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Wow I got ripped off


Oct 10, 2007 by Number_23

I will never follow the hype on any apple product ever again; I was dissatisfied with my nano when i blew 200 somthing dollars on it when i could have had somting with all the same bells and whistles for 100 bucks cheaper, but this takes the cake. Everyone thought it was really cool to have an ipod that is a phone, including myself but now I feel ripped off. Apple boasts that this is the best inovation in phone history but my old motorazr red had more features than this hunk o' junk. I have internet that is better on a HTC Tilt Or on my old razr beter yet.
The iphone was cool but as soon as the luster wore off and the incomprehinsable internet feature that I pay bookoo money for came to it's rotten fruition i was disgusted.
A cool phone yes but overall the camera, internet, and no video feature leaves me at a loss. Case and point the Apple iphone is a waste of all that money you are saving for it... trust me...

So long and may you heed my advice.

Does Everything, But Not Well


Sep 23, 2008 by Mackidockie

The iPhone (running OS 2.1) isn't ready for prime time.

The missing to-do synchronization makes the iPhone less than a business tool, and the software is still too buggy and unreliable.

Typing is unpredictable. An iPhone user has to learn how to type with thick-glass parallax problems and left-hand, right-hand, left-eye, right-eye accommodation. Apple knows this, or else they wouldn't have the technology to correct for user mistyping. Apple has been religious about their insisting their Mac software developers keeping the GUI consistent with Apple protocols. It makes life easier for Mac users. Yet, Apple forces users to relearn how to type. How would you feel if you had to relearn how to read each newly published book?

My old Blackberry 7290 with Missing Sync gave me all the functionality a professional *needs* on the road: calendar, contact list, to-do list, e-mail, and SMS. Somehow I managed to get through life without iPhone's extra virtues. The OS and applications never crashed, the synchronization was flawless, the UI fast and convenient. I rarely needed to clean the bloody glass.

I admit to being an Apple bigot since 1984. I still have my 512k Mac and Newton, great doorstops. The iPhone is too clever by half. It's a Swiss Army knife; it does everything, but not well. If Apple focusses on improving the iPhone's reliability and basic functions (phone, calendar, contact list, to-do list, synchronization, e-mail, and SMS), then they can add all the bling they'd like. My AT&T contract has a year left. No improvement in the iPhone? I still have my Blackberry—unlocked.

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Only for looks


Aug 24, 2008 by jessica554

very good looking and slim
Love the YouTube on it
Love the e-mail

Internet is slow and when you zoom it sometimes clicks on a link it's really annoying
It corrects your spelling when you text/email and never let's me cruse without trying to correct my spelling
Doesn't have copy and paste
Freezes a ton since I did the new 2.0 update to it
Has no video or voice recorder
Doesn't let u use landscape to text/e-mail which is a must
The touch screen isn't so great when I go to call someone it calls the person under or over sometimes and I have small fingers
Internet goes to homescreen if I am on it for too long
It's heavy
Has no mms which is another must

I am leaving AT&T n going to t mobile geting a sidekick.
Drops calls a lot. I am leaving AT&T n geting a sidekick.

where to start


Aug 20, 2008 by gdub

I'm going to try and keep this one brief, much like the features that apple decides to capitalize on with this device. First of all apple has an amazing marketing department, who really deserve a raise. All of apple products receive much more attention then they really deserve. Always having a weak operating system and unneeded performance for the application. This yet again, is the verdict with the iphone. Lacking many features that enthusiasts would consider to be essential, the basket case fruit company again decides to capitalize on unneeded features, such as the touch screen, and leave out the essentials such as flash support, java, office support, and even copy/paste, don't even get me started on picture with picture messaging. I write this review for this phone resulting from owning one. The iphone 3g mimics that flagship in many aspects, and receives a more expensive plan. All in all i call this not an advance in technology available, just great marketing.
Here is to hoping history repeats itself with this company



Aug 16, 2008 by 573perfection

The first couple of days,you'll be so psyched that you have it without realizing the never-ending flaws. After that,it will drive you crazy,day after day.

