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May 29, 2007 by bigdfan70

i have had the 650p,700p,700wx and the moto q.i would have to say the best two phones of those are the 700wx and the 755p.i would say if you like palm the 755p and windows 700wx these are the best two choices for sprint as of now.



Aug 10, 2007 by hfoster

I love this phone. Yes, there are a few con's but the overall feeling I get from this phone is FANTASTIC! I've never had a touch screen phone and now that I have one I don't think I could go back to a reg. phone without it! I love the way they have text messaging set up so that its like AIM. The messages are categorized by each contact that is. I don't know what the problem is with the stylus. I barely use it, if i do its not a problem at all.

The keys are a little small though and took some getting used to.
Anyone who buys this phone, don't expect to have this phone down pact asap. It takes some practice to learn all of the features and how to adjust all the settings.
I love the screen color options. There are so many! I do however wish there was a back button.

Pros : Touch screen is fantastic!
keyboard type buttons
Sound Quality
Reception is not altered at all
Battery life is great considering all the features
Shortcut keys are great for this phone
The camera quality is GREAT!
I love the text messaging style
Colors/screen is large obviously
Games are even more fun to play with the touch screen.
Internet doesn't cost 40$ like it does with the blackberry
Power vision makes this thing ZOOM
Much more Internet capabilities.
The calendar is fantastic. its very easy to set up dates/meetings/etc.
compared to other models messaging and sending and rec. pictures is MUCH Easier and more like the reg. non pda phones.

I could keep going

Con's: The touch screen can be a problem every-once- in awhile. the only time I've had a problem with it is when I am on a call sometimes my cheek will hit end call or something. it rarely happens though.

Wish it had a "back" button.
wish there was a regular Alarm. I have to use the calendar option.
Games/software are more expensive.
I have experienced the so-called freeze up and power off. BUT The ONLY time this happened to me was when I was using it while it was on the charger! AND YOUR NOT SOPPOSED TO DO THIS!

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My experience - personal use only


Jul 21, 2007 by saepst

I'm a stickler for detail. Kudos to palm. This is much much better than Iphone. I phone can't do third party apps. This can. Email took about five minutes to setup, and I NEVER READ A MANUAL (thank g-d)!!!

I paythe full $25 for the unlimited internet and features. You would be wise to do the same. There are MTV videos, picture mail, the internet is SUPER FAST (Sprint commercials are on point).

AT&T is playing games with the Iphone and their limited phone plans. Sprint rules the roost and I am a Sprint customer for life because they do their sh!t RIGHT.

And get a Treo 755p. Can't speak for windows versions. Sorry.

Email me with quesitons.

Treo 755p


Feb 13, 2008 by mandi72886

Overall I love the phone... I'm a text fanatic so I love having a full keyboard in the palm of my hands!! It is user friendly... looks alot more complicated then it really is!! The only thing that may not be up to par with all the other smartphones is the battery life. I love the touchscreen... it is very responsive and does not lag!! The palm treo 755p is the best... I can't wait to see what's out there next from palm besides the Centro which is just a smaller version of the 755p!!

Get the P. Not the W.


Aug 6, 2007 by nycsker

I'll admit it and I'm proud of it: I'm a Mac guy. I like things simple and straightforward. I appreciate technology to be intuitive. I don't want to have to bop around 17 menus to get a simple task done and I loathe any machine that has a "task manager" that doesn't manage itself.

In short, I hate Windows. So thank the tech gods that we still have a choice of the common sense OS – Palm OS – in a world where millions of Microsoft worshipers kneel blindly at the alter of Bill Gate's not-so-smart Windows "smart technology.

You've probably heard that the Treo 755p is just a shinier version of an old horse, and you heard right. There's nothing flashy about this phone. I made the jump from my 650 (with an annoying 2 week detour to the ridiculous world of the Motorola Q) and it's funny...most of the OS is pretty much the same as it used to be. It's visually boring, the graphics aren't pretty or flashy like those on an iPhone...it's very workmanlike. But ya know what? It's simply GOOD.

I could break it all down into tiny little details, but here's the net-net: The 755 has a lot of little changes that add up to a pretty big improvement over my 650. The biggest change, in my view, is that you can actually HEAR the other person on this phone. Earlier Treos were notorious for their awful sound quality. The 755 actually has enough volume that I can have a conversation while I walk down Madison Ave at rush hour. Other than that, things are just better all around...menus are simplified, the tactile feel of the phone is a huge improvement, the display is colorful, crisp and bright, and even the lack of that silly antenna stub makes this phone feel sleeker and better.

Bottom line: if you liked your old Treo, you'll fall in love with this one. There's probably a fabulous new Palm OS just around the corner, but if you need something now, don't go to the dark side. Stand against the Windows devolution with a Treo 755. No, make that a 755...P.

this fone is great!!!!!


