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Dec 31, 2007 by alex_ska10

i got this phone for as a present. ive had it for over 3 months and its just amazing, way better then any phone verizon has of 12/30/07

Very Good


Jul 24, 2007 by jordan108

Good PDA

Good Graphics
Good 1.3 MP Camera, w/ mirror
Scroll Wheel on side
Nice QWERTY keyboard
Windows Media Player
Comes with USB and Ext Battery for FREE
Slim Design
Good Battery
Internet Explorer
Easy to get pictures/video/sounds onto computer and back to the pda

Takes a while to turn on and off

when i press the green button to call someone, it goes to some menu

when i text someone, next to their name it says txt, i have no idea why

you need to buy a microSD card, ok storage

Low speaker phone

You cant put it on loud and vibrate, either loud, or vibrate, not both together

very hard to take the battery cover off, i had to go to the store to remove it

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BlackJack a HUGE disappointment (Cingular Employee)


Jun 7, 2007 by 2wdsux

To begin, I gave this phone an overall rating of 2.0, for the sheer purpose that it had 3G, it made calls, and it turned on. This is my basis of comparison.

I work for the company.

I hate this phone. So much so, that I will question a customers request to purchase it unless they beg me.

-Keyboard is so tightly-packed, not even a 3-year-old can press the right keys when typing.
-LAG LAG LAG! I know Windows Mobile devices are slow, but COME ON! I can't even get a thought out in a text without this phone leaving me at the first word I typed.
-Memory issues. Like all WM devices (until WM 6.0), you ACTUALLY HAVE TO open the device manager to end running programs, EVEN after ending them normally, which is very annoying.
-1.3 megapixels. Yea, might as well advertise it as a VGA. Camera SUCKS. Can't take a pic in the slightest of a dark area. I know Samsung has done better, come on, look at the A990 carried by Verizon (yes, I said the 'V' word, 3.2mpx, and is very VERY legit for a phone camera.)
-Try to change the address in the address bar if you use the internet. Yea, have fun being lost in some link that looks like this (www.myspace.com/jimbob/pics/598q985=99494/mylife/seme.com)
Know why I say that? Well, if you want to navigate from that page, please enjoy HOLDING THE BACKSPACE BUTTON AS IT INDIVIDUALLY DELETES EACH DIGIT! Yea. No thanks!
-PITA to use as a tethered modem with a laptop.
-Battery life. Sure, sell it with 2 batteries. Even give me an extended life battery with a separate charger. Bottom line is, you just admitted your phone sucks, and gave me a reason to say so. No phone should have such poor battery life that it is actually SOLD with 2 batteries.

...good God I could go on, but I need sleep.

-The Motorola Q ACTUALLY makes the BlackJack look good. Because everyone KNOWS that Motorola sucks.
-It actually powered on. And it made a call, or two.

And I ran out of room. Get a LG CU500, N75, SYNC, or V3xx.



Feb 3, 2007 by mshake07

I'll give it up for samsung for being able to pack so much into such a small device. the phone itself is okay. i used it for about a month but quickly gave it up for the 8525. HTC is still the PDA king.

-Great looking screen
-Great Multimedia Functions
-its the phone everyone is talking about
-being the only kid in high scool with a 500 phone is cool


-Keyboard needs much to be desired
-very bad camera lag
-noisy keyboard( im still in high school, almost gets taken up eveytime i reply to a message)

BlackJack Battery Life Extended


Jan 31, 2007 by yort

Great phone and PDA. WM5 works well.
Downside is battery life. I got less than one day of use from one battery (comes with 2 batteries). As as a power user, this was almost a dealbreaker as I constanly had to have the spare battery on hand.

The phone defaults to 3G mode as it should.
3G hogs battery power on this phone even in standby. Found the code to user-select 2G mode (Edge) instead of the default 3G mode

This doesn't bother me because I only need 3G mode when I am accessing certain websites or downloading files that require the speed
of 3G which by the way is blazing fast! For sending and receiving emails and SMS, the 2G mode is fine. Battery now lasts almost 3 days
between charges! Now this phone is a keeper.

Try it.

To toggle the phone:
Option 3 (Ntwk and Call Settings)
Option 5 (Ntwk Mode)
Select "GSM" to switch to 2G or "WCDMA" to switch back to 3G

Top of Phone display will show the "E" icon (edge) when GSM is selected and a "3G" icon
(HSDPA) with WCDMA selected.



Jan 27, 2007 by TMOMDA

I got the new unlocked BlackJack and I thought that it was one of the worst phones ever. First of all the overall phone is very wide and slim. It is very easy to break and screen can easily mess up.

Full QWERTY pad
Windows Mobile 5
Memory Card Slot

Very slim and easy to break
Looks almost exact to the Q
Should have Wi-Fi

Almost perfect


Dec 5, 2006 by billydix

In this day any WM5 unit that doesn't have WiFi, IR and voice digit dialing should be toss in the circular file and burned. That being said, I like this phone. I have large hands and the blackjack fit in the palm of my hand comfortably. The position of the numeric keys makes dial while driving a cinch. Call volume is loud enough so that you don't have to use the speaker setting. My primary use is talking and storing appointments and contacts. Battery is almost 3 days for me baised on my usage.

size of unit No WiFi
clarity of screen IR
call volume voice digit dial
button layout custom shortcut

Had to return it


Nov 27, 2006 by lkjh

Well, I had my Blackjack for three days. It's a really great looking phone with one major problem. It has the absolute worst battery life I have ever seen. With only light usage, I had to "swap" out the battery every 2-1/2-3 hours.

As a business user, I can only imagine how many times I would have to recharge or change the battery to make it through the day. Maybe it was just my phone, but there is no way this phone is actually usable in the course of a normal day. And, I waited for this phone for 5 months to hit the Cingular stores. I've gone back to my Blackberry and will wait for a better phone.

If you do buy this phone, atleast your prepared for the worst!

BlackJack (SGH-i607)


Nov 21, 2006 by MDXCellular

Yes I am giving the Blackjack a score of 2, read and find out why

First out of the box I would give the Blackjack a score of 5.

Phone quality is great.
Windows Mobile 5 (Smartphone) addition is what dropped the rating to a 2.
WM5 is not a clean crisp operating system, Microsoft Direct Push on Exchange 2003 servers are not completely secure. Example I changed my password on my corporate network and Blackjack needed me to reenter the password.
The email application does not allow you to select text and copy it to another location (contacts, notepad etc.)
I also tried GOOD-link this by far was much more powerful then MS mail. However even at the largest font, the text was too small.

Needs a faster processor.

Maybe one day when MS release WM6 it might be worth another look at.

I am now using my Blackberry 8700 and waiting for the Pearl or 8800 series. By far the Blackberry has them all beat.

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