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I would prefer the Nokia N75


May 4, 2009 by snapessister

When I use a phone, I want it to be simple and fast to use. This phone does not cut the mustard for me.

With a sweep of a movement, you can send the phone into web search without meaning to - it sits in my pocket and an hour later, when I take it out, I have racked up thousands of KB unintentionally! And I don't use it for web access, so my bill is inclusive of costs. The lock is not adequate, so turning it off is my only solution.

The only thing I really like is the music part - awesome!

Now, I have had this phone for only 8 months, and the screen went all fuzzy on me and scrolls constantly, splitting the screen as well. I just requested a replacement from ATT. I hope to get rid of the new one and buy another Nokia (of which I own three previous, and they have never died like the Sony). And they are old..... relics actually. As much as Sony rocks on the music, tech sucks.

Never Again


Apr 1, 2009 by km982

I bought the phone originally has an upgrade from a Motorola RZR because I wanted something different and a bit of a change, big mistake. When it is coming straight out of the box it is amazing and you stay entertained as you learn what the phone can and cannot do. Unfortunately, after having it only for a few months the sound died in it and the ringtones were disorted so I had another sent to me and a few months after that the keys began to fall off, it does not close, and freezes constantly. After calling my provider it was agreed that I could get another brand of phone so I am going back to the RZR.

Looks good

Keys fall off
Not worth the amount paid for
Sound dies

Just save yourself money and get another brand of phone, you will wind up having to pay more money in the end to get it to work right and/or replace it.

Sony needs to stick with electronics.

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Not the best phone out there


Feb 28, 2009 by shaun.is.amazing

I had had the phone for about a month before it started to show signs of falling apart. The keys were cracking easily, and the slider started to ware out. One day I was walking up the street and texting my friends, a kid that lives close to me threw a snowball at me and it broke the screen, when i went into the at&t store to see if they could do anything all they did was try to get me to buy a phone for the "no commitment pricing" because i had just renewed my contract. But the phone does have some really cool features too, like all of the media and such, But overall I would not recommend getting the phone.

This is a GREAT phone


Jan 31, 2009 by lady_tracy

I change cell phones like crazy - if I'm not happy with a phone, it goes back to the dealer immediately...I've done this quite often with everything from Nokia to Motorola, but this phone is a definite keeper.

I decided on this phone and have had it for about 3 weeks. It's my first Sony Ericsson purchase, and I'm really in love with it. The graphics are PHENOMENAL! I can't believe how crystal clear and vivid the screen is, even in bright sunlight. I was amazed at the fact that I could see the screen outside on a bright sunny day so perfectly. That's a first for me as well.

The reception is excellent - like talking on a land line, and whoever I'm conversing with has replied that the call quality is wonderful, but I think a lot of that has to do with your service provider (you can't beat AT&T). I've had no problems whatsoever with cracked keys, and I've done quite a bit of texting since I purchased it. The keypad in my opinion feels very sturdy. I just wish the buttons were a bit larger. Small price to pay for an otherwise wonderful product.

The slide feature is also very sturdy, but not to the point that it feels as if it sticks, which was a problem I had with a slide phone I previously owned. The phone also takes excellent pictures! Much better than any other phone I've had in the past.

The Walkman is a plus for a music fanatic (like me), and the fact that you can shake the phone to forward to the next track is pretty neat. I also like the programmable colored lights. Just another cool and fun feature.

Overall, this phone has proven itself in a very short time to be extremely dependable, with excellent sound quality, great construction, and lots of fun extras. I highly recommend this phone. I think because of it's small size, it's really more of a ladies phone (just my opinion), so yeah girls, be like me & get it in pink - LOL! Final opinion: buy it, if for no other reason than you want a good, reliable phone at a great price.

Love this phone


Jan 21, 2009 by kchap1

The Sony Ericsson w580i by AT&T offers Bluetooth 2.0 (a2dp Compatible) with a 2mp camera. The built in FM Radio and MP3 player with shake control makes it easy to listen to music on the run. The volume of the built in loud speaker literally delivers high quality sound that rivals most boom boxes. The a2dp Bluetooth 2.0 makes it easy to pare your Bluetooth stereo headset quickly and easily. Transferring files such as photos, ringtones, themes and games is made easy using a PC and either the Bluetooth, or the included USB cable. The slide function is one of my personal favorites that makes it easy to answer phone calls with just one hand. On the down side the w580i doesn’t allow for the use of the wired headset, and charging of the phone at the same time.

