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It's "OK"


Jan 30, 2009 by assafl

- Looks.
- Easy to use keypad. Big keys, not mistaking between them.
- Navigating saved SMS's is fast.
- Navigation contacts list is fast.
- Supports 4GB (HD) microSD.

- Caret (cursor as some call) occasionally goes missing between input mode transitions.
- After one single drop on the floor, produces the following problems:
- Random hang ups.
- No sound upon incoming calls.
- Web browser clumsy, navigation to the end of a page can dries you out.
- Cannot add new words to T9 dictionary.
- Menus not too friendly (e.g. BT, Phonebook).
- Battery life. Must charge everyday! Plus, battery warning comes some 10 minute before
running dry, not enough. Me old Nokia 3100: Charging once every 2-3 days, battery
warning comes 30 minutes before.

Software version: PX83PC04

Bottom line: It's an avarage phone, partly giving me what I want and partly what I don't.

Overall: 3/5

Good phone overall.


Jul 3, 2008 by fencer4life120

The first week I got this this phone I never put it down. It wasn't untill two weeks later that I realized the very heartbreaking flaws this phone had.

First the Pros:
*Great reception, I can use it almost anywhere
*Great quality music player sound
*The external music controls allows you to keep music playing even when the phone is shut, so you can pause, play, and change immediate songs while it's shut.
*When all the songs from the artist goes off, the music player goes off conserving battery life.
*I can read text messages from outside the phone.
*Long lasting battery life.
*You can change the color setting of the overall phone just like you can with a computer or laptop.
*It has an alarm only mode which silences all sounds except the alarm.

Now the Cons:
*The play button for music gets pushed in wayy too easily, even when you put the phone on silent. So I have to lock the phone when it is in my pocket and unlock it to use it or else everyone in my Calculus class will hear Linkin Park screaming their heads off.
*Camera button is also to sensitive and I have recorded my pocket and taken random pictures.
*It is kind of difficult to open while I'm driving, or I only have one hand available for use.
*Kind of squeaky hinges
*It is a veryyy loud phone. Even on low it makes wayy too much noise.

It's a good phone overall, but is more directed as a music phone.

Almost an LG VX-8100


Jun 23, 2008 by jagguar

Let me tell you right up front that I have a phone primarily for using it as a phone. I don't care much for all the new features that they're putting on phones. My previous phone was the 8100 and my wife had the 8300. The 8350 is almost identical with only a few minor changes. I loved the 8100. It was a great phone and being able to read texts on the front screen was very valuable so that was a necessity for a new phone.

I first tried the new Motorola RAZR V9m. That was a nice phone but it didn't live up to the LG 8100. It was nice and thin, but it has less features. So I returned it for the 8350.

The 3 main functions that I use a phone for are calling, texting, and the calendar. All the additional "new features" seem to be just about the same on all phones so I won't bother commenting on those.

- The 8350 has good reception, slightly better than the 8100, and about even with the V9m.
- Battery life is pretty good. Likely on par with the previous 2 models, maybe slightly better. I can't really tell. One thing that bothers me though is that it uses a slightly smaller battery than the 8100 and the 8300. I can't imagine why. This keeps me from being able to use my old batteries on this but it's also a smaller capacity battery.
- You can read texts on the front but the resolution seems to be smaller than the 8100 so you have to scroll more to read the same msg.
- On the 8100, I could read calendar alarms on the front. The 8300 requires me to open the phone. This is obnoxious.

One other thing I've noticed is that the main screen turns off after about 30 secs while talking on the phone. I'm sure this helps save power but it forces me to have to hit a button to see the screen again. And hitting a button uses that button, so if I hit the down button, it takes me straight to the calendar.

The phone looks and feels kinda cheap, it's not easy to open with 1 hand, and it doesn't look like anything special. I liked the 8100 better, but it's still better than the rest.

Best phone I've had for Verizon!


Apr 27, 2008 by cellgeek82

Of all the phones I've ever had for Verizon Wireless, this is the best one so far! I've had it a few of weeks at least and this is what I have to say about it.

-Reception, it's wonderful. I live in a spotty area so this is a major issue with me.

-EV-DO (VCAST) works great, loads fast

-Battery, once went 3 days without having to charge it. (1000 mAh)

-Screens, good size and sharp (external a little smaller but still good quality)

-Internal Memory, 35 MB

-User Interface (UI), real fast
-Software is more customizable and is a newer version.

