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Best Free Phone features


Oct 8, 2008 by ike3232

I really like this phone and Sony Ericsson phones in general.

PROS: (check the specs, it's way higher quality than most phones)
-Screen clarity and brightness - pics look great!
-2.0 mega pixel camera
-Loud and wide range of sound
-Great look (grey and blue model)
-Cool lights that can be set to your liking
-YouTube playback is better than iPhone
-Videos can be set as ringtones
-Videos and Pics can be edited and spliced

-The keys do crack, it's unavoidable
-The key location makes it less than ideal to do a lot of texting
-No flash for the camera

Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a lot of phone packed into a little price tag.

Awesome Phone!!


Oct 8, 2008 by jrmontana18

I actually have the opportunity to sell this phone. I love it!


-Phone has a 2.0 megapixle camera
-Phone comes stock with 512mb memory card
-Sleek slider design
-Has the award winning Sony user interface
-Has very intuitive texting
-Phone also comes with software and data cable for easy transfering


-Buttons will tend to crack with excessive texting
-Camera will only zoom while in video mode
-Back and Sim Card can be hard to remove
-Battery life is not as good as I hoped

Hope this helps. Although the phone has some obvious downfalls it is still one of my favorite ones to recommend.

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horribel phone


Oct 1, 2008 by shelle61803

i purchased my original phone in april..it is not October and i am on my 4th one of these.. this is the worst phone ever. I got it because i though it looked nice and girly for me..and turns out its horrible. it does not recognize my Sim card, the buttons cracked immediately, it will not unlock when the phone is open. It freezes all the time. I would not suggest this phone to anyone. please excuse me for now as i am on phone with them again due to more errors on this phone.

my w580i


Sep 20, 2008 by blazergirl

first off, i love my phone and yes it has its bad but then again it's really cool.
To drunk?:
the camera actually has zoom. u need to go into More, Shoot mode then choose Panorama and then u can zoom and there u have the zoom for the camera

Best phone I've ever had!


Sep 2, 2008 by txcaliali


-Great signal (AT&T)
-Great picture quality
-Easy to navigate
-Good sound quality
-Good speaker phone
-Comes with amazing earbuds that block most outside noise


No "Talk/End" buttons, just soft keys

This really is a great phone... it takes some patience to get the music loaded from your iTunes, but it's so awesome! I work in a very "signally challenged" building and the FM radio still comes through!

The media bundle is an extra $15/mo (with AT&T) but totally worth it. I get a message every time I get a new email, just as I would with a text message.

If you've read reviews that it's difficult to text with this phone, don't buy it... it's super easy.

My only reservations about this phone was the fact that the screen is big and exposed (got a case for it, problem solved) and that the keys were pretty flush.

I love this phone so much!

Not a good phone


Aug 14, 2008 by bellefille327

When I first got this phone, I loved it.
The pros-
great design
really easy to text with
amazing camera quality
came with memory card
loved the pedometer
battery life was amazing
i never dropped calls

I never had any problems out of my first phone, but it was stolen three months after i bought it. When I got the new one, about 4 months in is when my problems started.

The Cons now-
*buttons are cracked.
-it doesn't make too much of a difference but it just looks bad.
*the battery life started declining severely
*I started getting little black lines on my screen. I'd wake up once every couple of days and there would be a new line, eventually they started joining together and now there is a huge black space across my menu/calls button
*my space button started messing up.
it got to the point where i'd literally have to press it over and over again to get one space. i counted one time and it took me 27 times to get a space. absolutely ridiculous.
*I never had any problems with the actual phone portion until a couple of days ago. now all it does when someone tries to call is buzz...they can't hear you at all. no matter how many times they try to call you it just doesn't work.

I will never buy another sony ericsson.



Aug 11, 2008 by IwuvSergio

I seriously love this phone. I haven't had any problems with the keys breaking, and I text and play games a lot on the phone.

color - i got the metro pink color, it's so beautiful! :D

screen size - big and very very bright!

features - this phone has soooo many features, it'd take me all day trying to talk about them all!

Walkman - I love it :D

Speakers- loud and put out a GREAT sound.

Size - small and light weight.

pedometer - counts the steps you take during the day!

2 MP Camera: Takes seriously, GREAT pictures.

Light effects: Sooooo cool. :D


Battery life - I mean, its not really a con, because for all the stuff I use the phone for (music, games, texting, changing the themes, calling etc) it's really effecient, but it does need to be charged every other day or so.

Plastic ring around the Dpad - After a day or two my thumbs were sore from the dpad lol

No flash =(

When the phone is open, it feels a little flimsy. I haven't had a problem with it, but for people that beat their phones up, it may cause a problem.

Excellent phone, great value


Aug 11, 2008 by akaufma

Have had this phone for a month now and the "new phone honeymoon" has worn off. I came from a w810i. The w580i is pretty much the same thing except a slider and a lesser camera. I have the black model. Overall this is a great phone for the price.

Less bulky than the w810i
Great call volume
Great talk clarity
Great ringtone volume
Brighter screen than w810i
Cool looking
Great music player
Dropped phone on concrete and it was completely scratch free.
No problems with cracked keys

Not much lighter than the w810i
AT&T web button, leads to unwanted data charges (though not as pronounced as on the w810i) (must debrand soon!)
Keys a little small, but phone is small so can't complain too much
Video camera downgrade (I'm a photobug)
Vibrate makes a loud rattling noise if phone is left on a table

Great phone!


Aug 4, 2008 by Kadams

This is a wonderful phone, I bought it from an RS website and when it got to my house i was excited, Great functionality, great look, VERY NICE sound!


Easy to sync up and transfer files
Small easy design,
Great sound
Slider is sturdy,
Battery life is great as long as you make sure you charge it all the way the first time you get it
Fun to use!
GREAT music program


Honestly, haven't reached con yet, its performed the way I need it to.

Would recommend it to anyone



Jul 26, 2008 by clarkk219

horrible, horrible phone. i've gone threw three of these stupid phones, because they just break way to easily. i was sitting by the pool with one, and got splashed, not too much either. a couple little drops. so it quickly dried the phone, but of course it shut off. i let it sit, and it works. but the screen is completely back.
out of my 15 different phones, this one has got to be the worst.
but it does have a couple goods things to it..
the camera is pretty good.
but it doesn't have zoom, which kinda stinks.
unless you have the memory stick though, it doesn't really hold much.
the screen is clear.
the battery life isn't that bad, but deffinatly not ment for a actively texting teenager. i'm 14, and i live off my phone, and this battery just didn't really cut it for me, but it wasn't that horrible..
but after i'd say about the second week of texting you will see the keys start to crack down the middle. i've had my third new one for about a month. and all of my keys are cracked.
it drops calls like crazy, but i don't think that has anything to do with the phone. just the service.
very poor quailty phone that would never last for 2 years.
buyers beware!

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