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not satisfied


Jan 3, 2008 by besttenn

This was a replacement phone for the samsung D807 which was an awesome phone. I have only had the phone for 3 weeks and have been sent a secoond battery. The first battery lasted maybe one day with minimal talk time no use of the mp3 or radio. The second battery is just as crappy. The features are nice, but I can't use them or they'll suck up the battery. Also, the key lock function is annoying because you have to make sure the home screen is clear and then slide down the phone to lock it. I've found my phone on the internet many times due to this. Overall, I am not happy with the phone and I am going back to the Samsung.

Cant hear!!!


Dec 29, 2007 by mchapma1

The calls are not clear at all I have had it replaced twice I did like the phone for about two weeks until I found I keep saying (huh I didn't hear you, What did you say) during every conversation. The phone has great music capability's and it great in other ways but you buy a phone to talk. The only time I use this phone is when my V9 dies...

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Here's the scoop...


Nov 14, 2007 by xyz98121

If you're looking for phone that has cool graphs, plays clear music and has a ton of options (such as a "fitness option" of all things, keeping track of how much you walk, jog or run) then this phone is for you. I was looking for a phone that played music and the W580i suits me just fine. I've had the phone two weeks and here are the pros and cons I've observed:

* A clear concise screen
* Excellent music/voice clarity
* Easy maneuverability
* Sure the keys are small, but they're manageable.
* Fun ring tones, graphs, good camera

* Battery life - if you use the phone for other than talking/texting, the battery life isn't that great.
* Lousy headphones - the phone comes with headphones, they're not that great, and I replaced mine.

It's a somewhat delicate phone, although if you use common sense, I believe it will last a long time.

If you're seeking to "spice" up you phone life, then this phone is for you. The music, graphs, camera, clarity and maneuverability are what sold me!

Great Phone but.....


Oct 22, 2007 by dcgnco

Beautiful phone with an amazing ability to truly multitask several applications at once.

Pros: Many
1: True multitasking UI. I can run 2 to 3 applications(opera mini, flurry, and google maps) at once, check my e-mail and compose a text without having to close or exit out of 1 application.
2: Small, lightweight, slim slider: It truly is a beautiful little phone.
3: Ear piece volume.
4: Shortcut key. This Shortcut key is the "key" to the phones ability to multitask.
5: Pedometer & Music ID function: Not essential things but nice to play with.
6: FM Radio: works great!
7: Screen is great.
8: Unlocked versions come with 512 mb memory stick, usb connector, headphones, and headphone adapter. Plus you retain the us of e-mail application and the RSS reader.

In the middle:
1: Battery: The built in accelerometer sucks up the juice.
2: Music Player: Nice but no Ipod. Will do as a temp replacement in a snap.
3: RSS Reader: VERY hard to find RSS links with it. It's very picky on what it wants to read.

Cons: Many
1: Buttons...small yes...but VERY fragile. After 3 weeks of ownership I have 3 cracked keys. The keys crack straight down the middle.
2: Speaker phone not loud enough.
3: Cheap Materials: While construction seems good the materials the phone is made of are very substandard. Expect creaking noises on certain areas of the phone.
4: Key lock: It only engages if you are at the home screen otherwise you have to manually lock it.
5: Camera: It's completely worthless unless outside and shooting still objects.

Great phone with some minor problems. The cracked keys in my opinion have solidified how SE has cut corners in the construction of this phone. The UI is top notch, way better than Nokia, Motorola, and light years ahead of Samsungs pretty but limited UI.
I just don't see this phone lasting anyone 6 months with normal wear and tear. It is a fragile phone that you don't want to drop from any height. Slider durability is questionable to.

Love it!!!!!!!