What a shame...


Dec 21, 2008 by Marggiemayy

Seriously, this phone is amazing, it looks great has awesome features.

But! The buttons crack and it break very easily. i had to trade mine in within the first 10 days. i was very disappointed with the making of this phone. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

Too cool for you


Dec 17, 2008 by frasco

I purchased a used W580 in August 2007, and it has just recently started to wear down. Last month the buttons on the faceplate started to dwindle in reaction time, but between its purchase and then, this has only been the best phone I've ever owned.

-Buttons on faceplate wear down. Don't know how big an issue this might be with other phones.
-OS on phone not COMPLETELY comprehensive. Can't delete included ringtones.
-Included earphones make it the most impossible-to-hold mp3 player imaginable.
-Poorly thought-out placement of internet button. I've accidentally opened up its browser so many times.

-Easy to handle. Phone stays in your hand when you want it, drops out when you don't. I've dropped this phone once, and I'm an utter klutz. Its skinny business card-size fits right in my hand, is unnoticeable in my pocket, but not so small it'll fall out.
-Wide volume range. When the volume's on 1, it's quiet, but if you want it loud, it'll get loud. Nice if you want your own theme song emanating from your pocket.
-Ridiculous cornucopia of applications. Sound recorder, pedometer, alarms, calendar - I've used them all at length; great for organization.
-MP3 Player. I want to make this distinction: it doesn't just "play mp3s," it's a full-function mp3 player, and the dual states of the phone impede on one another minimally.

All in all, I've had a very good experience with this phone. I think when I get my next one, it'll be more of the same.

Had to drop it


Nov 7, 2008 by tdonily

This being my second S/E phone I have had in the past 3 years, I should have seen it coming when I had to start the warranty exchange process after a month.

Enough tho, pros of this phone:

-Call quality was good. Both in audio and reception.
-Decent screen (when it worked).


-As mentioned elsewhere, the buttons are pretty much a joke.
-The handset microphone picks up so much background noise that it's difficult for the person on the other end of the line to hear if you are in a noisy environment.
-Overall phone quality lacks.

As mentioned above, I had to warranty exchange this phone twice, and upgraded when the third handset died. The reasoning for these exchanges were the microphone went out on the first handset (new phone), the loud speaker went out on the second (refurb), and the screen went out on my last (also a refurb). Initially, the phone looks sharp, but it doesn't take long to realize just how cheaply it had been made. My older W600i was a better quality phone, in my opinion. It died when due to a software failure, but I never had to exchange it. Sorry to Sony, but their name no longer stands up to the quality they used to be known.

its a BIG LOVE/small hate...


Oct 20, 2008 by XxJennaxxJAMxX

The first one they sent me didn't even turn on. I would hold down the button and it would just vibrate once and then nothing... But then i got a new one. I've had this phone for a lil bit now. Can't really remember the exact date. No more then 6 months. I like Ericsson phones. i think they are just set up better. idk, i just like it. There are just a few things i don't like but pros always come first!

-The sides light up : )
-The screen can get really bright!
-Fabulous picture quality
-Battery life is good
-It's a Walkman-->music=luv
-There's a "fitness" setting that is really nice for those of us that are active : )

-For some reason i still can't figure out how to get the lights on the sides to change from the "standard" light color. Which is an unglyyyy greenish yellow. my phone is gray and teal... is the light color that is always on whenever the phone is open... not to be confused with the colors that you can choose from, when you get a call...
-There is no "camera" button on the outside or side. You have to go "into" the phone
-And of course... the key buttons. Currently i have four buttons that are split right down the middle 2,3,6, and the # key aka space key... they still work fine so i don't really care, but still... yes this is a ridiculous problem

-regardless, this phone is SWEET!

Great Phone


Oct 14, 2008 by ilovephones96

I've had this phone since July of 2008. I think this phone is a really good phone. but it has its flaws. It needs a memory card to take pictures. Okay? I don't get that at all. You have to go out and get the stupid memory card seperately but whatever! The pictures are great! This phone is not the best texting phone, but I text a lot and I haven't had any problems. But, I haven't had this phone for a long time. I actually just dropped my phone outside and it fell on the sidewalked and sort of bounced, I guess. It kept saying INSERT SMARTCHIP, so I just took out the battery and then put it back in. It's that easy to fix.But if you drop it from a high spot, beware. This phone is not the strongest. Also when you take off the back, it feels as if you are breaking this delicate phone. So, be careful with it! Overall, A great phone! I love it.

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