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Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607


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Barely ok


Aug 15, 2007 by SikWitThiz

I received this phone from my job to use for field work. When i initially got the phone it was fine. Since having this phone for 4 months now I think it sucks in comparison to my Nokia E62.

Camera is great. It takes nice pics and videos also.
Fairly easy to use.
Has nice apps that work with this phone.

Batteries short life span.
Buttons to close.
Reception is awful at times.
Has issues holding charge after being charged.

I am on the road a lot which i am required to use this phone and I have all kinds of issues calling numbers i have to dial due to how close they laid the buttons out for this phone. Worst part is the battery swap. This phone came with 2 batteries and the extended batteries sucks the most. It will be fully charged and die like 30minutes to a hour later.

Blackjack rocks


Aug 10, 2007 by Scoop003

First of all, I'm an authorized agent for Cingular, and to all of you people complaining about the battery life, you probably didn't power cycle the phone, meaning draining the power of the battery, and then fully charging it. Secondly, I have found that if you charge the battery directly through the phone, instead of using the charger thing that comes in the box, you get about 5 times the battery life. As for the phone itself, I love it. For starters, since it's a smartphone, the multimedia package is cheaper than that of a blackberry or treo. Secondly, it's easy to sync it with outlook since it's Windows Mobile. I love being able to surf full https including myspace for free with a data package, while my friends have to pay $5 a month for myspace mobile. Also, txting is a breeze now using the qwerty keyboard. All in all, it's the best phone I've ever had. The only con I can think of is that being named the Blackjack, it came with solitaire and not blackjack in the games folder.

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Blackjack RF problems on 2 phones


Jun 26, 2007 by seeker_of_truth

I bought a Blackjack phone about 8 months ago and it worked fine for the few 2 months at my house. Then the call quality went downhill and I dropped a lot of calls from my house. My roommate also has Cingular service (AT&T now) with a plain vanilla phone and it has decent reception from the house. I returned the phone and they sent a new one. The new phone worked much better from my house at first (just like the first time) and then about 2 months later the phone now drops so many calls that I can't use it from home. So here is a summary:

1) The RF on the Blackjack is not as good as a regular phone. I have no doubt about this because I've seen it on 2 phones and I have compared to my roommates phone. In a marginal area it sucks.

2) The call quality seems to go downhill after a few months of use so that people in marginal coverage areas might have problems that didn't show up at first. It might be some sort of hardware burn in issue. I wouldn't expect that but I've seen it first hand twice.

3) I don't have any reception problems in strong coverage areas (of course).

4) I would forget about the bells and whistles and get a phone that does the most important thing well - makes calls. I'm surprised there isn't a better way to spec and measure phone RF so we can make an informed decision.

5) I'm getting a 3rd Blackjack phone in the next week and I'll post an update on what I see.

Blue Tooth Hands Free


Jun 20, 2007 by Gotcha1973

Great solution, love the phone but have a couple of gripes.

1. Delay of up to one second from when you answer the phone until when the person at the other end can hear you.
2. Battery life is not the best, but livable if you arent away from a power point for more than a day and you recharge every day or so.
3. Samsung doesnt provide a OEM hardwired handsfree kit for this phone. This is my biggest complaint, as I have an installed Nokia Bluetooth kit (from a previous phone)which works poorly with Samsung (I am told that this is a Nokia trick to annoy the hell out of everybody so that they only buy Nokia gear). Happy to be corrected on this, but this is what I have been told by Telstra.

In any case, recommend the phone but if they could resolve these other issues it would be an unbeatable solution rather than just good.



May 20, 2007 by Giovanni_aka_Phoenix

The BlackJack is a really nice phone, I first picked it up a month or two after it launched. The size of it was nice, even though the buttoms were a little bit to small, and the extras that Samsung including ontop of the Windows Mobile was really nice too.

- Form Factor
- Nice Camera for a 1.3 MP
- Track Wheel & the Track Wheel Shortcut Menu
- The Samsung Pre-loaded Themes
- A2DP

- Not a fan of Windows Mobile
- Had problem with sending files to other non-WM devices through Bluetooth
- Buttom Size

Perfect 4 Me.


May 20, 2007 by Luckyboy86

What I Liked

--Great Screen
--Nice Keypad
--3G Internet. Great Speed.
--Ear Piece, Ringtones, Speakerphone and Music is LOUD. Crisp. Clear.
--Nice Themes
--Size. Even with the EXTENDED battery the phone is very manageable.
Grabs On To Signal Extremely Well
Most People complain about battery life, but I don't charge my phone for a day or two, with heavy use.

What I Didn't Like

Felt A little wide.
Slow boot. This is with all smartphones though.



May 18, 2007 by notredame10

I love this phone it is a really nice phone the only thing that is bad is the battery life other than that I love that

Mixed emotions on BJ


May 16, 2007 by sarahsilikula

My husband recently took advantage of the Mother's Day offer with Cingular and purchased the BJ for me. The BJ is basically a good product. But its not fabulous. And unless you get a great price (we paid $74 w/ Cingular contract renewal) its not worth paying full price. I am a model and was looking for a phone that could replace lugging around my laptop when I am traveling for work (Internet, contacts, entertainment, email, lots of mms/txting, talking). I did not need a phone to help me work on a spreadsheet or perfect my powerpoint presentation. However I am a gadget junky and I have owned just about every new fancy high performance anything ever made. So here are my pro's and cons.

1. Phone Clarity - Clear and loud
2. Camera - surprisingly good for phone!
3. Screen Display - awesome, great colors, good clarity.
4. Size - perfect for my pocket.
5. Ease of Use - menu's & programs are easy to get used to.
6. Speakerphone - Fantastic!
7. I dig the Voice record/memo. I recorded my daughter giggling and saved it as my ringtone!
8. Keys are really hard to get used to considering I am a power texter. But the T9 word selector is amazing! It always suggests the correct word and pops it in place.
9. Address Book is ok

1. No voice dialing.
2. Battery needs to be charged every night.
3. Circular toggle is flush with case and to low, I keep hitting the end key by mistake, I'm using the back key alot!
4. Not enough personalization options. Colors-Themes
5. Needs more short cuts to your favorite apps instead of scrolling through them all.
6. Video Camera - worthless w/out bright lighting.
7. Number keys need to standout a bit more. Maybe a color change and a raised bump to help you feel your way.

I still need to load my music onto my BJ so I can't comment on that. And I never use the Sync Feature.
Still deciding whether to pass this phone on to my husband to inherit?

Love it!


May 14, 2007 by fincher

I am a big Motorola fan and I must say Samsung got it dead-on right with most features.

3G data
The Samsung Simple UI preference
Ability to make calls from the home screen
Excellent display
Great size even with extended battery
Works great with The Missing Sync for Mac users

Cannot voice-activate dial
Lousy Bluetooth stack/implementation (a long-time Samsung thing)

Something Ain't Right here?


May 3, 2007 by herwil

There are few pros with this phone.

This is my second blackjack in 30 days. Both phones dropped calls. Cingular was contacted both times. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Cingular with no satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE this is not a true PDA it does not fully sync with Outlook...

WHEREAS I also use a Verizon Treo- great phone and outstanding service. After 15 years I will probably leave Cingular and head to Verizon.

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