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Very good phone


Jan 14, 2008 by jerpic

Overall this is a great phone for anyone new to VCast.

It's a good, solid flip phone with excellent sound quality, very good battery life, great camera, firm keys and MicroSD expandability.

After market phone chargers (available at Wal-Mart under "fits VX-8300 model") and USB cords are fairly easy to find.

-Bright, clear outside and inside displays
-Buttons are crisp and respond well
-VCast (EVDO) is very fast
-Internal antenna outperforms external antenna on my last phone (Motorola v325i) by far, even in Idaho.
-1.3 Megapixel camera/videocamera is much, much sharper than my last phone.
-MicroSD slot is perfect for transferring pics taken with the camera to my laptop/desktop (no more Pix-Texting each one individually).
-Stereo speakers are very clear.
-External music buttons are convenient.

-Down arrow, CLR button, and speakerphone button are too close together and not easily differentiated by touch only.
-Slick finish makes this the most difficult phone to grip and open. (However, with silicone skin, this is easily resolved.)
-Speakerphone has considerable feedback.

Very good phone


Feb 29, 2008 by kenzen

Have had mine for one month now, so have had good amount of experience to talk about. I replaced my Motorola V 325, which was a good phone but the camera was only .3 mp., and I wanted more resolution. With Verizon's online site, they gave me the LG for free with a new 2 yr. contract.


Overall, I very much like the look and feel and operation of the phone. Sound quality is very good, and the camera takes detailed pics given the 1.3 mp resolution. When emailed to my computer the pics are very usable and of surprisingly good resolution. The video is about average for a cell phone camera.

The sensitivity is good, and like the Motorola, it hardly ever drops a call unless the signal is very weak. (That may be due to Verizon having a pretty good network as much as the phone itself.) Have an MP3 player so haven't tried to use the phone's player feature yet.

The battery gives me 2+ hrs. talk time in a strong signal area, less in weaker ones, but better than the Moto did.


Most are minor, like the sharp edge of the earpiece when compared to my old Motorola 325, which had a nice rounded edge. While it looks good, it makes it harder to open. I've gotten used to this though, and would not rate it as a major annoyance.

The screeching speakerphone can be fixed by setting the Voice Clarity (in sound settings menu) to "off."

Likewise, the accuracy of the voice commands can be improved by setting the sensitivity (voice commands menu, settings) to "reject less." Still not great, but as good as the Moto was and tolerable enough overall.

Other minor gripes are the buttons on the outside sometimes get pushed when phone is put into a tight pocket, but that's been true of every flip phone I've ever had. Also, the outside is a little slippery sometimes; the old Motorola had that rubbery surface that was easier to hold onto

Although this phone isn't perfect, I'd still recommend it, and would get it again if I had it to do over, knowing what I now know.

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Very good phone with great voice quality


Jan 28, 2008 by queueman

I have had this phone for about two months, and find it to be a great little phone. My carrier is Verizon. I don't agree with people who say it is ugly, it is actually pretty sleek. The one thing I think is strange is that, just by looking at it, you can not tell if it is on or off. You have to press one of the external buttons to get the display. Those buttons, by the way do more than just control the mp3 functions. You can review your call log without opening the phone, also, if you press a button, it will tell you if there is a voice message.
Attractive (in my opinion)
Excellent voice quality
Very good speakerphone
I have mobile web and that works very well
Nice display (customizable)
Photo caller ID
Surprisingly good quality camera
Bluetooth works well, for what Verizon allows you to do (transfer pictures, music, names). I think if I had Outlook on my laptop I could do more.
Not a fault of the phone, but I'd like a smart phone (I'd like to synchronize with my calendar and contacts)
A flash for the camera would be nice
I don't use any of the music functions, so I can't comment, but I did transfer music from my laptop to the phone with no trouble.
If you are looking for a better than basic phone at the price of a basic phone (I got mine for $30 on new every two), I would highly recommend the LG VX8350.
Lastly, this is the third LG I've had and it is the best by far.

What a great phone!


Oct 25, 2007 by PDXGuy2007

Like most of you I am very picky with cell phones as well. I have gone thru a lot of phones over the years and recently switched to Verizon from Sprint, honestly I didn’t like any of the Verizon phones at the time and settled with the EnV which went back after only a few days as it was hard to text when you have large fingers, I exchanged it for the Chocolate (first version) which was even worse to text on and dialed in my pocket all the time. I now paid full price for the 8350 for a few reasons, its size is nice not to big not to small and the fact that LG made this with an internal antenna is GREAT! I have to agree with the others that it does feel a bit cheap however this phone is great! I have service everywhere, even more than I did with my EnV or Chocolate! The speaker is nice and loud (external and inside). I also think it is slightly hard to open until you have opened it a few times and know where to place your finger on the side of the phone. I do wish that LG wouldn’t have taken the flash away from the camera but this phone is lightweight and has simple styling. I have to say my most favorite thing about the 8350 is that you can read incoming text messages without opening the phone! Overall I would give this phone a 4.5 rating for its ease of use and styling combined with overall quality. I also purchased the silicon cover that is $12.99 at Verizon, mostly to protect it in case I decided that I didn’t like the phone and wanted to return it, it would still be in like new condition. The case is great! Gives the phone a softer feel, protection and does not add much bulk and virtually no weight. Plus it comes in some fun colors if you choose!

