easy to hear. And when listening to music the sound is perfect.
I find that with other phones that when I put the phone on vibrate and put it in my pocket I can't feel it when someone calls. But with this phone I can feel it instantly.
At first I found that the auto key lock was annoying, but after a while I loved it because then I wasn't "pocket calling" someone and wasting my minutes.
I love the tip-calculator/regular calculator. They are easy to use and so helpful when I need them.
The calendar is also helpful so I don't forget whats happening in my life. And again, its easy to use.
I love that it has a large screen! The words are easy to read, because they are bigger.
The phone has expandable memory, so you can have more MP3s, pictures, videos, etc. The memory can be expanded up to 4G.

Pros (Short Version):
-QWERTY Keyboard
-Good battery; Long lasting
-Durable; I drop it sometimes and theres a few small scratches
-Good sound (Calling/MP3)
-Good vibration
-Auto Key Lock
-Tip Calculator
-Good sized screen
-Expandable memory
-Different Colors

-Slow Web Browser
-Poor Camera Quality; its often blurry
-Slow Powering On; sometimes takes a couple of minutes to turn on
-Can only get new ring tones through the web browser, on the phone
-No flash, so you have to have to be in a good light to take pictures

Not a good phone...


May 14, 2009 by Mints912

I like the concept of the phone but they didnt put enough effort in durable in any aspect

I had two friends huh did at least 3 claims on these phones and got replacements and the phones buttons wear out all the time...its horrible...

Worst Phone Ever


May 13, 2009 by alhoward33

From the day I purchased this phone new it has given me nothing but problems. I kept this phone for only a few weeks until I had just had enough. From the day i bought it the qwerty keyboard did not work and it was very slow the few, scarce times it did work. The day I bought it, it also shut itself off about 5 times for no reason. Didn't have very good reception or clarity. The camera wasn't very good either. The phone looks really cool and fun but it's looks are deceiving. I know so many people who bought this phone for it's looks and qwerty keyboard and are now stuck with it and absolutely hate it. I have not talked to one single person who didn't have any problems with this phone.

its... ok?


May 7, 2009 by Sarahhhh

I have had this phone for almost a year now...and its still going which impresses me because i have bad luck with phones.
i haven't really had any problems with it except it turns off on me randomly and i cant hear people very well when they call, I find myself asking them over and over what they just said, the camera is bad when its not in the right light, and if you hit the back button on the qwerty keyboard it tends to delete everything you just typed (sucks when its a long message) but that's it really. It is pretty tough it has been thrown and dropped and even has been submerged in water for a few seconds...and i lost it in a snow drift for like 5 minutes and it still works.
I have heard from everyone else i know that has this phone that the texting lags and such.. but i haven't had that problem.
But over all its a pretty good phone but I'm not going to get another one

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