-Keys aren't flat, able to feel them

-SD slot on side of phone (not behind battery door)

-Can read TXT on external screen (use up/down keys on side to scroll message)

- 1 MP camera is nice

-Has voice enhancer built in for talking in "garbble environment" like a mall or noisy area. (you can turn it on/off)

-Use video as wallpaper

-Stereo Speakers on back, loud and clear sound

-TXT messaging is customizable, you can change the font style/color, background color, add graphics and animations.

-Light weight, some people don't like light phones but remember, the heavier they are the harder they fall!

-Feels comfortable in the hand

-User tools: Stopwatch, World Clock, Calender, Calculator, Notepad, Alarm Clock, and EZ Tip Calculator

-In Case of Emergency number list (I.C.E.)


Not alot really...

Be better if it had more internal memory, but I'm a data freak.

Camera button is on the side and sometimes easy to bump.

The edge of the phone that touches the ear would be more comfortable if it was more rounded off.

Wish it had a cover for the headset jack, I don't use it so it would be better if was covered.

The cons I listed are just petty stuff, nothing that makes the phone bad, but just things I wish was improved a little. LG and Verizon Wireless did a great job on this phone. I used to have the Motorola RAZR 2, and it's alot better than the RAZR 2

The new VX-8100


Sep 18, 2007 by tish

I am a VERY picky cell phone user!!! I have gone through the Motorola Q, LG 8550, Samsung a950, Razr, Motorola V710 and other providors cell phones. I have had the VX-8100 for over two years now and I absolutely love this phone! Since I have had this phone I purchased a Razr, a950, Q, LG 8550. And EVERY phone I have wondered back to the 8100. So for months I have been looking for a phone just like the 8100. I looked at the LG VX-8300... But you cant see the text messages on the front LCD.. To some people this might not matter but for someone who likes to text and not open their phone for every message this is an outstanding feature. So this brings me to the NEW LG VX-8350!!! With all of my very high standards, this phone meets and exceeds my expiation's.

After playing with the 8350 I have noticed it is a very simple, full featured packed, low priced cell phone. The Menu system is not the standard VZW "Red" hacked menu. It reminds me of the LG VX-8700 menu system. Now every phone has tools.. Some of the new tools LG has added are, USB Mass Storage and Stop Watch and many other standard tools. Other than that the VX-8350 weighs almost nothing. It has a good feel when holding to text and speak. Now its time to get to the Pro's and Con's.

VZW Navigator full support
Front screen txt viewing
Loud speaker, Loud ringer
Nice screen resolutions. "Front & Main Screen"
Easy to feel keypad. "Raised Keys"
Outstanding camera quality
Seems to sync with my Apple Laptop via Bluetooth
Reception is outstanding
Service code is still available. "##program8350" then talk, then 000000

Weak vibrate
Seems hard to open when you are in a hurry.
Keypad volume is way to loud even when turned down to low. I half to have the sound off in order to text or use my phone tools in quiet places.

Overall this is a great cell phone if you are looking for full feature packed and a small price tag. LG has really done an outstanding job!!!

Thanks for reading :-)

Very Good Midrange Phone- Worthy Successor to the 8300


Sep 27, 2007 by SystemShock

Went straight from an LG 8300 to this phone, and was happy with the result. Some ppl aren't giving the 8350 a chance because they loved the 8300 (or 'cuz the 8350 feels too 'light'), but it's a worthy successor- better than the 8300 in some ways, actually.


EXCELLENT speakerphone. Very clear, goes loud... is even better than the 8300's (do yourself a fave though, and leave 'Voice Clarity' OFF... it futzes with the speakerphone).
Nice compact form factor. Fits easily in your jeans change pocket. Lightweight too.
Good reception. Yup, even with the internal antennae. Actually, lots of internal antenna phones (RAZR, enV) are getting good reception these days.
Good earpiece sound quality, and goes loud
Can read incoming texts on the outside screen! All phones should do this.
Lots of Bluetooth functionality. Verizon finally seems to be easing up on the crippling.
Included UIs are more modern/attractive than the ones on the 8300
MicroSD slot easily accessible... isn't under the battery, like on some phones
Nice keypad for texting, not lumpy and weirdly offset like the 8300's


No speakerphone with the flip closed (this is a failing with nearly all LGs)
No camera flash (8300 had it... why not the 8350?)
Battery life is decent (2-3 days with medium use), but not as good as the 8300's
Is a bit difficult to open one-handed at first (the side crease is shallow, and doesn't run the entire length of the phone)
'Plain Jane' styling... not an ugly phone, but not attractive either. And the charcoal grey is okay, but LG shoulda gone with black.
'Digital zoom' means you have to knock the camera/camcorder res down to 640x480 to be able to zoom in. While par for the course, it'd be nice to get either optical zoom, or a bump up to 2 megapixels.
Included ringtones r lame ('cept for one surprisingly good '70s cop show' -inspired one).
Camera options menu is oddly non-standard/ugly