I like the LG VX-8350


Sep 15, 2007 by englishstarbird

With Verizon’s “test drive” option I started with a Samsung SCH–u540 but the sound was BAD - on my end the sound echoed and was crackly. It was also annoying that I had to hold down the external buttons several seconds in order to see the external clock. The Samsung 540 is history. I now have the LG VX-8350 and it’s a far superior phone!

Ӣ I live in a rural area, outside the range of some phones, but the 8350 signal strength is really strong.
”¢ Sound quality is really good - both what I hear and what the caller hears, friends say it sounds like I’m on my office phone.
Ӣ I do miss being able to glance at the external screen and see the time, but a quick touch of any of the external keys brings the clock up INSTANTLY.
”¢ Text message entry mode is factory-set to “Abc” BUT you can change the default to “Word recognition” (Message/New Message/Entry Mode).
Ӣ The micro SD chip access is on the side (not under the battery like in many phones).
”¢ The “Send” and “End” buttons are bigger than most phones for those with fat fingers.
Ӣ Camera has really high resolution
Ӣ The SAR is one of the lowest.

”¢ The flip is a little hard to open because the “nose” of the flip is inline/flush with the base – you’ll need fingernails to open it from the nose.
Ӣ Only comes in one color.

Love the 8350


May 12, 2008 by tropicalisland

I have the 8350 also, and I love it!! Very functional and compact. Loud speakers, great call sound, like a landline phone. I have the red one, and love that color! Battery life also good. This is a great overall phone with lots of features and functions. I have never had a dropped call or any problem with it. Fits nicely in my purse, and even with it closed, I could hear it ring very well!! I also love LG phones, can't beat the quality of them. Anyway, I really don't have too much negative to say about it. It fits all my needs, and is just a great all around little phone that really packs a punch!!!

Happy with this phone, but...


Jan 16, 2008 by ColoRon

I like this phone. The reception is slightly lacking compared to my previous Motorola but the sound is better and it's easier to use. This may have been mentioned previously but my biggest complaint is the camera button on the outside of the phone. It's placed exactly where I hold the phone to open it, therefore I'm constantly turning on the camera when I open the phone and I have to turn the camera off before I do anything else. For such a nice phone, a very odd design flaw.

More than average


Sep 26, 2007 by Nate2031

It may be average looking but the 8350 is definitely more than average.

Overall the phone is pretty sweet. I just picked it up yesterday and so far haven't found anything that serious to complain about. My old phones always had one or two thing about them that really pissed me off and I have yet to find that kind of problem with the 8350.

Things I like about the phone is you can alter both backgrounds on the front n main screen, the camera takes excellent pictures, the vzw navigation application is a nice addition, theres an alternate theme to choose from rather than the boring, classic verizon theme, you can view a text message or missed call on the front screen with out opening the phone, it has a beautiful main and front screen resolution, raised buttons for a comfortable feel while dialing, and an extensive voice command menu...

A few things its missing is a flash on the camera(i loved that on my audiovox), and an external or retractable antenna, the speaker phone button is placed awkwardly in the middle and if you have big fingers like me you may keep hitting it when trying to press the clear button, its plastic, light feel makes the phone feel flimsy or weak and easy to break, the speakers are placed on the back of the phone(some like it, some don't), and those sneaky bastards at verizon snuck in a "verizon wireless banner" on the front screen whenever the phone is open... basically making anyone who uses it a walking advertisement ...

If any real problems occur I'll let you guys know but for now I'm more than satisfied.



Nov 23, 2010 by narn3049

I thought this phone and all this features it had were good, but the hinge broke for a lot of people too, i was not one of them though. would get it if the phone was more durable

Cheap and Reliable, but has some big quirks.


Aug 17, 2010 by ridethelightning1984

First off, I'm gonna start off this review by saying this phone lasted me longer than any phone I had prior to it. It lasted me just over 12 months. What surprises me is that I actually got it to last that long.


Sound Quality
Ease of Use
Texting was very easy on this phone. Probably the best implementation of T9 I've seen.
Lasted me a while.
Signal Strength - I never once dropped a call with this phone. The other one did have some issues but it wasn't my phone.
Price - Cheap.

Cons: Just about everything else, but here are the major ones.

Battery Life - I charged this phone every single night, sometimes twice in one day. Not good. We had another one of these in red that was the same way.
Durability - Cheap, flimsy, plastic piece of crap. Rubbing it on a plastic table by accident caused the paint to scratch off and reveal the black plastic under the matte grey paint.

The camera and MP3 features were average. Nothing special.

This phone eventually bit the dust and for the next few months I ended up with a VX8550 donated to me by an old friend. Followed by that was a Motorola V325i, an LG VX8100, a VX9800, an enV2, and now, I am currently using an enV3.

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