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This phone is a P.O.S.


Feb 17, 2008 by xsvenom

Pros: It does have good speaker phone and the sound is good but it ends there.

Cons: 1.The camera button, I always somehow seem to click it by mistake. So most of the time it's taking pictures. Now I have to delete all the pictures, annoying!

2. The mp3 player buttons seem to get pressed ALOT and turn the dam thing on, annoying!

3. Batt life blows big time. I work in NYC and my shop is in the basement so I get no signal. You would think it would go in some sort of sleep mode like my old LG phone did. No I belive this P.O.S. of a phone tries extra hard to find signal. By the time I get out of work ( 8 hours later ) the phone is dead. Yep, annoying!

4. That metal grey finish it has, at first I thought it was cool, after awile it was just plain ugly. Also if you drop it outside it scraches way too easy and then it looks like hell.

I would say I had this phone for about 2 months, I got back from dinner with my wife and as we got out of the truck and started walking to our apartment we heard music. My wife started to laugh and she knew it was my stupid phone. It was the last straw for the phone, the endless times I ran out of battery life, the dam deleting of videos and pictures of blank screens due to the cam turning on all the time! And that stupid mp3 player that would turn on and play the same song over and over, yeah that would have been nice if it would have left off of the last song played but noooo. I praticly pulled the dam thing out of the holster and started to choke the bastard phone! As I gripped it tight I raised my arm as high as it would go and with a forceful downward motion I threw it to the ground. As it got gunshot to the ground it exploded just wonderful like I knew it would! A feeling of joy raced through my heart for I was free of this curse.

Don't buy this phone


Nov 27, 2007 by country gril

Cons -The music buttons on the front cover of this phone are easy to hit, thus it runs your battery down very fast. Even when storing it in a cover, hoster, or your purse. The cover is hard to open. The camera is ackward to operate with several steps. The voice command does not work well.
Pros -The only good thing I can say about this phone is it does not have an external antena.
I love LG products, but this one in my opinion falls so short of their product history they should recall all the 8350's.
The verison store was great about me returing this phone. I replaced it with the LG 5400. I lost the music feature, but the LG 5400 is a great phone.

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do not like at all


Jun 24, 2008 by jfm5440

Preface this by saying all I really want from a cell phone is to make clear calls. that's it. Don't care about games, paying for ringtones, web surfing or playing music.


I had an LG-4500 and overall loved it but wanted Bluetooth. My wife had a LG-8300 and it is quite nice but was no longer available so I went for the 8350. How different could it be?

Well, not that much but is is a naggingly annoying phone.

I also found that, for me, bluetooth is a pain what with always having to charge the earpiece. I am back to a corded hands-free.

Seriously thinking of re-activating the 4500.

clear reception
Loud speaker phone

external music player buttons are tall. My pants are always beeping as the fabric presses on the dang buttons. 8300 buttons are flush to the case.

I am constantly taking pictures of the inside of my pocket as a wallet or coin presses on the photo button. I even have some movies of my pocket.

Hinge squeaks a lot.

Verizon has done something to make BitPIM very balky with this phone. Ringtone uploads are dodgy at best.

The 4500 had a "driving mode" where it would announce a caller over the speaker or earpiece and ask "do you want to connect?" The 8350 has no such mode so in order to answer a call while earpiece is in I have to manually do so. A step back in voice control.

SUCKS major


Jun 7, 2008 by brattybritty91

So i have had the lg 8350 for seven months now. at first it was a good phone. It dies very fast. While i was in class and my phone was in my bag the music would start playing thankfully i had my friends who started talking loud so i wouldn't get it taken up. the point is you should be able to lock the music player so it dosent start.
also my phone randomly turns off whenever it wants to now. it get horrible signal i live in a small middle of now where town where i NEED signal but not.
I really don't suggest buying it.
I hate it!

Fun phone with photo ID and EVDO


Nov 25, 2007 by Uma

I really like this phone, including the looks because it reminds me of a meditation pebble while held. The only thing I would like see changed on it would be the back. The back is smooth and I fear I might let it slip out of my hand someday. The Krazr my daughter owns has a nice velvety/rubber pretty red back that assures her a nice hold.
The signal bars are confusing for me, it's my first cell phone ever. I have Verizon and the EVDO on this phone rocks!! It's a tad difficult to find a spot in my area that supports the EV though. In all other spots, it won't work unless it's in the Extended Verizon mode. In the Extended Verizon (I guess that means it's roaming), it will work even when it says TX with only 1 bar. But when it's in the Verizon Service area, (no roaming I guess), then even when it says TX with 4 bars it won't call. But it texts great. When I'm in the EVDO area, a little EV appears above my TX. When the EV appears I only need 1 bar after the EV and it will call.
I live in the mountains, surrounded by sky-scraping Fir and Redwood Trees and the closest Verizon tower is about 20 miles away. This phone lets me call while on the highway or the dirt road either one. (but almost always in roaming as noted previously).
Overall, it's an exceptional little phone and I really love it.

Great job on the VX 8350!


Sep 28, 2007 by samsmaz

I love this phone. It feels good, it looks great, no smudges, no sensitivity issues...just right! Call quality is excellent, Camera does a great job. I am glad I upgraded to this phone.

Nice loaded compact phone


Sep 28, 2007 by vastaf

Very nice, very sturdy phone loaded with features that work well like the camera, the camcorder and the MP3 player.
The phone is easy to use and feels right in your hand. I only wished the external display would be larger.

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