-OS is the most user-friendly interface out.
-Large display(which probably relates to the battery being so poor)
-WOW Factor(if youre into getting attention.)
-IM simulating text messenging

-RECEPTION!!!-frequently drops calls in places that I have NEVER dropped calls.Signal is very weak,fluctuates frequently.
-Phone doesnt react at all to moist/sweaty fingers.(I have to dry my hands completely off to use the phone if i'm outside on a hot day.
-BATTERY LIFE(you can look at it decrease,while your on the so-called internet,or other programs.)
-Internet,crashes and takes you back to the home screen randomly.Sometimes it cant connect to the server. When you finally connect(without WIFI)the connection brings back the dial-up connection days of the 90's(very scary,i know)
-You have to literally smash the phone against your face to hear sometimes.

If you want an ipod,that has the feature to make a few short phone calls here and there,and wifi,then its made for you. On the other hand,if youre on the go and want an actual smart PHONE,THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, I would recommend Nokia e71/e series,BB Curve, Motorola Q9h,HTC Tilt,Palm, or you could wait on the BB Bold/Samsung Omnia.ANYTHING.I am truly not an Apple hater,I was a loyal fan,until this device, it was just a flat out waste of my time.

I'll give it a 1.5 for Apple's attempt.better luck next time.



Jul 3, 2008 by marmardav




Jul 2, 2008 by rcc

Cant change the batt, Cant send MMS, Cant download ring tones, Internet is so slow! Touch screen sucks texting is a dragggg.

Like a Mercedes with no engine!


Jun 25, 2008 by wirelesschic0227

I have the Iphone and I carried it for 3 months before I went back to my blackberry. I will just list the pros and cons and you will understand why.

-Looks pretty
-Cool user interface
-Cool OS

-Horrible battery life, if you are using your iphone to do all the things that it is capable of (i.e. texting, internet, Ipod,. etc..) then you battery will last only hours, not even a whole day.
-Horrible call quality. I dropped calls everywhere all the time, I would go hours with calls going straight to voicemail.
-Horrible signal strength. This ties into the dropped calls, but it gets worse with the text and internet. I would say 70% of the time I can't send a text out or access my internet because of the signal weakness.
-You can only delete all your recent calls, you can't delete just one call from your call log!!!
-You can't send and receive picture messages, they have to be e-mailed.
-The phone locks itself and is unusable. I had to do 3 hard resets on my phone in the 3 months that I had it.

Overall, the phone is beautiful and has a user friendly OS, but the internal problems are horrible. I will take my less pretty blackberry over and Iphone any day.

Dislike it alot


Jun 24, 2008 by MegaSpecter

I owned this phone since launch and i honestly have hated it with a passion ever since. If your looking for a phone like it thats way better, Instinct is what you should be googling away :)

Okay I suppose


Jun 22, 2008 by zike

No offense but I think everyone likes the Iphone because it's a apple product.

Anyways my friend left his iphone at my house before leaving to L.A. for the weekend and he gave me a call after he realized he left it at my house (Which was probably in the middle of the car ride I heard his siblings screaming, haha Oh and he was using his mum's phone). he said I could play around and text and if he got any calls explain the situation, yah...

Okay on with the review-
I thought the iphone was quite nice a little heavy but understandable. The battery life was good and it lasted through the whole weekend with some usage. The touchscreen was fun to play with but kind of hard to text.

*Wi-fi!- I dunno phone browsers usually suck, but when your not paying for it and your not at home makes it a lot more fun. Browsing was pretty good.

*Touch screen was hard to text with
*The touchy screen could be a little unresponsive at times
*Kind of heavy
*Feels a little awkward in my hand
*I didn't have to pay for it, but it is EXPENSIVE

Overall it's a nice phone but has a few issues.

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