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Best "E" Phone Ever!


Jul 15, 2008 by hrts2hndgns

Forget the Iphone, this is the EPhone. The Music Dj Program is great for those who like to create their own music, it's better than a stupid snake walking over dots. Plus the music and sound quality is Absolutely Amazing compared to previous phones. There are so many Great perks such as the fitness app, video/music dj, games, and more. To make things even greater, all the Ravers can use this phone for some awesome lightshows. It has everything you need, 2 mp camera, internet, text, you name it. Not to mention this phone comes in the best pink ever!

This phone is Better than your dumb phone.

From good to bad in NO Time. ~Waste of Money~


Jul 13, 2008 by wildchild4real1383

I got this phone as a Christmas present and fell in love with it instantly. I'm 14 years old and I kept bugging my mom for it and finally she caved in. Point Blank-WORST DECISION EVER! I'm going on the 7th month with this phone and I'm about to be on my 4th one. Personally, i think it was a waste of my mom's money. In the first one i got, the speaker was blown and i could only talk through my bluetooth and/or headset. Then, the second one hadn't been dropped and there was a break in the screen that kept growing until my screen was completely black. Now, the one I'm on has a break in the screen and i can't see anything. I'm hoping that AT&T well give me a new different phone for the same price or give me my money back. Also, i would much rather have the pantech duo or the LG vu.

The buttons do crack within a short period of time.

Over all-- Don't buy this phone, it's a waste of money.

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The Best non-PDA Phone on the Market!


Jun 29, 2008 by LegoMeister

This phone is probably the best phone I have ever actually used, or owned.

Great games
Has Walkman
Fitness App
Awesome camera effects
Great organization
Comes with memory stick
No junk texts like my old phone

It sometimes pushes buttons when in my pocket
The Speaker is in a non-convenient spot

That about sums it up. It total, I would say this phone is almost perfect!

Good phone


Jun 25, 2008 by azprincess2008

Well this is phone is a very good phone!

Pros =]

*Music sounds GREAT
*camera has fantastic quality
*looks very nice!
*Tells how many steps u take (if u want)
*Easy to use
*Download themes (has its own connection cord)
*Ringtones very loud
*LOVE the light effects

Cons =[

*The thing that bothers me is the keys broke in half after about a couple weeks! (no i do not press hard on the keys)
*when talking on the phone very hard to hear
i have no idea if it is just at&t

This is a great phone overall i would recommend if u do not text very much.

THE WORST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 23, 2008 by Arine9

I had it for 3 days.. and the back button broke.. and in that 3 days.. the keyboard cracked.. all the keys had cracks in them in just 3 days.. i had to send it in and it was gone about 6 or 7 months and still didnt get fixed...

so i had to get a new phone.. i say this phone is a waste of money.. and i would not tell people to get this phone..

its good


Jun 20, 2008 by marcuss112

this is an amazing little phone that is totally customizable. All you need to do to make it perfect it take it easy on the soft keys and turn down the screen brightness.

awesome mp3 player
great camera
available software
fitness application
comes with everything you need out of the box
people always wan to see your phone

soft keys break
no flash
to easy to unlock
Internet button is too easy to push (att is at fault)



Jun 16, 2008 by iMaXiMuS

This is the best phone ive ever owned. the picture quality is great AND IS WAY BETTER than ORDINARY SAMSUNG PHONES. The music is CLEAR AND LOUD. if u had it at the max lv volume, u could use it as a stereo. The reason y the phone key pads break so easily is because people text too much on them which causes it to scratch and fall off. OVERALL IF YOU DONT WANNA SPEND A [...] LOAD OF MONEY ON IPODS, GO WITH THIS PHONE!!!!!

Ed. note: removed profanity

Horrible Phone


Jun 16, 2008 by daniel8980

4 months old:
button fell off

the other half moon button is on its way out

freezes up to where you have to take the battery out and in to get it back on.

horrible battery life, from full charge its dead before i get home from work grrr

The speaker is blown! When someone is talking it vibrates your ear!

Drops calls like crazy!

Camera wont zoom but video mode will

horrble to text on

Picks up high background noise. I was on the phone pushing a buggy in wal mart and my aunt said i sounded like i was in an airplane!!!

buyer beware!

Great phone, bad button placement


Jun 8, 2008 by Regiao Hyuhia

I have had this phone for about 3 or 4 months and love it. But this phone was made for profit. They AT&T claims this as a great, cheap phone. But first: Design flaws.

The MEdia Mall button on the front of the phone. I play hacky sack a lot, and if this phone is in my pocket, it pushes the MEdia Mall button. Which is "ironic" because it's supposed to be locked and no buttons should work. But, it still opens MEdia Mall, costing me a lot on the bill.

Also, this is supposed to be a music phone. It comes with a USB cable and all. But, you have to have a memory chip inside to put music on the phone. But not just that, but it has to be special ordered for this phone. You end up spending about $50 just use the Walkman App, on a Walkman phone. So, this phone is good. But AT&T and Sony like it a lot more. If you have someone else on your plan with a smartphone with unlimited internet and you don't plan to use it for music, it's great. But, I only give it 4 stars.

nice phone at a nice price


Jun 6, 2008 by aggin

I bought this phone less than 24 hrs ago, and im already on my second one. the first one died the second i plugged it into the computer. the screen went black and it never came back on, so im scared to plug this one up.


-FINALLY! a phone that includes ALL the accessories! comes with a usb cable (no software, oddly), a pair of headphones and the fm anntenna. it even comes with extra cushions for the headphones.

-gorgeous screen. not the biggest ever, but really bright and clear. glossy finish too.

-really nice feel to the phone, solid feeling slider, and nice weight.

-dnt let the small keys scare you away, there pretty easy to type on if u txt alot.

-Really cool touches to the user interface.

-the light effects are really cool

-VERY cheap for the features ($30 w/2 yr contract)


-the battery cover and sim card are IMPOSSIBLE to get off/out without feeling like your gonna break the phone in half.

-the keys feel really cheap; esp. the clear/back keys (dont really understand why sony always feels the need to put seperate clear and back keys on all its phones)

-no traditional send/end keys, so it takes some getting used to

-the clear, back, and power keys have this feel to them so that you can really tell if you pushed them or not, they dont have a click noise like the others do.

all in all, its a great phone, and hopefully it dying on me was just a fluke with that one phone.

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