Mar 3, 2008 by fonenerd2009

im only 16 and i had 2 different treo's and this is the best one...

speaker fone is loud
mp3 is great
memory card slot

no real ringtones

755p Great Phone


Jul 18, 2007 by phtown

This is a great product. My backround was the Treo 655 with Sprint. I have always liked Sprint's technical abilities even though their coverage was not as good as lets say Verizon. Anyway this is a great phone. It is thinner, lighter and just overall a better product than the 655. The phone itself is great, everyone says that the voice quality is better as is the reception. The email browser is great, I have the office and both of my personal accounts on it and sending and receiving is a snap. Today to quite the kids I let them watch TV on the Treo and that worked great. It has the same operating system as the 655 but is much faster, no freezing no problems. Ok, it is certainly not as light or thin or pretty as the Q, but it truely does everything you want it to do and then some. I would strongly reccomend it.

Pleasantly surprised!


Jun 7, 2007 by ndragisic

I recently switched from cingular to sprint. my most recent phones prior to this one were (in this order)

Nokia E62 (Cingular)
Samsung Blackjack (Cingular)
Cingular 8525 (HTC Hermes)(Cingular)

I thought I would really miss the slide out keypad and hate the small buttons as i did on my nokia and blackjack but i did not.

+ Excellent reception quality
+ I love the way it arranges your text messages into chat windows.
+ Very fast, never any lag when typing quickly.
+ Sprint TV and Radio is so fun with this phone and its loud speaker.
+ I love the autolock feature that conserves battery and keeps me from calling people at random.
+ The camcorder works really well, and i have had much fun with it.
+ The keys are nicely laid out and make it easy to type quickly using all options: symbols, caps, and numbers.

+ I am getting a few crashes and freezes when I have bluetooth enabled with my Samsung WEP200 bluetooth linked. I have seen someone else have the same issue but we both have the burgundy phone, I have seen someone use the same headset with the midnight blue phone and have no issues oddly enough.
+ It is a power conserving Nazi and you cannot choose the keep the backlight lit on full bright when you have the phone plugged in.

This is the only Palm phone I've liked! IM KEEPING IT!! lol


May 29, 2007 by theboss924

First off let me just give you my history...from both Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile...

PPC-6700 (verizon & Sprint)
Treo 700wx (Sprint)
LG 8100, 9800, 9900 (Sprint)
Sanyo M1 (Sprint)
Sidekick 2 (T-Mobile)
Motorola E815, v710 (verizon)

I've always hated Palm phones (freezing up, issues, etc). However, this particular model has caught my attention. When I started playing with the 766, I was shocked at how responsive and quick the phone moves through everything! I thought to myself "ehh..I'll give the phone a try". Within the first 24 hours I was convinced...Palm had def. stepped their game up with this Palm OS device. Sure Palm OS is a little behind Windows Mobile, Linux,etc. This phone does what it does as a PDA phone and it does it good! Not once has the phone frozen up or rebooted on me! From sound quality to the battery life of the phone, the Treo 755 is awesome!


-60 mb of storage (good enough for pictures and video storage for a while)
-keypad (i dunno...its very easy for me to type on it...and i have big hands)
-chat style text msgs
-Versamail (sucks that u can't setup MSN on it, but oh well lol)
-nice screen (brightness turned all the way up is super bright!)
-sound quality during phone calls (people sound excellent)
-bluetooth (i know there was some problems with the 700 not staying paired up...this one never disconnects or shuts off! quality is also excellent! i tried it with 3 different headsets

CONS (well sort of)

-Mini-SD card (not really a con because I hardly use my phone for music and such...only if I'm really bored at work and don't have my ipod with me)
-Camera (camera isn't all that great, but if I need to take pictures that badly, i'll use my digital camera)



May 18, 2007 by xerath67

I just moved over to sprint from Cingular. I've been on my contract for 29 days and decided the 755p looked more appealing than the 700p. So I swapped them out. $30 more and well worth it. I love the phone.


No ext antenna
New color
Rubberized exterior

Mini-SD(2gb limit as of right now)
Crappy stylus(plastic not metal)
Loaded with crap I don't need. (Not the phones fault I blame Sprint.)

It's just like the 700p internally. Nothing has changed other than the smaller battery, but I can live with that. I have a dock at work and a charger at home. As long as I can make it 12 hours with a mixture of some music, some email, and some talking, its all good. Based on my battery drain so far, I should have no trouble doing this.

The stylus sucks terribly. As soon as someone offers a complete metal one I'll buy it. Until then I found some cheap backup ones on ebay, because I know I'm going to snap it.

If you can upgrade to this phone like I did, within your first 30 days, do it. If I hadn't been within my 30 days, no way I would have done it. It's just not worth paying full retail, or even $280 when you already have a Treo 700p.

Same device, different shell. Hopefully Palm will decide to unleash a true upgrade for the treo series with in the next 12 months. If not I'll be keeping my phone with me for quite awhile.

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