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basic phone


Jun 20, 2008 by rbad89

It's a pretty good phone, has a lot of nice features, the only problems i've ever had is either the camera or the music player goes off when its in my pocket, which drains the battery after a while.

Good features
good sound

Music player or camera go off when in your pocket

Not My Favorite


Jun 18, 2008 by horsegal

I loved this phone when I first got it...it was such an upgrade. It was easy to use and text on. But after 6 months I stopped receiving calls. I still like the design (no antenna).

-no antenna
-long battery life
-readable texts from the outside

-loud on low
-hard to open
-bad reception

Overall, this is a good first phone.

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don't buy this phone


Jun 10, 2008 by hansmoleman55

I work for a company and purchsed 30 of these phones along with contracts for every employee. At first we all loved this phone as it was an upgrade from a much cheaper 'free' phone. We've been using this phone for roughly six months and already the hinge has broken on 7 of them and had to be replaced under warranty. Also almost everyone is complaining about battery life after just six months. Batteries are not covered. The camera button is incidently pushed all the time which takes pictures in your pocket a lot. This burns battery life and forces you to erase multiple pictures all the time. Also the music buttons on the front get pushed a lot and burn the battery. The speaker phone is weak and the speaker for the ringer is in the back so when it is in a clip or holster it is hard to hear. I think Verizon service is excellent but this phone is terrible.

Good cheap sturable phone


Jun 4, 2008 by dustin_slover

I have this phone but in red instead. I have only had this phone for a month or two. However this is one problem.

nice shiny phone
Camera takes nice pictures
can view messeges on front screen

the speaker key is to close to the 2 key it makes texting a little bit slower but you will get use to it

Battery life problem


May 14, 2008 by ambulancegirl

I love everything about this phone except the battery life. At first, it was great but now I'm down to 24 hrs of standby time and I make very few calls. Otherwise, a great basic phone for those of us who don't need all of the bells and whistles of the Blackberry or more complicated phones.

LG 8350 is NOT Recommended


May 5, 2008 by Rosie6

The phone is usable, but not as clear-sounding as the LG 8300--a much better phone in my opinion.

CONS: SPeakerphone use is NOT Possible! There is a LOUD, SCREACHING NOISE when turned on both in the house, and in the car. Had to Turn Off Speaker phone b/c of this ANNOYING SOUND! That was a deal-breaker and phone was returned to Verizon. I live on Long Island, NY. Very disappointed w/ LG & the 8350 Model Phone.

Keys are more flush than the 8300 so it's more difficult to press the key(s) you want.

Switching back to my LG 8300--a much better sounding phone, where the Speakerphone actually works!

Pros WAY outweigh the Cons


Apr 6, 2008 by shocksterman

I loved my old phone (Motorola E815) and was sorry to see it go but I knew it was time to get a new phone.

I almost always have a strong signal (always a better signal than my friends with the larger more expensive phones).

I have also never used a phone as a music player but I decided to give it a shot with this one since I knew it was a possibility so I bought a 2GB Micro SD card and a blue-tooth stereo headset and I couldn't be happier with it.

There are only 2 CONS I can think of with the phone and they are that it is sometimes difficult to open the phone with one hand and the outer buttons sometimes get pressed when they are in my pocket.

I would strongly recommend this phone to anybody who is looking for a good, small, functional phone.

Finally - got a lanyard?!?


Mar 8, 2008 by fishinbuggin

Okay, I got this only because it got a pretty good rating from you folks, but also I have had a beloved LG VX8100 that I am replacing with this phone. My displays were getting weird on the old handset, and as this was very similar, I thought I'd give it a go.

The camera is noticeably better - despite the fact that it does not have a flash. The 'flash' was pretty useless on the 8100 - snapped pics in the late twilight on the way home and was impressed by the quality. Camera shots have gotten significantly better. Haven't tried shooting video yet, but am very encouraged.

Sounds pretty good too. The ringers are pretty loud. Haven't set phone to vibrate yet. Music player is also nice, as I'd had .mp3's loaded on my old handset before the big VZW software flash - which made the music player .wma compatible only. Had put away my stereo headset and never thought I could use it again - nice surprise, as I'm sitting here listening to it now with a big smile on my face. :)

Keypad has noticeably different feel to it - plastic is definitely 'clickier' than on the 8100, but the dark keypad with white backlight is very nice - the blue was hard on the eyeballs. I've noticed that the redundant 'phone' key has been eliminated from the main keypad. The 'navigator' key is going to take some getting used to as well. The 'sexy' look of the key placement on the 8100 outside flip isn't there on the 8350, but again, the backlight is white, not blue. The exterior is a little sparse, though I did get the red phone, and it's actually very attractive.

Finally, after years of frustration with nearly every LG handset I'd seen not have this, they finally *figured it out* and put in a lanyard looper on the phone. I'd worn my previous Motorola and Kyocera hansets around my neck, and was bummed that my last LG didn't allow for this. I've already looped this baby up and have a secure clip for it.

Not bad for an upgrade. The lightness is surprising. We'll see how the battery does.

This Phone is Pretty Good


Feb 22, 2008 by kristad

I just returned a Samsung Snap (junk!) for this phone at a local authorized agent selling Verizon. I pretty much like everything about it, other than the speaker phone! I used the speaker phone a few times and it worked fine (I'm not too picky about my phones and features). However, now the speaker phone squeals everytime I try to use it--really loud. I'm not sure if I changed a setting for this that I shouldn't have, but it's not even usable really it squeals so loud. I don't think it's anything I did--I think it's just bad. I'm hoping Verizon will fix this for me or replace it... Otherwise, here are my pros and cons:

Pros: tiny, vcast, takes pretty good pictures, pretty clear voice reception, good phone (variety of options)considering the price

Cons: Short battery life (especially if you really use the feautures it offers!), bad speaker phone, dull color

The colors of Verizon phones have always been a pet peeve of mine! About 2 years ago when I got my New Every 2, every single phone at the verizon store was silver! I wanted something different from everyone else's. Anyway, they've improved this a little, and you can always buy accessories and covers to change up the appearance, but hopefully they will have better variety to choose from in another 2 years for me. B/c, they really do have the best network around in Ohio.

I bought a purple silicone cover for my VX8350 which I like a lot and hopefully it will be good to protect the easily scratchable, cheap plastic the phone is made out of.

Music keys


Feb 4, 2008 by hunterba

Just love LG phones - my last one I had fell in the lake twice and just kept right on going. Bought the LG VX-8350 two weeks ago and love it except for one thing - the musice keys on the front are VERY vulnerable, and turn the music on whenever I slide the phone into or out of any of the three holsters I've tried. Does anyone know of a way to disable them when not needed?

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