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Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607


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My favorite phone yet but......


Feb 3, 2007 by aschenk

Won't rehash a lot of what has been said here as I largely agree with the positive comments on the board.

Call quality and reception is spectacular. Battery life is poor although with the new extended battery they are shipping with new phones (purchased mine on 1/30 in Minneapolis), it now at least lasts the whole day with heavy usage. Furthermore, if you have it tethered to a PC with the USB dongle, it draws power and recharges- making the battery life no problem for those that have office type jobs.

I'm also having a significant problem with RF interference. If the phone is near computer speakers or my office telephone, there is a fairly constant buzzing noise. This is more than a minor inconvenience and is causing me to consider returning the phone even though I like all of the other features so much. There is no 3G yet in Minneapolis yet so perhaps this is a GSM issue that will be improved when 3G is available? Not sure as I'm not a radio guy.

Pros: Form Factor, call quality

Cons: Significant RF interference with anything that has amplified speakers- within three feet, poor battery life.

Good So Far


Feb 1, 2007 by mittelbrun

Good phone for the price. Smartphone edition not the world most reliable os but it does the job. when i first got this phone things were great. after a while, i started getting glitches but what can you expect from windows.

pros: small, great camera, ability to add extra memory. audio and reception is great

cons: battery doesn't even last a day thats why it comes with two. activesinc completely distroyed my computer and laptop when teathered to the phone even after a fresh format on the pc. must be a phone problem. speaker phone isn't great either but what can you expect from something that size.

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Near Perfection


Jan 31, 2007 by cmjars


Small and easy to hold.

Quick enough not much of a lag.

Easy to use.


Battery Life could be longer. But it not nearly as bad as I have read.

Glad I bought it.

tips on using blackjack 1


Jan 30, 2007 by davidho

Here are some tips on using the blackjack:
- To do hard reformat – turn off phone, turn it on holding to wheel’s up arrow key. You will be prompted – click 1 and y to answer questions.

where is Unheard voice messages indicator ? look for 0_0 symbol on top of your phone

How do I stop desktop icons from changing? no way to do that. Instead, - you can use speed dial to short cut to any applications. Also use Click List.

Press Right wheel 2 secs to get Click list
How to update click list?
In Click list – select Edit folder, menu – add, click application, select applications and click OK to put tick marks on them – then click Add.

- In contacts, to use search, type in two or three characters (do not type one character). Eg. “Sam”

How do I update SIM contacts – don’t bother. Manager your contacts in outlook and export to blackjack using active sync.

- your CD also has MITS Sync software- Wizard 3.0 that will allow you to manage contacts on your Samsung

- Holding Home Key done gives you Task Manager. Click menu, select stop all – calendar will still be running. If you have problems with anything running in blackjack, you can do the above steps to stop all tasks. For example, I was having problems with calendar alerting me about events that were two days out.
You can view SIM contacts in Blackjack but there’s no way to download them into Outlook on our PC. Save the SIM contact in phone memory first, then delete the SIM contact. Phone memory contacts can be downloaded into Outlook. Select a SIM contact, then select menu, 2 Save to Contacts.

How do I download photos I took using BlackJack into my PC? Use Activesync to copy

How do I get camera to work? Select camera option from menu first

BlackJack Suits me Fine.


Jan 22, 2007 by PHXAreaCingular

I have been using thumb keyboards since the pager style RIM blackberry that had no voice capability. I type fast and I use keyboard shortcuts wherever possible.

My priorities for a phone are: clear voice calls, having my calendar/contacts/other information handy with me all the time, and the ability to send and respond to voicemail and txt quickly and easily.

I LOVE my blackjack. It gets better signal than my Cingular3125 did, and that was a flip phone. It's comfortable and easy to use for voice calls. I can access the apps I want quickly and respod to messages quickly and virtually error free.

WM5 is not wonderful, but for my purposes it works. I have all the data I want/need, everything is backed up on my laptop, and it never crashes.

Cons: 1)the java platform on the blackjack is incompatible with the two most valuable apps on the planet: gmailmobile and google maps for mobile.
2) the 11 function keys above the keyboard are hard to use (four softkeys, the send and end calls and and the four-way curser control with OK in the middle)
3) battery life is short.

I've found work arounds to 2 and 3.

Practice reduces fat finger errors and you will learn you can quickly recover if you're paying attention to the screen.