Oct 6, 2007 by kdagenhart

I just got this phone yesterday after researching it for a couple of months.
This phone does everything. You can customize everything. Really neat music player and comes with the headphones and a memory card if you get the white AT&T version. You can find more themes for this phone free all over the internet. I know it's only offered on the internet for AT&T but I really wanted to see the phone before I bought it and no AT&T store has this phone. I finally found it at Radio Shack. They had a dummy display and also had the phone in stock. It took all of 15 minutes to upgrade. The slide on this phone is really smooth. Feels sturdy and well made. The buttons are a little small but are much more easy to deal with than my old LG cu500. It fells a little strange at first if you are used to a flip phone but didn't take long to get used to. This is the best phone I have ever had and I have had several. LOVE IT!!!!!!



Sep 13, 2007 by cellphonequeen78

great phone..much better then the motorola V9, so many more options....I have both of them...

the only thing i had trouble with was the calling lights effect...you can set the light to light up a certain color to a certain contact but REMBER you also have to set a ringtone for that person or it wont work!!!!
and whatever general ligh effect you have on will only light up that color if the person is in your address book and has no specific ringtone and light effect
if they are not in your address book then it will light up the theme color.....

sound quality is awesome

I have not had any dropped calls with this phone, as where my V9 i had dropped calls all day long and when i call people they could not hear me i had to hang up and call back a few times...

hope this helps

Awesome phone-worth the extra buck


Aug 2, 2007 by ladyhawkxp

I just got this phone. I had some reservations at the $150 (with 2 yr contract from Cell One in NY), but if I am going to keep a phone for two years or more, I want to love it - and I do! Large color screen in and out, so crisp it is like HDTV. Slider feature is very cool, and will activate call, much like a flip - but the great thing is, you don't have to slide open to take a call! Very easy navigation thru menu, easy setup. So many cool lighting and sound options! Very attractive and well made. Radio is awesome -although I must say I dont use the supplied earbuds - I have a set of Sennheisers. Excellent battery life considering all the large bright screens,etc. Radio doesnt seem to have any abnormal drain. I have had absolutely no problems with reception, frozen screens, nothing. The only kinda sorta odd thing is that the connection for the charger/headset is on the top right side, which can interfere somewhat when holding unit. Also SIM card goes into a deep slot and is difficult to get out without tweezers, but why would you take it out? Very long story is I Love this phone! I almost immediately dashed any doubts I had about spending the extra dough. Oh ya and dont forget the cool podometer exercise optiona and the nice quality 2Mega pixel Camera! I love it I love it!

s500i Green street


Aug 1, 2007 by NinjaMonkey


Screen clarity = awesome
Picture resolution = awesome 2.0 pictures that adjust to fit your screen or be sent
Functionality = Superb
Sound = superb
Signal = had it for 2 months not one dropped call and I've been in 4 states
Multimedia player!
Ringtone and message alert can be almost any format!
Its a nice feel rubber back sleek front with awesome lights and green keys


Keys are kinda small but managable

Very Nice For da Price


Sep 6, 2007 by chowee21

This is a very nice phone FOR THE PRICE..
I upgraded my ATT device from a Krzr to this..

Faster User Interface
Fast load on Music player
Easy File transfer
Loud speakers
Looks very sleek/ nice lighting scheme
Can create Themes
Good Camera

Kinda small buttons, but just some gettin use to

Sometimes press buttons when sliding open because There is to slot to push up on


Good phone if u wanna save a buck and wanna have a sleek and rather kool phonE

Good Job, Sony Ericsson!


May 28, 2008 by thecellphonedude1997

This phone is no doubt the best phone that I have ever owned. Here is my pro-con review:

Excellent quality music DJ

Great picture quality

The fitness application measures your speed and the steps you take

Fun games (Lumines Block Challenge and The Sims 2)

Soft keys do no break like most reviews say on other sites

Brilliant organizer that includes a code memo (keeps your passwords and stuff pass code locked)

Excellent build quality

Large, beautiful screen

Hot design all my friends wanted to use the phone and were begging me to let them just hold it

Can record calls

Comes with roomy 512MB card that is so small

Completely customizable (when I say completely customizable, i mean it!)

Doesn't support WMA music files

Screen sometimes scratches when you run in a training session

Overall, this phone is amazing. It is fun to hold, and the features and stuff (why did I say "stuff"?) make is the best non-smart phone money can buy (well, almost)!

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