Definitely, a good choice... probably Verizon's best overall midrange phone right now. :)

LG almost a Long Goodbye


Aug 24, 2008 by cyalaters

If the basic phone applications are what you are looking for, then this is for you. I had the LG8300 and wish I could'a gotten that phone again for an upgrade. My wife has the 1st LG chocolate and amazingly she has a better phone reception than I do in our apartment, granted we live on the 1st floor. I like the flip phone look, nothing to be ashamed of, and you don't have to worry about it looking like a star trek communicator. However my only beef is that with my jabra blue tooth, I could not get it configured with the phone. Eventually I went to the store and they did it for me. So if you do not want the Hi-Tech and want to keep things basic this is for you.

~ Excellent Sound, Ring tones are Loud, Vibrate mode is loud, Alarms and Alerts are loud

~ Camera pics are good

~ Screen quality is good, both front and main

~ Battery last at least 3 days ( although iam not a heavy txter or a long yapper )


~ No Flash on camera

~ The back button gets in the way of the speaker phone button

~ Speaker phone gives a lot of feedback and is unbearable and has been made known to me by an "official" vzw operator that this is a flaw

The new LG 8100 and 8300


May 9, 2008 by dtainra2

I've had mostly every LG cell phone (LG 6000, 7000, 8000, 8100, 8300, 8500, 8550 (new chocolate), env, ENV 2, voyager, and now the 8350. I'm a big fan of the LG lineup, and I must say the LG Vx8350 is one of the best. Its basically an update to the 8100 and 8300. It's your basic flip phone with all the latest verizon software on it (but the best flip phone verizon has)


Size... very compact. Feels good in hand.
Great battery life
no antenna
texting is very quick and easy
loud ringers
has all the latest verizon stuff on it
decent camera
can read text without flipping open the phone


Not many. For a flip phone, one could argue the speaker could be better, as well as the camera. Otherwise, there really arent many cons.

Overall, the best flip phone verizon has out. Has great battery life, and its a small, great, functional phone.

Hope this helps.

Hesitated at first, but glad I made the switch!


Jan 2, 2008 by hideotakamini

Two years ago I began with my Moto E815 which I was steered to via Phonescoop (thanks). The E815 was the best phone for my needs, but it was bulky and heavy, but great none the less. Well, time came to replace my phone per Verizon and I had to make yet another choice and after much deliberation and a butt load of web surfing…I made the switch and am very pleased. I literally spent days looking, touching, and playing with every phone in the V’zone store and read every site I could find in trying to make a decision. Here’s my breakdown after having the 8350 for three weeks now:
Small and Light (compared to my E815)
Love the lines (smooth…)
Great sound quality (sounds much better than my E815-sorry)
Great screen res – internal and external
Love being able to read txt messages on outside LCD
Great Speakerphone (not having issues like others)
Great Reception (really important)
Great external sound quality from stereo speakers
Love the “voice clarity”
Works really well with my Plantronics Bluetooth headset (E815- not so much)

Small and Light (still getting used to weight)
Would love to have a textured back like Venus
Darn you Verizon! (stop locking down Bluetooth features- no real fault of phone)
Keys aren’t as big as E815 (no real problem compared to other phones- being nit picky)
Battery life could be better (thinking about getting the extended battery/door)
Wished it had standard small USB for charging/data
Locked down GUI (darn you again Verizon)
Menu – V’zon menu system needs some help…I liked the Chocolate’s menu system

Overall, in an office space full of like minded tech nerds like myself- I’m proud to pop out my VX8350 amidst their iPhones and Blackberrys!!!! (I just use the phone to talk and message)- as a side note, guess who always has reception! ☺

Verizon LG 8350


Jan 18, 2008 by will54880

I have had the LG 8350 for a week now and I love it!

Strong battery life, I have had to charge it only once so far.
The paint job is great, a friend remarked that it looked like car paint
Voice quality is great, everyone sounds loud and clear.
Strong 1X and EV-DO signals, even in buildings!
You can get VCast and Mobile Web, and they are easy to use
I haven't had to use the manual AT ALL. Read this as the phone is easy to use and understand.

Somewhat difficult to open one handed
The keypad tones are loud even set to the lowest level
Camera lag is kinda long

Cons: None

To conclude, I had been with a GSM carrier for the last few years, and I had my reservations about switching technologies and phone companies. The LG 8350 has made the transition virtually seamless. I left behind the iPhone for this phone, and have no regrets.

Five stars

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