I plug it in whenever I fire up my laptop or when I'm at my desk and I use the extra battery a lot. I use the phone a LOT and never run out of batteries or even come close.

I would also love to have a mini-USB instead of the proprietary plug.

But given the alternatives, the form factor, quick typing, great voice calls, and full features make this a fabulous phone.

I also enjoy videos and browsing the web, but that's just plain fun. I do carry an unlocked nokia I got online for $10 just in case I run out of battery but so far I've only used it when I'm doing something athletic and don't want to risk bruising my blackjack.



Jan 15, 2007 by drewppk

this phone is the bestest I've ever had! I've had nokia, razr, and many other phones but overall this phone is the best.

however, i have one complaint. the cover for where USB and where battery charger goes comes off so easily. I don't know if its just my phone but I've been getting irritated by it. But overall this is the bestest and the greatest phone ever!
The call quality and the organizers are great!
Even the camera pictures are SO CLEAR!!

BlackJack A Winner


Jan 14, 2007 by Smort

I love this phone. I can actually hear calls clearly, and I can stay on top of email and appointments better than ever. Having a regular cell phone (RAZR) and a Palm z22, I find the BlackJack to be head and shoulders above both of them all in one package.

After a brief learning curve of not using a stylus, I began to fly on both the keyboard and through the menus. The email and Internet functions were a lifesaver on a recent trip to Chicago at a hotel with overly expensive Internet availability. (Sorry, I'm not paying $10 for 4 hours of access.)

Sure, it's not as full featured as my laptop, but I wasn't expecting it to be.

My Motorola Bluetooth connected easily, and I have only seen lags when trying to open a document (not counting the EDGE Internet connection). In Chicago, I was always in 3G territory and loved it.

I'm not a big phone owner (I've had two Nokia's, the RAZR and this is my second Samsung) so I haven't had the luxury of jumping from fad phone to fad phone in order to nitpick functions (or lack of functions) I don't even use, much less care about.

The BlackJack does more than I expected, and I haven't even bothered trying out the music or video features. As a businessman, it fits my life perfectly.



Jan 12, 2007 by bigdaddynew

This phone is an incredible phone. Not sure why there are so many negative statements out there. People, do some research before you buy the phone. Especially on the net that you all seem to think is so slow in this phone.

IT IS A PHONE! It has some features to "HELP" you through the day. Not replace the most powerful computers that you all seem to have sitting on your desks. For the the people complaining about the battery, you have two of them. And if that is not enough buy a car charger. Is it really that hard to charge the phone at the end of the night? I have had no problems with the battery life. I am a moderate user. I don't do a bunch of web surfing and downloading, again these things are perks with a phone. 10 years ago we were all happy with a phone that just even had a camera.

If you want all those things that your computer can do, then just walk around with your computer. If you want wifi, then get a phone with wifi. If you want a 10 mega pixel camera, then get one. Why buy a phone without the features that you want and then complain about it? OK so I know I am being a bit sarcastic, but some folks need to realize that it is a phone intended to help when away from the office, not replace it.

- Screen (amazingly clear inside and out)
- Size (perfect for the shirt pocket)
- Camera (already addressed that :-) )
- Qwerty Keyboard
- Style
- Reception (incredible; even inside elevators. The only other phones that have been this good are the nokias I have owned. And I have owned about 5)

The rest you can read in other reviews

Cons (for me at least)
No infrared, but I knew this going in and now it doesn't bother me that much

I work for Cingular


Jan 9, 2007 by ahedden

I work for Cingular and I carry the black jack and absolutely love it! It took some time to get used to it, but once I did WOW! I have been selling them like hot cakes!



Jan 8, 2007 by danyel84

I have had this phone for over a week now, and absolutely love it. Before purchasing it, I reviewed it thoroughly, and I must say that I disagree with ppl complaining of a battery issue. I have only charged it twice, once after i first got it, and once after that to replenish the battery. I use it a lot, too. I am always on Myspace mobile, checking my email, etc. I do have the beam turned off and the brightness turned down to 1, but only bc i have no need for the beam and if it was any brighter, it would burn my retinas.

PROS: Super loud speaker and ring tones.
Great camera and screen quality.
Keyboard kicks butt!

CONS: I dont really have any complaints about this phone. I love everything about it. The keyboard did take some getting used to, but after I used it for a few days, it was fantastic.

This phone is 6890458604 times better than the Motorola Q.

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